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An Easter Beach Day Without My Butt

I couldn’t decide what to do this Easter with my pixel self so I slipped into this crazy bikini from The Plastik and headed out into the surf. I saved these crazy knitted swim tubes from Ray Skin for years. I forgot how hilariously awesome they are. When you can’t cam around freely, and you […]

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The pirate lass

A new round of The Fantasy Collective opens tomorrow, and the theme is Pirates, so think Black Sails, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and Grace O’Malley! Arrrghhh me hearties!

The very eerie rocks I’m standing on – including wrecked ship and skeleton floating in the waters below – are from Kalopsia. The Lost Pirate Island at original size is only 25 LI. I enlarged the scene though, naturally pushing the LI upwards.

The main outfit I’m wearing is The White Armory’s Cabin Girl mesh bloomers set, which includes mesh boots, lace choker, and pirate hat. However, for these pics, I swapped it out for MeshedUp’s pirate bandana and hat. The bandana includes two versions, one for wearing with the hat, and one for wearing on its own. You will need a nice sleek hair for a neat fit.  (A shrug from Indyra and belt from The.Plastik complete the look.)

Perched on my shoulder is the Mowie pet from May’s Soul / Tentacio. This time he/she is decked out like a fearsome pirate, complete with hat, eye patch, and a hook for a paw. Arrrrr!
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Sexy New Plastik!

There’s a swag of newness out now at The Plastik perfect for these yummy Summer days!  Be sure to swing on in and check them out soon! The Casseiopia Kinis are gorgeous and available in so many fabrics you will find it hard to pick your favourite,…

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Lazy Sunday is here!

It’s Lazy Sunday time folks! Everything is 75L or […]

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Lazy Sunday

Fifty Linden Plastik

The Plastik is taking part in Fifty Linden Fridays today with two awesome packs full of so much for so little!Adasia and Light Horns Pack This comes with the super cute Adasia Top in all standard mesh sizes, Foxxe Makeups in seven s…

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Flourish (Fifty Linden Friday offers)

Just a quick post to tell you to get down to The.Plastik to take advantage of one of their amazing outfit deals. There’s another megapack – this time in the rich brown ‘Flourish’ design – crammed full of SO MUCH STUFF you have to manually open two boxes.
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TGIF with Fifty Linden Friday!

Thank Goodness it’s Friday! Time to kick off our […]

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Silver apples of the moon

More from We Love Role-Play. This time, this pics feature a stunning gown from The.Plastik. The outfit includes four separate mesh components; the basic gown, the sleeves, the corset, and a corset-and-overskirt combination.  Lots to play with an mix in with your existing wardrobe.

Also at W<3RP – the staff from May’s Soul, new hair from Calico, filigree mask and ear cuff from Kahli Designs, and eyes from Musa.Read more »

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Wake up folks… It’s Lazy Sunday!

It’s Sunday, let that coffee brew and take your f […]

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Lazy Sunday

Colour of Couture…the Journey Continues!

Hello Readers! RL & SL have certainly kept me busy of late!  I am back though and wanted to share another reason my blog posts haven’t been coming as frequently…it is a very good reason actually.  I am enjoying being a contestant in Colour of Couture.  Styling challenges are something I have enjoyed since my […]

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Earth Hour - Silly Avro - cropped

That never more true love can sever

We Love Role-Play is now open! Well, strictly speaking, it’s been open since some time yesterday, but ssshhh.

I’m wearing several items from the Round 11 collection in these pictures. First of these is the Quiana fantasy skin from The Skinnery. Uma has reworked the skin in five beautiful fantasy tones to suit a variety of characters, including Mermaid, Witch, Drow and Demon. I’m wearing the Fairy tone, which is the most ‘human’.

The skin includes a dark brow and no-brow option. To match my fiery red hair – I feel like Tori Amos -  I’m wearing the no-brow skin with a red brow tattoo which had been lurking in the depths of my inventory. There are three cleavage versions too, you can see the medium option here. Also included are appliers for Slink hands and feet, PhatAzz, and Tangos/Mirage.

The horns and headwrap are part of Lassitude & Ennui’s Spring horns and jewelry set. (The set also includes a matching necklace, not shown. I love the delicate little leaves of the design, and the bold, splashy colours of this Blurple set – but there are plenty more natural and soft tones if you want something a little more subtle. Added bonus: the leaves and cords on the horns, wrap, and necklace are all texture change.

