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Searching for whatever’s left of me

Skin:  Glam Affair  @ Collabor88 – Sasha skin – Jamaica 02 NB Eyes: Buzzeri –  Lillian Eyes – Hazel Body:   SLink – Physique Hourglass Mesh Body Hands: SLink – Gesture Nails:  TSG – Square Nail – Mint Sweets Hair:   Truth –  Carmela – Browns Top:  Vinyl for The Mix – Marley 2.0 Cami Tee –  MIX BROWN Cardigan:  fashionably dead – Sweet October Sweater – Snow Pants:  Evani @ The Chapter 4 – Nasty jeans NAVY Shoes:  REIGN – SPENCER FLATS – TAN Necklace 1:  Necklace:  Yummy @ N21 – Tiny Circle Pendant Necklace – Silver Necklace 2:  [Black Tulip] @ The Liaison Collaborative – Simplicity: The Circle – Silver (add) Nose piercing:  Yummy –  Cleopatra Septum & Medusa – Silver Earrings:    Yummy – Diamond Stud Pose:  Imeka –  Sits 01   Decor: Build:  Dust Bunny – lily cottage Table:  Goose @ The Gacha Garden –  Sea la vie side table 1 Basket:  Dust Bunny –  snack basket (modded) Flower cones:  Ariskea @ The Liaison Collaborative –  [ Flowery ] Green Cone //Xoxo, Rosy Cone  //Te amo, &  Happy Cone //Love you Pitcher:  Zerkalo @ Fameshed –  Vintage Spa Rustic – Jug Bench:  Goose @ The Gacha Garden – Sea la vie bed end bench Journal:  #Foxy @ Cosmopolitan – Inspiration Journal – Take Note Blanket:   Half-Deer – Neatly Folded Blankets – White Coffee: #Foxy – Tumbler Style 2 (nude cap) Pens: Half-Deer – Colorful Pens (Read more...)

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February 2016
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My $up3r P0W3r$ – Featuring [SWANK] [R]Allure and Baboom

Super powers have been around for as long as humans have been telling tales, passing down oral tradition and letting the younger generation know what came before theirs. Sometimes it was as simple as retelling a story about a hunt, enlivening the story a bit by exaggeration, the animal so big, the creature so fast, and yet with cunning and creativity, the hunt was yet successful. Ultimately, the super power in a human boiled down to the ability to think through things to overcome obstacles. Rarely did we outclass other species with quickness or strength, but almost always, we could outthink. In modern society, much of life is lived within four walls. Our daydreams contain our super powers, the feats it takes to merely get through the day. We tell stories of overcoming adversity, plowing past stereotypes and winning against slurs that hurt. The phrase "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" remains a truth. Even if much of what we battle seems far removed from those hands on moments of our forefathers, we still muster great personal energy and strength to overcome battles.… Read the rest


Hair    TRUTH HAIR Group Gift Kizzy

Headress    .a. Phryne  rare  @ FGC
slevees     .a. Phryne   @ FGC
Bra    Kibitz - Freyja  onyx RARE  @ FGC
Tattoo    [White~Widow] Spotlight - Henna @ We<3Roleplay
Necklace   UNISEX[MANDALA]YOLO-Jewelry-set

Poses   Purple Poses   bianca

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Hunt of Hunts Hunt 6 – Gift 008 and 021

The 6th Annual Hunt of Hunts Hunt is going on now at Dulce Secrets. This is a hunt not to be missed. With lots of items for women, and a few unisex and guy specific things as well, it is worth it to grab some friends and come on down. It isn't a very taxing hunt, the bottles to find are fairly large, and aren't hidden in a tricky fashion.
Previous Posts
Gift 002 and 146
Gift 049, 054 and 071

Hair - Truth - Kizzy in Variety - Subscriber GiftSkin - Dulce Secrets - Hunt Gift 008 *comes with Slink Appliers onlyEyes - Dulce Secrets - Hunt Gift 021 *comes with mesh and system
Start the hunt HERE!!!

