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“venzo” catwa bento meshhead shape

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shape igotdressed-venzo shape catwa bento jacket ..::ILLI::.. Moto Jacket @ The Mens Dept jeans not so bad . mesh . NYL jeans . grey . @ The Mens Dept necklace [ kunst ] – Bullet Necklace (M) sneakers :PARKER: James.Chucks. RARE .@ the epiphany bottle brocante.@ the epiphany tattoo *Bolson / Tattoo – Hanzo skin  Clef de Peau:Andre: hair /base YUTH: Lewis Hair backdrop ::no13::Factory shutter (18LI @ The Mens Dept

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Spam, but no freebies here.

Poor Faith gets a daily “spam” note off me I even label it “spam” so she knows it’s gonna be full of rambling nonsense however if it was labelled “OMG WHAT THE F*CK HAS HAPPENED?” she knows to open that quickly and read it. So no freebies as such just a bit of “spam” cos today I am winning both in RL and SL.  Ever Wonder who has a shop called “More Than Ever” sent me a gift.  She knows I just do the free stuff so when she sends me something it’s not to blog, unless I want to and I sure as Hell wanted to. As it happens I had spotted this cardigan already in a notice she had sent out and I had debated either spending Lindens or dropping her a note so I could get my greasy paws on it so to find it in my inbox this morning was a lovely surprise. Just looking at the picture of this cardie it sang to me. That lacing and the off the shoulder look in a way this cardigan reminds me of upcycling projects on Pinterest.  I then logged off washed my bin out, put a clean quilt cover on my duvet, made an appointment to meet up with a friend for lunch and even binned some old Tupperware and then it hit me!… Read the restxxxstudiouse3

igotdressed 2017-01-15 14:40:03

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top/panties [VALE KOER] CROP TOP AND WAIST PANTIES @ Kustom 9 hair Besom~Water @ the epiphany earring (Yummy) Wayward Leaf Earring – Gold rings Amala – The Alaska Rings bracelet TABOU. Fit Of Rage -Female-Gold

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Pretty in pink, purple, cream etc (Freebie).

I’m so glad I hadn’t missed this amongst the many notices I get.  I will be honest and say I will be binning it straight away but that’s only because of a groaning invent and I’m not a Kawaii, pastel girl in SL or RL and not for lack of quality! Super quality and if Kawaii is your thing then a lovely gift. The scarf in this picture doesn’t come with the outfit I just put it on because why not.  As it happens it’s a gift from Aimiable and it’s probably still there if you need a super wooly esp one that comes with a Hud which is the same for the actual outfit I’m showing you. This is a linked top n bottom with a pretty big Hud for both skirt and top and a bigger mesh/mesh body size option as well. This is the No Cabide GG but in the same place is a few other GG’s for other G’s…you know what I mean LOL.  All are free to join and grab but I think you will have seen them all already because from my quick trip over I think this is the newest gift and very pretty it is as well.… Read the restxxxcabideuse

Blacklace – TGIF

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This weeks TGIF is a special edition of Kirsty in hot pink.  Bra in two styles – demi bra and full cup both with prim frill, panties, stockings and garters set with legacy layers and Omega hud included.  This set is available at the main store or on the marketplace for 99L. Kirsty on the MP **Blacklace has MOVED** Taxi to Blacklace New Location

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igotdressed 2017-01-15 07:13:02

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jacket *Fishy Strawberry* Becky Biker Jacket – Black @ Kustom 9 choker Kibitz – Gaia accesory set @ the epiphany bag ..S..: Cruise Duffle Bag – Black  *Rare* @ Ultra shoes  REIGN.- PSEUDO HEELS@ Hentai Fair hair Moon. Hair. // Code Uma tattoo .::Nanika::. Hel tattoo Black gloves TABOU. Fit Of Rage -Female-Gold thong erratic / delice – lingerie skin DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Ronda” Eastern fishnets [ abrasive ] Frail Fishnet Tights – Bare

