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#329 Skin Fair 2015 – Sn@tch

Today I am showing you some of the truly dramatic make-up Sn@tch have released for the Skin Fair 2015.  

Above I am showing the Cabaret Full Makeup which I absolutely adore, so bold and dramatic, and so easy to wear, I can definitely see these being pulled out for numerous blog posts in the future.

Below is the Nefertiti Eye Makeup, very exotic and mysterious and in a fantastic range of shadow colours.  I have a thing for eyeliner, particularly flips or wings, so these are very me.  There is plenty more to see at the Sn@tch shop at Skin Fair 2015, and I highly recommend you hop over there when crowds allow, and pick some dramatic bargains up.

Skin:  Sn@tch for Skin Fair 2015Hair:  Truth - DeltaEyes:  Adored - Glacier 

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What is your perception of Second Life? Challenge

This week’s Monday Meme suggestion comes once again from the multi talented Mr. Draxtor Despres. A few days ago he put out a video of Loki Eliot sharing what his perception of SL is, you can view that on Draxtor’s youtube channel. He then suggested I ask my blog readers to also share their perception […] The post What is your perception of Second Life? Challenge by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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#803 Un océan pour seul refuge

If you're in love with Lovecraft's world and/or Jules Verne's novels, I can advise you two events: the first one "Lovecraft's Wake" is going through March 22nd, the second event is the third round of "A Tattered Page" organised by Cursed Events which will run till March 31st.
Also I share with you another new skin you can buy at the Skin Fair 2015. This skin exists in a large choice of tones and has a lot of options. It can be used by classic avatars and The Mesh Project ones.

Credits :

Hair : Truth - Snow meshSkin : Jumo - Alexa Skin (for The Mesh Project) NEW Skin FairEyes : Buzzeri - Lillian EyesGown : Facade Noir - Sonia Gown mesh NEW Lovecraft's WakeShoes : Pure Poison - Secret Key Pumps mesh NEW Collabor88Necklace : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Meleagrina Asteroidea Necklace mesh NEW A Tattered PageEarrings : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Meleagrina Earrings mesh NEW A Tattered Page
Poses : Purple Poses - Aria Poses Set

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Smile For The Camera

Hello Everyone! One of my favorite fun items from current The Arcade round is the Glam Life Gacha from Rowne,  especially the wearable paparazzi I've taken to my heart. My Ribald Butler from Mutresse is trying  to protect me from flashlights. It's a former Arcade item but it is available at their mainstore now.  More credits below: Credits: dress: Junbug - Betty's Gown hair: Truth - Avena award: Rowne - Best Lead Role (@ The Arcade) skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin (@ Skin Fair) pose: Bauhaus Movement - Zerkalo butler: Mutresse - Ribald Butler Decency Protector paparazzi: Rowne - Paparazzi (@ The Arcade) location: Sable Club

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#327 Skin Fair 2015 – Lumae goes back to the fifties

Today's post is a bit of a mishmash - because I have a heap of Skin Fair goodies I want to show, it started purely as a Skin Fair post for Lumae, but then when I tried the skin on I got the feeling it might fit a fifties style furniture post I had been putting together in my blogging room.  So I dug through my inventory and found the dress I was thinking of wearing with the furniture (does that sentence sound as weird as I think it does?), and then it all fell together.  So instead of doing a plain Skin Fair post it has become a skin, fashion and furniture post, as if I didn't already have enough on my blogging plate!

I haven't tried anything from Lumae (or Aeva) for a few years, but I love this skin so much, and that it has a freckles option makes it even better.  It is fresh and pretty but not too young looking.  Mr Maddaloni logged on when I was just adjusting my necklace, and almost the first words out of his mouth were "oh I love that skin!", and about five minutes later he said "that skin is really hot".… Read the restPost #325 Skin Fair - Lumae

Skin Fair Kicks Off – Let’s Talk About Izzie’s

Izzie’s has released a new skin fair exclusive called ROMY and she’s a pretty face with lot of options. I always like Izzie’s skins, she makes a really nice fresh face. What does she include? - skin with dark brows
- skin with light brows
- skin with blonde brows
- skin with ginger brows
- skin with dark brows + cleavage
- skin with light brows + cleavage
- skin with blonde brows + cleavage
- skin with ginger brows + cleavage
- freckles on tattoo layers (face only + body & face)
- 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers
- 10 eyeshadows on tattoo layers
- 2 eyeliner on tattoo layer
- 1 eyebrow tinter on tattoo layer (NEW!)
- 1 eyelash remover (NEW!)
- 1 mod/copy body shape
- 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape I chose to leave the default lip tone as I like it, it’s quite natural and pretty. She also has appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and SLINK, so you can put it on your mesh bod nice as you please. Pick her up at IZZIE’S booth at the SKIN FAIR which is now open. You can hop this taxi and get to the Skin Fair 1 sim - there are TWO.… Read the rest


Skin   Belleza
Hair    TRUTH
Dress      !gO! Jasmin - white

Tattoo    Suicide Gurls   Ganesha @ Skin Fair 2015
Boots   [Mundos] Kachina Heels_TMP,Belleza,SLink,Maitreya 
Pose    label motion

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Long Live the Queen!

