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A little bit country

I grew up in the country and live in a city. I have enjoyed the benefits and put up with the inconveniences of both rural and urban life and in the end, I choose the city. Still, there are times I miss the country. Listening to some neighbor’s car alarm last night, random noises from […]

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My New Furry Friend

Every days it’s the same thing. He goes off to work and I am left all alone. I mean sure I get things done while he is gone, but it gets lonely, especially when he works late or goes on trips.I mean we have a cat, but she is so independent and well jus…

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Leaving for work

My level’s too high

Pose: A graceful fall #3, #6 – Elephante poses [Pose Fair: 19th April - 3rd May] [Using Tillie's posestand]Hair: Faye – TruthSkin: Sylvia – Glam affairEyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affairLashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – BeetlebonesNecklace: Poll…

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My level's too high (1)

LOTD # 053

Body: Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Anika Bronze Nat CL - DESIGNER CIRCLE Mesh Ears: Egozy.Mesh Ears  (Light Fair) Freckles: Egozy.(Freckles)v.Medium Moles: -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Moles 2 Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kerri 2 Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1  S Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat Manicure: Deesses Skins: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Colored nails Clothes: […]

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  hair: truth “elyse” – new skin: glam affair “vera” lashes: redgrave teeth: illmatic eyes: dead apples top: cynful @ monochromatic fair jeans: alterego flip flops: maitreya piercings+rings+necklace: cute poison navel piercing: pekka bangles: random matter ears: mandala Tagged: alterego, cute poison, cynful, dead apples, glam affair, illmatic, maitreya, mandala, monochromatic fair, pekka, random matter, […]

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The mage

Some more previews from the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opening on 1 May).  Love this asymmetric cloak from {aii} – it goes perfectly with this brand new braid hairstyle from Truth also!

The gown is from Circe, and the gacha prizes also include separate mesh sleeves for this gown (or any other sleeveless dresses lurking in your inventory).

The skin is from Bite & Claw. Noeme comes in a range of different tones, with and without scales,  but I’ve stayed human here with the natural tone. I’m wearing a war paint tattoo from <Kun> on top.

The necklace is the ultra rare Celtic flask from Velvet Whip, while the bracelet is the rare armwrap from Frogstar.  The beaded belt comes from Tiar and is the ultra rare texture change version of the price (the gacha also contains beaded circlets).
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Let’s Go

I miss the days when I would get off work and come home and GET READY TO GO OUT. It was exciting, that my day was getting ready to get started at 6pm and the night was ahead. Makeup, hair and nails would be freshened up as we headed out into the adventure of the […]

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Shooting Stars Cannot Fix The World

Ohai! I love Zaara. The store I mean. Well, I kinda like the person too but this is mainly about the store because there has been a new release..yay! I have been a massive fan of Zaara’s textures for years now and I every time she releases it’s always the colours that make me drool […]

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Spring BBQ

Spring is finally here officially, though the weather doesn’t seem to very sure. At least in SL we can all pretend its nice warm and spring like. Aphrodite Shops recently release the Spring BBQ set, for your spring BBQ needs. (…)Read the rest of Spring BBQ © Lourdes for Lourdes Denimore, 2014. | Permalink |

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Spring BBQ

On the Go — From DOPE Fashion Week -vibe-, [CA], and From the Cosmetics Fair blackLiquid

I went over to Image Essentials Props and Poses early in the day or late in the night. Which one is it, if it’s 2 a.m. but you haven’t slept yet? I love going over there because Kay Weston set out to create a whole sim suited to photography and art, and put her touch on so many little mini-settings. I go over there from time to time just to see what’s new.

When I pan back on a shot, it’s because I just feel the energy and warmth of a place I visit, and want to show more than just a girl in a dress and leggins. There’s something special about tapping into one another’s imaginations. I get to dip into hers, and when I put on designs from people around the grid, I get to dip into theirs as well.

DOPE Fashion week is now at it’s midway point. I’ve showed a few items and have a few more I hope to get out before it ends this weekend. It’s great because its for Urban Wear and it’s a theme I don’t do a lot with otherwise. When I get a few pieces, from those who are participating, I’ve had fun pushing the envelope, and pushing myself just a smidge as well.

