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Because Dragon – Twisted Hunt “Magick” starts March 1

You may or may not be aware that the Twisted Hunt is currently lurking in a dark corner, waiting to spring itself on people starting March 1.  This hunt, without a doubt and immodest about it, is the most difficult hunt on the grid.  If you are planning to hunt, and you expect to find the item (a Hellraiser style Lament textured cube, probably spinning, most likely purple or invisible…who knows?) in under a minute, then you are sadly mistaken. Merchants are allowed up to ten visible decoys.  However, and let me stress this point, they are also allowed as many invisible (read stuck inside walls, floors, or otherwise not visible to the naked eye unless you are cheating) decoys as they want.  This includes renaming bits and bobs to match that of the actual item.  Good news, though!  If you don’t use wireframe and/or area search, you will likely find the box a bit faster.  After all, though merchants are not required to give hints, many do. It is advisable to join the hunt group, as tireless volunteers give out the latest hints from the various locations. … Read the rest




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Twisted Time! Grim Reaper Bumper Cars and Whack-a-Noob Game


Weather! or not? is proud to be a sponsor for this round of the Twisted Hunt, and we've gone all out making our prize and gacha. Everything (minus the noob head sculpts!) was built meticulously from scratch and we poured a ton of work into making these things as awesome as we possibly could with custom mesh, sounds, animations, lights, and scripting.

First is our prize - the Whack-a-Noob game.

 Admit it, everyone has wanted to whack a noob at some point or another, and now you can! Complete carnival game with counter, effects, and all the bells and whistles.

Then we have the Grim Reaper Bumper Car Gacha! These bad boys come in 18 different color and finish combos including bone and chrome, will seat 1-2 avatars, and come chock full of sound and light effects. Totally original design and built from the ground up with twisted attention to detail. $L75 a play with two rare Twisted Carnival mods.

And while you're at it, come give them a spin at the Grim Reaper Bumper Car Disco and Game Room!… Read the rest

Sn@tch Humpday Specials!

It's time for another Woeful Wednesday at Sn@tch and we have some other fab deals too! this set of Gothic Neckties come in 8 Patterns and they're unrigged mesh with a resize script included. So cute with just a simple top, vest or tank or you can fit it over your shirt collars and only $50 L this week!
We also have some NEW Riot Vendor Stuff including a  sexy cropped sweater, Gothic Jeans that will match and a gorgeous long Gothic Low-Backed Gown. All can be had for cheap if enough people are around
 The Twisted Hunt-Fall has also begun and Sn@tch has the perfect horror carnival ride...a Zombie Carousel of the Living Dead. It has gore and moaning and spinning and poses are included so you can ride while it plays it's erie song! Click the easel at the front of the store for a hint and news of Sn@tch Twisted Extras. GL finding that little evil spinning box of doom! I didn't hide it very well lol
And we have a ton of hot new releases too but I'll show you that again later LOL. So come see us soon, there's so much to see at Sn@tch!… Read the rest

Sn@tch Specials Every Wednesday!

The Sn@tch-n-Grab Special today is this set of Baseball Jerseys with Stars in 10 Bright Colors. Lolas Tango Appliers Included TOO and all for $69 L this week ONLY :))

the Riot Vendors are Freshly Packed too with These 3 Adorable Fatpacks! Get them all for Super Low Prices when enough People Gather Around the Riot Vendors!
I also just refilled the Lucky Boards too so come on over!
Here's a Taxi if you Need One

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Sn@tch for TwistedHunt/Delirium

If you hadn't heard yet, the Legendary Twisted Hunt/Delirium has begun today and Sn@tch is a PROUD Sponsor! I've been doing the Twisted Hunts since they began and it's my fave thing all year!

Our Twisted Prize is an "American Horror Story" Inspired build called a Mini Asylum. This is a modified version of our club the Volcano Room and it's perfect for skyboxes and small clubs too!
We also have a Mini Hunt in the main showroom of the store. There are 10 little lock boxes filled with fun accessories and even full outfits. the boxes look like this! 
They're scattered around the main room (and one in the game room) Each one has a hint inside for the next, so see if you can find them ALL. Touch the Easel by the Front Desk for all the details and hints to get you started on your trip into MADNESS Muahahahaaaaa....
Seriously, THE most fun and hardest hunt on the Grid. (My store is easy though) LOL
Come over soon and PLAY!

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Twisted Hunt Spring 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time again… TWISTED HUNT IS BACK!!
Twisted Hunt, holds claim to being the hardest hunt on the grid, and it has to date proved that this statement is true. These hunts are not for the grab’n'dash hunters, there are tricks hidden along the way in this monster of a hunt. This is the 7th hunt since the hunts started, and each one has gotten more and more twisted!
The theme of this hunt is the Arcane – “a journey into the mysterious, an exploration of the mystical, an expedition into ancient rituals, dark rites, and cryptic lore”.
There is no list of hints for this hunt, it is twisted after all, but for a list of participating stores you will want to check out the Official Twisted Hunt Blog Page, or for those of you that wish to just dive straight into the hunting, you want to head for DV8, the starting location.
You have until March 31st, so get Twisted!!

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Celebrating a Twisted Krissmuss!

Twisted Krissmuss is back for another year, and it brings with it a long list of stores on the nice but twisted list that Santa keeps in his back pocket.
This is a special event with a difference, there are around 200 stores participating, and each store has AT LEAST ONE brand spanking new item on offer, though some may have more and others may have older creations joining these.
Each store on the tour will have one new item available for 100L, but this will also be a great sale to get your shopping for Christmas Shopping done as these 100L items are TRANSFERABLE! This is well worth checking out, for more information you should check out the Twisted Krissmuss Event Blog, where there is a list of SLURLS for all the participating stores. There is also a Flickr pool of pictures of some of the goodies.

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Twisted Krissmuss Myrddin Suits

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means buying presents.  Lots and lots of presents.  There's a bit of a hitch in the plan, since the economy's hit everyone pretty hard lately, and that bring me to Twisted Krissmuss.

This annual tradition was set up by the same folks who inflict the Twisted Hunt on the grid twice a year.  The basic premise involves collecting some of the best merchants in Second Life and asking each and every one to make a gift that they will sell for 100L.  The only caveat is the gift or gifts must be Transfer, and the gift(s) must be the same quality as the rest of their products.

This means if a merchant makes big frilly 1000L gowns, then they must make a big frilly gown they'd normally sell for 1000L and put it out for sale at 100L.  If a merchant makes amazing and expensive latex suits, then that merchant must submit an amazing and expensive latex suit, marked down to 100L.  In other words, you're going to get some real deals this Holiday season.… Read the rest