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**New** LightHope Tattoo

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This is my new tattoo for The children of the world charity event 2017 
The children of the world project was an initiative founded by Asuquitar Resident in 2014 to  open the doors from  the online virtual world secondlife to our RL ,raising  awareness and helping the  world of children through music and art,advocating for the Rights of Children Worldwide Trust.On on benefit of Warchild (www.warchild.org.uk). Focusing on Children around the world with any conflict zones that have been torn apart by war.

100% will be donated

tp here

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ⅅied in My Slee₱

hair-[Mello] Tilted  @WCF ((NEW))horns-*N*Plants Devil's Horn @ WLRP. ((NEW)) tattoo-**UrbanStreet** LightHope Tattoo @TCWP (coming soon) ((NEW))top & panties-Astralia - Viciosa (Top&Panties) #1 RAREboots-AZOURY - Jezebel Thigh-high boots [Red]

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╠ Ъeautiᶂull Ḽigɧt ╣

hair-Love [WIcked Love] Fitted Mesh Hair  @The Coven ((NEW))
headband-.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Antheia Halo Crown @The Coven ((NEW))
collar-[Cubic Cherry] {Beast} choker - RED @Collabor88 ((NEW))
wraps arms-Asteria - Belen Arms Banded
dress-Belle Epoque { Fawn } @We <3 Rp ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** BloodRose Tattoo
shoes-REIGN.- Platform Ballet Slippers
piercing belly-PUNCH / Hip Piercing / Diamonds and Bows  ((NEW))

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≥ Ṫastinḡ ≤

hair-[RA] Mona bow-Excl {Dolly} bows white  .::Cubic Cherry::. eyes-E. Only See Senpai (Albino)outfit,shoes and bag-*Tentacio* Love story school @Gacha Garden ((NEW))heart-**UrbanStreet** FunnyHeart Gacha @The Coven  ((NEW))

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±Face to Face±

poses-an lar [poses] The Opium Series @The Coven ((NEW))hair-.Olive. the Dollie Haireyes-[Cubic Cherry] {Wisp} eyes  @We <3 Rp ((NEW))mask-15[Cubic Cherry]{Naps} mask nope B @The Gacha Garden ((NEW))glasses-{Kokoro} glasses - onyx .::Cubic Cherry::.blood lips-.ARISE. Running Lips @The Coven ((NEW))dress--Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.1 shoes-REIGN.- Platform Ballet Slippershear head and arm-**UrbanStreet** FunnyHeart Gacha @The Coven ((NEW))Sheet, particles & incense -NaMu Buddhism Gacha @TFG ((NEW))

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hat,sweater with cam. scarf & boots- *Tentacio* Cold day  @Epiphany ((NEW))
hair-[Mello] Dangerous Gacha @Hentai Fair ((NEW))
glasses-NTv. [Cubic Cherry] {Lunette} glasses gacha @OMG ((NEW))
gag-[Cubic Cherry] {Cadence} gag - white rose @ROMP ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Bohemian Bodypaint

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hair-[Mello] Fuzzies Gacha @Gacha Guardians ((NEW))headband with ears & mouth pin-*{( konpeitou )}* ichigo-usagi  @TSS ((NEW))scarf-[Cubic Cherry] {Maru} scarves @TSS ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Hope Tattoo @suicide dollz ((NEW))
dress & shoes-Luas Susanne Gacha @OMG ((NEW))

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┼ WhO We ArE ┼

sim...Petouhair-[Mello] Love Song @TC4 ((NEW))
headband, collar, harness- *Tentacio* Be mine  @SanaRae ((NEW))
necklace-*N*Hidden Fish Loop Tie @ CrossRoad ((NEW))
bow pasties, panties, cuff legs  & arms, belt- .Quirky. - Aya Set @TFC ((NEW))
tattoo.**UrbanStreet** Fragile Tattoo

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ᴥStill DreaMingᴥ

hair-[NANI] Glow.Up   @TFC ((NEW))
roses with horns & bunny-Fawny - Forest @TFC ((NEW))
glasses-*N*Aquarium Glass  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tattoo face-**UrbanStreet** TattooFace Peace (GG) ((NEW))
outfit-Belle Epoque { Amber } @The Forest ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet**Bohemian Bodypaint
shoes-boots-Pixicat- Visionary.Boots (BlackWhite)

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﴾ Do not look back ﴿

hair-*PH* 8162 @ Hairology ((NEW))
blood head-*{( konpeitou )}* Yami-Neko 6 : nousyou
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha
fingers-Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers RARE
top,skirt,panties, kness braces and shoes-Violent Seduction - Odette

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╠ Only One ╣

hair-*PH* 8153eyes- {Infected} .::Cubic Cherry::.  WE <3 RP ((NEW))
mask-:BAMSE: Baron Mask
harness-*May's Soul* Drakonian angel
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Owl Tattoo @Bodyfy ((NEW))
nipples piercing-[CX] Venereal @Bodyfy ((NEW))
bodystrap and bomb- TOAST - Have A Nice Day  @Bodyfy ((NEW))
short-Addams // Space Warrior - Short & Straps // Winter Camo
hands-CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Perchta Hands / RARE
boots-::insanya::: d3mon1a Boots
hammer-[EZ] Thade's Hammer. -Firo1 WE <3 RP ((NEW))

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♥╪♥ Perfectly Perfect ♥╪♥

pose-*PINK HUSTLER * POSE* (bento poses) ((NEW))hair-[Mello] Sweetie ears-RO - Wonderland - Rabbit Ears
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** MoonTattoomask-:moonamore+cureless: L'Innocent Mask / Pure
cuff-12{Sekai} R-bracialet C .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.arms-[Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.7 dress-:MoonAmore:+ Disorderly. "The Thing" / Dress (Ghost)
wraps-[CX] Wraps
wings-+XAnSA+ Steampunk Wings - Silver
shoes-:moonamore+cureless: Boots SLINK med / Pure

