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Lost on the Last Day

Tomorrow, June 1st, is the last day for the World Goth Fair. If you have not gotten a chance to stop in and check out the amazing ambiance and designs then hurry up, time is slipping away from you! The fair is hosted on the Curse Sim this year. You can see a map of the shop locations on the official site.

For today's post, I wanted to try to create a dark faerie. A creature who is caught between innocence and darkness. The type you would see flitting about the cemeteries and haunted forests luring fools into the dark corners for a little bit of despair and maybe a bit more..she is cute after all.
I found the start of my inspiration for this look with the elegance of the Joli Proie Gown (L$260) in silver-black. In collaboration, the elegant dress is original mesh by Faida and the gorgeous rich textures are creations by Fallen Gods, Inc. The Joli Proie is a lush elegant gown that can be mixed and matched to create three dress styles.… Read the rest




August 2018
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This is my show

“Life is awesome, I confess” “What I do, I do best” “You got nothing, I got tested.” “And I’m best, yes” “Lay me down tonight in my linen and curls” “Lay me down tonight, Riviera girls.” “I fucked my way up to the top.” “This is my show.” “I fucked my way up to the […]

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Women’s Fashion: Pretty pink punk.. perhaps

 Hi everyone, 
I am running a bit short on time tonight, so I have thrown together a short post for you. I have some more great items from the World Goth Fair along with some other great items. The look tonight is a bit of an  eclectic look using components from  Deluxe Body FactoryPink FuelIKON Slink The Little Bat,  Zibska,  Just BECAUSEBliensen + MaiTai , Tameless and BlackPearls. I hope you like it, as much as I do.



✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Masami Asian Skin & Shape, Cream Fatpack |  L$2,500
Masami is an Asian inspired skin and shape with slanted almond shaped eyes and slim body. The shape is both modifiable and copyable, so you can change it to your personal preferences as well as keep a copy of the original shape.
Deluxe Body Factory offers several options to choose from when purchasing this lovely skin.
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This is a Bonus Post today. I made this outfit and did the shoot, but couldn't figure out which of my blogs I was going to put it up on.
I had enough cheap stuff on, I figured I'd share with you all here. This look wasn't specifically made with this Free*Style in mind, so it isn't chalk full of freebies, like my normal looks are. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.
World Goth Fair is still going on, until the 31st. That is where i did my on location shoot today.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still going on as well, and that is where you will find these "Eye of the Spider" pieces. There are 3 colours to collect, and each set has a staff, headdress, necklace and armbands. The Headdresses are the rares.
If you haven't been to the Thrift Shop, I think that is ending really soon as well. PixyStix has their newest skin line, Evi, on for 60% off. There are gifts, gachas and other great discounts here as well.
Our very own Rosemarie has been a busy little bee, and put all her new series of eyes up on SL Marketplace.… Read the rest

After Dark

“It’s so black in my thoughts.” “I try some evil charms” “Where is the light, the open door.” “To relieve my heart.” BODY Hair: Doe – Meeka [New][@ Fantasy Carnival Gacha] Skin: Zoul Creations – Jai [75L Promo; Marketplace only][Comes with Slink Appliers, visit main store for other appliers; FREE] Eyes: Dead Apples – Anime […]

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Fantasy Role-Play: A bit under the water….there be Mer-folk!

Good afternoon everyone, 
Today I received several goodies that made me take a little swim in my underwater world. I do not think I have ever actually did a mermaid post. I have often enjoyed other Blogger's mermaid posts.So when I received two wonderful water themed outfits from BlueMoon Enterprises I couldn't resist trying my hand at it. I made photos for when my Mermaid is under the water and on land. I stole from the myth that when Mer-people come to land their tails turn to legs. I think they turned out quite well.



