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The Zen of Ironing

For me, ironing has always been a peaceful relaxing activity. I would set up the ironing board in the living room by the couch and have the unearned in a basket on one side and an empty basket on the other to place the newly ironed pieces. I would lower the ironing board so I could sit on the couch and watch something on television while I ironed and work away. It’s quiet, peaceful and easy to do, so ironing was a favorite chore. So few things need ironing nowadays, mostly table linens and handkerchiefs. I have a huge collection of hankies, inherited from my great-aunt after whom I was named. It made sense since they were embroidered with her name which was the same as my own. Who else would want them? I prefer hankies to Kleenex, much softer and gentler for your skin. My dress, shoes and hair can all be found at Collabor88. The house and furniture are all from The Arcade which just closed, but I am sure will be available at the respective stores. Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Marukin
Skin: -Glam Affair – Grazia Skin – America 01 E
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes dark Green (med)
Mesh Attachments:
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-EVER v1.0
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Left V2.0
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Right V2.0
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – L – Elegant1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – R – Elegant
Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Mani/Pedi: FLAIR
Hair: .~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn hair
Clo (Read more...)

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April 2015
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Gonna go go go

Pose: I let my good one down - Flowey [N21: 21 March - ][Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: La bella donna - Clawtooth [The Arcade: 1 March - 31 March]
Skin: Neve - Tuli [Skin fair: 13 March - 29 March]
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones

Top: Angora sweater - Tres blah [Collabor88: 8 March - 6 April]
Pants: Harlow's cuffed jeans - Mon tissu
Feet: High - Slink
Shoes: Audrey.pumps - Fri.day [Collabor88: 8 March - 6 April]

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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Jogo Aberto

Both using: Unorthodox Unisex Beauty Marks – Nas Pink Acid Pencil Eyeliner Alpha Top Eye Makeup .:\M//:. Gwen Eyes – Fatpack Deesses: Nadine V2 – Skin base – #2 – flat white @skin fair Deesses: Nadine V2 – LIGHT SKINS lipstick – Ambigue @skin fair Just Magnetized – Natural Hairbase – set 03 – tint […]

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009: Look of the Day

  Credits Hair: Clawtooth: La Bella Donna (with flowers) – Essentials Pack (The Arcade) Skin: DeeTalez: Skin Jarla Exclusive My Attic B black Mediterranean Eyes: potcha: ururi ver.2 – light brown Eye Makeup: :::Sn@tch: Nefirtiri Eye Makeup (Gold)::: (Skin Fair 2015) Feet: Slink: Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – Mid Hands: Slink: Mesh Hands (av) Elegant Body: Maitreya: Lara V2.1 Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes...
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I’ve Got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day

Don’t you love it when the sun is bright and streams in through the windows creating an interplay of light and shadow in your home? I know cats love it as they shift to follow the light. I am more a shade person and will shift from the sunlight into the shade, but I still love to see the beams of light moving across my home. My dress is a super-feminine lace dress from Gizza called Cara. It is very demure and feminine from the front, though there is a bit of a surprise from the back as you shall see. I am relaxing in the living room from my new cottage by dust bunny that I picked up at The Arcade. Through the windows you can see the greenhouse as well. The side tables and the pitcher of baby’s breath and the book on the far table are all from the dust bunny collection at The Arcade. Scarlet Creative’s Amelie sofa seems made for this sweet little cake of a house. I changed the pictures in the frames from the DRD frames I got at December’s Arcade. I thought it might be fun to put in old family photos, so the pictures are of my grandmother, great grandfather, great-great-great grandfather, a family reunion in 1901 and other old family photos.… Read the restSnapshot_008

I Will Never Drink Again!

Izzie whispers "good morning everyone", I guess I partied a little too hard last night. Just woke up with a monster headache, my face and hair  are a mess, tossed clothes everywhere on the floor - oh btw where is my bra? And worst of all: that  naked man in my house...(dramatic pause)...is not Sam!!! :O ooops... I can't remember to save my life and whoever reads this now: shhh, Sam can never know! ;P
Credits: top: Fishy Strawberry - Dew Lace Romper (@ Uber) hair: Magika - Hush skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin (@ Skin Fair) make-up / eyebags layers: Izzie's - Hangover Face Tattoos (@ TDRF) pose: Izzie's - Head and Hands Pose 3
bed: Tarte - Pallet Seat Swing (@ Uber) wine: Tres Blah - Hodgepodge - Wine Duet (@ The Arcade) ashtray: Second Spaces - Ezra Ashtray clothes on the floor: Tres Blah - Hodgepodge - Tossed Clothes (@ The Arcade) bra: Sway's - [Neal] Clothes on floor house: Scarlet Creative - Wish You Were Here Prefab

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A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul.

