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LOTD#200 Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Barbara Mesh Hair – Browns packSkin: Deesses Skins – Simone – cold milk tone @The Gacha ManiaJacket and top: [Infliction] – Fall Off Jacket V2 – BlackPants: *Coco* – SkinnyJeans – (Group Gift – free to join)Sneakers:…

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Winter is Coming…Already?

It has been snowing like the dickens in RL and I’ve been dressing up Eden in warming clothes even though it is always warm on my platform where I hide most of the time. I am a big fan of Coco and I grab just about any coat or suit that she makes as the…

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Francois Sais Pas Flashe No Deux

Ok I’m feeling groovy this morning and it was a toss up between Blondie and Dee-Lite for the title I admit.  Mavi Beck released new poses called SO SHE and this one just FITS the flair on my skirt from Pixicats dress so perfectly.  I’ve been in a rut lately, thinking maybe I’ll quit making […]

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Hair: Kokoro Faded – Wasabi Pills Skirt and Sweater: Nordic Outfit – GizzA Coat: Frock Coat Black – StormCrow Design’s @FRESH STYLE Bag: Leather Handbg Black/Gold – StormCrow Design’s @FRESH STYLE Shoes: Emery Tawny – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes @FRESH STYLE

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It’s So Cozy Inside My Sn@tch

There are few things that delight and entertain me as much as my weekly notices from Sn@tch. Double entendre nonstop for all these years must be tiring yet Ivey manages to make it happen with success each week. This week I was feeling a bit daffy and headed over to pick up this delicious sweater […]

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Shopping At Le Cirque

Makeup: Tatto’d Makeup – .la petite morte. @ Le Cirque de Seraphim (until Nov 26th) Hair: Cookie Royal – Wasabi Pills Dress: Le Cirque! (dress, cuffs, collar, hat) exclusive item for the charity event – Legal Insanity @ Le Cirque de Seraphim Pose and prop: Heavently Alchymy Teaset (gacha) – Le Poppycock @ Le Cirque […]

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LOTD#195 Happiness in Magazines

Hair: Wasabi Pills – HanakoSkin: Pink Fuel – Harley (Crystal Tone)Necklace: LB Jewels – Love Necklace Black @OMG Room Fashion EventOutfit: RD Style – Outfit Sayuri #III (comes with jacket, skirt and flat sneakers for SLink Flat…

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Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

“As a newsman, I want to salute whoever came up with the term ‘polar vortex. It is terrifying but still sounds all science-y. A lesser meteorologist could have overreached with ‘arctic coldnado’ or ‘alaskan dick punch,’ but ‘polar vortex’ is restrained but menacing.” ~ Stephen Colbert Continue reading

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Polar Vortex

The Black Huntress

Hair: Laine Cinnamon – Wasabi Pills Skin: Riah Group Gift – Lara Hurley Skin Outfit: The Black Huntress – !APHORISM! @The Fantasy Gacha (4th – 31th Nov)

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Diana, she loves me

But not me, baby, I’m too precious

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LOTD#186 I’m a princess cut from marble

Hair: Wasabi Pills – GiselleSkin: Pink Fuel – Harley (Crystal tone)Outfit: Emporium – November Rain (comes with hud for change textures of sweater, boots and skirt) @Sad November  Pose: *::Luxury/Poses::*&nb…

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Looking For Drama — Featuring /Wasabi Pills/, [dirty little secret], Entice from Designer Showcase and Ro’ e Buni’ from The Instruments

I nearly squealed out loud to the empty house today when I saw that season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy was up on Netflix. There are only a few shows I’ve binge watched via that connection and I love it when I do. I can be so impatient waiting 25-28 weeks for each episode to air in it’s normal time slot, break for holidays, take time off for the March Madness, or whatever. With this Netflix thing, I can gobble up good stuff at my pace, and I love Grey’s. I was an avid fan of E.R. but only a few of the first years, and lost interest after a while. I watched House and again, lost interest in it as well. I have returned to watching it intermittently, again thanks to Netflix, but it doesn’t have that same emotional tug to me, like Grey’s.

After 1 1/2 episodes, however, I had to come back here, and read news, look at emails, check notices, and look for friends to connect with because this emulation of life that comes virtually into my world makes more sense than every emotional tug I ever felt watching a television simulation of life, by like a million jillion. Sometimes people talk about drama, a bad thing, something to avoid, and yet drama, that day to day stuff that makes us laugh or cry or feel some other emotion drives our world. Drama on television inspires us. Drama in our day to day life either feeds us or is a byproduct of human connection. Sometimes things irritate me, like idiots, sometimes things disappoint me, like liars, and sometimes thi (Read more...)

LOTD#185 Best Friends

Hair: Wasabi Pills – HanakoSkin: Pink Fuel – Harley (Crystal Tone)Outfit: RD Style – Yuu#II (Group Gift – L$ 100 fee to join)Hair: Wasabi Pills – HanakoSkin: Pink Fuel – Harley (Crystal Tone)Outfit: RD Style…

Belleza. Just Belleza

I admit I have had Venus in my inventory for some time now, but I have seen it blogged 1000 times and I wanted to wait until an uber new release until I showed you, to refresh your memories if you haven’t already bought it, cos my GOD, you so should. Belleza Fitted Mesh System […]

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Belleza | Venus

I Have a Weakness

I love hot drinks. All sorts of hot drinks. Coffees, teas, chai, hot chocolate. Bring me hot drinks. I have known smokers in real life who would leave cigarettes scattered around their house in ash trays, burning, and would smoking them as they passed by. I am like that in my Second Life with hot […]

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Xiasumi School Festival!

With the holidays quickly approaching we wanted to take […]

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What If I Just Stood Here ?

Someone wrote on SLSECRETS last week that they miss bloggers writing about what they were wearing. I think a lot of bloggers still do this. There are some who don’t. It depends on where their fancy takes them, and what their blog means to them. Cajsa and I still write, but we love words as […]

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Learning By Osmosis

I was never very studious when in school. My study habits were pretty slim because from the time I was 12 until I left college, my main focus was music. And as much as I wished I could do it, napping with my books and trying to learn by osmosis didn’t …

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Style - Learning By Osmosis

Getting cozy at FaMESHed for November.

It’s November 1st and we are open with another amazing round at FaMESHed we have 36 designers ready and waiting for you to come and throw your money at them. Don’t miss out on these fantastic items, the event will run till the 27th of November so grab those wallets and purses, it is time […]

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Fifty Linden Fridays, Halloween Style!

  Fifty Linden Fridays is at it again with a brand […]

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