✫ Gauze | Chronicle Azure skin pack, Azurite | L$800 
To match the blues in the tail I chose Gauze's Azurite skin. The Azure skin pack comes with four tones, Azurite, Lapis, MoonStone and Star Sapphire..  The Chronicle line features skins for Women, FemBois, and Men, a ll sold separately. The Chronicle skin line is available in a wide selection of 9 color sets.
Read the restSecond Life Women's Fashion Review, featuring Mermaids.

#833 La cache du reptile

Once again my look of the day is a dark, horror one. I mixed n' matched really great looking items. I like especially the headdress by MeshedUp and the neckpiece by Eclectica
If you want to know where you can find all items this style is made of, you have to look below and you will find landmarks. Have fun!

Credits :

Hair : Exxess - Roza Hair meshSkin : DS'Elles - Skin Lola NEW Ross EventMakeup : Antielle - Smeared Makeup NEW Cosmetic FairEyes : Chop Shop - Afflicted EyeNail polish : Dark Passions - Koffin Nails / Voodoo Pinned Nails NEW Horror HauteTongue : OtherSkin - Truth NEW Fair PlayDress & Harness : Valkyries - Sinister Dress mesh NEW Fair PlayShoes : Klepsydra - May Sandals mesh (for SLink high feet) NEW Spring FlingHeaddress : MeshedUp - Nephtys Headdress mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha CarnivalNeckpiece : Eclectica - Steamgoth Neckpiece mesh NEW World Goth FairTattoo : Datum - Dofus TattooSnake : Half Deer - Baby Cornsnake mesh
Poses : Photos 1, 2, 3 & 6 : Eternal Dream - Glamourize Poses SetPhotos 4 & 5 : Pretense - My Hand Obsession Poses Set

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Uber opened at midnight with some awesome items with the spice theme. Izzie’s released the beautiful Nihdi jewlery set which I’m wearing today. Letis Tattoo also released a new tat set which I paired with the Nihdi set and one of Elikatira’s latest releases. Warning I’m showing a lot of skin, so the first pic will be the back of the tattoo and I’ll put the other pics after the cut. Click through. (...)
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Slithering in the White Nights

Sun is returning from its long sleep. These are the nights to be careful when it barely sets, lingering stubbornly around, threatening the night-dwellers with its radiance without a moment of rest. We become bound indoors: draw heaviest of curtains, head to the basements, perhaps even journey to south where they still have proper nights even in the summer. Unless one happens to be either extremely adventurous or inexcusably lazy, or a bit of both. Then you can rely on learning where and when the burning rays draw their blazing patterns and which parts of the terrace are safe for a few hours. The white nights are warm, the light merely a soft haze instead of invading rays. The sensation — or perhaps the promise of danger in the silent air — makes even borrowed blood run faster in the cold veins, makes long cold limbs stretch and slither and bask in the shadow of the sun once more. Just for the summer. The body suit is a part of an outfit by SAKIDE and the snake jewelry and shoes are by House of Rain, both available in World Goth Fair.… Read the restslithering2bs

How do you Hoodoo?

World Goth Fair is still going strong, with a little over a week left of the event. It officially ends on May 31st. There are so many musical things happening before then, which will be held at the Club Gothika. You can keep up to date on all the happenings on the Official Site HERE. I don’t often get a chance to cover Home&Garden items. I don’t own a home, never have. I have always thought the prims best used for other things, on the lands I own. It does create issues, when I do get the urge to cover something that isn’t fashion, or when I feel the need for an actual location to show something off properly. I picked up this gothic looking skybox from Roawenwood this week, as I felt it would work well with my WGF coverage. If it wasn’t roundish, I might have even used it as my work studio, haha. Alas, it is round, but gives me the ability to easily do setups. Much like a Turnip Skysdome, I can just plunk it down, and fill it with random stuff for the shots I need.… Read the restHelena Stringer - IOF - How do you Hoodoo - 1

Virtual Living Space: The Monterey Home

Good Evening Everyone,
I am going to take a little break from fashion blogs this evening and share a little on-going project I have been working on. I got a new Maven Homes and have been slowly decorating it as found pieces I thought would would fit in with how I wanted to decorate it. It's still a bit of a work in progress but I would love to share with you what I have done so far. 