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hair & horns-[Mello] Bubbles @Kawaii project  ((NEW))
hat-violetta. -yamataka hat (RD color )
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** BloodRose Tattoo
harness-Sweet Thing. Showtime Lingerie - Purity
short-Moon Elixir - Wicked
gloves-[The Forge] Penta Wraps, White @Whimsical ((NEW))
nails-[CX] Broken Claws (Bloody)
fan- [CX] War Fan (Blood)
geta-[:-.SOUEN.-:]Take Geta Haku

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╪♥ Next to YOU ╪♥

hair-*PH* 8161 @LOST & FOUND ((NEW))headband-{Harvest} tiara orange .::Cubic Cherry::. @TLC ((NEW))collar-[ bubble ] Fae Wings @Whimsical ((NEW))outfit (arms, skirt and top)PANDORA- UNA  @Whimsical ((NEW))tattoo-**UrbanStreet**Feather  Tattoodeco:DISORDERLY. / LITERARY DELIGHTS @Whimsical ((NEW))

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♥♥Smile In Your Sleep♥♥

hair-[Mello] Sweetie Gacha @Enchantment  ((NEW))headphones-*Tentacio* Let's dance @Kustom9 ((NEW))
mask-{Gretch} gasmask white .::Cubic Cherry::.  @Kawaii project  ((NEW))
cape and short-Belle Epoque { Ainara } @TRES CHIC Venue  ((NEW))
bruise knees-**UrbanStreet** BruiseKnees
sneakers-*Tentacio* Let's dance @Kustom9 ((NEW))
heart candy-{Candy Lure} .::Cubic Cherry::. @Enchantment  ((NEW))
bubble heart-{Amore} bubbles set @Whimsical ((NEW))

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҉ Hypnotized ҉

hair-[Mello] Coming Undone  @ Hairology ((NEW))
eye patch-*N*Rose EyePatch @Whimsical ((NEW))
headphones, outfit( short,sweater, sneakers)- *Tentacio* Let's dance @Kustom9 ((NEW))
bruise knees-**UrbanStreet** BruiseKnees

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hair-*PH* 8160 @ Hairology ((NEW))
ears-17 {Catty-fox} ears snow .::Cubic Cherry::.
tongue-10{Aarya} tongue red .::Cubic Cherry::.
top-:: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Cute top Maitreya .[White] RARE
short-//SEUL\ Vertical Lace-up Shorts - Gray
tattoo-Wednesday[+] ~ Condamnation 1692 ~ @The Coven
arm-*Tentacio* Doom girl gacha
blood knees-**UrbanStreet** BruiseKnees
shoes-shoes-.Shi : Centurion [Ivory . TMP / Isis / Maitreya]
rabbit & fawn-*Tentacio* Forest Spirits @11:11 event ((NEW))

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█ Andate █

hair-[Mello] Lunar Phase W/Horns - Pale Pastels @The Coven ((NEW))
headmask-+ Izanagi Mask Red + {egosumaii} @Epiphany ((NEW))
eyes-CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Eyes & Lens / ROSE (v.1)
flower mouth-*N*Tentacle Mask Fat ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet** Fragile Tattoo @The Coven ((NEW))
top and skirt-Belle Epoque { Titania } WE <3 RP ((NEW))
weapon staff-[EZ] Osiris Spear. -Firo1.01  WE <3 RP ((NEW))
shoes-Moon Elixir - Houdini
lake,stone door,plants,bone dragon-*May's Soul* Alchemy garden. @TFG ((NEW))

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‗Eternal Wind‗

poses-ROQUAI's 7 Creeps ((NEW))
hairs-*PH* disordered hair  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
horns-{Ayx} ram horns blood .::Cubic Cherry::.  WE <3 RP ((NEW))
tattoo face-{NERFED} wounds dried .::Cubic Cherry::. @Geek'n'Nerds ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet** Hidden Tattoo @The Coven ((NEW))
bodysuit-Belle Epoque { Out Of This World } @The Gacha Garden ((NEW))
snakeflowers & ornament forehead-*N*SNAKE and BLACK LILY GACHA @The Coven ((NEW))
shoes-.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Melted Creepers ((NEW))
claws-[CX] Broken Claws (Bloody)
portal-+ Blog. The Traveler + {egosumaii} @The Gacha Garden ((NEW))

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♠♠Head uP♠♠

poses-ROQUAIs poses. Kurios Bella Donna Twist  ((NEW))hair & antena headband-[Mello] Martian Girl  @Candy Fair  ((NEW))goggles-[The Forge] Red Queen Goggles @treasure chest  ((NEW))eye flower-{ROSES} eyepatch crimson .::Cubic Cherry::.  @ROMP  ((NEW))
gag-{THORNS} gag crimson .::Cubic Cherry::. @ROMP  ((NEW))
eyes-CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon Eyes / HUNT GIFT! @The Nightmare
tears-{Loss} tears&eyes  .::Cubic Cherry::.  @The Nightmare
top-:: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Cute top Maitreya .[White] RARE
pantie & suspender-Violent Seduction - Aphrodite LARA (White)
tattoo arms-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha @The Nightmare
fingers-Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers RARE @Epiphany  ((NEW))
flowers tentacles-*N*Tentacle Flower @FreakShow Carnival  ((NEW))
shoes-AZOURY - Maniaque Ballet Shoes [Red]
wing-+XAnSA+ Steampunk Wings - Silver   ((NEW))

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