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Get Androgynous at Uber!

Feeling a little masculine today?  Feminine?   A little of both?  If it’s the latter, swing on by Uber!   This time we’ve got an amazing androgyny round full of alluring yet ambiguous attire, accessories and decor!   Don’t wait long, this round will only last until December 23rd! Connie & Eden Teleport to Uber MIA: Ane, Doe, Eudora, Fashionably Dead, Fishy Strawberry, NCore, Olive, Seul, Shi, United Colors <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–> Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the time of the event opening at midnight on 11/25. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding!

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November 2015
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Let’s Chat!

Zaara has released a new tunic at Collabor88 this month and it comes in both opaque and see-through versions. I’m wearing the see-through version and applier lingerie underneath it. If you do that, because of alpha issues, you may not see the applier linger at first but if you right-click on the tunic, it then […] The post Let’s Chat! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Take a Dip

Hello one and all! Wow what a busy week I have and so many goodies I want to blog! Combined a lil LoTD and a bit of homey in this post today, I am loving the look, and I am loving the decor, so it’s a lot of love all around. These items are from Trompe Loeil at this round of FaMESHed, i’m inside the building, which is a greenhouse, adorned with lights and draped curtains inside, and the bath/light are both available too, along with other items that aren’t shown… the tub comes with poses and water feature, for that full immersion! I have chosen to use a pose from Kirin tho, YAY! My outfit is made up from various designers, but I have to say this Harlow skirt from Blueberry is epic, I am in awe of the meshwork! SO SO cute and sexy, so a bit of everything really! Also over at KC Couture there has been a billion shoe releases that I plan to catch up on, but as always options galore! Check everything out in the credits <3 Credits Hair: Doe | Biji @ Kawaii Project
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A little wine, a little romance

I've been slacking pretty hardcore about redecorating my sim. I deleted everything, put up a build and semi decorated. Then I lost steam and it just lay there, half done. Now 6° Republic has begun and all this kick ass stuff that's being released for it has motivated me to try again. This time, I opted for outside. A small, romantic spot for idk what yet since I have no romance to speak of. But if I get me some, I can park myself right there and enjoy it So again, I repeat 6° Republic is OPEN so go go go and see all! It's really amazing. REALLY. [ Organica ] Waterfall 3
DECO – Ancient Oak (mod/copy)
Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Hideout * @6° Republic *
Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vines Straight * @6° Republic *
Ariskea[California Vineyard]  Lights Bulb * @6° Republic *
Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Couch * @6° Republic *
Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Table * @6° Republic *
Trompe Loeil – Tall Wine Glass
Plethora – Wine Bottle – Assorted
MadPea Hoodlums' Hideout  - Ashtray * @6° Republic *
Ariskea[California Vineyard] Vineyard Seater * @6° Republic *
[we're CLOSED] grass field lush
{anc} Confetti.
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words spoken silently

xo,Sophia Harlow

little bones. Strange  - NEW @ Uber
erratic / carly - hoodie-skirt bottom / grey stripes 
ieQED dream.ring 
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set  
IKON Hope Eyes Iron
pose: flowey

Trompe Loeil - Ceres Outdoor Scene  - NEW @ Collabor88

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Nice To See You

Credits Sam:  jacket:::K:: - A/W Car Coat (@ Shiny Shabby) pants: Gabriel - Ripped Pants (@ Men's Only Month) hair: Dura - Boy 61 skin: Aeros - Javier    Credits Izzie:  jacket:::K:: - A/W Car Coat (@ Shiny Shabby) pants: ISON - Wax Zip Denim shoes: Mutresse - Pinki Flats hair: Wasabi Pills - Tiffany
pose: oOo Studio - Autumnal Two (@ The Seasons Story)
Credits Other: barn: Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest Barn (former Arcade item) sheep: Jian - Maybelle The Sheep grass: Alirium - Itchy Grass pumpkins: Trompe Loeil - Ceres Pumpkin Set (@ Uber) tree: Trompe Loeil - Ceres Tree Swing (@ Uber) wreath, garland, basket decor and harvest sign : What Next

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My Epiphany Haunting!