The Monterey Home is the newest release from Maven Homes. Maven homes are spectacular creations. They are always well laid out, fabulously textured, and full of character. You can see the past two Maven Homes I have featured here: Skwer & Wakefield. The Monterey Home (L$4,490) is a single floor home with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, large wrap around windows and a roaring fireplace. It has a foot print of 29 m x 48 m and is recommended for a 2.048 sq.m. parcel or larger. It has a land impact of 184. 

This luxurious home features a deck, fireplace, kitchen with full set of appliances and a bathroom equipped with a shower and bathroom sink with animated poses.… Read the restReview of a Second Life Virtual Living Space by Maven Homes.

In a Dark Mood

  I'm not feeling writing a ton right now so just check below for details, some might be important!  Enjoy!

Mesh Head: Genesis Lab @ We Love Roleplay, free.  Please read note about this below credits!!!!!
Bustier: Sn@tch, 7Seas fishing prize
Hair: Lamb
Wings: Neverwish @ World Goth Fair**
Accessories: Lassitude & Ennui @ The Secret Affair
Pose: Marukin
I'm not wearing any eyes in this post because I kind of liked how it looked without them lol
This head was meant for male avs, which means it comes with a matching male skin.  If you want to wear a female skin with it that matches you will have to find one on your own, I tried some female ones from Genesis Lab and got a close enough match for the photo.  It has a wider/thicker neck shape than female heads generally do so it might not work with your shape.  I had to photoshop a seam out, lol.  This head also comes with matching elf ears so that's awesome.… Read the restdark mood

Save Your Serpent Jewelry at World Goth Fair

Save Your Serpent jewelry consists of delightfully slithery bracelets and a necklace to both look sharp, and to also suggest that we let our snake-friends keep their skins and use synthetic variants if we wish to mimic their elegant ways. These are a must-have for any goth enjoying their snake scale patterns, especially if they like to have a few snake-friends accompanying them for a walk. If you want to match your snakes from head to toe, remember that we have the perfect shoes to do just that! Both the necklace and the bracelets come with a colour-change HUD. There’s twelve colours to choose from for the snake, and twelve that control both the eyes and the gem the snake holds in its mouth. Please note that the jewelry will appear no-mod in your inventory. This is because of the colour-change script. The jewelry itself is perfectly modifiable original unrigged mesh and can be resized and repositioned as you wish. You could even adorn your legs or upper arms with snakes should you wish to!… Read the restHoR save your serpent necklace poster template

Haunted Forest Nails at World Goth Fair

Haunted Forest brings dark wintry branches on your fingertips: beautiful and subtly creepy. The colours underneath the black shapes are strong goth gem tones, making the detailed silhouette of the tree stand out even better. For a roleplayer of darker preferences, the branches could easily become veins of corruption and darkness, but they’re the perfect choice for anyone wishing delicate goth details on their nails. The nails are actually HUDs to change the colour of the nails in your mesh hands and feet, if they are Slink’s or Maitreya’s. They will not work on their own or with any other body part systems. There’s no mesh hands or feet included, just the HUDs to change the nail colours in them. Permissions are NM/C/NT. L225 for ten colours, L275 for twenty colours, both manicures and pedicures included for both Slink and Maitreya’s nails. Visit Beautiful Freak at World Goth Fair

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Anemone Complete at World Goth Fair

Beautiful Freak releases Anemone in all of its glory for World Goth Day. These colours are our usual selection, easy to match with any goth look of your choice. Remember that there’s also an exclusive option of ten tones available! Anemone goes goth all the way with its strong lines and bold tones. It’s makeup turned into a mask, into a statement, into a character. It can also fit a mermaid of darker preferences to match its name. This mask of colours works for any creature of the night, whether they bump, stalk or simply slither. Permissions are M/C/NT. L125 for a pack of five colours. Visit Beautiful Freak at World Goth Fair

