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A Phantom to Lead You…Sneak Preview for World Goth Fair

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and a happy World Goth Day to you

So, as I was sat here, minding my own business, fiddling with dinner…Well alright, not so much sat, as singing along loudly to Painkiller in the kitchen as my chicken was cooking, but still..minding my own business in relative peace and quiet (trust me, I suck at singing, so I very rarely sing along that loudly), the though just struck me. Today..today is World Goth Day. And that my friends, that’s a big thing. At least for me it is. I grew up being the odd one out. The one people found it easy to hurl insults at. The one we can mock because she doesn’t look like us. You know how it is, cause you’ve read my earlier posts about this very things. I was the one to mock, to insult, to shame, to..well you just take your pick, I was the one. I had cars going past me as I was just walking alone home, and they found it fitting to hurl insults at me..at best. If it was just insults it was a good day. Then there were the beer-cans, or whatever they had laying around in the car they felt fitting to sacrifice to throw at me because I was different.… Read the rest

Happy World Goth Day and news

First of all Happy world Goth Day everyone, and i know how i will be celebrating, i´m hitting the newly arrived band hoodies at World Goth Fair, that means 35 different hoodies from 35 different bands, all properly licensed and exclusive for the event and sold either in gatcha form or collectors pack on any of the event sims, you can read more about it here   But not all news are gothy, i also been getting ready for next month and as you can see in my calendar, I added today a few new pinboards: - MadPea25-for-25Tales of FantasyFashion for Life Have fun Everyone see you all soon with more news and events.
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World Goth Fair part 2

Well i´m finally finished with my World Goth Fair pins well except for a couple of missing pins here and there, which will be added today,as i go thru all the booths and the Official Bands hoodies, it´s all done, so perfect for some window shopping and to organize your gothy goodness shopping cart. As you all know by now  World Goth Fair 2014 is and event by the good peeps at Cursed Events, as usual the charity involved is The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. I promise updates as soon as possible and more goodies, also remember since this is goth we´re talking about here there are a number of Music events you can come and listen too, and also hang out with a bunch of crazy goth peeps, so let´s all get our goth on, cause black is certainly the only black. I´ll be back in a bit with more news and events.   World Goth Fair – Cursed (adult)- build by Lokii Violet)
World Goth Fair – Sium (moderate) – (build by Fox Nacht)
World Goth Fair – Port Seraphine (general) – (build by Dolce Blackflag) (Every pin has a direct slurl to the respective booth, and gatchas to gatcha area i Sium)
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World Goth Fair pins part 1

For those who know me, they know this time of year my heart get´s a little darker and a whole lot gothier, because today it´s another year and World Goth Fair 2014 starts, i´ve written a lot of times about how much i love this event, and how much i enjoy being a part of it, not just thanks to the amazing folks at Cursed Events, or the Charity involved The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. it was one of the first events i blogged ever, and the group a small sl family for me. So guys without further delay and talk, i´ll save that for later in a more detailed blog post i bring you part of World Goth Fair, when we celabrate a way of life and most of all community. See you all soon with more news and events. World Goth Fair – Cursed (adult)- build by Lokii Violet)
World Goth Fair – Sium (moderate) – (build by Fox Nacht)
World Goth Fair – Port Seraphine (general) – (build by Dolce Blackflag) (Every pin has a direct slurl to the respective booth, and gatchas to gatcha area i Sium)
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World Goth Fair and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

In 2007 Sophie Lancaster and her friend Rob were attacked and killed in Lancashire, England, for the way they were dressed.  Because they chose to express themselves a little differently, while harming nobody, some people took grave offense and punished these two kids in the worst way possible.  Since then, Sophie’s family has set up a charity foundation which focuses on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in the community.  It also works closely with law enforcement and politicians to ensure people who are a part of any subculture are protected by the law. Every year on May 22, World Goth Day slides into view, making its presence known to the world at large.  Every year in May, Cursed Events in Second Life hosts World Goth Fair.  It starts May 15 and ends June 1, and within the confines of three sims, you will find a plethora of fantastic items for sale.  The sale of many items will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  You can get landmarks and information here: http://worldgothfair.wordpress.com/ Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this event once again, and has a number of brand new items up for sale for the duration of the event. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/0450b-19e1fc30-acfc-43cc-b2c1-2a8d68fdff69.png

Get Your Goth On in Gothika!

