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If you would like to help support the ongoing expenses of running SLUniverse, there are several different ways:

1) Direct Paypal donation - you can donate an amount to SLU through this page.

2) Recurring subscription - there are two different kinds of subscriptions available - one that filters out the SL ads, the other that does not. For more information or to subscribe, see this page. It is also in the Miscellaneous section of User CP.

3) Advertising purchase - SLU offers a wide range of options and pricing for advertising your SL business, along with monthly specials on free and upgraded ads. Pricing is available in both L$ and USD. For more information, see this page.

4) Donate L$ In Second Life - there is a donation kiosk in SL here. You can also send it directly to Cristiano Midnight. If you do donate via L$, let me know so I can put you in the appropriate SLU group.

5) Buy Items from the SLU on Society6 - there are real world items available here, such as coffee mugs and pillows.

6) Support SLU on Patreon - you can support SLU on a monthly basis on Patreon:

Thank you for any support you can help provide!
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