The LookSkin Izzie's Samantha Springtime Edition Plum Pale @ UberHair Truth Delphine Browns Eyes Ikon  Sovereign Eyes - Oak Dress Dead Dollz Tanguera Pink @ Sneak PeekBracelet Izzie's Aarya BraceletPose Slouch Poses 184
Background Booth anc Ltd Garden Telephone Box @ The ArcadeClipboard anc Ltd Graden Craft @ The ArcadeTea cup anc Ltd Garden Tea @ The ArcadeBook Stack anc garden Pink Book @ The ArcadeBag Izzie's Weekender Roses at The Liaison CollaborativeBushes HMPD Colored Bush Rose and Wicker Reverie Honey Pie Bamboo and Wooden Roses Decor

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Magnolias and the Lilies of the Field

One of the surprises when I moved to Oregon were the magnificent magnolia trees. I had seen them in pictures, of course, but I thought of them as southern trees, not trees to flourish in the Pacific Northwest. But flourish they do. They are in bloom now. Magnolias have such a grandiose beauty, without fear of being gaudy or flamboyant. They just are what they are. They don’t hide their exuberance, their size or their extravagance. It reminds me of one of my favorite Bible verses, “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;they toil not, neither do they spin, yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” The scarf that is belted to this dress from NYU reminds me a bit of the exuberant magnolia petals. With a color-change HUD, there are 10 plain or 10 print scarf options. The dress itself comes in 10 colors that match the scarf options.
  These recently released mesh open-toe sandals from Glamisty are also as rich in colors as the lilies of the field.… Read the rest150324_003

Love In Mysterious Ways

Sometimes I feel more in love than others. I am invested so deeply that sometimes I forget the love and passion that drives the machine of a love affair – even when it’s a long term one. It’s hard sometimes to know why you love someone or how it turned into love, but I know I never forget that moment when the words became real. Saying them is like a magical spell, it can bring amazing things into our life or it can kill your dreams. I’m lucky that it turned out well. I’m content, though. No love is perfect, and finding your soulmate is never a guarantee of a perfect relationship. I’ve decided after all these years that there isn’t one of those at all ANYWHERE. So when you find real love, you have to hold onto it and sort out how to keep it. There is no such thing as too much love. Gidge is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Lips: beauty by alaskametro<3 – Extended makeup pack (light) lip 04
Eye Makeup: beauty by alaskametro<3 – Extended makeup pack (light) eye 09
Hair: Magika [Hair] Listen
Dress: OAKEN by Noodles – Laura Dress : Pack 1 M COLLABOR88
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Left V2.0
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Right V2.0
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – R – Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Shoes:[Decoy] Siren Wedges – Black (Slink MID Add-on)
Skin: alaskametro<3 “Ivo (Read more...)

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Lullaby of the Rain

I spent far too much getting this dress at The Arcade, but I console myself with knowing that the color-change HUD makes it several dresses in one. Besides, it has the prettiest color-change HUD in SL history. Friday was the vernal equinox and it came with extras this year— a solar eclipse and a supermoon. Spring, however, came to Oregon long before the equinox. Already the daphnes and magnolias are in bloom. The air is rich with fragrance and spring’s showers paint everything a lush green. There is such an abundance of life in Oregon, all fed by the wonderful rain that if you live in Oregon, you must come to love. The crazy thing about gardening in SL, I can have wisteria and magnolias at the same time as hibiscus and lavender, isn’t that amazing? With all the femininity of the erratic dress, I had to pick the ultra-feminine shoes from fi.day called Cora. Not only so they have a strap that is reminiscent of the flapper era that inspired this dress, they have a ribbon that dies at the back of the heel for s touch of ultra-femininity.… Read the rest150320_004

