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Bliensen + MaiTai @ World Goth Fair – Charlotte Sometimes Boots

New for WGF, and currently only available at the event : Charlotte Sometimes, detailed boots in red or black, rigged for Slink Physique and Maitreya. They come with a color HUD to change the dessin (plain, 3 flower-embroideries, crow design), the shoelaces (red or black) and the metal parts (gold or silver) 100 % original mesh, after the event also available at the mainstore and marketplace.

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Holiday Season Brings a Cornucopia of New Things – Horrorfestive, GxG, Twisted Krissmuss, Etc… Part 1

The Holiday season has blundered into our lives once again, and bludgeoned us with all the usual malarkey involving stuff and things and junk and stuff.  Of course, folks in Second Life are not immune to such shenanigans, and merchants are all over the creating opportunities like bees to honey (hey I’m being G-Rated here). I have been busy peppering Avatar Bizarre with new things, both for general new releases, and for all the various events I’ve signed up for. The first thing to tell you about, oh my droogs and devotchkas, are the Morelia eyes.
Morelia veridis is the Latin name for the Green Tree Python.  This snake hatches out yellow, red, or brown, and eventually turns emerald green as an adult.  It is non-venomous and diurnal, meaning it’s active during the day, if you can call a snake coiled up in a cinnamon bun of verdant rodent terror “active”.  The Morelia eyes are based on the python’s slit-pupil orbs, and are available in ten colors. … Read the restAB-Morelia

Dancing Through a Gothic Wonderland

Once Halloween comes to a screeching halt, all Hell breaks loose as we gear up for one of the biggest holiday events in Second Life:  Gothmas!  Whatmas?  Gothmas!  It’s that black and romantic time when all the darklings come out of the woodwork and celebrate in a weird and wonderful way.  We don our goth apparel and dance to the ethereal carols of Pretentious, Moi?, Sisters of Mercy, Imperative Reaction, and Thoushaltnot. Gothmas by Gaslight is nigh, and as you wander the hallowed streets of the cursed countryside, you will be regaled with many fine Gothic wares from a wide swath of merchants across the Second Life grid. It’s time once again to give those blackened blue eyes an advance look at what’s coming up from Avatar Bizarre during this most sacred of holidays. “Ozymandias Female” – Modeled by Misha-Selene The Ozymandias, named for the poem by Percy Bisshe Shelley is resplendent in six gorgeous jewel tones. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/04b0f-80ef9ff3-14de-4023-905d-539f74d72845.png

Weird Science – A Tattered Page, Victor Frankenstein, and Second Life

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The Clockwork Lady

Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc – Anna Full Avatar @ The Clockwork Spiral
Pose: Poet’s Heart Location: Rosser’s Landing
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The Glorious Ludwig van…

I have to admit.  I’m a huge fan of A Clockwork Orange.  I also quite enjoy Beethoven.  So when I was making this new outfit, I figured I should name it after one of the greatest composers in history: The Glorious Ludwig van, as Alex deLarge was fond of calling him.  Beethoven’s iconic high-collared coat is the inspiration for the Ludwig Tux.  This ensemble not only draws from the late 18th century styles, but also from 19th and very early 20th century styles.  Generally, when I make a historic style, I stick with one era and try to be true to the real deal, but this is more of a fantasy suit.  It’s Gothic, in the dark club sense of the word, while being somewhat anachronistic, and a stylistic oddball.  Such is Second Life fashion. Naturally, when writing up any blog post, there’s this driving need to find a suitable spot on the grid in which to take pictures.  Between monkeying with the right windlight settings, messing around with camera settings, and searching around for great locations, blogging can certainly turn into a full time occupation. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/04809-d0a47b67-fb4b-42d3-aa11-16d4f4c6253d.png

In the Summertime

Back in the good old days, circa sometime between Victorian times and the early 20th century, beachwear was stunningly attractive, easy to swim in, and made from fabulously heat resistant wool.  Men and women alike daringly showed off their ankles and elbows.  It was quite the love-fest on the beaches of yesteryear, I can tell you!   Avatar Bizarre has long been one of the major providers for Vintage and Historic clothing in Second LIfe and, while there remains a system layer version of the 1900′s Men’s Bathing Costume, it was finally time to dive into the deep end of Mesh to bring you — Yes, you guessed it:  The Mesh 1920s Men’s Bathing Costume!   Like most things mesh attire, this amazing bit of wooly swimwear comes in the five standard sizes, and includes a straw Panama hat, because no man should wander about outside bareheaded.  That’s just barbaric!  Oh, and you get an alpha layer, as well.  But we don’t talk about male underthings.  … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/0451f-1439dc08-11fe-4ebc-87f1-e63dc06bbe69.png

Mistress on a Sunday

Another look at the Nimue gown from Evie's Closet. I wanted to create a 'Victorian bad girl' look (a scarlet dress for a scarlet woman) so here she is - Mistress on a Sunday.
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More from We Love Role-Play!  This amazing gown is Nimue from Evie's Closet, and it's an amazingly structured and detailed piece of mesh. You can find it in three colours, discounted, at the event, while there are even more colours available back at the mainstore. To my eye, it has a Victorian or Edwardian look; so I think it would work really well for steampunk settings.

