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Hair: Truth ~ Focus 
Head: Catwa ~ Jessica V4.3
Eyes: Ikon ~ Promise Eyes/Nymph

♥Shirt: Nitely ~ Demetria Shirt @ Suicide Dollz
Skirt: Blueberry ~ Harlow
♥Shoes: Zombie Suicide ~ Ipsy Shoes

Necklace: Redmint ~ Posture Collar ~ No.02
♥Nose: Punch ~ Beaded Nose Chain @ Suicide Dollz
Pic #1
Come Soon Poses ~ Guitar Girl 01 ::Gatcha Item::3

Pic #2
Something New ~ Blog Me 1 @ Thrift Shop
Tabou Irresistable ~ Cuteh4
Ploom ~ Present II

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promises made for convenience

Uber is back for another round with an Androgyny theme. I can't wait to see what designers will be releasing for this round! A sneak peek from the upcoming round is in the pic about where I am wearing Erratic.  LOVING the loose tank, Jessica, and the briefs, Cameron, are great too. They fit Maitreya like a gloveee. I paired them with Izzie's Tube Socks for Maitreya and Deadwool boots that are unisex. Both of those items are available in their mainstores.

Hair is another new one from Truth. Perfect length, love the semi quirky style. Big two thumbs up on this one.

If you all are loving the Androgyny theme after shopping Uber this round, don't forget to stop by the monthly Gen Neutral event.

P.S. If you want to know what any of the deco stuff is in the pic, please write me in world and I will be happy to share the info!

Sophia Harlow

erratic / cameron - jersey briefs / black (maitreya) - Coming Soon to Uber
erratic / jessica - loose tank / white (maitreya)  - Coming Soon to Uber
-Belleza- Beauty Mark 2  
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
ieQED dream.ring.set.all.right [MAITREYA 20] 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver)
[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black - 
Deetalez Skin Miranda black Eastern 
Izzie's - Tube Socks (Black)
IKON Triumph Eyes - Black 
pose: Signature

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Remember When You Were Mine

Truth released two new hair styles and they are gorgeousss. I am wearing Amoret and I might wear it for the next month. At least.

Vinyl had a store release of these fantastic tops. Love the neckline on them and also the creases. Perfect.

The little glimpse of my jeans is a peek at the next release from Maitreya. I believe these biker jeans are due to be released tomorrow. They are fantastic. Just perfection as you would expect from Maitreya.  Soonnnn they can be yours!

Sophia Harlow

Maitreya Biker Jeans All Colors (Booties) * Lara mesh body  - NEW - Coming Soon
Vinyl - Staley Top Maitreya  NEW
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3 
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver) 
-Glam Affair - LeLutka Mesh Head Applier 
Pose: flowey

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My Spirit Calls Yours

Logo has released v3.0 of their Alex mesh head. If you haven’t received the update as of yet, you can head down to the Logo mainstore and hit the redelivery terminal. There are quite a few updates to Alex this time around and you can see a full list of them in this Logo blog […] The post My Spirit Calls Yours by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Willis @ Izzies

This is Willis! ITS ME! IN SKIN FORM!  Izzie released this the other week and I have been sitting on this skin, eager to blog it… when better than now?!  It’s been out a week so the store won’t be rammed and you can go get it!   She comes in all the usual Izzie goodness tone wise, appliers available in store if you don’t have them already and with a TON of options including: So, so many looks all in one go at your finger tips with the magic of LAYERING! HURRAH!  GO DEMO RIGHT NOW! Also in amazing newness is this hair from Truth, OH EM GEE – LOOKATIT.  So beauty, much wow.… Read the restWillis @ Izzies

The More I Love Gatsby

Sometimes it’s the revisiting of words you’ve glossed over that reveals nuggets you hadn’t previously divined. You spin the words through your brain, and one time across them is different than the others. What’s changed? Not the words. The words are the same. But something in you caused them to give up a greater meaning than the last time you passed them by. Words said by Gatsby, that great idealistic lover, seem to ring home to me lately. I hear them, both his logic and his dreamers ideal, and they feel more true than they used to. Not that it means too much in the grand scheme of things, but maybe just thinking on things allows you to make peace how very odd things can be. After all, The Great Gatsby himself was quite odd, driven in all he did by a love he was trying to renew, or perhaps to just see if it was still alive. Was Gatsby wrong? Was Gatsby right? I guess it’s a mater of opinion. He ended up dead. That’s not a spoiler you cretin, read a book some time ok?… Read the rest