Back into Routine

Pixel Gidge struggled for a week to get her life back on track.  Travelling through multiple airports and trudging through foreign lands wore her out. Sure, it was amazing awesome times, and getting to see one of your favorite people ever is worth any amount of tired but still, getting back TO your life can be a challenge. She’s back on track, trying to keep everything going now with the help of her little dog. Her house is messy and she’s got to spend some time cleaning today I predict.  I’ve discovered a new to me brand and found out that I’m a total dork this brand has been around FOREVAH but hey I’m still in love. If you haven’t checked out the new releases at skin fair from ALASKA METRO run don’t walk – so gorgeous! I love the makeup choices and the skin is beautiful. Gidge is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lips: beauty by alaskametro<3 – Extended makeup pack (light) lip 12
beauty by alaskametro<3 – Eyemakeup: Extended makeup pack (light) eye 06
Blush: Extended makeup pack (light) cheek 02 – Alaska Metro
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Filton Dress – Keys (PhysV2) COLLABOR88 MARCH
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Left V2.0
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Right V2.0
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – R – Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bexley
Shoes: [Decoy] Siren Wedges (Read more...)

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Maybe there was a reason

It's time to stock up on footwear, because Fri.day is having a 50% off sale this week! Even if your shoe folder is already filled to the top, it's worth a visit because there is also a new release! With a floral print option!

Pose: Whatever is inside - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Charlize - Truth
Skin: Cassia - Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Flowers: Magnolia - Lode [The Arcade: 1 March - 31 March]

Top: Paul strucutured blouse - Rowne
Pants: Skinny slacks - Tres blah
Feet: High - Slink
Shoes: Veronica.platforms - Fri.day [50% sale]

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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Come Cuddle with Me

Please click through for a bigger picture as you can’t see it all very well in this little one!  I had great fun setting up this, it’s a very simple set up but I love it.   The Consignment Camper Cuddle Van is just MEGA! It comes with rezzing ivy and is perfect for couples or if you’re single, like me, you can sit on your own with a hammer and some cute animals and just look adorbs.    I mention the hammer as it’s from Katat0nik for this round of Level Up which has just opened and it’s SO CUTE… and obviously so deadly that it’s looking after me on my little camping expedition. I couldn’t help but rez the items from The Arcade from Ispachi, I don’t feel I have done them justice but who doesn’t need friends?!   OWLS! OWLS ARE MY FAVE! OWLSTOCK SHOULD HAPPEN IN SL!  Thank you Half Deer for giving us OWLS!    The adorabled fencing and vehicles are from What Next and are older items, but still fabulous!… Read the restSnapshot_028

Elymode @ Skin Fair 2015

Over at the Skin Fair  there are some goodies from Elymode, and this time one of the bonus’ is that Ely has made Slink Visage HUDS for her makeups YAY! They are packs of eyeliners and makeups, you can also get them as normal makeup tattoos so do not fret if you are not part of the Cult of Mesh Heads, it’s all good.   I haven’t shown all available but each HUD comes with 8 or more makeups that vary in colour, from spring green to disco purple, there is something for everyone. They look particularly adorable on Visage, so that’s how I opted to show them, one lot with lashes on and one with them off so you got a true sense of what they look like! I know not everyone always wears lashes. Also shown are two sets (if you can tell – OF COURSE YOU CAN) of the new Slink addon teeth! OH MY DAYS!  Ely told me about these in SL and I just had to rush over and get them, there are a variety to choose from including three diff vamp ones, bunny, gap and more!  They addon to the slink visage heads but Siddean did say that she plans to release ones for normal mesh heads and other mouths if the teeth can be hidden!… Read the restElymode @ Skin Fair 2015 - 1

The Day the Cupcakes Invaded

  I need to pull my head outta my butt and decorate both my sim and my home, but I suck… HUGELY!   But I rezzed a few bits and made myself a cute little corner and then GOSH DARN IT, CUPCAKES INVADED. Oneword has finished now, but fairytales do still exist in SL and Windsong just gives us the perfect fairytale with their room divider! So cute with the chalkboard side and then teh dangly lights and it compliments the Fetch sofa that you can find at the brand new IDK event beautifully! I didn’t know what else to put out but I rememer that fetch also did suitcases for the Bon Voyage TLC round!   SUITCASE DRAWERS, YES!  I saw lots of props with cases, so this was nice, usesable items YAY! I then of course remembered The Arcade, I haven’t gone broke there yet, but I knew that I needed to jazz up the place a bit with some foliage, so that was down to Lark to do the job with their funky planters, you can see (better if you click through and go bigger) that I rezzed the brick, book, clock and I couldn’t resist the rollerskate, I will leave the undercracker planters for the boudoir :P Finally the cupcakes invaded.  … Read the restThe Day the Cupcakes Invaded

