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Back to Business

I have missed blogging and I hope you’ve missed me too because as long as this urge lasts you’re stuck with me.  Photography has almost always been a part of my SL and lately I have seen some really great pieces and I so desperately want to learn the techniques to make better images.  Any tips or tutorial links in the comments are much appreciated. Most of what I am wearing is from the current March 2014 “Back to Business” round of Collabor 88.  Credits are available after the cut. Skin: Glam Affair – Sylvia – Jamaica
Hair: Clawtooth – Business Time – Captivating Brunettes Pack
Blazer: Tres Blah – Black
Skirt: Milk Motions – Silk Skater Skirt Other items worn: Eyebrows: The Skinnery – Natrual Brows 1 – Timeless – Brunette (TDR)
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes – Dollface Brown
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes – Summer Shores
Tank: Jane – Intrinsic Tank – Avocado
(These are no long available and I wish they were because they are my go to for undershirts and everyone should have them.)
Jewelry: Earthstones – Romance Necklace – Pearl/White Gold
Ring & Bracelet: Ieqed – Araw – Titanium
Shoes: Mango Cheeks – Recherche Heels – Dark (The Chapter Four)
Hands & Feet: Slink with Glam Affair appliers I’ve taken this photo at Neva Sky Ville.… Read the restShangri-La-3-18-2014



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Gorgeous Mesh Hair from Elikatira

I’m really excited about mesh and this hair is one of the many reasons why I wish more people would update their viewers and embrace mesh.  For a long time I’ve always really been irritated about how our side braids or even longer hairstyles were forever going through our shoulders.  NO MORE!   Here’s just a quick rundown of the styling credits: New skin for me and my new daily is from Filthy.
The eyes are my normal from Poetic Colors and the lashes are really the best I’ve found and can be found at FTL.
The gorgeous jewelry is from Amorous, if you haven’t been to this store you will not be disappointed.
This sweater dress can be found at Addict and really is a must have for the coming spring.

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52 Weeks of Color – Coral

When Luna announced the color of coral I didn’t find anything coral in my inventory so I was left browsing the tons and tons of items on market.   I pleasantly came across this skirt which I purchased.  I hadn’t realized how long it was and when I put it on I knew the Coral pumps from Hucci that I had weren’t going to work so I went to find a shirt instead.  I ended up coming across this cute top from The Sea Hole but with the shape of the neckline and style of shirt with the skirt it wasn’t working… paired with this white crop jacket though, it’s perfect.  Then was the dilemma of shoes… at this point I’d already purchased the skirt and top so I was hoping to find boots in my inventory and I tried on a few pairs before it clicked. “I KNOW WHAT BOOTS!” I blurted out to my mom and co-blogger. Details after the cut. BODY Hair:  TRUTH – Gabriel – walnut
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy
Lashes: FTL – C01 – Natural
Skin: Dutch Touch – Yri – Olive
Shape:  Made by Katelynn Ashland CLOTHING Jacket – Aoharu – No Collar Leather Jacket – White
Shirt – The Sea Hole – Annis Lace Top – Coral
Skirt – hanamachi – Coral India Skirt
Shoes – Mon Tissu – Provence Riding Boots – Caramel
Earrings – Hucci – Tres Circle Earrings – Group Gift PHOTO CREDITS Pose:  Pose is part of my AO, Basically Girl by Oracul (Read more...)

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It Girl – Part 2

Yesterday I blogged this gorgeous new hair and today I wanted to go ahead and give you the full dose.  I had paired the Blacklace corset with a pair of jeans and these sexy black boots.  If you look closely at the corset it in this photo it looks a bit different and that’s because I’ve detached the sculpt attachment and let just the detailing of the system layer corset show.  As I mentioned yesterday this corset is only available for another week, that is until 1-13-2012 and after that will be discontinued permanently. Hair: Milana
Skin: Dutch Touch
Corset: Blacklace
Jeans: Cynful
Necklace: Addict
Boots: N-Core
Pose: fri.day
The background is a Photoble from MudHoney.

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It Girl – LOTD

I’ve been kinda in a odd place with my av.  I like her appearance don’t get me wrong but 2+ years wearing the same skin gets boring.  Thing is, there is no skin I love more than the Jolie skin from Dutch Touch on my avatar.  When I put a different skin on her, she doesn’t doesn’t feel like “me” anymore so I’m sticking with it for awhile longer.  I did go for a bit of a hair color change though and I’m totally loving this “new” me. Please don’t overlook this absolutely gorgeous corset I am wearing either that’s only available for a little longer at Blacklace.  Don’t miss out on your chance to pick it up before it’s gone or you’ll be missing out for good. Hair: Milana
Skin: Dutch Touch
Corset: Blacklace
Necklace: Addict PS. A huge thank you to Gogo for helping me get rid of those stupid lines on my images and the awful jaggy shadows.