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Gimme Some Damn Coffee

Let’s face it, some people aren’t themselves until they eat. I’m not myself until I get a cup (or two) of hot Joe in the morning. In fact, I’m downright cranky I confess. I probably shouldn’t get this cranky but darnit, the service in this place is just too damn slow. I’m exhausted at COLLABOR88 has opened and you know that just means AWESOME especially this round. I love that the theme is ESPIONAGE and they incorporated in some reds into the palette which gives us all freedom to work in our love for the upcoming love day without vomiting hearts and cupids at you for the next week. Well, some people are probably going to vomit hearts and cupids at you, I’m sorry in advance. Actually, “I” may vomit hearts and cupids at you now that I think of it. I won’t apologize if I do it, though. I’ll say I’m being ironic. Now I’ve got my coffee and all is well. See, I can be reasonable. Just caffeinate me quickly, and no one gets hurt.… Read the rest

The Silence

What I wear… Mesh Body : Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Head : Lelutka – Aria
Lelutka Applier : Glam Affair – Mila 7 Rare                 (from Kustom 9 past event)
Hair : Truth Hair – Kizzy                                                (from Truth Group Gift 6 Feb 2016)
Eyeshadow Lelutka Applier : Lode – Snapdragon Lashes & Make up
Lipstick Lelutka Applier : Zibska – Cierra
Body Tattoo : Prodigy Ink – CyberPunk Tattoo Outfit : Wicca’s Wardrobe & Enfant Terrible – Joyce (dress + goggles + necklace)             (from We <3 RP Feb 2016)
Socks : CandyDoll – Mayumi Socks (Black)
Bionic Arms : The Forge – Cybrex Arms (Steel)                 (from TMD Feb 2016)
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Perky AO by Body Language

      I have been using the same Animation Override for two years- which actually is not the longest I have stuck to one AO. I have loved Cosmopolitan by Vista, but after two years of watching the same stands- I needed a change. I often look at AO's and something about them is either too silly or too subby for me usually. This one is a little on the subby side with ground sits that are basically the nadu position and arms behind your back turns, but I use ground sit about once a year so I think I can deal with that. My new AO, Perky by Body Language is a bit more sexy than my last one, but still not "over the top" ridiculous with booty smacking and shimmying down to the ground as I touch my naughty bits (that AO exists, I swear). I was actually ready for a slightly sexier AO and this one is refreshing. My hands also rarely went into my more curvier shape that I can now wear thanks to mesh bodies and fitmesh clothes- which was a nice change. I made a video featuring my new AO.… Read the rest

There are Two Important Things I Need To Discuss Today

One is that I love the Fucking Gacha Garden. So much so, that I believe they should change their name to exactly that. But then you’d end up with unmentionables at every vendor and well I’m just too much of a lady for all that. Yes I am. But I’m not too much of a lady to LOVE SOME DAMN FOOTBALL. I drug out a table and a TV and set up for the big game! You can celebrate big events without shitting all over people’s copyrights. There are football jerseys and other decor pieces IN THE SPIRIT that don’t disrespect the owners of real world designs and I respect that. I’m having a great night in the spirit of the big game with this jersey from the Gacha Garden! My shirt should say ORANGE, just to make my affiliation clear. I am legally required to root for Manning. That being said, I can’t wait for the excitement, and the disappointment, and whatever else comes along. Most of all I can’t wait to eat the snackies I’ve set out in case Cajsa comes over for the big game.… Read the rest

Neve; coldLogic 50% off SALE

      Happy 4 Years Neve! Neve (by the coldLogic team) is four years old and they have been having a 50% off sale in the main store. There is also a free group gift for VIP members as well that you can pick up. Tomorrow Monday Feb 8th is the last day of the sale- so if you have not been yet make sure to go today or tomorrow. Neve's items are fitmesh for all the major mesh bodies, come with a texture change hud which makes your purchase four outfits in one, and are made with the highest quality original mesh and textures. It has truly been a wonderful 4 years!

