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Sister Nightfall @ the Seelie Court

Poet’s Heart – Sister Nightfall Includes: – rigged mesh gown 5 sizes – rigged mesh collar 5 sizes – alpha layers – alpha textures mod/copy/no transfer Poet’s Heart – Sister Nightfall Headpiece Includes:… Continue reading

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December 2014
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LPM News for Sat 9/6

La Petite Morte is currently participating in 2 events. First up is We <3 RP. La Petite Morte has taken their Gen 2 skins and made 8 fantasy tones for them. Currently 25% off for the month of Sept at … Continue reading

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LPM Fantasy Line

A Spritely Suit – Julenisse Strikes Again!

A couple of years ago, Avatar Bizarre created a suit called “Julenisse” for an event called Gothmas by Gaslight, which may have been a grid-wide hunt at the time.  It is now a shopping event.  Anyway, inspired by the Scandinavian sprite that takes care of farm and livestock over the Christmas holiday, the original suit … Continue reading

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Eternal has arrived @ Poet’s Heart

“Eternal” is a dark, gothic gown, and it’s the perfect formal wear for a vampire countess, an evil queen, a dark sorceress or just a lady who has chosen to embrace the darker side of life. Eternal comes in eight colours and in two different versions. The full outfit version includes rigged mesh gown, rigged […]

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Come On In!

I promise we’ll play nice! I also promise that our definition of ‘nice’ will leave you alive and mostly breathing, too.  We are if not exactly cheerful, at least somewhat amused. Surely this counts? Very similar positive feeling, no? Don’t be afraid, step right through and join us! All this to say that Gothmas by […]

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Gothmas by Gaslight

Soon. In fact: tomorrow. There are two sims covered in snow, hosting a plethora of dark houses and glowing lights in the midst of the permanent night. Gothmas helpers are sneaking about as well as one can in boots that could kill, booths are getting filled with gifts worthy of Gothmas spirit and the gaslight […]

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Little Helper

I know it’s not yet December, that’s the whole point. Did you really think we bother checking on people then? Everyone expects us around that time. The point is to keep an eye on people around the year, not just for one month. So, I hope you have tried your best to get to the […]

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“Lorelei,” “A poet of tragedies, scribe I lauds to death.” “Yet who the hell was I to dare.” “Lorelei,” “Canst thou not see thou to me needful art.” “Canst thou not see the loss of loe painful is.” Hair: Elikatira- … Continue reading

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1000 yr curse

Chatterbox Dreamlanders

I have teeth on the brain this year, Curio Obscura is to blame.  First it was the Abomination Boots for The Arcade, and now the Mouthfaces for Horrorfest- you can see Hungry there on the ground though I’ve been creeping everyone out in my vicinity…

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chatterbox dreamlanders

Dirgesinger @ Poet’s Heart

“Dirgesingers’ voice melodies not of celebration and joy, but of sorrow and grief. They seek to spread this melancholy outlook far and wide, believing that only those who give in to their sadness can truly understand the world. Dirgesingers hold high positions in death-obsessed cultures. Serving as members of a secret guild or as part […]

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I Was Afraid to Raise My Eyelids… The Harker Tux

“…Lower and lower went her head as the lips went below the range of my mouth and chin and seemed to fasten on my throat. I could feel the soft, shivering touch of the lips on the supersensitive skin of my throat, and the hard dents of two sharp teeth, just touching and pausing there. … Continue reading »

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Have you ever wanted a band shirt in SL, but knew that any band merchandise that you’d might be able to find would most likely not have any connection to the band nor have any sort of permission of theirs? Worry no … Continue reading

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Get Your Goth On in Gothika!

Today is World Goth Day! This means that Club Gothika in World Goth Fair will be having a party of fourteen hours. Yes, fourteen. Seven DJs, seven different gothic themes, ridiculous amount of prizes with the winner takes it all … Continue reading

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Goth Bunnies

They come in many sizes and shapes. Sometimes even without any visible ears or tail. They have white skin (or fur), gothic coloured hair and clothes and a penchant to clap their hands at vampires, instead of running away like … Continue reading

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Astrid and the Anglerfish

It sounds almost like a story, titled like that. It could easily be one, too. If you manage to have a pet anglerfish, especially one that magically survives out of water, there’s bound to be a story behind the sharp … Continue reading

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Never because of rain, rain can be good. Sun, however… hiss. Besides, there’s something appealing in sun parasols, twirling them about. Umbrellas are practical, usually pulled and pushed by the wind, but parasols have a dainty flair to them, almost … Continue reading

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No Vacancy

I had a little lol moment to myself earlier today when I was working on this pic, just because it’s such a huge contrast compared to the one I made yesterday. And ok, it’s not my normal style but it’s … Continue reading

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No Vacancy

Bliensen + MaiTai: Third Eye Jewelry

The Third Eye stands for secret wisdom, vision, insight, clairvoyance and meditation. Unusual, mysterious Jewelry for your forehead – like a bindi. For witches, elves, fairies, wise women, wizzards or just for fun. 100 % original mesh, non-rigged and resizable The Third Eye comes in double-colour-packs, Blue & Teal, Green & Brown and Pink & […]

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Bliensen + MaiTai - Third Eye - Blue Kopie

I Can See For Miles

Deep underground, in a world within our planet Earth, there is a race of Deep Earthers; humans who have lived for generations without ever seeing the sun.  Their eyes eventually lost the ability to tolerate sunlight, but they have perfect vision for pitch dark. Avatar Bizarre is happy to present the mesh Trogolodite Eyes, which … Continue reading »

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Black and White

Sometimes they are both red. Every story has at least two sides to it and often one is painted black, the other white. Fairytales do this, many books and movies do this, presenting the side that the main character is … Continue reading

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