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❤Paris Metro Couture & Sydney City Australia Welcome You❤ Limited Time Collectors Sale! ~Creators Join Us~

The excitement of the new Sydney City & Bondi Beach Australia has been simmering as building and planning have been under way. We also want to welcome content creators to join in this wonderful destination. Driving the snow into Sydney… LOL… we have been soooo busy! (Please click the images to see them larger!)   […]Read Post ›

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December 2016
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More unrezzables.(Freebies).

The one thing about good quality freebies is there is a bigger chance of people keeping hold of them and they always act as a reminder to pop back to that shop and check out not just any new freebies but of course something to tempt people to part with their Lindens.  So as I was culling my invent I came across such a thing, a dress, so I popped back to ShuShu and ended up in the shoe shop and I snagged, snagged and snagged some more. Yup very much in your face shoes and as much as I love the classic stylish shoes/clothes/looks I know for one that when you stand out people actually talk to you.  A couple of posts ago I blogged a skeleton AV/outfit and in the short time I wander around SL in it I got IM’s from people asking about my look.  Anyhow these shoes may not be everyone’s taste but they’re pretty unique and if you want to stand out then stand in there. I often rezz a pair of shoes in my home as decor items as usually mesh shoes are often just 1 prim but WOAH I rezzed 1 shoe and it took our sim prim count all the way down to just 10 prims LOL, so no rezzing.… Read the restxxxshoeuse

Blacklace @ Kinky Event

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Provocative is the exclusive release from Blacklace for Kinky Event.  Lace bra and panties set with matching mesh cincher.  Available in 8 colours plus sexy pack,  Omega hud included. Blacklace at Kinky Event Taxi to Blacklace

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Do NOT rezz, wear only. (10Ld Marketplace goodies).

Thank goodness these bags are wearable as they’re very primmy, this strapped book bag is about 180prims alone and the camera bag is about 130. Super cute and  I’m only moaning about the prims as I’m not a big bag wearer and I would love to use these in my home as decor items. Oodles of bargains in this Marketplace shop and oodles of these bags but in different textures etc and I’ve just spotted that there is an inworld shop which is the first port of call when I log back inworld. ZombieHill (Marketplace)
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What a horrible rough week it’s been I can’t wait till it’s over…OH DAMN it’s just Monday!  Kidding it’s just been one of those 3 cups of coffee mornings and it’s only just turning 11am. A simple Monday post and when I log back in I’ll take piccies of the lovely, 10Ld, bags I got off the Marketplace as they’re so cute and then I’ll be back working on the sim. Just a simple crunchy thick knit jumper with a hood at the back. 2 colour versions and all the sizes. A lovely gift from KIB Designs plus there is a couple more GG’s which are worth checking out. See ya later. KIB Designs
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Heads Up!

Soooo I went over to Mina’s to find out what “BishBox” is and the place is HEAVING, worse than my old cat.  Turns out there is a DISCOUNT SALE going on of 30% off and damn everyone is there! So I just slapped the BishBox info board, next to the reception desk and Event hairs,  and TPed out of there. BishBox is one of the new crazes in SL and that’s a monthly sub box and in each box, you get a shed load of surprises and treats and stuff.  OK I’ve paid very little attention to this monthly sub boxes because I’m a CB(Cheap B*tch) and these boxed don’t come cheap or at least cheap enough for me BUT in RL I’ve had 2 of these sorts of sub boxes, Degusta and Birch Box and I have LOVED them very much, each month a box of goodies and yes occasionally it’s a case of “meh” but the excitement of getting that box and occasionally coming across a product you would never have tried but found that it’s perfect for you is the icing on the cake……so this is the same sorta thing but in world.  … Read the rest

She’s outta control

Look what Faith did! You turn your back on her at your peril! I think someone is itching for it be closer to Christmas and just wanted to get a start on the sim.  Since I got the order to go around and smack all the Autumnal plants with menus and change them to Winter I ran out of time to show you the super cute Marketplace finds I had lined up but I will definitely show you them if not later today then tomorrow for sure as they’re too damned cute to miss. Till then check out another gym set. As someone who does go to the gym I have to confess I do have to stop buying gym clothes or even just drooling over them, how many pairs of leggings n sports tops do you really need? Please banish any thoughts of me being slim n trim I am the woman who once debated wearing Spanx to her yoga lesson to stop the belly sag in some of the more contorted poses!  If I could look a fraction as good as my AV in this skimpy little number I too would go jogging in the snow. This is a very nice new gift from Orchid, comes with the system layer and Appliers.  … Read the restxxxsimuse

“Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind.”