The ‘gown’ is the Hybrid outfit from Peqe, and creator Inex Hax calls it a vest/top/dress combination. The outfit includes a clothing layer bodysuit to wear underneath, but this outfit screams to be m (Read more...)

We Love Role-Play is open and waiting for you!

We Love Roleplay is open and there are a lot of goodies […]

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Someday, he will come

​ That Prince of mine. The man I’m destined to meet, that will sweep me off my feet and forever treat me like the most beautiful Princess he has ever seen. And we will, of course live happily ever after. Not in this tower, though I need room for my gowns Lara Hurley-Ivy sweet hairbase/Tan [...]

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30L Anniversary Fair (featuring May’s Soul)

The 30L Anniversary Fair opened yesterday (I couldn’t get in then!), celebrating 4 years of 30L events. It runs until Sunday, so don’t leave it too late before visiting.

You’ll find some amazing 30L bargains, like this armour bodice from May’s Soul, which comes in three different metallic colours, and three different finishes (plain, embellished, and bloody).

There are also 30L gachas, and my nosering / facechain is a special rare prize, again from May’s Soul.

Even if you’re completely broke and haven’t a single Linden dollar to your display name, you should still go and have a look around – there’s a 0L hunt with prizes from all the stall holders. Look for the cord necklaces with dangling ’4′ pendant hidden in all sorts of sneaky places.
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Last call!!! Few hours left for a bunch of events, so if you still need something of them, you might Hurry Up!
Skin Fair, The Arcade and Adore & Abhor Anniversary are almost in the end, so you should run!!!
Style Card

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Skin Fair preview – The Plastik

Hi guys! Skin fair ends in 3 days and I should have done all these SF posts before it started but I’ve been so busy with other things (vomiting, birthday, meeting the Backstreet Boys (!!)) I haven’t had time to do them all. Hopefully I’ll get the last few done before Sunday but no promises. …
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Zsa, Mer Warrior

One thing I really love about blogging is how a post can emerge from the smallest item – this time it was the Adoness mermaid eyes from the current round of Genre, and the Hopscotch poses also at Genre .  Although I don’t do th…

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Werkin’ Girl

      Hair: Exile- 1985 [New][Mesh][My Attic Special]  Skin: The Plastik- Astrali- Dyrzi  Makeup: Songbird- Spring Birds Eye makeup [Yellow-ish][New][Theme Park]  Piercings 1: Zombie Suicide- Hannah Piercing V1 [New][Mesh][Bodify Event]  Piercings 2 & 3- HoD Gauges: Geek- Holey Hole [Mesh][Purple]  Glasses: Sn@tch- Puppy Love Shades  Collar & Necklace: The Plastik- Krysis Collar & Cord […]

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Moulin Rouge meets Video Games


This gorgeous mesh gown is the Sakide item for Moulin Rouge which opened March 15.  Also available in black, the colour is beautifully rich and as always with Sakide, the texturing is faultless. 

As this gown exudes old Hollywood glamour, I paired it with one of my favourite ever hairstyles, which was the Truth gacha prize at a previous round of The Arcade.  My skin is my newly discovered favourite from The Plastik at The Skin Fair, which I first drooled over here, and which I love so much I might never take it off!



:[P]:(The Plastik) at Skin Fair 2014 - Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Hylala
Hair:  Truth Video Games (previous gacha item at The Arcade)





Maxi Gossamer 


Face:  :[P]:(The Plastik) at Skin Fair 2014]:- Astrali Face[Gloss]:// Hylala   


Gown: [ SAKIDE ] Satine Gown Red
Hair Ornament: Truth 
Jewellery:  Sax Shepherd Designs ~ Spirit of Giving ~ Grand Jewels 



aDORKable (now only on MP)


There are usually more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.

SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).  

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Beloved nymph, princess of rivers

It’s the mermaid round of Genre, but this outfit from The Library would be perfect for kajirae or fae who like wearing silks. It’s a mesh outfit, in two pieces – a skirt in the usual five sizes, and a collection of bead necklaces. At 200L it’s slightly more expensive than most Genre offerings, but it’s still a good price for a really nice outfit.

I grabbed quite a few things at this round, including an outfit from Sweet Lies and a circlet from On a Lark, plus the gift box that Curious Kitties put out.
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