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hair-[Mello] Fuzzies Gacha @Gacha Guardians ((NEW))headband with ears & mouth pin-*{( konpeitou )}* ichigo-usagi  @TSS ((NEW))scarf-[Cubic Cherry] {Maru} scarves @TSS ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Hope Tattoo @suicide dollz ((NEW))
dress & shoes-Luas Susanne Gacha @OMG ((NEW))

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January 2017
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┼ WhO We ArE ┼

sim...Petouhair-[Mello] Love Song @TC4 ((NEW))
headband, collar, harness- *Tentacio* Be mine  @SanaRae ((NEW))
necklace-*N*Hidden Fish Loop Tie @ CrossRoad ((NEW))
bow pasties, panties, cuff legs  & arms, belt- .Quirky. - Aya Set @TFC ((NEW))
tattoo.**UrbanStreet** Fragile Tattoo

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ᴥStill DreaMingᴥ

hair-[NANI] Glow.Up   @TFC ((NEW))
roses with horns & bunny-Fawny - Forest @TFC ((NEW))
glasses-*N*Aquarium Glass  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tattoo face-**UrbanStreet** TattooFace Peace (GG) ((NEW))
outfit-Belle Epoque { Amber } @The Forest ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet**Bohemian Bodypaint
shoes-boots-Pixicat- Visionary.Boots (BlackWhite)

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﴾ Do not look back ﴿

hair-*PH* 8162 @ Hairology ((NEW))
blood head-*{( konpeitou )}* Yami-Neko 6 : nousyou
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha
fingers-Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers RARE
top,skirt,panties, kness braces and shoes-Violent Seduction - Odette

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╠ Only One ╣

hair-*PH* 8153eyes- {Infected} .::Cubic Cherry::.  WE <3 RP ((NEW))
mask-:BAMSE: Baron Mask
harness-*May's Soul* Drakonian angel
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Owl Tattoo @Bodyfy ((NEW))
nipples piercing-[CX] Venereal @Bodyfy ((NEW))
bodystrap and bomb- TOAST - Have A Nice Day  @Bodyfy ((NEW))
short-Addams // Space Warrior - Short & Straps // Winter Camo
hands-CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Perchta Hands / RARE
boots-::insanya::: d3mon1a Boots
hammer-[EZ] Thade's Hammer. -Firo1 WE <3 RP ((NEW))

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♥╪♥ Perfectly Perfect ♥╪♥

pose-*PINK HUSTLER * POSE* (bento poses) ((NEW))hair-[Mello] Sweetie ears-RO - Wonderland - Rabbit Ears
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** MoonTattoomask-:moonamore+cureless: L'Innocent Mask / Pure
cuff-12{Sekai} R-bracialet C .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.arms-[Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.7 dress-:MoonAmore:+ Disorderly. "The Thing" / Dress (Ghost)
wraps-[CX] Wraps
wings-+XAnSA+ Steampunk Wings - Silver
shoes-:moonamore+cureless: Boots SLINK med / Pure

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hair & horns-[Mello] Bubbles @Kawaii project  ((NEW))
hat-violetta. -yamataka hat (RD color )
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** BloodRose Tattoo
harness-Sweet Thing. Showtime Lingerie - Purity
short-Moon Elixir - Wicked
gloves-[The Forge] Penta Wraps, White @Whimsical ((NEW))
nails-[CX] Broken Claws (Bloody)
fan- [CX] War Fan (Blood)
geta-[:-.SOUEN.-:]Take Geta Haku

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╪♥ Next to YOU ╪♥

hair-*PH* 8161 @LOST & FOUND ((NEW))headband-{Harvest} tiara orange .::Cubic Cherry::. @TLC ((NEW))collar-[ bubble ] Fae Wings @Whimsical ((NEW))outfit (arms, skirt and top)PANDORA- UNA  @Whimsical ((NEW))tattoo-**UrbanStreet**Feather  Tattoodeco:DISORDERLY. / LITERARY DELIGHTS @Whimsical ((NEW))

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♥♥Smile In Your Sleep♥♥

hair-[Mello] Sweetie Gacha @Enchantment  ((NEW))headphones-*Tentacio* Let's dance @Kustom9 ((NEW))
mask-{Gretch} gasmask white .::Cubic Cherry::.  @Kawaii project  ((NEW))
cape and short-Belle Epoque { Ainara } @TRES CHIC Venue  ((NEW))
bruise knees-**UrbanStreet** BruiseKnees
sneakers-*Tentacio* Let's dance @Kustom9 ((NEW))
heart candy-{Candy Lure} .::Cubic Cherry::. @Enchantment  ((NEW))
bubble heart-{Amore} bubbles set @Whimsical ((NEW))

