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静夜思 – Quiet Night

CREDITS Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Eilana Dark Browns Scraf: *chronokit* Scarf01 Check Pink Sweater: Eaters Coma -Sweatshirt / gray @ Creation.jp Pants: *LpD* – *Marta* Pants White Ring: =Zenith=Mirror Pearl Stone Ring (Sliver) @ Fameshed Pose: The Muse Poses – Constantine 02 Location: Neva River Tagged: Ai Hienrichs, Chronokit, Creation.jp, Damselfly, Eaters Coma, Les Petis Details (LpD), Neva River, The Muse […]

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The Hatter is not Mad

Today I have quite a few new goodies to show you. Let’s start with the gown. It’s from Junbug and you can get it from the Instruments Event. The gown comes in various… Continue reading

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From Dawn to Dusk at the Wiggenstead Mooring

Dawn and Dusk are sisters who live at the Wiggenstead Mooring. Dawn is already up and awake before sunrise, yet Dusk has barely gone to bed by then. Dawn dresses herself in bright,… Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

Miss Betty was born in a wealthy family. Her future was laid out for her in the form of a marriage to a proper family, but to her father’s great shame, she did… Continue reading

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  “Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.” ” And I stay geeked up never been a retard” “Got a New girl swag and this here for yall” “So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.” “Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”   Hair: Lcky- Alcohol […]

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Welcome back MOLiCHiNO!

MOLiCHiNO is back with a new store and new items as well as past items. All the new items below are available in 12 gorgeous colors. Limo to MOLiCHiNO maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lombard%20Park/61/21/1501 Bottom Pic Outfit: MOLiCHiNO Valley Jumpsuit – [orchid] New! Skin: Glam Affair Sylvia Base B Jamaica, Cheeks 02, Lip 01D, Eye Makeup 04 Hair: (elikatira) Locked […]

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Skin: New Faces – Diana [ivory] @ The Chapter Four Makeup: New Faces Group Gift  – Erotica Make-up 05 Hair: MOON {Hair}. Paper Cuts Deep Ombre – Dirty @ The Chapter Four Shirt: NYU – Cropped Tee, Navy @ FaMESHed Jeans: *COCO*_Gift_SkinnyJeans (GroupGift) Boots: Eudora 3D HunterBoots (female) (materials) Bag: ANE Holster Bag Brown 03 […]

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Pet Sitter

Skin: -Glam Affair – Aria skin – Asia – Combination 05 G + Aria – Moles 02 + Aria – Freckles 05 @ The Arcade Gacha Event Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair + Kat the Kitty – RARE + Takuma the Panda + Berto the Bear @ The Arcade Gacha Event Sweater: [Pumpkin] Stretched sweater […]

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Happy Friend’s Day

So, today’s Valentine’s Day and I should probably be romanticizing my butt off, yet here I am wishing you all happy Friend’s Day instead. There’s a reason for that. For us finns Valentine’s day is not about romantic love, but it’s the day to cherish our friendships, and thus we call it the “Friend’s Day”. […]

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PurpleMoon Royal Queen

Gown: PurpleMoon Creations Royal Queen Gown [brown] – New! Necklace & Earrings: PurpleMoon Creations Chocolaterie Set By Poulet Koenkamp Limo to PurpleMoon slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/168/73/22 Skin: Glam Affair Mokatana 01F with Cleo Lipstick 01 by Aida Ewing available @ C88 – New! Limo to C88 maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/88/204/1088 Hair: BooN KGI848 [brown] maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SAIKIN/127/128/699 Pose: The Muse Poses by Audrey Cresci maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/October%20Enterprises/191/… My blog: slthreadbarecloak.wordpress.com/Filed under: […]

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What happened to the Spirit of Yule? (part 3)

Greetings from Fairytale Land! My name is Irina and I work as a reporter for Fairytale Gazette, or usually I do. We’ve had a heinous crime here – the Spirit of Yule has gone missing in We <3 RP event which opened just three nights ago – and the town’s detective is battling against the […]

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Hair: UPP382 – booN Outfit and Jewelry: NEW YULIA Silver – FINESMITH Pose: Rumi 6 – The Muse Poses Painting: Tableau01 – NODe+

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Woodland Creature

Today I have no tale to share. I find myself having a bit of a writer’s block and then there’s always so little time and I need time to write, manymany hours even. Anyway! I got lots of new stuff to show you today and I decided to make a little woodland creature, cause this […]

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Monster Manual – Twilight People

The twilight people live in a Plane of Dusk where sun doesn’t exist and the world is lit by three moons instead; the twilight moon, the pale moon and the dark moon, which are ever-present in the sky. Most of the plane’s surface is covered in water and thus they can breathe just as easily […]

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Style Shop Grand Opening!

Style Shop is a brand new, monthly event featuring seve […]

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Style Shop Logo


Fall is approaching…..here are some lovely items you can put together for that early Fall looks. LMs here! STYLE CARD Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kimbra – Browns03Fade Sunglass: [LWL] La vie en Rose Aviators (Pastel) RARE (The Arcade item) Dress: La Penderie de Nicole::My Bat Dress::Tweed Fur: .: ryvolter :. Mink Princess Stole – Snow (Collabor88 item) Tights: G.L.A.M Dark Tone […]

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tartan + fur + etc_003


Have you been listening to that small voice inside, that gentle prodding, your inner wisdom that is perhaps nudging you in a new direction?  We all have a touch of intuition, that part of us that has an inner knowing about what we need to do, but it is easy to tune it out or […]

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Less than nine hours to We <3 RP!!

Irina from Fairytale Land calling! It’s the time of the annual ball where all the ladies will dress into their best and secretly compete which one of them outshines the others the most, and Fairytale Gazette, the most prestigious newspaper around here, chose me to do the story of the ball this year, and I […]

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Valentina E. Louise

Dress: Valentina E. Louise Dress [moss] – New! By Valentina Evangelista *Available in 4 colors maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vespertine/179/128/112 Skin: Essences Whisper [sugar brown/brunette] New Release! By Inka Mexicola Lipstick: Essences Endless Night Lipstick 14 maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Essences/123/75/2 Hair: Truth Candy [brown] Pose: The Muse Poses by Audrey Cresci maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/October%20Enterprises/187/… My blog: slthreadbarecloak.wordpress.com/ Filed under: Essences, iheartslFeed, The Muse Poses, […]

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Sydney City

I was looking for a city to blog this look with Love Donna Flora, Hair Fair and  Boats & Bikinis Expo and the SL search showed up a really nice place, called Sydney City – Blue Wing.
I am trully impressed with the beauty of the buildings here. This place has a sister sim, but it must  have it own blog post later.
The place has some cool things to look at, like some garages, café, stores and… well, better you guys see it and tell me what else you can do here.
Style Card

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