Outfit: neve outfit - fireside block - Physique *50% SALE til Feb 8th*/ Teleport
Pants: neve pant - rolled cords - Physique *50% SALE til Feb 8th*/ Teleport
Shoes: Essenz - Maine (Olive Gray) Slink @ Gacha Garden Feb
Hair: TRUTH  Louisa
Body: Slink Hands, Feet, Physique
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.3
Skin/Head Applier: Glam Affair - Catwa Applier - Lia ( Jamaica )
Poses: Everglow Yummy 8 and Repose F The Look 2

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Beachy Fashion Fun Will Melt Your Popsicle – Featuring A.F.I Designs and Featuring [SWANK] Ravens Blade

Every time I try something new from A.F.I designs, I know it's going to be fun, a little daring, and a lot provocative. It's just built into every new look, just like the latest Glam Love dress. From the front, it's a cute mini, another glance reveals more.It's a dress that begged a trip to the beach. By the time February comes round, many begin thinking about Spring Break, summer beach fun and how to get a healthy bit of sun before it arrives.
Playful heels from Ravens Blade, part of the Truffles set at [SWANK] for February, complete the look. (In addition to the shoes shown here, Truffles also includes a dress.)

Featuring A.F.I Designs Glam Love Dress
Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]
Theme: 50 Shades Of Red
Ravens Blade Truffles Heels (Dress and heels included in Truffles set)

Truth Hair Dasha
Maxi Gossamer Lashes Party Swallow Wings Red/Black
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily Skin from February Makeover Room
*+Crie Style+* Cantabile Glasses
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Hair: Truth ~ Kizzy :;New Group Gift::
Head: Catwa ~ Jessica V4.3
Skin: WoW Skins ~ Brook
Eyes: Ikon ~Promise Eyes/Nymph

Outfit: !nfinity ~ Bombergirl @ Thrift Shop
Shoes: N-Core ~ Alexandra

Nose: Punch ~ Beaded Nose Chain

Something New ~ Lovers Wall @ BDP Feb 11th
Picture 2
His: Mien ~ Ego trip 03 
Hers: EverGlow ~ Group Gift 10 

○•○His Look○•○Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Ren Skin - Tone 07 Shape: Hostyle Shapes ~ Echo ShapeHands: Slink ~ Male Relax

○•○HIS OUTFIT○•○Hoodie: High Impact ~ Gangsta Hoodie @ Thrift Shop 
Pants: Legal Insanity ~ Butch Bleached JeansTattoo: Inhale ~ Undivided v.1 

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Pretties from The Fantasy Gacha!

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is also full of amazing jewelry and accessories to play for, and here's a quick selection of the goodies waiting for you to come play for them!  It opens tomorrow, so get ready!!!!

Myrcella Earcuff, Necklace and Flower crown from ElysiumKeely Corset from FDD StoriesHair - Xmas 2015 from ExxessSkin - Sia from Glam Affair
Elven Earrings, Elven Piercing and Elven Tiara from Jang'KaHair - Azumi from ArgraceSkin - Sia from Glam Affair
Galaxy Earring, Galaxy Necklace, Galaxy Rings from MinimalHair - Momiji from ArgraceSkin - Sia from Glam Affair
Soruna Headpiece and Soruna Collar from ZibskaSkin - Sia from Glam Affair
Fire & Blood Warrior Queen Top, Shoulder Pads and Crown from Suicide GurlsNot The Droids (arm) from QweenBErebus tattoo from Ghost*InkHair - Vienna from TruthSkin - Sia from Glam Affair
Desert Top, Desert Cap, Desert Scarf, Desert Bangle, Desert Upperarm Knife from MevaSkin - Sia from Glam Affair