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҉ Hypnotized ҉

hair-[Mello] Coming Undone  @ Hairology ((NEW))
eye patch-*N*Rose EyePatch @Whimsical ((NEW))
headphones, outfit( short,sweater, sneakers)- *Tentacio* Let's dance @Kustom9 ((NEW))
bruise knees-**UrbanStreet** BruiseKnees

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hair-*PH* 8160 @ Hairology ((NEW))
ears-17 {Catty-fox} ears snow .::Cubic Cherry::.
tongue-10{Aarya} tongue red .::Cubic Cherry::.
top-:: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Cute top Maitreya .[White] RARE
short-//SEUL\ Vertical Lace-up Shorts - Gray
tattoo-Wednesday[+] ~ Condamnation 1692 ~ @The Coven
arm-*Tentacio* Doom girl gacha
blood knees-**UrbanStreet** BruiseKnees
shoes-shoes-.Shi : Centurion [Ivory . TMP / Isis / Maitreya]
rabbit & fawn-*Tentacio* Forest Spirits @11:11 event ((NEW))

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█ Andate █

hair-[Mello] Lunar Phase W/Horns - Pale Pastels @The Coven ((NEW))
headmask-+ Izanagi Mask Red + {egosumaii} @Epiphany ((NEW))
eyes-CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Eyes & Lens / ROSE (v.1)
flower mouth-*N*Tentacle Mask Fat ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet** Fragile Tattoo @The Coven ((NEW))
top and skirt-Belle Epoque { Titania } WE <3 RP ((NEW))
weapon staff-[EZ] Osiris Spear. -Firo1.01  WE <3 RP ((NEW))
shoes-Moon Elixir - Houdini
lake,stone door,plants,bone dragon-*May's Soul* Alchemy garden. @TFG ((NEW))

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‗Eternal Wind‗

poses-ROQUAI's 7 Creeps ((NEW))
hairs-*PH* disordered hair  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
horns-{Ayx} ram horns blood .::Cubic Cherry::.  WE <3 RP ((NEW))
tattoo face-{NERFED} wounds dried .::Cubic Cherry::. @Geek'n'Nerds ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet** Hidden Tattoo @The Coven ((NEW))
bodysuit-Belle Epoque { Out Of This World } @The Gacha Garden ((NEW))
snakeflowers & ornament forehead-*N*SNAKE and BLACK LILY GACHA @The Coven ((NEW))
shoes-.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Melted Creepers ((NEW))
claws-[CX] Broken Claws (Bloody)
portal-+ Blog. The Traveler + {egosumaii} @The Gacha Garden ((NEW))

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♠♠Head uP♠♠

poses-ROQUAIs poses. Kurios Bella Donna Twist  ((NEW))hair & antena headband-[Mello] Martian Girl  @Candy Fair  ((NEW))goggles-[The Forge] Red Queen Goggles @treasure chest  ((NEW))eye flower-{ROSES} eyepatch crimson .::Cubic Cherry::.  @ROMP  ((NEW))
gag-{THORNS} gag crimson .::Cubic Cherry::. @ROMP  ((NEW))
eyes-CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon Eyes / HUNT GIFT! @The Nightmare
tears-{Loss} tears&eyes  .::Cubic Cherry::.  @The Nightmare
top-:: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Cute top Maitreya .[White] RARE
pantie & suspender-Violent Seduction - Aphrodite LARA (White)
tattoo arms-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha @The Nightmare
fingers-Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers RARE @Epiphany  ((NEW))
flowers tentacles-*N*Tentacle Flower @FreakShow Carnival  ((NEW))
shoes-AZOURY - Maniaque Ballet Shoes [Red]
wing-+XAnSA+ Steampunk Wings - Silver   ((NEW))

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░Oh MY GoD░

hair & bennie-[Mello] - Heathen @Project Se7en ((NEW))
eyes-CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon Eyes / HUNT GIFT! @The Nightmare ((NEW))
blood paint eyes-**UrbanStreet** Bruise Eyes (Gift) @The Nightmare ((NEW))
syringes face- The Horror!~ Cured Syringes @The Nightmare ((NEW))
tongue-#187# Chained Tongue @Bodyfy
tattoo body- **UrbanStreet** DarkLoss Tattoo (comming soon) ((NEW))
claws hands-[CX] Broken Claws (Bloody)
claws feet- [CX] Broken Talons (Bloody)
dress-Belle Epoque { Jenae } @TSS ((NEW))
socks-*The Mystic* Gothic Lace Socks  -Maitreya @TSS
cell-Poseidon The Cell @The Nightmare ((NEW))