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Feeling a bit under the weather…

Good Evening All,

I have been feeling a bit under the weather since my last post and I am finding it hard to get motivated, but tonight I decided to try and take a few pictures. One thing I love about the World Goth Fair is that it presents me a challenge in my blogging style.If you haven't noticed Goth isn't one of my stronger styles. Once upon a time, I was really good at Goth style images but somewhere along the way, I lost my touch so I always find them to be challenge to pull off. I never seem to get Goth right. I can get dark.. haunting ...but not truly goth. To me true Goth style has a bit of attitude, anger mixed in with the pained and haunted look. Goths really look angry and disappointed at/in the world. I think, perhaps somewhere along the way, I either stopped caring or I just forgave the world for disappointing me and now I have trouble capturing the Goth Style. I still love it. It is one of my favorite style to look at, but it feels hollow to me now when I try to portray it.… Read the restReview of Virtual Fashion for World Goth Fair in Second Life


  Credits Hair: . Liquence . – F2 in Genetics Hairbase: /Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase – LONG – Chocolate Skin: DeeTalez Hanna C nobrows Mixedtype Eyebrows: NOX. Drew Brows [Brown] (Cosmetic Fair 2015) Lips: Pink Fuel Lipstick <Deep> – Shine (pink) Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0 Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] : Ren2 eyes -Toffee- LB only (2013) Eyeliner: dfo! faux twiggy lashes Lashes: Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 […]

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Where Vampires go for vacation…

Good Evening Everyone,

I was hanging with some friends who were discussing what it would be like to be a vampire. They were discussing all the places they would visit during their vampire life-style, naming all the wonderful places to visit at night, Vegas, Rome, Paris, etc. Since they couldn't be out in the sun, they would always have to travel at night or in a coffin. Which by the way they said was quite out of date for vampires. One friend who is a complete beach bunny, was rather upset when she realized that sunny beaches would be out of her forecast. That got my mind wandering. Why could a vampire not go to the beach? They would just have to enjoy Moonlit beaches instead of sunny ones...after all one does not wish to crisp, now do they?

 Now at first glance you may think my pretty Vampire is the same as my Drow Demon from my last post, but she isn't. Today's avatar is created using components from Gauze, .:Soul:., Mina Hair, IKON and Slink.
I do have a thing for mono-tone skins, so I was very excited when I opened up my skins from Gauze and saw the Chronicle Quartz Skin (L$800).… Read the restSecond Life Virtual Fashion Review featuring Role-play Vampire

Time is running out

Don't forget to check out this months round of The Witching Hour.  It's almost over!

Skin: -Glam Affair - Sia Artic tone - 05
Eyeliner:  (* dimma *)~..::MM::..~ Deep Corners Liner - Black (At World Goth Fair)
Eyes: ~BLD~ - Blood Ice - Standard Eyes
Hair: +Spellbound+ SpitOrSwallow Betty Bang
Hair Flower: *JD* HAIR FLOWER b/w
Necklace: ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ Succubus Trinket {Hemlock Root} (at The Witching Hour)
Dress: ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ Succubus {Nightshade} (at The Witching Hour)
Shoes:  The Horror!~ Belladonna Wedges(Black) (at World Goth Fair)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet

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Bliensen + MaiTai @ World Goth Fair – Charlotte Sometimes Boots

New for WGF, and currently only available at the event : Charlotte Sometimes, detailed boots in red or black, rigged for Slink Physique and Maitreya. They come with a color HUD to change the dessin (plain, 3 flower-embroideries, crow design), the shoelaces (red or black) and the metal parts (gold or silver) 100 % original mesh, after the event also available at the mainstore and marketplace.

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