November flew. For the most part, it was a blurry month for me. Now, Designer Showcase‘s November round is almost over too.  Have you made it there yet? Designer Showcase is a monthly fashion event that features exclusive designs by all types of designers across the grid. FurtaCor’s Leticia Tunic is perfect for fall weather. At least, it still feels like fall to me. That’s Vegas! We love layers. Click here for a lift to Designer Showcase! I’m wearing:
Outfit: FurtaCor*Leticia Tunic and Shoes for Maitreya @ Designer ShowcaseNovember
Stockings: Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Cozy Tights
Body Parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara and LAQ Mesh Head Trinity
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Sinbi_
Pose: **Manifeste** – Model_730 Sunshine is wearing:
Outfit: FurtaCor*Leticia Tunic for Maitreya @ Designer ShowcaseNovember
Shoes: Baiastice_Gill Stretch Boots-Cotton Tan
Body Parts: Body Parts: LeLutka Head Stella and Maitreya Body Lara
Hair: Exile Walking on Sunshine
Jewelry: Tres Beau Jemma
Pose:  Gemma Pose 2 – Label Motion Location: Old Italy, La Perla Post title pinched from    

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❤The FINAL Avi Choice Awards~GO VOTE!~❤

The time is upon us. The very last Avi Choice Awards is under way and this is your last chance to vote for who you love. To be a nominee in this event is special to me because I never thought I would be good enough for others to like what I do. I have […]Read Post ›

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igotdressed 2016-11-26 14:22:30

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lup 1 Shape for mesh heads ( not Bento ) and mesh bodies style card included❤    

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igotdressed 2016-11-26 11:02:13

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hair *barberyumyum*43B@sanarae skin Insol: Catwa Skin Candy @Uber necklace/skirt Blueberry – Tiffany Set top [Azuchi] Jill Studded Top Black  @Uber boots =Zenith=@Uber tattoo *Bolson / Tattoo – Hopper

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This is “what next”

  I hunted the market place the other day for something cheap & cheerful to utilise as a background for some winter furniture. Imagine my surprise when I found this brilliant little home, all ready for winter from what next! Now what next is  a premium type of store, its one of my fav’s – and this little baby was just $100L all in. heres some deets: * fits on any size plot * small, built to scale – makes an ideal romantic retreat, playhouse or just adorable feature for outdoors landscaping. * wood siding, with snowy roof, porch, frosted windows with snowflake detail * two upstairs faux windows – touch the front one’s window frame to light both up for a pretty night time effect. * front door opens on touch (not lockable) * linked fireplace – menu-driven, touch logs for audio/flame FX * chimney outside has optional smoke FX * includes outdoors lantern, pile of wood decor * 63 prims (with unlinked door/fireplace), lantern= 4 prims, log pile 6 prims) * includes snow clump and snow texture to match cabin snow * other furnishings, landscaping and decor NOT included * perms = copy/mod/no trans (scripts for faux windows copy only) It beautifully made inside and out, prims are 73 (that includes the lantern & log pile which are not hard linked) This is only available on the market place but apparently there is one set up at the inworld store for size comparison.… Read the restwhat-next-snowy-lodge-100l

Judgmental cat, super bargain and a freebie.

