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Morning Are Complicated

Pixel Gidge has luxurious, beautiful mornings every day. I think this is because my own RL mornings are the opposite of hers.  As I stumble through the chaotic, wrinkled messy world that is RL I juxtapose SL Gidge’s morning when I blog – sitting it opposite my own. The more peaceful and lovely her morning, […]

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October 2014
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You Got Me Singing

One of the rules I live by comes from Voltaire, who said “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” A similar idea is attributed to Confucius, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” I really took this aphorism to heart when a friend of mine was writing a book on dismantling […]

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.:fade to blue:.

vvSkin–The Skinnery Marni 1 (100L at The Arcade gacha event)Hair–Mina Iris (70L pastel and ombre pastel color packs at The Dressing Room Fusion)Eyes–KMADD Mesh Eyes Sampler Demo (free demo)Eyelashes–Lumae Eyelashes Longer (part of group gift in sto…

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A Bloggers Work Is Never Done

I am decorating my house which is taking SO MUCH TIME because I want it to be perfect. I don’t want to move again until next year. I did the kitchen, mostly, and now I’m doing the entryway. But I can’t spend all of my time decorating, I need to blog and shop and take […]

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Belleza Gacha Roundup

The new Belleza store is open, and all past gachas from The Arcade are now in store for the same low price of 100L per play! Combined with the current round at The Arcade, there are six beautiful skins to choose from! vv vv From left to right…

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My Sewing Corner

All of the women in my family can sew, or did when they were alive. Everyone had these types of corners with fabric strewn about, with bobbins and pins and patterns, or pattern paper, tossed around willy willy. Everyone can sew, except me. I could never sort it. My mother actually became a professional seamstress, […]

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#726 Vivre ou survivre

My look of the day is a survivalist/horror one. Amongst the wonderful items I used to create this look I like a lot the hand cannon which is an item created by Souzou Eien for A Clockwork Spiral. This charity event (that’s a fundraising to he…

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Man in Florida

Collabor88′s theme for the month is Miami Electric – featuring the electric tropical colors that bring to mind that sunny city. I have never been to Miami, so all I know about it is from the media. Those aerial shots in CSI Miami make it look like an architectural center of excellence – beautiful and […]

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A Little Nonsense

A Little Nonsense

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” ~ Roald Dahl Continue reading

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A Little Nonsense

It’s really over

Summer is my favorite season! True, it’s brutally hot in Nevada, but I still love the idea of summer barbeques, swimming, and pool parties. I’m gonna miss you summer! I suppose fall is technically here, but mind you, I’m still … Continue reading

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Goodbye Summer Sad Panda Face

Cuprit: Villa Sirocco + Tons of Stuff!

Hi everyone!  I knew that my posts were going to get skimpy while I worked on preparations for the SL Home & Garden Expo but I never knew how much time it actually takes (sometimes 16 hrs/day).  I have a whole new level of respect for the…

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Sweet Little Something

Hello Everyone!

Bonne Chance (or B.C.C.) released this adorable vest/skirt combi outfit at TMD, 

and since this is an event for men actually, you will also find a guy’s version there. 

You can purchase a T-Shirt Hud separately – to retext…

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Sweet Little Something

The Dreaming House and more at Collabor88, plus Octopus Tables at The Arcade

Unique spaces abound this September! Immerse yourself in the changing colors of the season with The Dreaming House, create an auditory oasis with our Shishi Odoshi Bamboo Fountain, and relax in our stylish Monserrat Chairs – all at this month’s Collabor88! The Dreaming House includes a single-object linked version (59 LI) and a self-installer version […]

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Trompe Loeil - The Dreaming House promo 01

I Love Fall More Than Alicia Chenaux

Don’t you hate it when someone shows you a satire site and you don’t get it? Alicia showed me this site yesterday and I was bufuddled. Who is Courtney? Why don’t I know who she is? I mean, I get it now, but at first I thought I had missed some whole internet phenom until […]

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I can’t feel your presence anymore…

Another quick post, I do apologise but quite a few will be, I’ve been super busy in rl atm, so haven’t had time for the credits :/, if you have any questions message me inworld or on here or wherever you want lol :D Skin: The Skinnery – Marni @ The Arcade Hair: Tableau Vivant […]

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This was just a quick new profile pic for yours truly :P So I thought I’d share it on my bloggie and some credz too… Skin: The Skinnery – Marni @The Arcade Eyes: IKON – Ascension eyes – Oxidation Hair: Blues Hair – AnnieFiled under: Second Life Tagged: blues hair, Ikon, the arcade, the skinnery

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I have such a hard time remembering hisw to spell Loovus Dzevavor. Thankfully, Google autocomplete finishes it for me. I had a hard time, too, choosing just one of the delightful outfits from the Fall Winter Collection that was released for Penumbra Fashion Week. You can take a peek at a few others on the […]

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Autumn Blessings

Hello Everyone!

Autumn has arrived at Izzie’s over the past couple of days and so it was time to get myself a new autumn outfit and go out to play a bit with the pretty autumn leaves pose prop “Blessings” from Uncertain Smile @ The Seelie Court. Plea…

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Autumn Blessings

Perfect end to a great day

On any day, it’s always the best thing when you can lay yourself to rest completely content. Dare I say, even happy. Stroll along the beach, a couple crashes that were not the best timing, and a snazzy little shower to end the night. Being around those that make you smile, make you forget you [...]

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Returning to the Spiral

“It’s been a year since I joined Captain Gearsworth’s crew as they left the Spiral. A year of journeys, flight, adventure and experiences such that I could not reliably scribe them for the fear of scandalizing my audience to death.” “One year and here I am again, stepping onto the Spiral. I knew I would […]

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