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Goodbye and good luck

Well this month marked the end of The ZombiePopcorn, since 2009 they have done hunts and events some bi-weekly, some anualy all pretty much amazing, and had the wonderful chance to blog with them latelly for the last few months, but is good to see people going for new things in RL, which is what […]

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Hidden Cove

This is where i´ve been all weekend away, hidden taking pictures for this week blog posts, and doing something else, trying out Guild Wars 2, yes i gave in after eyeing the game for ages, and seeing all the amazing pictures my friends had from beta, i bought it. I haven´t had much time to […]

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Under my Skin – Men´s edition

Some time ago i did a blog post called Under my Skin about the last of Nomine´s last non fantasy skins the female version, today i bring you the male version. Although an end is always sad news, when a creator decides to spend more time doing something they enjoy better, because it´s clear they […]

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Exotic Beauty

Hair: Dali Noir 1 – LD Major Loovus Dzevavor
Skin: NEW Jessica Siberia (comes with 6 different eyeliners) – INAYA Skins
Face Mask: NEW Spiderweb Jewel – AD Creations @ZombiePopcorn Brand (ends 18 Aug)
Dress: NEW Atena Pink – Lp…

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ZombiePopcorn Brand

ZombiePopcorn Brand is new today with items including clothing, skin, makeup, eyes and decor.  Every two weeks designers place out new items at the venue, and the participating designers are rotated with each round which fosters an eclectic assortment of products.  The current collection will be available through August 17th. ZombiePopcorn Brand Happy shopping, loves♥ […]

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01 AD Creations - makeup, 75L

Hair Fair 2012 – Curious Kitties

Another day and more hair, as i´ve been doing for this past weeks, slowly going thru some, not all of course of the shops in Hair Fair, which has been pretty amazing this year, with a wide variety of, prim and mesh hair, casuals and formals, regular and fantasy, all sorts for all tastes. But […]

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Hair Fair 2012 – Amacci

I´ve been busy lately, not blogging here but in other places, so sorry for the distraction i promise i will make up for it, but there are so many interesting things going on, first Zodiac  started, a new event i mentioned earlier and i´ve also blogged on the Hottie Cooterati blog for the first time, Something woke […]

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ZombiePopcorn Brand

A new collection is out at ZombiePopcorn Brand with items including clothing, jewelry, eyes and furniture.  This is a biweekly event that features a variety of Second Life designers with each round.  Items will be available through August 3rd. ZombiePopcorn Brand  

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01 SAKIDE - clothing, 120L each

Time Waits for No One

Skin: NEW Bermuda Ivory Lifted limited item – cStar Limited @ZombiePopcorn Brand
Hair: NEW Petra (blonde) – Zibska @Hair Fair 2012
Jewelry Set: NEW  Amethyst Scroll – Addiction Jewelry
Gown: Dawn in Nude 15.000 members group gift (f…

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ZombiePopcorn Brand

ZombiePopcorn Brand is completely new today with items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, furniture & poses.  Every two weeks the collection at ZombiePopcorn Brand changes with different designers for each round.  This makes new rounds exciting and very diverse!  You can snag items in the current collection through July 20. ZombiePopcorn Brand  

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01 Purple Poses - poses, 70L

A blogger challenge and my usual tldr blog post of the month

Well let´s start with a bloggers challenge shall we? Earlier today Alice Demonia, hair maker and plurker extraordinaire, linked this pretty cool tumblr Men Sitting in Fancy Chairs, and it is totally filled with awesome pics of models and actors just lounging about in one big chair, looking pretty amazing, so i thought, we totally need […]

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Hello everybody lovelies! I’m here with some news. The first is the skin i’ m on; it is a new release by cStar Limited for the ZombiePopcorn Event that will start on 8th July. The skin is available in four different tones and it is created in limited q…

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Psychedelic Vision

Skin: NEW Black B skin – AD Creations @ZombiePopcorn Brand
Syringe: Love Syringe Group Gift – Kumaki Glasses Style
Location: Hangars Liquides

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ZombiePopcorn Brand

ZombiePopcorn Brand is all new today with items including clothing, jewelry, accessories, skin, furniture and decor.  Every two weeks participating designers take turns placing items of exceptional quality out at a discounted price.  My personal favorite from this round is the decor by LISP; I absolutely love this designer anyway, but when I can grab […]

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01 Skintimate - skin, 100L

Newwww Things.

Hi!  A couple more bits from the ZPC (ZombiePopcorn Carnival) and a new release from coldLogic this this post! First up we have some home/whatever decor from Thistle Homes!  These wall decorations are just lovely!  Very “old” looking, think.. vintage carnival, kinda creepy as they look well worn.  I don’t know WHERE I am going […]

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Weather! or not? for Fluid, ZombiePopcorn Carnival, and Paranoia

ZombiePopcorn CarnvialParanoiaFluid – first rotation

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ZombiePopcorn Brand

I’m really excited to bring you the new collection of ZombiePopcorn Brand.  If you aren’t familiar with the event, the collection changes every two weeks and items typically featured include clothing, accessories, jewelry, skin and decor.  So, what’s my personal favorite for my very first time covering the event?  It’s honestly difficult because there are […]

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01 [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] - jewelry, 99L

ZombiePopcorn Brand’s Fine List Of Nine

ZombiePopcorn Brand is back, with a new bi-weekly line-up of awesome stores. The list is somewhat smaller this week as only 9 designers step up to the plate, but the 9 that have items on offer have pulled out all the stops and put out 9 brilliant items. There is something for everyone it seems, […]

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01 je suis – jewellery, 99L each

I’m Back For Some ZombiePopcorn Brand

ZombiePopcorn Brand started it’s new round on Saturday, so I am a little bit late but I have been away in my RL as my parents came over for a visit and the Dutch were celebrating Queen’s Day yesterday! Things got very mental and I didn’t get a chance to sit at my NEW PC […]

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01 PIDIDDLE - top, 120L

Anyone Fancy Some ZombiePopcorn?

The Brand is back, and this week we have a really good collection to sink our teeth into, just watch out for those popcorn kernals, no one wants to see a dentist!! These items are AWESOME! I love the Phase necklace line from ellabella, and am super excited about the new colour. The dresses from […]

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01 ellabella – jewellery, 200L