Whenever I put on any kind of crown in Second Life, I admit to feeling a bit like royalty. Who wouldn’t though with this crown? It’s just magnificent! Below is a full shot of the crown because even though I love the closeup shot of my face, I really did want to show you the […] The post Long Live the Queen! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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#802 Ville hostile

The new edition of the Skin Fair is running! This event is presented by Pale Girl Productions & Essences. It is sponsored by La Petite Morte, Entice, Loud Mouth, Silken Moon, Designer Showcase, Loveme Skins, Zibska, 7 Deadly S{k}ins, Fifi & Trixi, Aeros, Deesses, Otherskin.
The fair showcases new and exclusive skins, makeups, tattoos, and mesh body parts from over 120 of your favorite designers from around the grid. It includes skins and makeup that would appeal to everyone including men and women, children, fantasy, and even mesh avatars! 

The fair covers two sims this year which is good news for everyone because that means more people can shop at once. There is a strict script policy at the fair. Please come in as little as possible but as the sims are PG, please make sure that all private parts are covered. Detach all objects that you may be wearing. This will allow for a better shopping experience for all. We suggest wearing system clothes for the event.… Read the rest


skin: alterego “kensi-honey” @skinfair2015 – NOW OPEN!
top: blueberry “aria – leather bustier” new!
skirt: cynful “P.A.C. leather skirt” @catwabikerchoice
heels: cynful “P.A.C. chain heels” @catwabikerchoice
hair: truth “bexley” new!
bangles: chary “gaia – gold / modded”
necklace: maxi gossamer “vallari”
eyes: ikon “sovereign – hazel” new!
Tagged: alterego, blueberry, catwa's biker choice, chary, cynful, ikon, maxi gossamer, skin fair, truth

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In Living Color

How many of us have predominantly black, grey, and white clothing? How many homes have all white walls and neutrals with a “pop” of accent color? We don’t have achromatopsia, so why do we live like we do? Why are neutrals considered more tasteful than active, vibrant colors?  Did you know that those classic white statues from ancient Rome and Greece were not originally white? They were painted and full of bright gaudy color. I wonder sometimes if the centuries of elevating their pristine monochromatic grandeur are why we are so shy with color in our lives today.
  Well, one of the wonderful things about Second Life® is that you can indulge your love of color in a low stakes environment. If you want cornflower blue walls and multicolored cushions and far too many colors for any one to be an accent, you can do it and enjoy all the vibrancy and energy color brings to your life – without worrying about having to spend hours repainting those walls  if it does not work for you.… Read the rest150310_003

LOTD#291 Destruction

Hair: Truth - Ramsey - New
Skin: Essences - {Bijoux} medium01 - New 
Lipstick: Essences - {Bijoux: Lipstick 07} - New 
Cigarette: [NikotiN] - Cigarette Jamaica
Tattoo: *PerveTTe* - Dark Forest - New @anyBODY
Jeans Jacket: MoDANNA - [Trompeur Collection] Jeans Jacket Dark Blue - New @Whore Couture Fair
Top and Pants: MoDANNA - [Trompeur Collection] Two-Piece Black  - New @Whore Couture Fair
Shoes: Glamistry - LINARIA Heels [PF1016] - New
Hands: SLink Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1 
Feet: SLink Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Mesh Body: [Banned] - [Banned] Dea Mesh Body
Pose: Luxury Poses - Isis

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#324 Skin Fair 2015 – Belleza

Here I am with another mammoth Skin Fair 2015 preview post, this time for Belleza, whose skins I wore almost exclusively till I realised that as a blogger I needed to ring the changes and experiment with other skins.  Even so, my love of Belleza skins has never left me so I was thrilled to see that they had a new skin available at the Skin Fair 2015, and Tess is a real beauty, and comes with a whole heap of options.  

Deep Tan 

Tess comes in 10 makeups and includes 6 brow options, cleavage layers, hair bases, blush, freckles, moles, matte/gloss lips and includes all 7 skin tones (fair, pale, medium, sunkissed, tan, deep tan & mocha) per purchase.  Fat pack, lip bundle and shape are all available separately.
I am showing you in this post all the skin tones and a selection of the make-ups available in each tone, along with some of the different brow options.