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Belle de Jour – Objets d’ amour

  click through for full colour From the organizers of ROMP, there is currently an amazing, cute, naughty and not to mention kinky gacha event running, right in time for Valentine’s day. It’s called Objets d’ amour and ….uhm…. yup, it’s pretty awesome!! You absolutely should go take a look if you’re still looking for some nice gifts for that special someone! Your taxi to Objets d’ amour You probably will have heard from the 1967 French movie Belle de Jour, where stunning Catherine Deneuve in the role of Séverine Serizy/Belle de Jour spends her afternoon as a prostitute. It’s Luis Brunuel’s masterpiece where fantasy and reality end up to be so mixed up, that it’s impossible to distinguish the both. For this scene, Belle de Jour came to mind, although it’s probably a bit too dark to be an afternoon. Anyway, I am wearing Luxuria‘s Corazon lingerie, which is available at the above mentioned Objets d’ amour event.… Read the restclick through for full colour

Quantum Fashion

The detectors don’t induce the phenomenon of wave function collapse; conscious observation does. Consciousness is like this giant roving spotlight, collapsing reality wherever it shines—and what isn’t observed remains probability. And it’s not just photons or electrons. It is everything. All matter…A testable, repeatable fault in reality.” Ted Kosmatka – The Flicker Men I am reading The Flicker Men, a book that could easily swallow you whole with its mind-bending sci-fi exploration of the implications of quantum physics. It starts with real science, with Feynman’s Double Slit Experiment that proves the duality of light. Light is both wave and particle.  Actually, just one year ago, researchers were able to photograph the first picture of light as particle and wave at the same time. It’s a cool picture. But then there is also the Observer Effect. The act of observing changes reality on the quantum level, including changing light from waves to particles in the Double Slit Experiment.… Read the restConsciousness is like this giant roving spotlight, collapsing reality wherever it shines—and what isn’t observed remains probability. And it’s not just photons or electrons. It is everything. All matter…A testable, repeatable fault in reality.”


CLOTHINGjumper: Apple May Designs - Jodi Jumper - Navy Bluefootwear: Maitreya Gold - Shiki V2 * Midnight Maitreya-MedACCESSORIESnose ring: PUNCH / Nose Ringbangle R: MG - Maxi Gossamer- Athena 2 - SILVERbangle L: Kibitz- Chara bangles – silverbag: .: ryvolter :. Isadora Micro Baguette – Nudelabret : .HoD. - Dimpled PiercingBODYhair: TRUTHAcadia @~uber~skin: Glam Affair – Stella – Africa Applierhead: .[LeLutka].Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4feet: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4mani/pedi: Adoness: Maitreya Nails: Queen Catherinetattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Iris Tattooeyes: IKON Mortal Eyes - TobaccoPOSESpose:  [.:Exposeure:.]

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Everything On Point At [SWANK] – Featuring Belles Parisiennes and Moondance Jewelry Boutique

Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]Theme: 50 Shades Of Redhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manatoba/188/11/2001Belles Parisiennes by Cashandra Tenue Be My Valentine Red - This elegant gown will have everyone at your party seeing red.
Moondance Jewels by Kathrin Dassin Elegant Aurora - This jewelry set from Moondance Jewelry Boutique contains a whole array of pieces sure to accentuate your 'love is in the air' look. Two sets of earrings (the small floral set -and- long dangles) come with this and I layered them so the flower sits over the lobe and the long dangle hangs behind, making it look like yet a third set of earrings. You will also find a necklace, bracelets for both arms and a ring for either hand. Major gleam, major glam!
Truth Hair AidaGaeline Mesh Lashes IllusiaKMADD Mesh EyesOctober's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily at Makeover RoomCorpus Poses

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Saturday come slow

Hair    TRUTH   essena

trench&blouse     [.G.]Belted Trench Coat_INK @ TDR
Mesh body   Maitreya
Pants    .::Dead Dollz::. Violet - Dark Jeans Outfit   @ Tres Chic 
Shoes      REIGN.- Abbie Pumps-

Poses     *PosESioN* Posh Set

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Another Stunning Piece From Lyrical Bizarre Templates At Ferosh Fashion Week

Beauty abounds at Ferosh Fashion Week with another great piece from Lyrical Bizarre Templates. This is Shaz III, part of a collection of new designs released especially for this event.