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Sweater Time (Promo $99L limited time)

Just what I wanted – a sweater dress for the cooler weather. This is from ArisAris and comes with a Hud that gives you six colour/pattern options. I’m wearing mine rather modestly with some woollen tights by Sweet Tea. Popped over to DUH! and snatched up a pair of the fur-trimmed snow boots to go with it at a ridiculously inexpensive $25L! (other colours also available) As you can see above there is pattern and colour options to suit everybody and most mesh body fits are included in the pack.Limited promo price of just $99L ! ArisAris offer Sweet tea tights Duh!
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igotdressed 2017-01-14 14:41:54

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hair ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Joanne. @ the epiphany sweater EVANI-Sofi sweater @ the epiphany shoes :PARKER: James.Chucks. RARE .@ the epiphany drink brocante. water bottle / white @ the epiphany backdrop SEUL – Poster Wall Blank @ the epiphany panties  SPIRIT – Wina panties [Maitreya Lara]   socks n/a

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Fripperies!(Freebie n Dollarbie).

The last 2 items I rezzed turned out to be the best.  Spent some time in SL and the Marketplace just rummaging for hidden treasures and when I filled a folder full I TPed home and unpacked and binned until I actually got to the last 2 items which are definitely blogworthy. This mirror was something I was going to bin once I’d taken the pictures, I have to keep my invent under control, but I’m actually going to keep it I was that impressed with it! I actually rezzed it next to me and it’s a pretty darn big mirror almost the hight of my AV, but then again I’m not a towering Amazonian AV.  Then I slapped it on the wall zoomed back and I think I might keep it, not on this wall but I might change this to the wall next to my dressing table or in the studio or actually just shove it back in my invent LOL.  So many decisions and since my home is still all out of kilter I can’t really think too much about adding anything to it until I’ve sorted the mess out.… Read the restxxxmirroruse

igotdressed 2017-01-14 06:02:44

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shape igotdressed -vendetta shape bento/maitreya hat .random.Matter. – Around The World – Bucket Hat [Black]@ the epiphany body wrap/harness .Quirky. – Lethal Set @ the epiphany septum [CX] Sacrosanct Set @ the epiphany hair !lamb. Thieves Like Us (Mesh) – Grayscale Pack skin DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Ronda” Eastern panties  Maddict Risque – Black Panties Maitreya

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igotdressed 2017-01-14 02:55:50

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pose Le Poppycock   “eyecandy” bottle  brocante. @ the epiphany top/jeans KITJA – Karina Outfit @ Kustom 9 hair little bones. Olympia @ Collabor88 boots Rebel Gal :: Bella Leather Boots. backdrop RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Rooftop Sky RARE  

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Post #1045 DOUX

Hair: DOUX – Uncombed Hairstyle | TMD Glasses: MINIMAL – Bond Glasses -Gold- Skin/Applier: -Labyrinth- Brock Coat: ::K:: British Duffle Coat Homme Black | TMD Chinos: [Pumpkin]Slim chinos Shoes: [VALE KOER] Concrete Shaman Crate: tarte. blanket crate Concrete: [NikotiN] Concrete Block | N E W Champagne Boxes: [NikotiN] Champagne Boxes (stack) | N E W Champagne Bottle: [NikotiN] Champagne Bottle […]

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✽✽ It Girl wears the It Things! ✽✽

Every once in awhile I find that “it” item that you can wear with anything. Seriously this fur stole can be worn down, up, fancy or uptown. You pick how you like it. Right now it is worn with jeans and top from Blueberry whereas the other day I wore it with a Grand Entrance […]Read Post ›

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“Let it snow, let it snow, let it..WTF it’s melted!”(Freebie).

