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How Very Exciting!! ~Paris Metro Couture~

Thrilling and new the dance was exceptional as they twirled around. Her feet lightly tapped the stone floor as he guided their every move. Smooth and dreamy the evening was “How Very Exciting!” Paris Metro Couture has done it again with a beautiful fun new gown and matching tux! Don’t miss yours! Bonjour à tous, […]Read Post ›

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Will You Evre? ~LEA Tahiti Rae Build~ Coming Soon!

With her eyes closed she breathes deep and opens them every so often to take in the lovely colors. Her heart beats slower and steady, calm…… Her nerves are edgy and tingle. …”But have no fear…..” the angel says. In her eyes she gazes upon the angel but sees only warm light. …”You must have […]Read Post ›

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I’ve got sand in my boots

Hello Readers! I am often invited to judge Mr. & Miss Virtual World challenges…and that is not a brag or anything, just something I enjoy doing. As a model who had put herself out there to be judged by others on many occasions, I feel my experiences make me qualified to fairly judge others who are putting themselves out there in competitions. I am always flattered to be asked and always look forward to going. I take care in making sure I am presentable. As a former Miss, I firmly believe I have a standard to uphold. So when looking for something of quality to wear, it is no surprise that I default to Wicca’s Wardrobe. As any who know me or read my blog at all, Wicca is a longtime friend of mine and while we have not made an official SL relationship out of it, I consider her a sister. She and her man Red made my country costume when I was competing in 2015 and I LOVED it. So Wicca and MVW still go hand in hand for me. Besides, while Wicca has no “Face of Wicca’s Wardrobe” or anything, I know I am the Wicca’s Wardrobe Runway Princess!… Read the restWW Sandy_pm

Will You Evre? an LEA build by Tahiti Rae COMING SOON!

SHE’S NOT THERE YET!……… Abigail’s eyes are wide open as she wipes her face and stumbles. The warm breeze carries the soft music of children’s voices and causes the tall grass to stick to her face. As her heart thumps in her chest she steps even quicker as the grass wraps around her ankles trying […]Read Post ›

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Crash With Me

Hello Readers! RL is allowing me to get my blog on! So here I am with one of my full figured role play avatars, wearing a recent release from Wicca’s Wardrobe. I LOVE that Wicca is able to design for all Belleza sizes as I personally prefer Freya…the curvier the better I say! So here are all the head to toe details: hair: Truth Hair – Dulce
glasses: Aris Aris – Igs95 Azahara Fantasy Glasses
dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Belle Dress [Moonflower]
shoes: #EMPIRE – Phlox
pose: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Artemis Pose #5
location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Habitat%20Springs/226/32/22 Thank you for reading!

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“Evre” a Tahiti Rae Build ~Coming Soon!!~ Will You Evre?

It was a prideful home with strict rules and ridged values. Everything had a place and if you were not in yours…. you were in trouble. In those times a woman must remember her place and learn quickly especially if she were young and foolish as Samantha was. Being a rebellious young lady she had […]Read Post ›

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Best You Ever #BYE!!!!!

It’s all about YOU!!!! Don’t accept anything else in Second Life ever! #BYE You deserve to feel like a Charlies Angel! Best You Ever and ALWAYS! Wearing: Pareo Ensamble including top, pants, belly bracelet and hoop earrings. The top is available in classic mesh sizes, Slink, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. The pants are available in […]Read Post ›

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Evre ~Coming Soon!~ LEA a Tahiti Rae build

She has been here before for the echoes in time tell her so. Softy she hears the voices while her mind is confused trying to work it out. Her cell phone proves useful in reminding her of memories since she loves to take notes and pictures. Her wealth of clues help to guide her. Time […]Read Post ›

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Firestorm “I see jelly people!”

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:
Monday, August 8th saw Firestorm release version of their viewer. Coming a little over four months since the last release, 4.7.9 brings with it a lot of important changes from the Lab – perhaps most visible Avatar Complexity and graphics pre-sets – as well…

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Belleza Update Is Out Now!! ~Belleza Universal Hud System 2016~

I am so excited I am sharing this video by Belleza! The Belleza Update is out now! This new hud system takes our Belleza Body to a whole new level! You can color your own nails, color your layers, Twirl the alpha image around to click various areas you need, save your outfits, color your […]Read Post ›

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Our Mimi the French Poodle Has Found Sales for You!!

(Please click the images to see them larger!) Our Mimi the French Poodle has found the 350 L Sales for you! WHEN: Beginning at Midnight 7/25.2016 – till 7/31/2016 WHERE: Paris METRO Couture in Paris France Only (not mp) Main Floor WHAT: 20 Elegant Gowns (350L) and Shoes (100L) normally 900-1400 L For a very […]Read Post ›

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Next time, I’ll be ready…

So, if I'm not mistaken today is the last day of this round of Collabor88. If you were thinkin on last minute grabbing, I'd go now and I thought I'd sneak in oneeee last blog before everything changes and we've got all new things to fight for a spot in the sim to grab. Happy Sunday! Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 07 
little bones. Feline
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Dead Dollz Nikita Dress – Black – Zipped * @C88 *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hands V3.5
[atooly] maya garter .black. silver * @C88 *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5
Glamistry : MALVA Heels – maitreya
7mad;Ravens Old Town Drugstore RARE
Botanical – Street Tree Guard (Round)
7mad;Ravens Old Town Boxing Gym
Soy. Gun Target Dummy (for pose) * @C88 *
Soy. Scattered bullets * @C88 *
7mad;Ravens Old Town 3Way Road
Soy. Bullet in box * @C88 *
Soy. Bullets on ground [TypeA] * @C88 *
Soy. Bullets on ground [TypeB] * @C88 *