Featuring Lyrical Bizarre Templates from Ferosh Fashion Week
== Shaz III

!Dark Horse Style Gold Tip Fall
Truth Feronia - Variety
Gaeline Mesh Lashes Natura
KMADD Mesh Eyes
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily MOR
HOLLYHOOD Holly Peach Vernice Heels
LOUX Sensual Lipstick #10
Chop Zuey A Wee Bit o Easter Rose Earrings

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Never felt like any blessing

  Skin:  Glam Affair @ Kustom9 – Sasha skin – Asia 02 NB Eyes: S0ng @ The Gacha Garden: Vale~ Black Eye – RARE  (coming soon) Body:   SLink – Physique Hourglass Mesh Body Hands: SLink – Gesture Hair:   Truth – Acadia  – Light Browns Top:  Emery @ Uber –  Gigi Sweatshirt Georgica Beach Shorts:  paper.arrow @ The Seasons Story –  pj.shorts grey Ballet slippers:  SLink –  Margot Ballet Slipper Black Leggings:  Fishy Strawberry @ FaMeshed – Ballet Leggings – Black  (coming soon) Nose ring:  ::Axix:: @ The Gacha Garden – Zydien NosePiercing {Silver} (coming soon) Bracelet:  Cae @ The Gacha Garden – Sweetheart :: Bracelet (coming soon)   Decor: Skybox: Dust Bunny  @ Collabor88 – Sleepless Attic Cactus:  Kalopsia @ The Gacha Garden – Seed of Inspiration – Heart Cactus (coming soon) Barre:  Stockholm & Lima @ The Fantasy Collective – The Training Barre Rug:  *YS&YS* @ The Gacha Garden –  European Taste – Rug 02 Mannequins:  Zerkalo @ The Gacha Garden – True Love – Small Mannequin Plain & True Love – Small Mannequin Dressed (coming soon) Balloons: Lost Junction @ The Gacha Garden – Balloon Bouquet (coming soon) Basket:  *YS&YS* @ The Gacha Garden – European Taste – Basket 02 (coming soon) Chairs:  Stockholm & Lima @ Fameshed – The Wingback Chair (coming soon) Dog in bed:  JIAN @ The Gacha Garden -Posh Pups (Read more...)

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Last Days of Epiphany!

If you haven't hit The Epiphany yet...where have you been?  Well never mind, cos you still have a couple of days to rush in and play the machines and get the goodies before it ends on the 2nd of February!

McNamara from Dead Dollz at EpiphanyJinx from Violent Seduction at EpiphanyHair - Ryleigh from TruthSkin - Amelia from Belleza
Chandler PJs and Cuddling Pillow from Dead Dollz at EpiphanyHair - Ryleigh from TruthSkin - Amelia from Belleza
Wonderland Alice Dress and Rabbit Ears from Remarkable Oblivion at EpiphanyCheshire Cat and White Rabbit from Cureless and Nefarious Inventions at EpiphanyHair - Brielle 2 from ElikatiraSkin - Amelia from Belleza
Wonderland Queen's Dress and Queen's Crown from Remarkable Oblivion at EpiphanyQueen's Collar, Jabberwocky, Lanced and Alice Lost Her Head from Cureless and Nefarious Inventions at EpiphanyHair - Anne from Emo-tionsSkin - Amelia from Belleza
Lolita Formal Dress, Lolita Rose Hat and Lolita Heart Bag from Zenith at EpiphanyHair - Chikai from ArgraceSkin - Amelia from Belleza
Lolita Winter Coat, Lolita Rose Hat, Lolita Magic Book Bag and Lolita Magic Unicorn Wand from Zenith at EpiphanyHair - Chikai from ArgraceSkin - Amelia from Belleza

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