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Σ DeaD MeMOry °

poses-[La Baguette] Colombe poses  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
headband,pauldron & chain harness-[The Forge] Imani Set @Gacha Guardians ((NEW))
hair-*PH* 8151
flowers head and body-*N*Rafflesia RED @ memento.mori ((NEW))
paintforehead & arms-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
eyes-+ Empty Eyes Pack + {aii} @Project Se7en ((NEW))
tattoo eyes-**UrbanStreet** Bruise Eyes @The Nightmare  (Gift) ((NEW))
mask-Wednesday[+] ~ I saw you Masks  @Project Se7en ((NEW))
ribbon neck and feet-{Aarya} ribbon Cubic Cherry @ memento.mori ((NEW))
wrap-{Aarya} wrist wrap Cubic Cherry @ memento.mori ((NEW))
rings-Candy Crunchers -  Wiccan Rings w/hud @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
bodysuit-.::Dead Dollz::. Ripley - White

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¬ Illusion ¬

poses-ROQUAIs Ronit BaRanGa ((NEW))hair-[Mello] Cute Salad Gacha  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
bow, head piece, tongue and geta- Tamagosenbei  @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
eyes, tears & makeup- {Loss} tears&eyes INK .::Cubic Cherry::.  @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
earrings-.:Soul:. Earrings - Spooder @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
stitches & choker- Quirky - Keep it Together - ALL THE THINGS @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
tshirt & skirt- -Pixicat- Seoul.Set @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
doll- *katat0nik* Tendril Kitty Gacha  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
rats-Schadenfreude Lab Rats&Cheese Snack @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
bag-+XAnSA+ A Dino Story Backpack  - Stego Black ((NEW))
trees-Rekt Halloween Tree @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
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╩ The Better Of Me ╩

hair-*barberyumyum*84 @SaNaRae ((NEW))
horn-**UrbanStreet** SighHorn @SaNaRae (gift) ((NEW))
halo-{Zee} halo  .::Cubic Cherry::.  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers head-*N*SweetAutumnClematis @TFC ((NEW))
glasses-Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Red
dolly mouth-* Celeste * Les sucreries de Fairy  @TFC ((NEW))
piercing nose-PUNCH / Starfire Septum
harness-[The Forge] Tramp Harness, White @TFC ((NEW))
top and panties-.::Dead Dollz::. Dune Bikini - White
gloves-Violent Seduction - Lilith Gloves (White)
rabbit mask and rabbit doll-*Drot* TFC Antique Rabbit @TFC ((NEW))
tail-E. The Contract Tail Pinku~ RARE
staff-+ Dark Harvesting Scythe Box + {egosumaii} @TFC ((NEW))
deco dollz- * Celeste * Les sucreries de Fairy  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers with eye-by Chiana Oh - 'Why Eye, Petal!' -Decor- @TFC ((NEW))
mandragora-.aisling.… Read the rest

➽βƦεα†hιπĝ ψøuƦ αιƦ

hair-*PH* 8151 @ Hairology ((NEW))
headband-+MC+HeadBand Vine Rose'S White
eyes patch-18{Dolly} eyepatch Bwhite NT .::Cubic Cherry::.
collar-Creep - Summon Collar
outfit-**UrbanStreet** Cany Outfit @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
knees pad-*{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 7: sirimoti usagi
shoes-:moonamore+cureless: Boots SLINK med / Pure
donas, avocado,hair decor-*Tentacio* Hair ritual gacha. @kustom9 ((NEW))

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Φ Waiting Nothing Φ

hair-*PH* 8150 ((NEW))mask face-+XAnSA+ Donar Harness - Leather  @WE <3 RP ((NEW))
mask mouth-:moonamore+cureless: L'Innocent Mask / Pure
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** BloodRose Tattoo
bodysuit-:moonamore+cureless:/ Maitreya ExpAquarium Body / RARE
tattoo legs-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (RARE) Homunculus
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs - White
butterflies-:moonamore+cureless: L'Aura  / ROUGE
shoes-[The Forge] Raven Boot ((NEW))

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