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College Study Time

I’m behind on several posts and I’ll be trying to catch up on them while I’m still on hiatus. So don’t expect anything really in detail and so forth.  Short and sweet! Enjoy     Hair: Doe – Miffy (Two-Tone) – Reds Head: Catwa – Ashanty Head Applier: Lumae – Fae – Cinnamon Bare Eyes:…Read more College Study Time

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October 2016
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Bubblegum Pank

Just a simple post for you guys! Sn@tch made some new hair I’m wearing Dawn which looks wonderful, fur friendly as well you guys so check it out! Comes in Nonrigged and rigged I’m wearing Rigged. Demos are in her main store so please be sure to try it! Also! I will be blogging till…Read more Bubblegum Pank

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Pop Style

“Yeah, you’ve been on my mind lately” “You’ve still got my number, girl you need to call me” “I feel like they wanna see me learn the hard way” “But you know I always handle that one my way” “Girl let me rock, rock, rock, rock your body!” “Justin Timberlake and then I hit the…Read more Pop Style

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Night Show

“Don’t you open up that window.“ “Don’t you let out that antidote.“ “Poppin’ pills is all we know.“ “In the hills is all we know; Hollywood”  “Don’t go through the front door; Through the back!” “It’s lowkey at the night show.“ “So don’t you open up that window.” “Don’t you let out that antidote.”  “Anything…Read more Night Show

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[x] Skin Fair 2016 [x]

•AlterEgo sponsors Skin Fair 2016•
opens March 11th NEW Skin Yvette [in 7 tones] w/ Brulee, Mink & Sexspresso being our Exclusives All products at this event are 20% off! Our body appliers for all tones will be on site, sold separately.
Yvette skin packs, come with system layers, multiple brows options, Omega & TMP head appliers, Loud Mouth head appliers, modifiable shape, 2 brow shapers & lash remover. Body appliers available for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Slink Body • Hands • Feet & Omega. Slink Body applier includes hands & feet.
Slink Hands / Feet applier also sold stand alone.
Reminder ladies, Nyam Nyam and Kissers are now Omega compatible, they can be skinned with the included Omega Head applier. Additional attachment appliers such as Bentbox Ears or Soul Uni Ears are available in all tones at our mainstore. Additional information regarding EARLY ACCESS for the Toxxic Design Studios VIP Group coming soon! Skin Fair 2016 Flickr Original Post

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Back to basics

Hey readers checking in on the last post for Feburay! Can you believe March is like in a few minutes?! Time has gone by soooo much! Anyways this is just a quick basic bust photo fashion I did for you guys just featuring a few items! Nothing to fancy just to let you see a … Continue reading Back to basics

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“Man I been did that” “Man I been popped off” “And if she aint tryna give it up, she get dropped off.” BODY Hair: Doe – Lucia (two-tone) – Colors [New][@ Uber] Skin: Pink Fuel Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Hollywood Eyes – Evening & Evergreen Eyeshadow: Glamorize – Rumours Eye makeup Lipstick: Zombie Suicide … Continue reading Funeral

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Rolla Broad

Here’s a quick look I put together featuring mainly items from Genre with other items scattered all over the grid! Enjoy the look, I know i had fun doing it!.   Hair: Doe – Macey (two-tone) – Color [New][@ Whimsical] Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Caramel Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Hollywood Eyes – … Continue reading Rolla Broad

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Hentai A$$

“Wobbledy wobble, wo-wo-woble, wobbin'” “Ass so fat, all these bitches’ pussies is throbbin'” “Bad bitches, I’m your leader, phantom by the meter” “Somebody point me to the best ass-eater!” BODY Hair: Tableau Vivant – Shocking Hair – Redheads [New][@ Collab 88] Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Caramel Eyes: Antielle – Allergic Eyes – shown … Continue reading Hentai A$$

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Purple Tears

This is like the quickest simplest post I think I’ve done this year, frankly I’m not gonna lie, I need to finish some blogs posts lol I’m not gonna finish a lot for December so January will be like finishing up December posts. Sorry! Hey, Real life happens! It’s my fault, because I thought I … Continue reading Purple Tears