Post #890 ON9

Hair. TRUTH HAIR Louisa november | group gift Head. 21.Genesis Lab. Head Julia 2.0 All Emotions RARE Eyes. Genesis Lab. cosmetics: applied Mint tone Eyeshadow. Genesis Lab. cosmetics: applied Green tone Glasses. HAYSURIZA Glasses London Light gift | On9 Earrings. Meva Tassel Earrings Golden Necklace. Kunglers Extra Dulce necklace – Silver quartz | On9 Ring. ASO! Alphabet […]

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I Always Have a Friend

I don’t know who Cali Rae Turner is but Turner once said “The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.” I have three sisters and from my experience that is not completely true. But it’s true enough. I certainly know that one of my best friends in life has always been my middle sister. Her children are my age, but it doesn’t matter. She and I are the ones who are close and always have been. My earliest memory is of her. I know it is my memory and not a family story because nobody else remembered it, even my sister, until I reminded her. I was 18 months old, had just had my tonsils removed (They grew back!) and was in the hospital in a crib. A nurse came to give me a shot and I kept running away from her, going from one end of the crib to the other. So the nurse had her grab me and hold me still. Betrayal!!! Obviously, I have forgiven her. Since our parents died, she has been my linchpin. She was sick last year, a tortuous battle with breast cancer and brain tumors, but she got through it and has been back at work full-time for about two months.… Read the restThe best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend. ~Cali Rae Turner

Why Workout Clothes are Worth the Money

Thanksgiving is already next week here in the United States. We will be eating turkey, stuffing, casseroles, and pies. On Friday some of us will promise to work out. I’m not sure how many will keep that promise. Luckily there is a new brand that just released some cute workout clothes! Stairs are great for … Continue reading Why Workout Clothes are Worth the Money

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Hi lovelies!  It’s that time of year again where snow falls, and all the holiday decorations start popping up, and all the yummies appear in the store, and we get to bundle up in our warm clothes and wear our boots!  I was so excited this year to start decorating for the winter season with my partner.  We are just having a blast.  We found the perfect mesh winter cabin.  And all the fun landscaping winter stuff our hearts could desire and now we get to wear all the new winter releases! I hope you all are having a great start to the winter season!  And I’m glad to say that It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! ❤ Dani Read the restIts Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

can i have a moment before i go

Sophia Harlow

Blueberry - Asia - Leather Jacket - Maitreya - NEW @ Mainstore
TRUTH HAIR Louisa - NEW @ Mainstore
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
ieQED dream.ring.set.all.right  
Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans - Charcoal S
Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans_Belt S 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver) 
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Black 
pose: Del May

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Biker Chick

      Apple May Designs just released some super sexy (very short) tied crop tops that show a lot of underboob. Find them in the main AMD store. Cae is participating in The Mix event this month with these simple charm necklaces, like this mustache. If you get the collection, you can wear one necklace and change the charm into any of 10 charms via HUD. They are each 145L and the whole collection is only 395L for all 10- that's a great deal. 

            Truth sent out a Free group gift, Louisa. If you missed it you can get it re-delivered in the subscriber terminal in the main Truth store. I love this cute slightly side ponytail. Thanks Truth!

Shorts: -Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted - Stripes nr2 (Slink)
Jacket: Addams // Charlize Biker Jacket // Slink
Necklace: Cae :: Charmed 2 :: Necklace :: Collection *The Mix*/ Teleport
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.2
Attached: Slink Hands, Physique
Top: Apple May Designs Tied Tops (Slink Physique) - Black/ Teleport
HAIR: TRUTH  Louisa *FREE* Group Gift
 Boots: CandyDoll_ Arabella Black - Slink Physique
Skin/ Head Applier: Pink Fuel Morgana Apricot
Pose: Exposeur Call the Shots 4

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Get Role Playing with The Forge

I'm getting my role play on tonight with some epic goodies from The Forge!  So if you enjoy your SL with a fantasy or RP twist, check out this awesome store and go gaga over the awesomeness just waiting there for you!