I don’t think any of us would enjoy life if we found ourselves living in a rut. I cannot stand boredom. I think it’s a cardinal sin, if there is such thing as a cardinal sin. The moment I even think I’m in a rut, I’m rushing around in my head to find something fresh, some new direction, and of course, always a new way t (Read more...)


Pose: Shattered – Kuro [Pose Fair: 19th April - 3rd May] [Using Tillie's posestand]Hair: Samira – TruthSkin: Erin – LeagueEyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affairLashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – BeetlebonesTop: Rachel ruffle sweater – TeefyRing: Ram…

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LOTD #18

Why do women do some much work to get a man? Think about it for a minute. To impress men, we shower, wash and condition our hair, then either straighten it or curl it depending upon the look we hope to come out with. We do the mani and pedi thing, because God forbid we […]

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Just me and my selfie!

I have so much love for this new hair from Truth (Elyse Browns),  its so pretty. Pair it up with the Ikon Eternal Forest Eyes and the most recent skin from  Izzie’s Nomi and what a great selfie it makes!  

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LOTD # 052

Body: Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Anika Bronze Nat CL - DESIGNER CIRCLE Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Coffee Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -06- Natural Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kerri –  variety Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1  S Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium S Clothes: Cardigan: {SMS} Long Cardi Black Bustier: Zaara : [Mesh] Natasha bustier *black floral* Skirt: Tee*fy Su Pencil Skirt  Black – Collabor 88 […]

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#611 Dans un camaïeu de vert

If you are a shopping addict there are several current events you mustn’t miss:- The Spring edition of the Cosmetic Fair organized by Ekilem Melodie which will go through April 30th- The Pose Fair 2014 hosted by Hottie Cooterati which is running till M…

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LoTD – Slow it Down

Sometimes in life you just have to slow it down, take your time, we spend our lives rushing about doing this, that, the other, fitting in.. no.. cramming in everything and anything we can to try and get all the things done.  Just Slow it Down… My look today was modelled around 2 items!  The […]

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LoTD - Slow it Down


I believe it was a week ago when Ms. Magenta DeVinna asked hair designers on plurk to create a style with curlers in it. I was anxiously waiting to see what Mr. Hawks would do, and he definitely did not let me down. When I saw this do, the first thought I had in my […]

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Just a longing gone without a trace

I haven’t blogged much from Fameshed this round but it is there for a few more days – be sure to get there and pick up this adorable dress from Zenith. Super cute. Super fun.Truth released two pretty styles this week and I am wearing one of them; Elyse…

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Newness at Truth

Truth has released two new hairs for you to fall in love with…and they are gorgeous!  Try a demo now and then add them to your hair collection!Swept up in curlers, Betsy is perfect for your picture taking or just when you want to kick back at ho…

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Setting Goals and Reaching Them — Featuring *Living Imagination*, **Feel** and Pink Acid from DOPE Fashion Week

Winning and accolades come randomly. I really didn’t know I was entered in a contest during the SAVIAD Spring Fair. I felt so honored to be included, it was a sense of acceptance, and a feeling of growing up into this image of myself that I wanted to be some 2 years ago when I began this leg of my life’s journey in fashion and modeling in Second Life.

I had a specific idea where I wanted to go, and worked at it diligently. I knew that everything takes time, and steps are small at first, and then you learn to run. By the time I was recognized by the team at SAVIAD along with two other amazing bloggers, I found myself right where I wanted to be, and such a sense of wonder and comfort simultaneously for getting there.

I’ve received a few items to blog since SAVIAD ended, including this amazing dress – Silent Flowers – from Living Imagination. The privilege to work with the designers who participate in Couturier’s Dock makes me smile. It’s a culmination of so many specific decisions and activities. There were Linden involved in the win, but that has never been a goal of mine, nor will it. I just wanted to find my niche in this world, an acceptance that tells me what I do has value to others, helps in some way, and fills a need. It’s a process, a determination, and so when I found myself here, putting together the style for Living Imagination, I just exhaled with delight at the opportunity.

I know that in many ways, I̵ (Read more...)