This vintage-inspired hair is new from Calico and it includes a highly-customisable texture change rose accessory.  I love the waves and whorls at the back of the style, and how it's pulled back cleanly from the face. This makes it perfect for showing off earrings!

Speaking of which, these earrings come from Distorted Dreams and are a lovely, substantial piece of mesh. Personally, I do like my jewelry to be quite large - the better for everyone to see an appreciate it. Once again, the eyes are from Musa's gacha, in the special gacha chalet at the event.
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I have promised myself to explore more. After all SecondLife is full of awesome places and it’s almost a shame to stick to just your little plot or limit yourself to your usual circle of clubs and venues.
Today I went to Goatswood. a charming Victorian sim which is home to a RP community but welcomes, or even better, encourages, people to explore thoroughly (explorer tag available) to discover the secrets of the town and the community.   Upon arrival at the station of Mortchester, you will find the usual basic info about the roleplay on the sim and I take the liberty of quoting from the welcome notecard, because it is a lovely introduction to this sim
There are many ancient villages to be found along the country highways and byways of rural England.
You turn a corner in a lane and, there it is spread out before you, an idyllic pastoral scene seemingly untouched by the ravages of our industrial age.
Such a vision is the village of Goatswood.
It is to be found, with some great deal of effort, somewhere in the county of Witchshire, a few miles to the north of Mortchester, the nearest town.
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Dressage For Success – A Twisted Hunt Gift

A friend of mine on plurk was pining for the Fjords while lamenting the lack of Dressage suits for men in Second Life.  I was vaguely aware that people riding in horse competitions wear something that looks a bit like a tuxedo with knee high boots, and it’s just the sort of thing I enjoy making, so a promise was made more or less sorta kinda.  After doing some research on the various Dressage looks out there, I decided on the classic tail coat version. Since the pants on a Dressage suit tend to be skin tight, I figured this suit didn’t have to be full mesh.  The pants are a system layer, along with the system layer Dressage shirt, and leather gloves.  The rest of the outfit is mesh, both rigged and unrigged.  The tail coat is knee length and comes in the five standard male sizes.  The Cravat and the low Top Hat are both unrigged and can be resized as needed.  There is, of course, an alpha included for the coat and for the boots. The rigged boots (included) are a special new addition to the Avatar Bizarre collection. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/04213-8a1e1e9b-0396-4bff-b5d9-7bbfaf4a0ea9.png

A Christmas Carol

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” ~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

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La Petite Morte’s Newest Releases

First up, La Petite Morte, has a special winter 3 pack of skins available at We <3 RP for 400L. 3 different makeups, browless option, cleavage option, slink hands/feet appliers, loud mouth appliers and lolas/lush appliers all included! Also a special holiday head wreath is available under the tree for 10L! We <3 RP Next is a very special victorian holiday! La Petite Morte is offering a deep forest green victorian outfit for Genre, for only 100L. You can also pick up a 10L gift which is the deer edition of Iris, which also includes a browless option, cleavage option, slink hands/feet appliers, loud mouth appliers and lolas/lush appliers! Genre Last but certainly not least is the Gothmas by Gaslight event! A gothic victorian accessory set has been created which you may buy as a set or individually. The set includes a monocle, choker, epaulette, and eyebrow piercings. Gothmas by Gaslight Don’t forget that La Petite Morte is on the Marketplace so you may gift your loved one with that perfect skin!… Read the restLPM QUINN WINTER ED-WE <3 RP


Yay! Pretty flexies!
I wanted to show you some particular items tonight, so I kind of threw together a look. The items in question are a new handbag from Junbug and a jewelry set from AZE.

What both pieces have in common is their essential 'prettiness' - both are delightfully feminine and delicately colourful.

The AZE jewelry set is inspired by Victorian magic lanterns - a kind of slideshow. The necklace shows a rendition of the actual projector, so it might be best kept to contemporary, Victorian or steampunk sims. The earrings and bracelets don't have this reference though so can be worn anywhere!