Today is World Goth Day! This means that Club Gothika in World Goth Fair will be having a party of fourteen hours. Yes, fourteen. Seven DJs, seven different gothic themes, ridiculous amount of prizes with the winner takes it all principle and all around gothic entertainment. I’ll be hosting the Best in Vampire party at 2-4pm SLT for DJ Acerose Razor and decided I liked my hostess look so much that I’d blog it. The ruins behind me are where the party will occur, right in the middle of the WGF Cursed. The first shift starts at 10am SLT and the party eventually stops fourteen hours later at midnight SLT. You can see the DJ and theme schedule here. Now what are you waiting for? Get your goth on and join us in Gothika! The Malina dress by Pale Empress and the Khalida skin by +Nuuna+ are both available in World Goth Fair Cursed, the rest of the look is old favourites. Scene: Club Gothika in World Goth Fair Cursed Body: Skin: +Nuuna+ Khalida Skin 1 (Goth) | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Lipstick: +Nuuna+ Red Lips | Liners: Pin Me Down – Liner 8 & Beautiful Freak – Girl Poison Black* | Hair: Alice Project – Steph* Outfit: Dress: Pale Empress – Malina Crimson* | Necklace: House of Rain – Poisonous Friend Necklace onyx/black titanium* | Bracelets: Mandala – Lotus Chain bracelets black | Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black Pose: Exposeur – Advent Gi (Read more...)

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Goth Bunnies

They come in many sizes and shapes. Sometimes even without any visible ears or tail. They have white skin (or fur), gothic coloured hair and clothes and a penchant to clap their hands at vampires, instead of running away like more sensible rabbits would. Who’s to say that bunnies cannot have tiny fangs as well? Or at least a preference for colours that are not pastels? Maybe there’s a secret bunny underground, opposing the damnable association to pink? Begone already, abomination unto the gods of colour! One must remember though that no matter what colours a bunny wears or style she prefers, they cannot escape their true nature. You can cover them in black and blood-red, give them bad-ass weapons and observe them trying to fang-hiss while wiggling their noses, it’s no use: the cute is always there. You cannot blame them, though. There are two defences a bunny can have: run fast or be too cute to kill. Have you ever tried to run in high heels or a gala dress?… Read the restgothbunnies1bs

Sharp Edges

People have them. Life has them. We might learn to protect ourselves by wearing armor, by dodging, by keeping safe distance, but safety comes with the price of limitations in both motions and room to move in. The spaces, the edges, the armors are very rarely physical. They are all in our heads, in our own limitations and comfort zones. Leaving them, daring the edges will get you easily cut. But perhaps you win more room to move in by learning exactly where the edge is. Perhaps the edges move in time and should be revisited. And maybe, just maybe, once you learn where the sharp edges lie, you will learn how to wield and control them without hurting yourself. The Bloodborn and Coalborn upper body tattoos by Fallen Gods Inc. are available in World Goth Fair Cursed. The Ghost skin underneath is also by Fallen Gods Inc., the War version currently on discount in We Love Role-play Event. The beautiful katana is a new release by [EZ] Weaponry. Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc.Read the restsharp1bs

Astrid and the Anglerfish

It sounds almost like a story, titled like that. It could easily be one, too. If you manage to have a pet anglerfish, especially one that magically survives out of water, there’s bound to be a story behind the sharp teeth. There’s something absolutely enchanting in stories, pictures and views that present to us normality with just one thing out of place. Just one surreal detail breaking the surface, pulling us into a story, into a different setting, thought pattern, mindscape. Somehow the reality surrounding the one strange thing makes the thing even stranger. If you find a piece of magic in what should be an ordinary day, it stands out against all the dull normalcy even brighter. Makes us look at everything more carefully, more in detail. Makes us think. Makes us see. Perhaps makes us even realize that if you learn how to look, there is magic in our ordinary lives. You just have to remember to attune to it to be able to see it. The setting, the dress and the anglerfish are all available in the World Goth Fair.… Read the restastrid1bs