The Epiphany is still going strong, you still have time to win a bunch of goodies! YAY!  I am showcasing some of the gorgeous items from Amala! Including the exclusive which is the little stack of books with the tasty looking hot chocolate! YUM!  The Gazebo I am in is the rare and all the other bits minus the chair can be won too!  Pumpkin Decor, Candles, Dressers, Lamps, Books.. and that isn’t everything either!  I also put together a little LoTD with some items now out at Uber, who can resist a hair like this with a Fox hat?? Make an Owl and I am yours FOREVER!  Check out full credits below <3 Credits Hair: Truth | Foxy @ Uber
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Lovely Eyes
Skin: Belleza | Faye | Light Pale LT Br 1
Top: Erratic | Ava | Sweater | Skull (for Maitreya) @ Uber
Pants: Erratic | Meg | Leggings | Grey (for Maitreya) @ Uber
Shoes: KC | Calgary Wooly Heels
Lantern: Amala @ The Epiphany Body/Hands/Feet: Maitraya | Lara Desk/Lamp/Books/Pumpkins/Candles/Gazebo: Amala @ The Epiphany
Tree Swing/Chair: Trompe Loiel @ Uber (Tree Swing only) Pose: Mien
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Fall is the Time of Year for …

Fall is the time of year for watching the changing of leaves. Reds, oranges, and yellows add warmth color to mother earth. Pumpkins come out to do their duty as family fun, decorations, and edibles. I can’t go through fall without a slice of pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte (PSL). As the weather … Continue reading Fall is the Time of Year for …

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Fall is the Time of Year for …

Fall is the time of year for watching the changing of leaves. Reds, oranges, and yellows add warmth color to mother earth. Pumpkins come out to do their duty as family fun, decorations, and edibles. I can’t go through fall without a slice of pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte (PSL). As the weather … Continue reading Fall is the Time of Year for …

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Orange Hues of Autumn

  Holaaaa!  UNF! Trompe Loeil @ Uber is just everything this month. Well most things at Uber are everything this month, one could say Uber is SUPER UBER!  Please do click through the pictures to go to Flickr and see them in full size for all the glorious detail.. All the bits you can see are available to buy, but I love the scene as one, but if you wanted props for other areas of your land without it all in a neat little package, you can do that! NO PROBLEMO! The swing and seat come with singles and couples poses and everything is so damn beautiful that I could CRY! I love things that come in a scene, cos I am useless at doing anything remotely creative with furniture!  I also wore some lovely items whilst swinging (on the swing, pervs) – so check out full credits below <3
Decor: Trompe Loeil @ Uber
Dome: Turnip Hair: Exile
Skin: Glam Affair
Top: Insanya & Bubble | Quaint Tube Top @ Suicide Girlz
Jeans: Blueberry
Shoes: Breathe | Cecile Heels @ Romp
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Play in the Leaves at Uber!

This round of Uber features the grid’s hottest designers all ready to prep you for the autumn season!   Dozens of creators featuring fun new fashion, decor and builds all delightfully festive and fun!   Better not wait long, this round is only open until November 23rd! Connie & Eden Teleport to Uber MIA: Eaters Coma, Hucci, Junbug, Moon, The Den <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>

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Hair    Magika   Sorcery   subscribe gift

Dress    .::Dead Dollz::. Young Witch
Rug    Trompe Loeil
Black bench   Cheeky Pea
Wood bench    Trompe Loeil
Sculputure   NOMAD // GOTHIC DIVA // 03  for TAG! Gacha
Boots   [whatever] Meitnerium

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The wait is over, Collabor88 is back!

*sighs* Dont know what to wear to that upcoming Halloween party? look no further! At Collabor88 you have it all! From avatars to little companions, even spooky furniture to give your home that Halloweenish touch! What are you waiting for? From October 8th – November 6th, 2015. Atiya Teleport to Collabor88 MIA: Atomic, Diva, Emery, Friday, Howl, Milk motion, Moon amore, Teefy

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wipe the salt from my skin

Vinyl just knows what to say and how to say it. Love the sweaters at the latest round of Uber. The fatpack has so many little extras that you will not be satisfied with just one color! ALL OF IT PLEASE!

Hair is one of the latest releases from Truth. I adore this. It's just so perfectly messy and fun.

Take a little peek at those shorts. Blueberry is killing it lately...release after weekly store release, it is just so good. These shorts are so great that I am going to have to blog them again.