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Soft and Sweet

She invited me over for tea. A likely story! I dunno how this teenie cutie became my SL wifey but I ♥ her! And Surrealia is a naughty minx, this set is adorably and soooo kinkeh! ​ Drink some tea, get a lil spanking in, have some diddlefests Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 08 
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (M)
TRUTH HAIR Polilla * @Uber *
TRUTH HAIR Polilla Headband & Moths 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Kibitz – Choker rosary – obsidian
Dead Dollz Zephyr – White * @Uber *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hands
Stockholm&Lima: Ribbon Tie Wrists
=Zenith=Ring of Fury (Sliver)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet
fri. – Reverie.Wraps (Antique) – Maitreya * @Uber *
Vanity Poses – girlykiss
Botanical – Boxwood Hedge v2 I (Straight 4x1x3)
Climbing Rose Arch Linked – White
Stockholm&Lima:The Tea Party Table [D/s] * @FaMESHed *
Apple Fall Flagstones

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Timeless Jardin Francais

Jardin Français is timeless and worthy of time travel to other worlds. The Renaissance feel and french garden flowers is another new masterpiece from Paris METRO Couture. You are worthy of this otherworldly belle robe délicate. Included with this ensemble are appliers for Slink, Belleza and Omega (omega can be used for Maitreya) as well […]

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Do you know Glamistry?

Do you, tho? If you don't, Glamistry is a fantastic new-ish to the grid brand with some truly sexual feet accessories lol. AKA shoes, ofc. So, I have many pair already but not all. YET. There are demo's available ofc, and a little icon of a foot that lets you know what feet the shoes are compatible with. There is even a pair (or maybe two, I forget?) of male dress shoes. It really is a fantastic brand and I scoop up all the deals they have super fast. Also, for your convenience if you decide you want another color you can buy it right off your HUD, no tp'ing back to the store necessary. Awesome, right?! So, here's a deal for you if you're interested in seeing what will grace your lovely mesh feet next… This deal is for NEW customers only! I repeat, if you've purchased from Glamistry before this promo will not work!  What you want to do is go to the Glamistry mainstore and browse, demo, enjoy! See if what you like totals a minimum of 300L$ and once you've purchased the minimum amt of 300L$ in products, head on over to the website for the promo!… Read the restDo you know Glamistry?

Down by the riverside

Soy. My Trailer Life – trailer park neon * Coming to The Arcade *
Soy. My Trailer Life – old travel trailer
* Coming to The Arcade *
Soy. My Trailer Life – dual LP gas * Coming to The Arcade *
Soy. My Trailer Life – radio antenna * Coming to The Arcade *
Soy. Folding pipe chair [Brown]
{theosophy} Beer Bottle (Swinton) Rez
*Second Spaces* domino set
Soy. My Trailer Life – butterfly table
* Coming to The Arcade *
Soy. My Trailer Life – pipe chair * Coming to The Arcade *
.:revival:. beer crate 1&3
:CP: Cassie Cooler
Soy. Folded pipe chair – decor [Blue]
Soy. Folding pipe chair [Green]
.lame – Tiara Laundry Basket – White
Soy. My Trailer Life – laundry
* Coming to The Arcade *
Botanical – Marram Grass – Spread – Grn
[Con.] Stepside Pick-up – DISPLAY RARE rust
* Coming to The Arcade *

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One Foggy Morning

One foggy night, we walked up the hill hand in hand. We stood and looked at the plot where our dream home would one day sit. We made plans, held each other close and vowed to enjoy this life together. Now, on this foggy morning a small home for a small family stands in a small piece of land and my fingers are still entertwined with yours. And life…is good. dust bunny . bluebell lighthouse . RARE * Coming to The Arcade *
[we're CLOSED] grass field lush
[we're CLOSED] summer flowers
Bokeh – Nightwish Tree "Natural"

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Stay Alert

You never know what's coming around the corner. So stay alert, keep your head up and your eyes open. Never let em get the drop on ya.  -Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01
Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2002
Glam Affair – CLEO – lipstick – 17 Jamaica
[LeLutka]-SCARLET hair – Pitch
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.1 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Soy. Poket Automatic Gun * @C88 *
-Pixicat- FemmeFatale.Dress – Black (Slink Hourglass) * @C88 *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Glamistry : PARRASANA Heels – slink 

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It’s Over Now

  Baby you know

You can call me anytime

Anything you needed, I would give it to you

Ooh, that's how much I care for you

Wanna act now, never call me back now

Turning off your cell phone

Girl you know that ain't cool

Yes I don't understand baby yeah

Baby it's a shame we gotta go through this

We can't even talk

Girl…we don't even kiss

I never would've thought

We'd be breaking up like this

But it's over now, It's over now -Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01 
TRUTH HAIR Henya [w/Band, Whisp & Feathers] * @Whimsical *
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.1 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Addams // Natalia BoyFriend Shirt // Slink(Hourglass) * New Release *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
fri. – Carrie.Platforms (Blush) – Slink * @Kustom9 *
Trompe Loeil – Huron Cove Cottage
DRD – industrial bed
Sway's [Neal] Box of condom
Rustica – Dress-er (Steel) * New Release *
[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – Her Chair
Sway's [Neal] Clothes on floor

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Always…and never.

I know I'm not much, in fact I'm just a simple person. But I am yours. Whether it's said aloud, whether it's recognized or not, doesn't matter. You hold a piece of my soul and I am yours, always. Always…and never. Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 07 
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (M)
Magika – Fool for Love
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Dead Dollz Beagle – Lily * @Enchantment *
Kibitz – Choker rosary – obsidian
p.a. measure.my.heart.necklace silver
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Stockholm&Lima: Ribbon Tie Wrists (white)
fri. – Carrie.Platforms (Cloud) – Slink * @Kustom9 *
Pose by myself​

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