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Find Your Balance

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Credits:  top: Vinyl - Marley Tee Cami pants: Blueberry - Sylvia hair: Truth - Karlie seagulls: !Ohmai - Seagulls
pose: Tuty's - Iconic Girl location: Izzie's 

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My rl puppy would not fit in:)

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Puppy bag - Tuty's, marketplace, giftNecklace - Moon Amore, giftJumpsuit - Garbaggio, New @ Cosmopolitan Shoes - Wertina

meet my doggie Louis:)

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The Waiting

" The lover's fatal identity is precisely this: I am the one who waits." ~ Roland Barthes Continue reading →

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What Doesn’t Show

“Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show.” – Christian Dior Continue reading →Read the restWhat Doesn't Show

Spring Fresh

Spring Fresh! Continue reading →

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The Ocean Refuses No River

Sink into your eyes and all I see Love is an ocean And you for me Sink into your eyes Your eyes Are all I see Your love is an ocean An ocean refuses no river Ever so lonely An ocean refuses no river Continue reading →

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The Promise

If you need a friend Don't look to a stranger You know in the end, I'll always be there But when you're in doubt And when you're in danger Take a look all around, and I'll be there Continue reading →

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In Purple

“If you wear a short enough skirt, the party will come to you.” ~ Dorothy Parker Continue reading →

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“Cock your hat. Angles are attitudes.” ~ Frank Sinatra Continue reading →

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Turning Page

 skin: al vulo- Livia _ natural dark brow claveage bronzehair: Magika [Hair+] Unknown
dress & belt: .:KC:. AERYN //New
ring: !NFINITY GLAM Ring Gold Pearl now @ [ROOM69]
necklace: :: D-Style - Necklace w spikes //New
cuff: [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold
TuTys - Mesh Pet Carrier - Chiwawa
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant -pose: - ELEUTHERIA - 0002 - 008   

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~A Beguiling Tango~

Second Life is rich with creative people…each one expressing their genius in his or her own inimitable way.  Each time I set out to explore this amazing virtual world, I am awestruck with the depth of skill and attention to detail that goes into creating beauty, form and function out of pixels.  Pouring your heart and soul into producing something from your imagination is tough enough in First Life…add the challenges of translating that same work into pixels, on a computer, and you start to appreciate the dedication and perseverance required to do so. I always feel honored and blessed that I have had the good fortune of becoming friends with truly artistic people in Second Life and one of those friends is someone I particularly cherish.  Jillar Lamar is not only an incredibly talented digital artist, in SL, she also has the ability to translate that eye for beauty into the landscape of her Second Life world. The Beguiled; Art Gallery and Studio is where you will find the collective works from Jilla and where you will also find yourself immersed in a lush, whimsical landscape that invites you to slow down, wander the grounds and take in all the enchanting details. … Read the rest~A Beguiling Tango~

Never rub another man’s rhubarb!

Top 10 Life Tips!

So I have been working quietly on putting together a TOP 10 list of helpful life hints. Some of these are stuff around the house, others are for your body, and others are for the Zombie Apocalypse time. You know, stuff you should know just in case the shit goes down and you’re flying solo. 1. Baby Wipes. I know we all know about these… but have you ever thought of using them for your ADULT butt? Honestly, this isn’t something people like to talk about – but baby wipes really are much more tender on the ol’ bottom. Try it, and you’ll never go back to just toilet paper. 2. Yogurt. Recently, I had the flu of all flu’s. I was literally sitting on the toilet and vomiting into a bucket at the same time. It was fucking horrifying. My naturapathic doctor told me that when things settle down, to eat some yogurt. You see, your system gets FLUSHED of all the good bacteria in it during the illness. Eating the yogurt helps bring back some of those helpful bacteria and regulate your body again.… Read the restgoatswood

Women of Afghanistan

In my last post I stumbled onto a great mesh bag by BoHo HoBo, which led me to the shop. I was very happy to check out some great Mesh tops by the designer Trill Zapatero. She has several venues dedicated to Afghanistan and helping those impoverished by the war. In fact, she told me her proceeds all go to RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, a human rights and social justice cause for women’s education, children’s services, as well as hospital and refugee centers. The Trillia sim has art, clothing, and educational services talking about RAWA and what you can do to help this movement. I suggest you start by purchasing these great sweater tops I’ve photoed for this post. For more information or to get involved, I would contact Trill Zapatero. She’s wonderfully charming and eager for help spreading the word about RAWA. Here is a direct SLurl to the BoHo HoBo Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Trillia/217/24/28 From there, you can continue exploring the sim and everything is has to offer!… Read the restpatchwork1

Better Days Will Come

Better Days Will Come - (Click Here for larger image)
Better days will come, they told me.  Standing in the rain waiting for my bus, a taxi, anything to get me to Vintage Fair 2012.   The rain sleeting down like no tomorrow, splashing up from lucid puddles, mocking me.

Missed the Bus - (click here for larger image)

I'll never get there at this rate.  But don't let that stop you!  Visit the Seraphim blog for full covereage, including Gallery of delicious vintage finds at this year's Vintage Fair 2012, and be sure to take a Map  Vintage Fair 2012: Map and SLURL's

Waiting for the Rain - (click here for larger image)

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits:
[essencial] Dolce Dark Tan Skin - on Classic @ Vintage Fair 2012
Eclectica 'Nouveau Leaves' Jewelry - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
Faster Pussycat - Memsh PencilSkirt, Red - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
GizzA - Elegant Steps Glasses, Belt, Collar, Hat, Stockings, Top - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
Romantic - 40's vintage hairstyle by TuTy's - on CHIC @ Vintage Fair 2012
Poses by CheerNo - @ Vintage Fair 2012
Alex Strap Shoes by G Field
Lashes 6 by .ploom.Read the rest

Retro Funk at Vintage Fair

[Click for larger image]
It's right around the corner!  Shopkeepers are burning the midnight oil, putting on the shine, pulling out all the stops, polishing the racks, rolling out the carpet, and bringing out their finest vintage fashions and retro wares for your shopping pleasure.  It's Vintage Baby!  And with three full sims bursting at the seams with awesomeness, the Vintage Fair 2012 is going to be an event you won't want to miss!

Vintage Fair 2012 opens August 4th through the 29th, and today I'd like to give you a little sneak preview of  some of what's to come from a few of the fabulous creators you'll find there. Today's little number is the "Funky Girl" dress and "Peaceful Flower Necklace - Woodland" by Curious Kitties. This is a mesh dress and totally shag-tastic with the 60's influenced print and wide vinyl belt.  Shake and shimmy the night away and don't worry, this thoughtfully designed mesh comes carefully crafted with an underside to the skirt as well as the bust area, so there's no peek-a-boo invisible hollow av underside to worry about.… Read the rest