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52 Weeks of Color – Champagne

As many of you know, Luna Jubilee, started a 52 week of color challenge last year and each week bloggers were given a new color.  I think I got about 8 of the weeks and kept meaning to catch up and eventually decided there was no way I could pull it off.  Needless to say I was a happy girl when I saw that she was giving slackers like me another year to redeem themselves so without further holdup lets get this rolling. Week One: Champagne Dress: Celoe – Group Gift
Hair: Elikatira – Collabor88
Skin: Dutch Touch
Jewelry: Amorous
Shoes: Lelutka   PS. I know this was probably my laziest blog post to date but I took this photo weeks ago and just now got to editing it up.  (Conveniently just in time for the new cycle of color challenges.)  Also, fair warning… my next post is going to be pretty lazy as well because that photo is from the same day I took this one so same situation. <3

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Happy Labor Day, America!

For Americans, Labor Day is a day to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.  I don’t know much more about it except that when I was a kid it always meant a day off school which was awesome!
This blog post really came out of nowhere when I was texture shopping at Distressed, located on the Eternidad sim, and saw the adorable landscaping.  As I looked out across the field I spotted this swingset and hopped on in exactly what I was wearing for a photo.  Then I thought I may as well blog it since I had the photo and pretty cute look already done. Hair: Elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu (Available at Collabor88)
Skin: Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena
Hoodie: Reek by Riq Graves
Shirt & Pants: Babydolls Boutique by Babydoll Stardust
Shoes: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle

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Open House is a unique new collaborative effort by a few of the Shangri La “sisters”.  We wanted to think of a unique way to present the products we make as a collab effort and so we came up with the concept of Open House.  Each month there will be a house built by Mariah and select rooms specially designed for the home by Brie Pinazzo and me (Vernice Burks/Kylei Benoir). This month we’ve done some really great things for you all and we hope that you will come join us during our “Open House” between September 3-17th. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hazel%20Ridge/209/37/645 Visit our blog and add us to your blogroll and Google readers or whatever it is you all do.. if you want to of course. http://slopenhouse.wordpress.com/

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Grammar Tips & Tricks

I’m not writing this post to be some kind of big jerkface or anything.  I am writing it because I have been asked by a few people on Plurk who genuinely do not understand the proper use of words I will be discussing below.  Writing this does not mean that I am correct 100% of the time so if I ever make a mistake in a post don’t shoot me down. There, their, and they’re. Just a few tips to keep in mind to keep these straight. You will use there when referring to a place whether a physical place or abstract.  There are two examples below. Your shoes are over there on the floor. or There are so many fashion blogs! Moving along.. to decipher when to use their you need to remember when using this form it implies a particular noun possesses the thing you are referring to. Their clothes were all over the floor.  In that sentence we use their because the clothes belong to someone. Finally, we will look at they’re. Words with an apostrophe all work pretty similar. … Read the rest

Bah Humbug to Monday.. but yay for more MESH

I’m going to ramble a bit and then get to the point.  I tried going to sleep at a reasonable time last night and after laying in bed for 4 hours I gave up.  Came on SL and surprise, I guess today was Christmas for me because I got these totally awesome new MESH MESH MESH dresses from JANE. Please ignore the quality of this photo, that’s actually what the title of the post is about.  Anything that could go wrong trying to take this photo did.  I’m having the worse issues with my graphics and I don’t even know what to do anymore.  OpenGL issue with a GTX 460 card. Anyone else having this problem or had that can help me troubleshoot that would be awesome. Anyway, to the point… How totally cute are those boots?  While I was digging through my inventory to find the right shoes I got the Lelutka notice for these new boots so I went over and grabbed them and my look was complete. Stytling details after the cut. Dress: Jane
Boots: Lelutka
Belt: Malt (Part of the Roxy outfit)
Hair: Truth – Collabor88
Skin: Dutch Touch
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: FTL Pose: Glitterati

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Meet Mya ft. Collabor88

This look features items from the Collabor88 project made by some of my favorite designers.  Everything there is 88L so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t. Get the look details after the cut and if you really want to you can read the stuff in between. <3 I had been searching Second Life for awhile now to find my place.  I’ve been in many scenes since joining SL back in 2006.. from clubbing to stripping to modeling but mostly I was involved in family RP.  At one point I was a teacher at an elementary school run by resident Jill Caldera.  I had a tough go as a parent in SL and it seemed like I was always sad and I never felt completely fulfilled. I am a role-player at heart and I really was craving to get into some very involved RP but it was difficult to get that through random adoptions of child avatars and everyone having different expectations.  I am loving my two SL daughters so much but neither are on very often and I started to feel lonely so I went out to find something I enjoyed.… Read the restShangri La Style 8-26-2011

