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When I’m Gone

I’m currently contemplating a lot of different things. On one hand, things can stay as they are. People can make their little comments, try to act a certain way and make people believe certain things and I can just let it slide. I can call them out and set the record straight. I could just [...]

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Back to Business

I have missed blogging and I hope you’ve missed me too because as long as this urge lasts you’re stuck with me.  Photography has almost always been a part of my SL and lately I have seen some really great … Continue reading

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New round of We Love Role-Play opens tomorrow

A brand new round of We Love Role-Play opens tomorrow (by my counting, that’s round 10, so congratulations to all the organisers and designers who’ve made it such a great event).

You’ll find my hair (Mina), headdress (Keystone), and eyes (Musa – gacha) all there, and all discounted between 25% and 50% for the duration of the event. The poses are from the event too – the Huntress set from !bang.

The beautiful Grecian gown is another original mesh creation from Junbug, and you’ll find it at the One Word event. This round is inspired by the word “tragedy”, and the gown is called Electra, after the matricidal princess. The outfit is two pieces – the gown itself and optional shoulder drapes.

The staff is from EZ Weaponry. I’m a poser, not a fighter, so was really happy to see that with this item there’s a purely cosmetic version included! Don’t fret, naturally it includes all the other versions and gestures you need to do your opponents some real damage.
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Be My Monster Love

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I DJ’ed at The Velvet. I put together a set that was about all sides of love, the sweet hopeful love of Valentine’s Day Lovers and the doomed and bitter love of the anti-Valentine’s brigade. … Continue reading

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Game Night

The Look
Skin Izzie’s Maci SK
Hair Mina Rosa @ the Dressing Room
Tank Like Design Carolina Tank Save Your Breath @ Soho Market
Bracelet Klepsydra Leather Ribbon Bracelet @ Soho Market
Jeans Cynful Skinny Jeans
In Honor of the Super Bowl, I would like to share with you one the funniest inspirational football commercials i have seen.  If this doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will.  Remember get in there and give it some heat!!

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The legend of Miaoshan

Quick post today – some more items from the Chinese New Year festival which runs until February 21. 

First up, is the lush gown from Junbug, named Quan Yin for the goddess of compassion. It’s inspired by historic Chinese clothing, so it’s a bit different from most medieval-fantasy gowns. But I think it could be a very stylish option for an aristocratic lady?

The poses are from the Mineko set by Posetivity. They include a fan, but I’ve not used that here, instead I’ve used some of the fans from Attic’s gacha.
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Shopping time!

  The Dressing Room Fusion! January 17th – January 31st [Cynful] Clothing & Co. & Lil’ Lace brought us 3 special colors in the Leather Bound dress. The thigh length & peek a boo cut outs in the back is desirable & seductive!  Tango Appliers included.   Next we have another collab with [Cynful] Clothing & Co. [&hellip

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Don’t let the sun go down on me

The LookSkin Izzie’s Maci @ Liaison CollaborativeHair LeLutka AlvinaDress Drift Sexy LiL Dress @ The Dressing Room FusionClutch Vibe Noir Clutch @ Soho MarketPose Izzie’s Silicone Pose Location Yamatai

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To me you will always be 18 and beautiful

The LookSkin Izzie’s Maci @ Liaison Collaborative NewHair Ploom Celeste @ Liaison Collaborative NewDress Zenith Turtleneck Dress Rose @ The Chapter FourTights Izzie’s Heart Tights at The Dressing Room FusionPose Ma Vie Flawless 09Location Neva Sky I ha…

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New outfit from Soedara & nail appliers from The.Plastik

Soedara – Belleza Isabella Pattern {Earth Tones}

Soedara  have just release a new mesh outfit – a top and skirt combo called Belleza Isabella. The outfit is a bit of a bargain as each pack contains 3 complimentary tones for only 150L.

You can choose from either the solid leather tones, or the pattern tones which feature a geometric print skirt. Great for mixing and matching, even across the same pack!

Over at the The.Plastik, Aikea has unleashed a veritable deluge of nail appliers for Slink hands and feet. To get an overview, check out the store blog post. Generally, you get 10 options in each pack, and they’re grouped by colour or by texture (so for instance you could get a pack of purple shades, or a pack of sparkle tips). Talk about spoiled for choice.