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The Dickens, You Say! Ghost of Marley

A Christmas Carol is a novella by English author Charles Dickens, first published by Chapman & Hall on 19 December 1843. The story tells of bitter and miserly Ebenezer Scrooge’s ideological, ethical, and emotional transformation resulting from supernatural visits from Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. The novella met with instant success and critical acclaim.
The book was written and published in early Victorian Era Britain, a period when there was both strong nostalgia for old Christmas traditions and an initiation of new practices such as Christmas trees and greeting cards. Dickens’s sources for the tale appear to be many and varied but are principally the humiliating experiences of his childhood, his sympathy for the poor, and various Christmas stories and fairy tales.
The tale has been viewed by critics as an indictment of 19th-century industrial capitalism. It has been credited with restoring the holiday to one of merriment and festivity in Britain and America after a period of sobriety and somberness.Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/03b0c-8f674f3e-1014-4449-a814-c3f9f91492eb.png

Gothmas by Gaslight – More Goodies

So.  Gothmas by Gaslight.
Like the commuter train barreling around the bend at dangerous speeds, the holidays are fast approaching.  As much as we expect them, we’re still blindsided by the speed at which they attack our sensibilities.  Christmas is one of those holidays that oozes out of the cracks sometime in August, grows exponentially like the Blob as it feeds on lesser holidays, and finally consumes everyone in a 20,000 mile radius sometime in mid-November.  Soon, you will be unable to escape its insidiously colorful and cheery clutches.  Christmas music is already dripping of the radio airwaves, and seeping into our collective brains via grocery stores and malls.  Fuzzy red hats are everywhere. Fear not, my friends, because there’s an antidote to all the glitter, joy to the world, and awful Paul McCartney Christmas songs:  Gothmas!  Gothmas by Gaslight is an annual event held in Second Life; a shopping event that showcases all the best in Steampunk, Steamgoth, Dark Victoriana, Dieselgoth, and generally the Darker side of the Holidays. … Read the resthttp://gothmasbygaslight.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/gxg-preliminary-poster.png?w=714&h=714

Vernian Process – Gothmas by Gaslight Gacha Sneak Preview

It never hurts to be prepared and, in the event of the Second Life Gacha crowd, it’s never too early to start thinking about what to put into a Christmas Gacha machine.  If you are unaware of the ubiquitous Gacha in Second Life, think of it as a sort of old-style drug store gumball prize machine.  You put in a quarter, and you get a random prize.  Sometimes, if you were a kid like me, you’d spend a good bit of your meager allowance trying to get that one prize you coveted; the one prize that never seemed to drop out of the chute, no matter how many quarters you dropped into the coin slot.  Yet, this prize would taunt you from a board in the glass face of the prize machine, urging you on, and cultivating a love of gambling that may follow you into adulthood and Las Vegas. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then I’m sad, and will now crawl into the fetal position for feeling old beyond my years. Gothmas by Gaslight is a shopping event in Second Life. … Read the rest

Horrorfest starts TODAY!!

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Hitchhikers Guide to catching the Coach in 1834

What is a girl to do when she wants to get to the next town over, without a cent to her name? She strikes a pose, that’s what! There is very little time left to head on down to the latest round of Genre, This round was Western in theme. While not my normal thing, I thought I’d give it a try. I ended up looking like a partially dead strumpet, but I am totally fine with that! Credits Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Morning Hunt in Darknight
Skin – La Petite Morte – Quinn in Tone 4/Bare Makeup – Rare Item @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes – Umeboshi – Rue Eyes in Brown/Hot Coffee
Lashes – La Sylphide – N/A
Hands – Slink – Elegant Pose
Makeup 1(Liner) – Fake – Sylvia in Night
Makeup 2(Eyeshadow) – Mock – Pantone Fall Duo in Acai Linden
Makeup 3(Lipgloss) – 8+ – Summer Gloss Light
Dress – Senzafine – Molly Burlesque Ensemble in Peridot – Discounted @ Genre
Hair Decor – Paper Moon – Molly Fascinator in Peridot – Discounted @ Genre
Necklace – Krystal – Nicole Necklace in Onyx – Discounted @ Genre Poses all from Shop Free*Style I tried to find a location to shoot, which was somewhat hard.… Read the rest1

New! Le Debutante – Victorian satin bustle ball gown

Present yourself to "polite society" in this new Montagne Noire release, "Le Debutante," a formal satin Victorian bustle ball gown with matching feather hairpiece and pearl cameo choker.

The dress comes in the traditional debutante gown colors of pearl, ivory, and rose, and as a new release is currently on sale for 50% off at our main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village for 125L.

Le Debutante is mod/copy, allowing you to tailor the garment to your proportions, and was created with both standard and sculpted prims.

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