The Magic of Mesh <333

I was nervous about mesh, I’ll be honest.  Tonight with the newest release from Janie Marlow, I’ve fallen in love with mesh.  How incredible is it that we won’t have sculpts going through our little avi bodies anymore! I’m totally siked! In order to see mesh items properly you need to be on the latest LL released Beta viewer.  Viewer 3!  Don’t worry, it isn’t so bad! I promise you won’t melt or anything by logging on an LL viewer.  You can read more about mesh on the Second Life Blog http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld/Mesh-goes-gridwide-Create-sell-buy-amp-enjoy-all-new-things-in/ba-p/1055107 Skin: Pink Fuel
Eyes: Baby Couture – Group Gift (August)
Hair: Truth
Dress: Jane
Shoes: Maitreya
Shape: Juicy – Modded

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50L Friday @ BC & TOSL @ Blacklace

I’m not one for self promotion very often but after I completed these shoes for an outfit I created for my brand, Baby Couture, I just had to style them with the TOSL item available this week at Blacklace. The shoes are available today only for just 50L at Baby Couture and the Blacklace set will be available for this week at the cost of 199L The panties that come with the set make for a perfect evening look when the lights go down and you’re cuddled up with that special someone.  I’ve paired the evening look with some hot pink Saffron Pumps from Lelutka.  These shoes really are classic and if you go to the store you’ll see they come in a wide array of colors both bold and soft colors. Credits after the cut. BODY Hair:  Exile – Minx – Teak
Shape:  Juicy – Chelle (modded)
Eyes: MADesigns – Promise Eyes – Brown Intense
Skin:  Curio – Yum 2 – Pure 3
Lashes: FTL – C01 – Natural CLOTHING Outfit: Blacklace – Kissable Casuals – TOSL (6/17-6/24)
Casual Shoes: Baby Couture – Kier Flats – (50L 6/17)
Evening Shoes: Lelutka – Saffron Pumps PHOTO CREDITS Poses:  Both are from Glitterati
Photographer: Vernice Burks
Model: Vernice “Bloom” Burks (hehe) *review copies used.… Read the restShangri La Style 6-17-2011

ADDICTed to Bloom Dolls 6/12/2011

I was part of the lag that hit Surf Co. when the lovely Emma Gilmour released these adorable big headed dolls that we’ve come to love called Bloom Dolls.  I immediately purchased the one I thought was best fitting to me before dragging my other two blog partners over to get one as well for a future joint post. Another wonderful person in my life, Kianna Noel, design of ADDICT has released these really cute dresses in a variety of colors called Luna.  I wanted to share the dress with you but I couldn’t pull it off on *me* so I thought it’d be a good time to bring out my Bloom Doll and pretty her up.  Here are the results. Credits after the cut. BODY Hair:  Truth – Pia – Walnut
Bloom Doll: Strawberry Blossom – Available at Surf Co.
Shape:  Juicy – Chelle (modded) CLOTHING Dress: Addict – Luna – Gum
Shoes: Lelutka – Pow Pumps – Olive/Powder Pink PHOTO CREDITS Pose:  Pose is done with dandelion.
Photographer: Vernice Burks
Model: Vernice “Bloom” Burks (hehe) *review copies used.… Read the restShangri La Style 6-10-2011

Comfort 6/10/2011

Typically we post clothing and skins here but today I’m going to break the unwritten rules.  I bought this pose from Glitterati some time ago but hadn’t gotten to use it until last night.  This is probably my favorite pose that I have in my inventory.  It is comfortable and looks so natural. I mostly wanted to post this photo to share the pose but also the image.  When I started blogging it was because I take tons of photos and I never do anything with them more than upload them to Flickr.  Blogging was a way to “show off” some of what I do from shopping for clothing and hair to poses and the obvious, taking photos. Credits after the cut. Vernice’s Look BODY Hair:  Truth – Heather – Caramel
Eyes:  MADesigns – Promise – Brown Intense 14
Lashes:  FTL – C01 Natural
Skin:  Curio – Acorn [Light] Yum 2 – Pure 3
Shape:  Juicy – Chelle (modded) CLOTHING Outfit: TrendStyle – Top, Jeans, & Shoes – Red (Includes Bracelet)
Undershirt: Jane – Intrinsic Tank – Raven (undershirt & underpants layer worn)
Earrings: Finesmith Designs – Mimmi
Tattoo: Collision – Seize the Day PHOTO CREDITS Pose:  Glitterati 2 + 2 (used in photo – 2a)
Photographer: Vernice Burks
Models: Vernice Burks & Bryce Bowdit *review copies used.… Read the restPracticing..

