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Perfect end to a great day

On any day, it’s always the best thing when you can lay yourself to rest completely content. Dare I say, even happy. Stroll along the beach, a couple crashes that were not the best timing, and a snazzy little shower to end the night. Being around those that make you smile, make you forget you [...]

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Warm Night at the City

Featured items available @ Collabor88: Apple Fall Set   Featured items available @ The Arcade Gacha Event: [ARIA] Gretchen cozy corner Mudhoney – Table & Decor Junk. – One Man’s Trash Trompe Loeil – Octopus Table Other items: Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark (with surround) floorplan. simple sideboard junk. arch mirror. black. | wall desk.| ashtray. […]

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Shut the Light, Shut the Shade

Close your eyes, close the door You don’t have to worry anymore I’ll be your baby tonight Shut the light, shut the shade You don’t have to be afraid I’ll be your baby tonight Well, that mockingbird’s gonna sail away We’re gonna forget it That big, fat moon is gonna shine like a spoon But […]

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My House

A very, very fine house

I do not move houses very often in Second Life® or in real life. It is just too much work. However, when the Brooklyn Carriage House came out at Collabor88 last month, I could not resist its bright red doors and fine brickwork. I finally have everything arranged, but will be moving shortly. I thought […]

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My House

Dreaming House

Featured items available @ Collabor88: Trompe Loeil – The Dreaming House Trompe Loeil – Shishi Odoshi Bamboo Fountain Trompe Loeil – Monserrat Chairs   Featured items available @ The Arcade Gacha Event: Fashionably Dead – Posed Cats   Other items: Alchemy – Woodland Babies – Squirrel (gacha) *ionic* Seres (gacha)  Filed under: SL Home & […]

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So empty in the space between us

On 8th September 2014 · By SophHarlow · With Leave a comment
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Did you hear? Collabor88 opened! Maybe you heard. Maybe.Trompe Loeil released this lovely build for Collabor88 and it is just so perfectly made, it makes me verrry happy. The little place has 16 adorable animations and can we just discuss the lights an…

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Take the Miami Heart with Collabor88!

It’s finally time for Collabor88 this September a […]

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Pumpkin Time

Fall is quickly approaching! The pumpkins are already starting to pop up in SecondLife. Time to make a pumpkin pie with my new Pilot Pumpkin Pie Recipe items. Except that…

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pumpkin time

H&G 028

Scarlet Creative – Meribel House (Rare) – The Arcade Gacha events September 2014 Trompe Loeil – Patio Parasol Solid White Trompe Loeil – Valiano Fountain Stone Trompe Loeil – Classic Wicker Basket with Towel Brown Trompe Loeil – Classic Wicker Basket Closed Brown Trompe Loeil – Pillar Path Light Wood ~BAZAR~ – Arizona patio chair {vespertine} – […]

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Summer 2014 Home: Classy Bohemian

Normally I blog this in July or August, but my summer got away from me. Hiram and I made this home in July and have enjoyed it all summer. We will be changing it for fall soon, so it was past time that I got it on my blog.House: [barnesworth anubi…

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FaMESHed is Here for September!

It’s finally September and it’s finally tim […]

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Fever has hit FaMESHed this September.

It is the 1st of a new month and it means FaMESHed is officially open, we have a lot of amazing designers in this round that we are pretty sure you will be going home in a van with all your items you have purchased. So while you prepare to go shop take a look […]

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the heart knows no distance …

***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: bed by Apple Fall love sign by Seven Emporium Sleigh Seat by Trompe Loeil open suitcase by -tb- dolls by u.f.o. champagne by TA dog by HalfDeer clothes pile by Kalopsia frame by junk. book  lamp by junk. jewelry tree by -tb- lemonade tray by ARIA MakeUp Bag by […]

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PREVIEW: The Arcade, September 2014 Edition

Oh yes! It’s that time again…time for the l […]

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Moving In

Well, I decided to go for it and move into the Brooklyn Carriage House from Trompe L’oeil. It’s smaller than the big brownstone I was living in and requires a lot less furniture, but I ended up buying some furniture anyway, because that’s what happens when you move. You need new things. Among the new […]

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H&G 023

Scarlet Creative – Jasmine House – Collabor 88 Scarlet Creative – Mesh Accessories – For Lyla Twiggy .:revival:. – Rattan chair dark 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Native American Rug – TLC MudHoney – Zoe Mirror – Black – Collabor 88 MudHoney – Zelia Books Sway’s – Wooden Bowl with apples (part of [Willow] Living Wagon ) […]

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Our Brooklyn Brownstone

​ We’d been waiting a long time it seems, hasn’t it? To find a place to call ours. Home after home never seemed right, never really seemed to fit us both. For one reason or another it wasn’t quite right, and it had to be perfect so everything else would fall into place. One day, [...]

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House Hunting

I have been thinking about moving, downsizing from my lovely, but large, 5th Avenue townhouse and have been on the lookout for something marvelous. I think I found it at Collabor88 this month. I mean look at that red door! We need more red doors in our lives. This month’s Collabor88 is inspired by the […]

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And We Seem so Normal

Ok, this post has taken me literally a week to do but I am so swamped in RL & SL that I can’t even tell you the last time I changed. I have taken on some huge tasks for the upcoming SL Home & Garden Expo, which while may leave my own blogging a…

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Que hora es?

​ Plethora has these super cute diver clock lamps out for The Neighbourhood today. I spent a lot of the day out and about, and when I actually got into SL I spent a lot of time restarting so I could rez and crashing lol. So, this post is later than I intended it to [...]

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