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Waiting for the misery to end

Title says it all, this day is so miserable I’m waiting for it to end. Good thing on the television Starz is spamming How the Grinch Stole Christmas so I’m uberly excited for that been watching it since yesterday after my Black Sails Marathon. Anyways, lets just do a simple story here about Syn.   … Continue reading Waiting for the misery to end

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I don’t know

I made this photo like three days ago, or something like that. I forgotten all about it because I thought I posted it; lol. So later on today since I don’t do this holiday I’ll be probably spamming the feeds trying to catch up on some photos that I didn’t do. So sorry you have … Continue reading I don’t know

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Act up like a prison riot

“I came in this bitch to sweat!” “I came in this bitch to wild the fuck out!” “I came in this bitch to turn up!” “Shit, me and my bitches in here fucked up!” “Aint no tellin’ what we’re gonna do when the bass drop!” Fuck it! “ACT UP LIKE A MUTHAFUCKIN’ PRISON RIOT! “ … Continue reading Act up like a prison riot

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Krampus is near…

I do not like the holiday’s. I LOATHE the holiday’s. Yes, I’m a Grinch or a Scrooge. So my plan until after the holiday’s is to be more of a dark holiday tale of wonder in some sort of way. I’ve been running around on the grid like this for a bit since Syn is … Continue reading Krampus is near…

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Tell PETA my Mink is dragging on the floor, and I stole a TV too. LEFT: Mink Coat: SEULxUber (NEW!)  Jeans: Monso Boots: SEULxTMD (NEW!) RIGHT: Stolen TV: [BUC]xTMD (NEW!) Shorts – Barmaley Shoes – Vale Koer   Both Tattoos: Bolson

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What to wear

  Holiday season is really busy for everyone including myself. It’s time to spend with family and friends. Syn did manage to get in some Black Friday sales at a few places when she was around. Some she was a day late and a dollar short so she hopes she’ll be able to get some … Continue reading What to wear

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A bunny meets Neko Atsume

I wanted to do something a little different instead of doing a typical fashion post. It’s good to change things up here and there! I thought this was a cute way to showcase these amazing kittens from DarkendStare available at the Kawaii Project.   She was addicted to this game on her cellphone and it started … Continue reading A bunny meets Neko Atsume

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‘Till I collapse

“Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak” “And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.” “Bu you gotta search within you, and gotta find that inner strength.” “And just pull that out shit of you.” “And get that motivation to not give up, and not be a quitter.” “No … Continue reading ‘Till I collapse

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Somnia Friday Mix!

Hai there you beautiful people, ♥ I am honored to be a part of this weeks Fifty Linden Friday. These tops are so comfy and soft and perfect for the coming fall weather. They come in 5 sizes, plus Slink Physique and standard fitmesh. They are only 50L per set! For Friday only!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ Mix! is open for October and I did an exclusive neons set of the Spring Journey tanks. These exclusive for Mix and will not be sold afterwards. They come in 5 sizes plus Slink Physique. They are only 200L for the set!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The sale is still ongoing so be sure to stop by and stock up! www.gofundme.com/KassiesKnee
Only at Somnia Main Store All my love and thanks ❤
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Somnia’s Help Kassie Sale

Hai everyone! I am holding a sale with everything* at Somnia’s main store is 50% off. This sale is to help me raise funds so I can get my dog the surgery she needs to repair her knee. I also have started a Go Fund me the link is below. Anything you can do to help out from passing on about the sale, go fund me, donating by shopping or even $1 helps greatly. www.gofundme.com/KassiesKnee *not including marketplace, gift cards or current event items. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js ♥ Below is all about it which can also be seen on the go fund me link Today I put aside my pride and ask for your help. Our poor dog Kassie ruptured her anterior (cranial) cruciate ligament. Which in laymen terms means she blew out her knee. This could get better in time but the reality is that if left to heal on its own she will have many complications later which will cause her even more pain. She was just running in the yard when all of a sudden she was limping and could no longer put weight on her leg.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Help Kassie Sale