Impromptu – LOTD 6/1/2011

It all started with the gorgeous maxi skirts from G Field.  Mariah showed up with the purple version, which prompted Vernice to get yellow version. Our new team member Katelynn (you will be seeing more of her soon) then proceeded to pull out the yellow version.  We all styled out skirts different ways according to our own personal styles and had an impromptu photoshoot in Vernice’s backyard. Impromptu photos sometimes make for the best pictures.
Get Our Looks: Vernice:
Skin: Curio Acorn Yum 2 Pure 3
Shape: Juicy Chelle – Modded
Hair : Elikatira – [e] Mood – Brown – 08
Eyelashes FTL – C01 Natural Outfit:
Outfit: G Field – Puff-sleeve Tops & Maxi Skirt Yellow – Group Gift
Undershirt: Jane – Intrinsic – Pinks – Salmon
Feet: Slink: Jolie – Pied Barefeet – Medium Accessories:
Earrings: Muse – Celine Pearl Drop Earrings
Bracelet – Samsara – Aubade Turquoise Bangles Pose:
estetica: ahoh!… Read the restShangri La Style 6-1-2011

Frilly Vest 5/31/2011

We apologize for the delay in updates the past 10 days or so, we were both on a bit of a hiatus while I was on RL vacation and mom was building a new house. Grixdale is becoming a frequently blogged shop from me and I must say I’m very thankful to be part of the blogger group of the store.  I really do love most of what comes out in the store and although this look came together by off chance with some of the new releases from that shop I really wanted to show off my new shoes! I can’t say that I’m guilty of going through all the shoe fair sims or that I even purchased more than a handful of items but I absolutely love the pair of shoes I purchased from Pixel Mode.  The proceeds of this shoe went to the charity www.soles4souls.org which “collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty”. The shoes went as a good accessory to my bit of a quirky look today. … Read the restShangri La Style 5-29-2011

TDR Blue Mashup 5/15/2011

I meant to get this blog up earlier but I’m kind of an airhead and locked myself out of my Flickr.  I cannot remember the password for anything today so I’m just going to upload it inside of WordPress to share with you all. The skin and earrings were from TDR blue and the hair is from Pia from Truth.  The top is from Grixdale and is a re-release and the jeans were part of an outfit by Sandie Saenz that I randomly found while searching Marketplace.  The best part is that the entire outfit, jewelry included was just 199L. BODY Hair – Truth – Pia – Walnut
Eyes – MADesigns – Promise – Grey
Skin – MONS – Circus Skin Series – TDR Blue
Shape – Juicy – Chelle (modded) CLOTHING Top: Grixdale – Art Deco Top (I don’t remember which this was, I think the Boho.)
Jeans & Jewelry: FA Creations – Earthy Jeans Outfit
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – IXkin Golden – Duo PHOTO CREDITS Pose:  I didn’t write it down, sorry!… Read the rest

Hair & Lashes Oh My 4/23/2011

I meant to ramble on about these gorgeous eyelashes in my last post, but I thought I would save it for another post.  I really wanted to feature the skin in that post.  Now ere we are in the next post so let me just tell you these lashes are really great!  They look amazing on and are incredible to fit.  The creator really has gone the extra step to make these the absolute best lashes that I own.  They are gorgeous and the scripting allows you to obtain a perfectly flawless fit (unlike what is shown in the photos).  I’m still working on getting the perfect fit for me but I wanted to share them with you now because I just couldn’t hold back anymore.  I found these lashes on the style card of the shape I purchased from Juicy.  They are made by Framboise Werribee and are a staple to my avatar now. Today’s Truth hair release was ever so convenient since taking the eyelash photos would require a closeup shot.  I grabbed this hair called Hazel from the new release and I’m really glad that I did. … Read the restShangri La Style 4-23-2011 Hair

LAQ Linnea – Skin Review

Hello everyone! I have never done this before so please be nice to me… this is my first skin review and I have a lot of good to say about this one.  I’ve always been a fan of LAQ skins but I have not been wearing them for quite some time because I did not like how the lips looked so glossy and huge on me.  I recently got bored of my avatar so I went for a total overhaul and bought a new skin, new eyes and some new hairs and I’m even thinking about changing the color of my hair but for now it’s still brown. I really think this skin is gorgeous.  It’s not too glossy as some skins from the same brand have seemed to me and the face is very soft and delicate which is just what I like.  There are several makeup options and with the thousands of makeup tattoo layers available around the grid and on marketplace you can really get your skin looking how you want it regardless of what the creator has included in their packs. The pack of skins was just under 2,000L and includes 10 makeups. … Read the restLAQ Linnea ALL