Zen Cardamom

Hi everyone, long time since i did an actual blog post i know, there´s been so much to pin lately, because as usual SL is buzzing with events and activities, something i love, so this blog post comes with a bit of a delay. Wearing:
Shape: mine
Skin: Jalwa- Sonam – Cardamom (New Release with Slink appliers)
Eyes: Ikon -Sunrise’ Eyes
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: booN- KGI848
Outfit: Bare Rose - Kokubyaku Long
Hands and Feet: by Slink with nails by Orc Inc. You all know how much i love events, and i keep earing constantly of people saying, they are to many events i can´t keep up with them all, well i sometimes think there aren´t enough events, that even tho the amount of mainstream shop do get represented, a lot of cliques and small groups and communities, don´t get the same exposure, and they sure deserve it. We <3 Roleplay came to fill in a void for the rp community, so has Genre since the start of this year, and even now as World Goth Fair starts, suddenly a bunch of groups that are so far away from your usual mainstream fashion are getting noticed and filling up gaps and showing us new shops, making our SL more diverse and exciting.… Read the rest


Never because of rain, rain can be good. Sun, however… hiss. Besides, there’s something appealing in sun parasols, twirling them about. Umbrellas are practical, usually pulled and pushed by the wind, but parasols have a dainty flair to them, almost a coquette vibe. Therefore every gothic lolita outfit really does need a gothbrella, preferably with lace and spiderwebs and perhaps tiny delicate skulls attached. No such thing as practicality when you aim to look like a Victorianesque doll, an extremely dark one, and all the more alluring for it. There’s a gacha of gothbrellas by ~ *Souzou Eien* ~ in Cursed in World Goth Fair: both sims have a separate gacha area of convenience for just-take-my-money moments. The makeup and eyes by Beautiful Freak and the outfit by Adoness can be found in Cursed. The skin by Jalwa is located in Port Seraphine. Scene: World Goth Fair Cursed Body: Skin: Jalwa Skins – Jezebel Vamp Black Brow Exclusive* | Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Chloral Eyes – wicked royal* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Beautiful Freak - Nierika eye makeup – vicious violet* | Hair: Lamb - Whoop Dee Doo Ink Outfit: Dress, tights, necklace: Adoness – Sophia* | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Selene mesh boots black* | Umbrella: ~*Souzou Eien.*~ Pretty Goth Umbrella [Black Widow]* Poses: Exposeur – Female of the Species 5 & 2

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Out of the Shadows

Into the sun. It’s in a way exactly what the Sophie Lancaster Foundation is about: working on spreading tolerance to include also the people who simply dress differently. It’s rather mind-breakingly sad that this has to be any kind of issue, but we all know it is. The world is exactly that sometimes: mind-breakingly sad. There should be a base respect within us for other human beings, no matter what they look like or how they dress. It is strange how much easier it is to channel all the negativity you feel toward anything different than to face what is really the matter. No one can change how people react toward differences, but we can change what is considered different. Eventually. Most importantly, we should — everyone should — stop trying to hide in the shadows and simply be who you are, no matter if it fits in the norm or not. Same of course vice versa, don’t try to be something you are not. Simply be yourself. Be so proudly, in the sun.… Read the restredramskull4bs

World Goth Day Exclusive, and Other Animals

World Goth Day is on May 22, 2013.  Gothika, a club in Second Life, will be having an all day celebration with DJs from across the world spinning the best in Gothic, Industrial, Futurepop, Post Punk, EBM, and other surprises.  Don’t miss out on the themed events that day, because you can win some seriously awesome prizes from Second Life’s finest artisans, and possibly even some real live Goth and Industrial bands! Important linkie link here —> World Goth Fair Blog. World Goth Fair, held between May 15 and May 31, is an extended celebration in Second Life and involves special events with music and dancing, and a fair where you can buy all kinds of Goth stuff.  Proceeds from World Goth Fair will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. <– Oi, you lot, read that. Okay, with all that safely out of the way, it’s time to tell you about the exclusive outfit being made available for the duration of the fair only.  Although the Byron will be available in other colors after the fair, the black and red edition will be made available only at World Goth Fair.… Read the restImage

A Little Bird TOOK MY EYES! More World Goth Fair Sneak Peak Goodness

Inspiration is like a cat:  It will never come when you call it, and when it wants your attention, it will claw viciously at your legs till you feed it.  God help you if you give that inspiration the wrong shaped kibble, because then it will glare at you menacingly till you wither and die, or you give up and head to the store for a new bag of food. Inspiration has been kneading my bare chest as I sleep, purring like a tractor, and insisting that I work on eyes for the World Goth Fair, coming up in Second Life in May.  I only have 25 prims to play with in my booth, which means I can only put 24 items out, plus my store sign, so when I ended up making 4 different varieties of Eyeball in at least 12 colors each, well, you can do the math. I will likely only put a handful of each color out at the fair with the promise of more colors to come.  Honest, I will.  That said, here is the fourth Eyeball style, soon to be available in, you guessed it, about twelve colors and probably a fat pack or two.… Read the restImage