Blimey I was having a nice natter with someone who has returned to SL after quite a break and I’m always facinated by how much change people see with things such as mesh etc.  Anyhow time was running short and since in the background was some rather spectacular fireworks I took the opportunity to pull a few poses and snap away. This dress is a new FREEBIE from Entice and once you’ve grabbed it, hopefully the LM should take you right to it, if not then it’s in the first main room to your left, then continue  through the shop, through the open courtyard and on the back wall is some Lucky Chairs and other Group Gifts and TBH you have will seen them all if not on this blog then probably any you follow. Sadly I didn’t catch the fireworks in all their glory in this picture but I was outta time. Comes with a Hud and now I can’t remember how many colour options you have but it’s probably 3 for the top and skirt and you can wear them as separates which makes them super handy.  … Read the restxxxfireurb

igotdressed 2017-01-13 06:28:40

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tattoo  DAPPA – Pharaoh Tattoo. @ Men’s only month. hair *barberyumyum*71O choker SEUL – Kym Lace-up Choker – Onyx nipple plaster SPIRIT – Jae tank top

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igotdressed 2017-01-13 05:27:58

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jacket .:villena:. – (Maitreya) Ripped Denim Jacket – Gray @ Kustom 9 bratop (fd) Sweet Satin Bra – Black LARA@ Collabor88 earrings HX: Gold Clout Diamond Hoop Earrings shoes  [VALE KOER] HARLEY SNEAKERHEELS backdrop ::no13::Factory shutter (18LI @ The Mens Dept pants/fishnets Milk Motion @ Collabor88 skin Insol: Catwa Skin Candy hair *barberyumyum*78AHF meshhead CATWA HEAD Catya

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Happy 6th year anniversary Designer Showcase!

Designer Showcase is a monthly fashion event and January marks a special occasion. Happy 6th year anniversary Designer Showcase! Readers, it’s a celebration you don’t want to miss. Have you stopped by? Featured designers range from steady favorites to fresh new faces, and each month, they offer their best creations at discounted prices or exclusive pieces. While you are there, join the group. Designers are celebrating 6 years by offering Designer Showcase VIP group members gifts! Who doesn’t love presents right? Click here for your lift! I’m wearing Outfit: Albino Peacock Rosalie Knit Top and Leather Skirt @ Designer Showcase Anniversary Round!
Hair: Analog Dog – kanpai
Body Parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara and Lelutka Simone Bento
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Diana Oval Bracelet @ Designer Showcase Anniversary Round! Sunshine is wearing: Outfit: Albino Peacock Rosalie Lace Dress @ Designer Showcase Anniversary Round!Read the restwe-rise-or-fall-as-one

igotdressed 2017-01-12 16:58:33

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  sweater O V H .Cassie Sweater .@ Kustom 9 hair little bones cap  members only ( no store landmark for them )    

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igotdressed 2017-01-12 16:24:04

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top/pants [Pumpkin]  @ Kustom 9 bag -ATTIC- Plastic Bags GACHA @ Kustom 9 shoes [VALE KOER] HARLEY SNEAKERHEELS hair [taketomi]_Meisa meshhead .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.0 skin  [theSkinnery] Silke (LeLutka Applier) nails  e.marie // NAILS

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My favourite waste(land) of time, super bargain.

As it happens I wasn’t looking for a bike and I was just going to scroll past but when I noticed only “21 prims” and “10Lds” that grabbed my attention. Pretty darn low prim and I know that even though there has been a prim increase for land owners for those who rent this prim increase may not have been handed down to them so they still have to prim check everything. A bit of a close-up so you can see pretty good details for those prims.  Of course, it’s ridable with a standard menu.  I should have actually stood beside it to show off that this is a damn good size for a woman/small AV but of course that doesn’t mean a man sized AV wouldn’t fit it’s unisex but basically if you’ve struggled to find one for your smaller AV then try this one.  At only 10Lds it’s worth the risk.  I bought this from the Marketplace but I’ve spotted that there is an inworld demo for you to try. When I grab a bike I always end up at “The Wastelands”.… Read the restxxxbike2use