Now the full body shot (wearing sunkissed, my favourite from their range) - the body definition, particularly the midriff, on Belleza skins is, in my opinion, one of the best on the grid.… Read the rest#234 Skin Fair - Belleza

Paper Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2015

Can we say OH EM GEE???  Paper Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2015 is AMAZING. Helyanwe has managed to satisfy the needs of many by including regular skins, TMP head installers AND Slink Visage installers – CAN WE SAY OH EM GEE?? AGAIN??? I opted for the gorgeous Cake skintone but the skins are available in so many, like SO many tones, and you can get appliers for almost everything you can think of, and god bless having an all in one Slink body/hands/feet applier! YES! There are three makeups to choose from, all of them stunning in their own way, whether you want vivid reds or pinky pastels, or even a nude lip.  Stunning and gorgeous in all ways.  Also available are appliers for Souls Kisser Mouths which I blogged about just mere days ago (and will be at the Skin Fair) and other mouths/lips too! Also worn is a new item from Wimey, the gorgeous forehead tiara that you can find in a Gacha machine at Luck of the Irish, along with a bunch of other goodies for both men and women!… Read the restPaper Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2015

Adam N Eve at Skin Fair 2015

Adam N Eve by designer sachi Vixen is at skin fair with two new skins that will be exclusive to Skin Fair starting March 13th. I am showing you the new skin Chelsea. Chelsea is a gorgeous base skin with a bunch of included options: 6 brow colors (including no brow option), 3 cleavage options, and tintable moles, freckles, blush and glow on seperate tattoo layers. Makeup is sold seperately right next to the base skin packs. It is on seperate tattoo layers and it is a lot of fun to play with and mix n match. I made a collage with some of the seperate make up layers that are available for Chelsea below (around the larger picture of the base skin). 

     Chelsea is available in 6 skin tones. Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, slink hands/ feet appliers, and slink visage head as well as quite a few other body parts are available seperately as well. I am showing you this skin applied to my Slink Physique in this post. Make sure you stop by the Adam N Eve booth at skin fair and try the demos of this gorgeous new skin!… Read the rest

LOTD#290 Something That I Already Know

Hair: Truth - Bexley - New
Skin: Essences - {Bijoux} pale02 - New 
Lipstick: Essences - {Bijoux: Lipstick 01} - New 
Ears: Mandala - Unisex [Mandala] Steking Ears Season 5
Clutch: Emporium - Dylan Clutch 1 (Gold) - New - gacha item - @Irish Gacha Fair (starts on March 10)
Outfit: Sentinus Design - Tild Outfit - New @Room69
Shoes: Sentinus Design - Lissa Shoe - New @Room69
Hands: SLink Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1 
Feet: SLink Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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Skin Fair – Skin Review, La Petite Morte

Skin Fair is just around the corner and the one thing I can’t stress enough is to demo EVERYTHING. We all use different windlight settings, affecting the way we see things on our monitors. Everyone has different monitor settings that may cause things to seem brighter or darker. And not only that, the shapes that designers use for the skins in the pictures may not look anything like your shape and it can have a drastic impact on how the skin looks on you. Another thing worth mention is the way in which skin stores display their vendors. Some have little bottles coloured with the skin tone, others have a box with a texture. But the way a skin colour looks on a flat texture prim compared to the SL Avatar or mesh body is different. A prime example is the way in which La Petite Morte displays their skin options. The pic above is how you will see the options for purchasing. If you were to rely on thee images you would get a different skin tone if you bought blindly. DEMO’s are your friend!… Read the restSkin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 1

Lesson Learned: Too Busy

“I don’t have time to worry about who doesn’t like me because I’m too busy loving the people who love me.” - unknown CREDITS Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bexley
Eyeshadows:[theSkinnery] Monarch Eye makeup 1 @ The Chapter Four
Lipstick: Pink Acid Anna Lips & Teeth – Natural Pink
Dress: ISON – Wednesday dress (light blue) @ C88
Coat: NYU – Loose Overcoat, Blue @ Fameshed
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Secret Love Letter Locket – Group @ C88
Tights: ~Cannibelle~ Micronet Tights – Black
Shoes: -ATTIC- Wrapped Dress Shoes Blue @ TMD
Pose: Del May What to do?
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In the Flesh

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” ~ Yves Saint-Laurent Continue reading →

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Family Portrait

Credits: dress: Pixicat- Wonderland Dress Nr 1 black (@ The Arcade) ring: Yummy - Twin Peaks Ring Audrey (@ Collabor88) hair: Truth - Delphine (@ Uber) skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin peach (soon @ Skin Fair) cats (hold): Pixicat- Wonderland Basket Cat RARE + Cat Nr 1 RARE (@ The Arcade) car: Consignment - Bluebird Cuddle Van (@ Collabor88) cat (car): Ionic - Elian Kitty (gacha item) house: Apple Fall - Rural Farmhouse RARE (@ Chapter Four) sheep: Sweet Revolutions - Static Sheep Family
location: Izzie's (new redecorated for spring!)  

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