World Goth Fair Invaded by Micro Rar, News at 11

Just when you thought it was safe to set foot outside, an invasion has started!  The Goffick Micro Rar will be heading to the World Goth Fair in Second Life in May.  His meshliness is highlighted by a necklace fragment he yanked off some poor, unsuspecting Gothic soul.  He really meant to eat the black-clad person, but thankfully, our erstwhile Joy Division fan managed a narrow escape. The Micro Rar can be tamed, to a degree, provided you tithe regularly to his gnashing teeth, copious cupcakes.  While he does have an enormous sweet tooth, he also enjoys eating small children, and occasional ferrets.  He firmly believes there is no Sanctuary, except for whatever Ian Astbury was talking about in that Cult song. The Goffick Micro Rar will be available at the Avatar Bizarre booth on Cursed when the World Goth Fair finally opens.  Till then, fear his unsightly horns, his gnashing teeth, and claws that catch. Luckily, he will be transfer, just in case he eats you and your surviving kin must find him a new home.… Read the restImage

Simon bar Sinister and the World of Goth Days

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More on World Goth Day in Second Life

World Goth Day is a special day set aside each year for folks to “get their goth on”.  It’s one of those things dreamed up by a small cluster of folks and led by Cruel Britannia, who is a pretty amazing master of music.  You can catch him DJing for Nightbreed Radio, and in Second Life at a club called Gothika, which is owned and operated by a small, grumpy purple-haired woman named Axi Kurmin, his partner in crime and all that.  CB and Shortstack have graciously donated their time and energy to setting up a World Goth Day fair in Second Life.  Experts in herding cats, they have rounded up a bunch of folks to donate various items to sell at this fair, as well as a number of DJs, who will be donating their tips to the cause. If you are new to Second Life (and I hope if you’re reading this, you know a little something about it), many fantastic artists spend a lot of time and energy creating clothing, vehicles, poses, buildings, and other virtual goods, which folks can buy with virtual currency.… Read the restImage

Back to the Crypt

The World Goth Fair ends on 31st May and is thus almost over. Just a few more days for the last moment shopping, then it’s time to slink back to the crypt to rest and recuperate. This necklace by KOSH made me laugh, it’s so perfectly gothy-cutesy. It’s also one thing that SL jewelry has to be for it to work: big. You all know the LOD-issues, which means that small, delicate jewelry — no matter how gorgeous in closeups — pretty much vanishes the moment you are not cammed in on it. Much approval on big show pieces like this. The Flame mesh corset is by *Perception*, the gloves and the Flirty pants by SAKIDE and the Wanderlust boots by lassitude & ennui. The skin by Pink Fuel is from the Skin Showcase and the Exile hair from the current Dressing Room Blue. I did vamp the skin up with an eyeliner by Pin Me Down, though. The crypt is of course from *~by Nacht, I swear I could use these settings for all the pictures! The held candelabra is from the gatcha by The Muses; if you get lucky you might win a chandelier, too!… Read the rest

Goth Fair part 6

I am still going Goth for this month thanks to The World Goth Fair still going strong as part of the World Goth Day SL celebrations along with  the WGD Nightstalker Hunt (you can find a list of all hunt participants here). The Fair is benefiting the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and has the full support from the folks over at  World Goth Day. And today from the Fair i bring you: Indigo OdditiesMoxieAmaranthusVirtual/InsanityM.O.C.K. CosmeticsAvatar Bizarre, Urban ForgeSakidelassitude & ennuiPin Me DownCurvasive  and Dammed Good Designs. So today i bring a viewing of a bigger mix, including a house, furniture and a couple of new companions. This is also a reminder that another event is coming to an end, sadly The Summer Beauty Festival ends tomorrow, but if you look at it on a positive note still two days of shopping left to do, and i do like to see things on its´positive side. I will catch you all later for some more World Goth Fair blogging over the lovely 3 day weekend.… Read the rest