Customize Title Bar Colors In Windows 10 XAML Apps

Windows 10 apps can have customized title bar colors (for example, the Mail and Calendar apps) instead of the default white (or accent color in an upcoming Windows 10 update). Changing the title bar color in a Windows 10 XAML app is easy. In the constructor for your main XAML file (ie..MainPage.xaml.cs), you get a reference to the title bar from the ApplicationView object's GetForCurrentView() method. You can then set the colors of both the title bar and the window controls by setting the properties:
public MainPage()
            var t = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().TitleBar;
            t.BackgroundColor = Colors.Indigo;
            t.ForegroundColor = Colors.White;
            t.ButtonBackgroundColor = Colors.Indigo;
            t.ButtonForegroundColor = Colors.White;

That's all it takes. You could easily implement user customizeable title bar colors for your app as well.
  • Qtek8020User

    So how do I color the TitleBar using SystemControlBackgroundAccentBrush

  • Qtek8020User

    I suppose I have to make do with Application.Current.Resources(“SystemColorControlAccentColor”)