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Shaken – My Attic/August

There has been all sorts of great prints and colour blocking styles in fashion lately. This what fun to have this kind of effect as a static object that you could use to cast shadows as well as be a splash of colour or a backdrop of bold. Such is the Shaken WinxBox that is at this session of My Attic @ The Deck…

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May 2015
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FaMESHed and Culture Shock

Two events starting this week. The first has already started in the form of FaMESHed. It started today actually and will run until the 21st of May. Nineteen Designers with Mesh exclusives for the event,so for all you die hard fans of these designers who cannot wait until the 3 weeks is over, run now and get your fix, all items are of course MESH. The other event, is the annual Culture Shock event. The event starts on the 4th of May, and has 184 stores participating . The event is helping to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières . This is the second year they are fundraising for this charity and all items with the special vendors at the event will be donating either 50% or 100% of the price during the event, so shop until you drop .

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New and Colourful

LeLutka released three new Mesh styles today, and they are now mod. Rigged Mesh cannot be edited to change size though,but with it being mod, you can still tint it, and mesh tints really well and fun. I was playing with shadows as well, I don’t usually shoot in shadow in my VR Studio but today took a chance on my viewer shadows working, it is often hit and miss for me, but today was ok. I also wanted to take the time to mention again that Pose Fair is just around the corner. Katey Coppola the organiser of the event, posted a pic of a sneak peak of the build, and I agree that it looks fabulous. Perfectly decorated to inspire and motivate, really well done by Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea.
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Wearing Gray for lots of Days

Some more goodies from the Wear Gray for a Day event that is on at the moment. You really should take the time to visit, or in fact revisit as many times as you can during the event times, as there are lots of things going on, including a hunt. My previous post includes the slurls for all the stores, so you can find them with ease, or you can use the maps available on the website, linked above. Speaking of events to make note of, the upcoming Pose Fair 2012 is one such event. It starts on the 15th of April and will cover two sims this year. There is a family PG orientated one, and a more Mature/Adult version so that people from all animation/poses stores can share their wares with the world. Great idea, and I am looking forward to seeing the abundance of new items. These events are not only great to shop at, but also as a way of gathering landmarks and information on stores that you can visit in the future. So even if on a budget, always attend and look at everything you can.

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Wear Gray for a Day 2012

Wear Gray for a day starts April 6th 2012 I counted down the minutes until the early access time was upon us. Wear Gray for a Day 2012, is in its final stages of set up, and I had the pleasure of getting in early so that I could share some information with you all. This is an incredible event, that was started by Sanura Snowpaw, with the added help of Arora Zanzibar – both very passionate about this cause-  they have organised a simply wonderful event. The builds are lovely, the set up is great, and there are a huge amount of things going on during the occasion. You can get all that info on the website. There are special vendors set up for this event, where 100% of the items goes to the charity, so be sure to check out all the goodies in those first, so that your spending goes to a worthwhile cause. I have a friend, he was a good mate as we say down here, he was actually one of my best friends boyfriends, and we used to chat for hours whenever we spent time in the same space.… Read the restWear Gray 2012

Come on get Happy

I think that for many Second Life Residents, there are transitions when it comes to fashion and what one wears. I don’t necessarily mean things like seasonal changes, or price variances. I myself joined Second Life back in 06, but I don’t think the stages vary that much, I just think the quality and abundance has grown over the years. I joined Second Life and was excited about everything I saw, and experienced. At first everything is so exciting in the realms of ‘ I can be and do anything ‘ and then there is also the sexuality nature of being a virtual being all of a sudden – I don’t mean sex as such, but more the energy of being able to take charge of every part of your presence, and how that makes you feel, the outcome can be very alluring. You can change how you look, feel and what defines your real life, with just a few numbers on sliders, colour of hair, eyes and even skin. Back to clothing though, I like many went through the schoolgirl outfits and the flirty looks.… Read the restCome on get Happy

She had blue hair

Ashia Tomsen is a dork, that is going to be the theme of today’s post. It is truly romantical though, she has met a Man, and she is making us giggle on Skype as she gets all girly and silly, and does things like dyes her face blue in preparation of her first date…yes you heard correctly BLUE!, and they aren’t even seeing Avatar *snickers*. With all this crazy the girl definitely needs to RELAX, and that brings us back to the fashion for today.

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