Hitting the Road

Helloooo! A bit of a biker chick look today, or well what I’d dress like if I wanted to get the attention of someone like sayyyyyy Jax “Willis’ Boyf” Teller! Genre started a new round called Sons of Genre, where you can get the gorgeous and badass backpack!  I thought the skirt from Bueno at C88 with it’s rips and pockets made the perfect item to wear with it, and the look built from there.  Gorgeous spikey heels from C88 from Eboni over at Hucci, and of course Swallow with their Dead Head Arcade Collection!   I was thankful for the Exile release as this hair fitted perfect with the look, and it’s the Male hair too, who says we can’t have everything!?  Rounded off with a lovely sexy top from ANE for TLC and various other components to complete the look, all in the credits below. I couldn’t, of course, not post another Skin Fair Skin, so this time you get Ilenia from WoW Skins in the Milk tone.  There are oodles of appliers for this baby, if you can’t find them at Skin Fair, you can at the main store.  … Read the restHittin' the Road

The Dusty Rusty Room

The Details Hanging Seat Apt B Lona Hanging Seat @ Kustom9Love Sign Apt B Wood Love Sign @ Kustom9Books Apple Fall Reading Pile Vertical Books [ zerkalo ] Pile of books 3Closet HIDEKI - Shabby ClosetHanging Lights Apt B DIY Hanging lights -GrungeBook Holders Apt B Bird Cage Book Ends  @ Kustom9Bed Apt B Pallet Bed @ Consensual Clothing and items on Bed Tres Blah Hodgepodge - OOTD @ The Arcade

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In like a lamb (lion)

In my personal life, March came in like a lion, so I hope it goes out like a lamb. My boyfriend turned fiancé is having a couple of issues. Truthfully, they are due to me, so I shouldn’t complain. :( His attitude, much like the weather, affects my moods. However, the beginning of March also brought Designer Showcase‘s newest range of designer goods. Mood back up. :) This round ends March 26, so plenty of time to find killer deals. Click Designer Showcase for your lift! Credits:

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Tea Time

It's tea time! I have a confession to make. I collect teacups in SL. I know it seems a bit strange, but I do. I have a soft spot for teacups. So it's not surprising that when The Arcade rolls around and there are teacups to be had I seek them out.

There are times where I attempt to get all the pieces of a tea set.

I am also a sucker for tulips. Combine some tulips with a cute bunny and I am all over that cuteness!
And what is a tea party with out dressing up all prettily? I think I shall call these two Cinnamon and Sugar based on what we are wearing. Cinnamon obviously being the one in red, because it more cinnamony than that minty one.

Credits Galore!
Sugar wore
Dress: -Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.1 - Mint worn with the pattern ( at The Arcade)
Hair Accessory: *LODE* Head Accessory - Magnolia II Single [yellow] ( at The Arcade)
Hair: ::Exile::Take ( at The Arcade)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Chloe Flats (Slink) :: Ice
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - Flat
Skin:  [ MUDSKIN ]_Muse II_E4_Native
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Storm Eye

Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper

Spice WoreDress: -Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.2 - Red ( at The Arcade)Hair Accessory: *LODE* Head Accessory - Magnolia II Double [peach] ( at The Arcade)Shoes: [Decoy] Hera Heels - RedHair: ::Exile::Give ( at The Arcade)Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 -Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - MidSkin: -Glam Affair - Rose - D (Read more...)

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Smile For The Camera

Hello Everyone! One of my favorite fun items from current The Arcade round is the Glam Life Gacha from Rowne,  especially the wearable paparazzi I've taken to my heart. My Ribald Butler from Mutresse is trying  to protect me from flashlights. It's a former Arcade item but it is available at their mainstore now.  More credits below: Credits: dress: Junbug - Betty's Gown hair: Truth - Avena award: Rowne - Best Lead Role (@ The Arcade) skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin (@ Skin Fair) pose: Bauhaus Movement - Zerkalo butler: Mutresse - Ribald Butler Decency Protector paparazzi: Rowne - Paparazzi (@ The Arcade) location: Sable Club

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