Chained CollarAngel WingsAngelic Staff - a gacha item out now at Kustom 9
Hair - Vanessa from Iconic @ Hairology
Valkyrie Armour
Hair - Libby from Elikatira @ Hairology
Chain Mail VestDiesel Mech ArmDiesel Mech EarpieceBelt HarnessGorged PauldronCerberus Compound Bow (worn on back)Draeger Glaive (in hand)
Hair - Rebel from Truth
Strapped HarnessStomach BeltOperator's HeadsetBarbed BracersOverkill BallerHair - Rebel from Truth

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Why Having the Blues isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Blue is one of my favorite colors. I have read that this means I am trustworthy, a loyal friend, and take my responsibilities seriously. These are all true. Someone had pointed out an article earlier this year that our ancestors may not have even been able to see the color blue. Maybe green would have … Continue reading Why Having the Blues isn’t Always a Bad Thing

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Catwa, Kirsten, and Polls

        Have an opinion on what you like? Good I hope you will participate in the polls in this blog post and let me know what you think. Nobody is more surprised than I am that I have not really taken off my mesh head since I bought it. First of all I did not think I would ever find one that I liked enough to even buy it, let alone for it to take over my avatar and actually be my preference. I thought that if I ever did buy one it would be used for the occasional emotion picture. I did not plan on falling in love with a mesh head- but that is exactly what happened with Catwa Jessica

      I thought I would do a post comparing the shape I have used and loved for 9 years and thought nothing could ever replace, and my mesh head. I also will be showing 5 different skins on this mesh head to show the variety skin appliers provide. Finally, I will be asking you to participate in polls to tell me 1) Catwa Head or Kirsten's Shape, and 2) What skin applier do you like best on my Catwa head?… Read the rest

Blithe on my mind

Hair Louisa by Truth
Annie mesh head by Catwa
applier Keira by Belleza
Layered duffelcoat by GORODEE (@ GEN Neutral)
Celen jeans by Ison
Leather knee boots by Ison (@ Collabor88)  This pic is taken at Blithe. It’s one of my favorite sims lately. Such a pretty autumn forest! I want to live there. After Thanksgiving, owner Harlow Heslop is going to do a big seasonal overhaul. Can’t wait to see the magic she’ll work on the sims! If you’re into exploring, there is a photography scavenger hunt going on at Blithe (until November20). It’s great fun hunting down the items that you need to capture on a pic!! (info here) And because I’m in love with the beauty of these sims….. here, have some pics straight from SL!  

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skin & shape: alterego [selene•coming soon]
hair: truth [louisa•groupgift]
top: truth [flaunt top•bellezabody]
tattoo: white widow [neverland•@theenchantment•nov14]
horns: contraption [broken taurus]
ears: bentbox [sylvan wears@we♥rp]
nose chain: random matter [faust]
nose bones: random matter [harvester]
septum: le morte [engel]
tears: antielle [dissolution]
spiked lips: cerberusxing
cigarette: nikton [bones]
cuff: le morte x song [funeral]

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skin & shape: alterego [selene•coming soon]
hair: truth [louisa•groupgift]
top: truth [flaunt top•bellezabody]
tattoo: white widow [neverland•@theenchantment•nov14]
horns: contraption [broken taurus]
ears: bentbox [sylvan wears@we♥rp]
nose chain: random matter [faust]
nose bones: random matter [harvester]
septum: le morte [engel]
tears: antielle [dissolution]
spiked lips: cerberusxing
cigarette: nikton [bones]
cuff: le morte x song [funeral]
Tagged: alterego, antielle, bentbox, cerberusxing, contraption, le morte, nikotin, random matter, song, the enchantment, truth, white widow

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Uncanny Valley

One phrase that I hear a lot from people when they describe mesh heads in Second Life is “uncanny valley.” Is that how you feel about them as well? Let’s compare the first picture to the second picture in this post, do they both look like they are from Second Life? In the second picture […] The post Uncanny Valley by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Who’s That Girl

♪ When you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye
She’s trouble, in a word get closer to the fire
Run faster, her laughter burns you up inside
You’re spinning round and round
You can’t get up, you try but you can’t Quien es esa nina, who’s that girl ♫ ❈Brook❈   The post Who’s That Girl appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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