Found this free GG just yesterday but I’ve been holding on to the jewelry set for weeks because I was just waiting for a freebie of bargain priced item to match up. The dress comes from emilyC’s and all mesh sizes and some mesh bod sizing plus a colour sliding Hud which means you can colour this dress in Zillion ways…ok maybe not a Zillion but you know what I mean. I have, to be honest, and say that not only the shoes but my SLink feet were a bad choice so I’d highly recommend you don’t bother with them and a nice pair of flatties/ballet pumps etc will look much nicer as it allows the gown to be draped on the ground. The dress is free but the necklace, and what you can’t really see is the earrings, bracelets, and ring isn’t but at only 10Ld for the set a bargain. The jewelry is lovely, small brightly coloured pebbles and it’s going to be moved from my “blogg” folder to my “Jewelry” folder.  This jewelry set comes from Celestinas Wedding shop.  … Read the restxxxcaturban

Renting a home in Second Life -Be Sassy

Took some time out last week to scoot about and see what was new and happenin on the rental scene. I came across Sassy Rentals, what made me look twice was the low low lowwwww prices and the fact that you could, if you wish, rent by the day ! The rental I tried out for a week was just $5L per day – yes that’s right – FIVE Lindens per day! You can rent daily or weekly, whatever suits you.  I was really lucky that I got to speak with one of the owners and was given a quick tour around to other homes. Each one was stuffed with animated surfaces, kitchen,sofa, beds etc. Upon paying the rent box you will automatically get invited to the rental group – you MUST accept this to be able to set home and utilise the furnishings. DO read the info note (I didn’t DUH) it contains useful stuff about being a tenant there. Prices go from just $1L – up to around $150L if memory serves correctly, there are also lots down on the land below but at the time of writing this those are all taken.… Read the restrental-homes-5l-per-day-upwards-or-weekly

Princess Rose

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Styling Credits:
Mesh Head: Catwa Aisha
Skin Applier: Essences ToriP01 #12 Rare (gacha)
Make-up: Alaskametro Makeup Palette ~ Sugar
Freckles: Izzie’s Glitter Freckles
Eyes: Song Lyn Sunrise Eye
Ears: Soul Uni Ears ~ Cherub
Bindi: BananA Forehead Accessory
Bustier: Real Evil Portia Lace Bustier ~ Lavender
Skirt: Yomeshoujo Chouchin Pants
Headress: Yomeshoujo Ibara 3 Rose (gacha)
Necklace: Mandala Princess Dog Tag
Bracelets/Rings: Mandala Tensei Cuffs & Rings
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body ~ Lara
Hair: Wasabi Pills Marisol Mesh Hair (here) Catwa: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catwa%20Clip/112/147/22
Essences: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Essences/71/82/1988
Alaskametro: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imogen/63/154/31
Izzie’s: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Izzies/114/127/31
Song: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Essences/47/131/36
Soul: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imagine%20Isla/32/206/906
Real Evil: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TEMPURA%20SOBA/98/115/24
Yomeshoujo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruja/123/42/21
Mandala: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TEMPURA%20SOBA/98/115/24
Maitreya: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/207/165/26
Wasabi Pills: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Coraline/205/124/1003 Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my store DooDads & my sister’s store Sparkle Bunny)

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Sale @ The Loft

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Teleport to The Loft
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A diet that works,50Ld SALE.

Lots of great steam punky style jewelry, clothes, shoes  n stuff all for 50Lds only, but make sure you check before you buy.  I  love this shop, Pixel Box, and I’ve got oodles of things from previous sales and treated myself to this little number, a skeleton AV dressed up in all her finery. Please don’t let the idea of “steam punk” put you off as there is a whole shop of really interesting pieces. OK back to RL and don’t worry I like CAKE to much to get this skinny. PS there is a couple of GG’s but time ran out so have a look around I think any freebies are on the console tables. Pixel Box
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Welcome to a New Land ~EVRE Far Far Away~ ❤LEA27❤

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I went to go visit EVRE LEA27 to see the new memory Tah has built. Here are some words from her. As for from me, it truly is a step back in time where you can feel, breathe, see and almost taste how it must have been when our forefathers arrived […]Read Post ›

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Blacklace – TGIF

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Sensual in black is this week’s TGIF.  Hand fans, Omega hud and legacy layers included.  99L this week only. **Blacklace has MOVED** Taxi to Blacklace New Location

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Blacklace – Black Friday Sale

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Several sets are for sale at a 50% reduction in our Black Friday Sale.   **Blacklace has MOVED** Taxi to Blacklace New Location

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