Sophia Harlow

Blueberry - Sylvia Shorts - Maitreya - NEW @ Uber
IKON Hope Eyes - Rustic  
LOGO Alex v2 Omega Mesh Face 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
[okkbye] Wizard Books MM - Poses: Static 4  


Trompe Loeil - Olivine Curve Chair  - NEW @ Uber
:CP: Phoebe's Birdcage Lamp
AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE
floorplan. go away sign
floorplan. wanderlust print
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
(fd) Cat - 02 Sleeping Curled
[DDD] Incense & Candles Display  
AF Sketchbook

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can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail

Little of this...little of that. Second Life decor is a treasure trove of awesome. 
xo,Sophia Harlow

Trompe Loeil - Nesting Bed Worn M/C Warm - New @ Arcade Gacha
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Cat Face Pillow - New @ Arcade Gacha
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Trio - New @ Arcade Gacha
:CP: Lanai Large Mirror - NEW
:CP: Lanai Hanging Candle Jar- NEW
:CP: Lanai Candle Jar - NEW
:CP: Lanai Milk Can - NEW
:CP: Smug Chubby Bunny Planter
floorplan. phrenology chart
Trompe Loeil - Olivine Milkcrate Bookshelf - NEW
Trompe Loeil - Olivine Milkcrate Table - NEW
Trompe Loeil - Le Fay Slipper Chair Leather 
floorplan. wish you were here chart
floorplan. you are here map
floorplan. neon take me
junk. round rug. yellow flower
12.erratic / coc - assorted butterflies frame
15.erratic / coc - dragonfly jar
20.erratic / coc - sandclock
21.erratic / coc - frosted bottle
ISON - light of life
MudHoney Ceramic Owl
AF Vintage Portable Camera
[ARIA] Gretchen big cloche with pinecones
-tres blah- Hodgepodge - What's in My Bag RARE
11.erratic / coc - queen alexandra's birdwing butterfly frame
[tea.s] Chateau de Barbe-Bleue (no flame)
-tb- Fairy Whispers and Daisies
-tb- Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera
Schadenfreude Wolf Forest Masquerade Mask
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Kiss the sky

I've been changing a lot about myself lately and I sort of just thought to myself…why? I'm goofy and silly, and I like that. I love to laugh, and I like having people around me that make me laugh. I am not always comfortable in crowds and I won't talk on mic when there's 20 other people doing so. That's me. But I never made a spot for me to just BE at…to chill with the few people that like talking to me one on one or two or whatever. To just be among a small few that hit me right in the chest cavity. So, that's what I've been doing, making an actual home where my home has only ever temporarily been. Here's hoping there's many more laughs to come ♥ Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse 1
Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand
floorplan. old scoreboard * @Lost and Found *
*ionic* Whitebirds fly
floorplan. neon double cross [blink] * @Lost and Found *
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study)
dust bunny . dahlia jug
Apple Fall Gachatopia Safe
dust bunny .
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Press Release for the event: This outfit, the Valentina E.  Altitude Tee & Leather Leggings with Chain Belt for ALTITUDE group members only, exclusively on location at the grand opening event Sunday, September 13th 12 noon – 5 pm SLT.  This gift will ONLY BE AVAILABLE DURING THE LAUNCH.  Sorry – no rainchecks! A L […]

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The Kitchen

Credits dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . vintage fridge (lxlNoel) dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . vintage stove dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . sink cabinet dust bunny . toaster . color change dust bunny . coffee machine . color change dust bunny . tea pot . color change dust bunny . […]

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Muted coven at Collabor88!

It’s hereee!! After last months anniversary round, we didnt expect any more surprises did we? Welllll this round is bigger and better! Brand new theme, brand new building and more designers! Ohmai! It’s time to head down to Collabor88 ASAP! From Sept. 8th until the 6th of Oct, 2015. Atiya Teleport to Collabor88 MIA: Boom, Decoy, Fashionably dead, Lark, Mutresse, R2 Fashion, Sorgo, What Next < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Sugar And Spice And Teddy Bears

Ok you caught me I’ve been out all night and I’m just heading to bed. Ok fine. Look I’m a grown up girl and I CAN stay out all night if I like and I don’t actually have to answer to you, do I? Nope. I have new goodies from THE ARCADE making my sleepy time more cozy and I’m excited to snuggle up in this new bed from TROMPE LOEIL also from THE ARCADE. My body suit is from LUXURIA – and man it’s comfy. And cute. You might be saying to yourself, Gidge – it looks like you textured part of your house with a SECRET STORE AD. Well you’d be right. I could fix it but I feel like “Why?”. I’m kind of used to it at this point. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna slide this mask down and make the world go away for a few days. <3 see you girls later. Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Eyeshadow: [:Tuli:] Willow / T1 / mu05
Lipstick: [:Tuli:] Willow / T1 / lips02
[Beauty MArk: PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Light DX
Nose ring: (Yummy) Gold Septum Rings – Royal RARE THE ARCADE
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