Each pack includes huds for both hands and feet, and I really like that the huds stack on top of each other – so you can wear both at the same time. Photos after the jump.

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New from The.Plastik at Frost and TDRF

I’ve been having more issues with taking photos in the last few days – sometimes the image comes out completely scrambled, sometimes almost completely black with just a few meshes showing, or sometimes there’ll be a transparent space where my arms, head, or entire body should be.

This could be cool if I wanted to make a surrealist art statement, but as I just want to grab a few nice pics featuring fun clothes ‘n’ things, it’s VERY frustrating. In between times, I did manage to squeeze out some pics with intact and visible body parts, so phew. Next will be final post in the crayon colour challenge, I hope…

This post, I’m slinking around in the corset-y Karmiel mesh bodysuit from The.Plastik, which makes a great alternative camisk. It’s currently at The.Plastik’s booth at the F R O S T fair which runs until 5 January. You’ll find the Slink nail appliers I used (close-up of just one of the options after the jump), and lots of special limited editions of recent releases like the Morgana gowns or Furia dresses.

You might also want to check out the two gift trees at Frost, under which you’ll find freebies and dollarbies from the fair participants.
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Sun on snow

So many events, so little time!

The gown is from the current round of  at The Dressing Room Fusion but if you like it, better hurry, as there are only a few days left before the round changes over. It’s from Glow Studio and available in three different colours, only 70L each.

The parasol starring in these pictures is from Okami at  We Love Role-Play, while the hair is from Mina at the same event. The rings and necklace are from The Forge at the fabulous Jewelry and Accessory Expo, and the nails are part of The Plastik’s newest releases exclusively at Frost.

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Docile Kiyoshi is new from Soedara, and is Marbella’s first camisk for Pani slaves. Appropriately, the outfit has subtle oriental inflections, most obviousin the hair ornaments and accompanying shoes.

As is typical for Soedara, you get a lot of different options for your money. The ‘versatile’ packs have a hud which allows you to choose between 8 different textures for your outfit. These include various plain, sheer, and gold-embellished options. The pictures show two of the ‘versatile’ options – pink and black.

If you go for the ‘prints’ option, you have one damask-fabri texture for your outfit, but 8 different colours! Either way, the outfit is 325L.

Also included are a hair flower and fan-shaped hair ornament, necklace, armbands, bracelets, and the afore-mentioned shoes and huds. (NB The anklets are borrowed from another Soedara outfit.)
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More from We Love Role-Play

Some fabulous stuff in this round of We Love Role-Play. I have to admit to really liking everything in these pictures.

The hair is from Calico, and it’s another fabulous style. This colour is from one of the new W<3RP exclusive packs (bistre from the Darks pack). As well as changing your hair shade, the hud allows you to tint your hair, and to change the colours of the headband, the beads and the metal dangle. I just love the textures in this hair too – honestly, they look so real.

The jewelry (Chloes Collier necklace and silver cuff bracers) from Enfant Terrible are also really customisable. They’re available in five base colours, and once you’ve bought your set you choose from any of 12 textures, or two (necklace) or three (cuffs) sets of gems.
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Meanwhile Government housing update…. curtains

Welcome back for another episode of ‘doing up my linden home so it don’t look like utter crap’ I bought some curtains from Fanatik, which can open or close with a click, I managed to resize them to fit the giant windows in my house. Oh, and if you are only buying 1 pair of […]

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It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Today starts another 2 week round of The Dressing Room [...]

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Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane, come on, baby
Sweet Jane, sweet Jane

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Sweet Jane

The Dressing Room Fusion

New items are available at The Dressing Room Fusion.  E [...]

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Dressing Room Fusion


  Shi is a guest in this edition of Collabor88 and offers this amazing Tsade body cuff and Daleth wrap top. I’m wearing it here on Sn@tch Borghese skirt and basically the only real color accent comes from my Glam Affair Lucy 01 snow skin, currently available at The Dressing …

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Rock Solid (NEW @ TDR Fusion)

Sooo I haven’t done one of Berry’s memes in a while and not because I didn’t want to, but just don’t have the time I used to and honestly I’m quite boring so I never know what to say half … Continue reading

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Rock Solid