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Don’t Tell Me the Moon Is Shining

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass,” is great advice for writers. It is attributed to Anton Chekhov who did write something pretty close to that. It remains good advice whether it is apocryphal or not.  It basically tells writers to show, don’t tell. Of course, some writers go overboard and describe every single thing in such detail that they have left themselves no room for emotional honesty or plot, but in general, as a reader, I prefer showing to telling.  It’s much easier with a picture, though, and in this one you can see the glint of moonlight on the waves. Of course, what you really want is the perfect blend of show and tell. You don’t want authors telling you what every person is thinking, you want them to trust you to figure it out from their actions and their words. Writers who tell too much insult our intelligence, assuming we cannot get the point without it being spelled out.… Read the rest“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”



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Juggling Raccoons

(click here for a raw shot) Every time The Arcade Gacha event is about to start there are always a few designers I’m always looking forward to. Mutresse is one of those designers. They create the most interesting characters, from adorable Garden Gnomes to sexy Butlers you can’t help but flirt with. This time around […] The post Juggling Raccoons by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, it to infiltrate The Arcade and capture one of the Tentacio synths and bring it back for study. The stasis net will come down at midnight, allowing the most intrepid and lucky to teleport into the complex. There will be many distractions, doing their best to draw you away from your assigned task. Do not waver. Initial reports from our reconnaissance missions are available disguised as a shopping guide. Do not be fooled by its benign appearance, it is produced at considerable risk by deep cover operatives working within the system.

According to these recon reports, there are 10 Galatea synths to capture and study. Two have been segregated in a secure facility known as the Rare Room. Capturing one of them will require stamina, luck and lindens. Good luck on your mission. You will need it.
The synths’ heads (They have interchangeable heads!!!) and clothing must be captured separately. We do not have any reports on whether synths can function without a head, but we presume not.… Read the restYour Mission, should you decide to accept it....

Sometimes It Seems the Arcade Knows EXACTLY Who I Am

My work has begun, my joy has started – I get to bring to life the amazing creations from THE ARCADE and make them part of my own world. The creators have worked and worked making amazing things to contribute to the story of our lives, and now it’s our turn to give them life. The are so many releases this round that said “Gidge, they knew you were coming” but I was tickled to see the Devil Wears Prada inspired items from new to me brand 1992. I’m lucky that my work is also my joy. Fashion is my world in SL and so I have to admit being more than a little tickled at how perfectly these new items fit into the narrative of my SLife. I’m excited for my new car too. I’m going to be the terror of Juicy! Beep Beep – stay out of my way! And now, I’ve got a lot of work to do this evening. Girls – get your shopping lists going, this round is amazing! Gidge is Wearing:
Lips: [:Tuli:] Willow / T1 / lips01
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Eyeshadow: [:Tuli:] Willow / T1 / mu04
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Light DX
Earrings: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Kennedy Black Pearl Earrings – Left
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Kennedy Necklace: Black Pearl Earrings – Right
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Kennedy Black Pearl Necklace
Dress: -Pixicat- Bastet.Dress – Black (Slink) THE ARCADE
Bag: 1992 // The “It” Bag (Cool Gray) RARE THE ARCADE
The Book: 1992 // The Book (Black) RARE THE ARCADE
Glasses: 1992 // T (Read more...)

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Au bonheur des couleurs

I know it’s been a while. A big while actually. I had things to think about, one of them if I even felt like continuing with this blog after my SL changed so massively over night.  I always felt that my blog was part of who I am in SL, but so I felt about having Don in my SL and since that suddenly changed on July 18, I don’t know, aside fromt he grief, some sort of an existential (blog) crisis happened as well. However, I’m not yet ready to let go of this platform. I may not be the most frequent blogger for a while (ok, i haven’t been for years now, but hey… my RL is pretty cool too) but I do feel I still have some stuff to share. I promise, less talk more styling in the posts to come!!     Hair by Exile, Spice for The Arcade Head by LeLutka, Ever Lara body by Maitreya Skin by Glam Affair (work in progress) Large Pearls Earrings by Yummy Vivienne blazer by Ryvolter Vintage pencil skirt by Tres Blah

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The Cold never bothered me anyway!

The LookHead LeLutka Aria w/Izzie's Sophee Head Applier PeachHair Tram E817 Brown
Eyes Ikon Triumph Denim @ Shiny Shabby Necklace Swallow Elizabeth Short Necklace @ Vintage and Cool FairDress Shine Marley Dress Blush @ Vintage and Cool FairShoes fri.day Charlie Wedges @ N21Pose DelMay Cute Spectator
Background Cash Register Fancy Decor Frozen Yogurt Bar @ The Arcade September 01Bar Fancy Decor : FroYo Topping Bar @ The Arcade September 01Frozen Yogurt Fancy Decor : Fruit Swirl FroYo, Cereal Swirl FroYo,  Candy Swirl FroYo @ The Arcade Sept 01Toppings Fancy Decor : FroYo Toppings 1 2 and 3 @ The Arcade September 01Sign Fancy Decor : FroYo Sign Trio @ The Arcade September 01

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I’m pretty sure owning a frozen yogurt machine would solve 100% of my problems

 Fancy Decor's The Frozen Yogurt Bar for The Arcade Starts Sept. 01

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Arcade Goodies 1

Yes it is almost Arcade time again and as always it is full of lots and lots of amazing stuff from skins to hair, clothing to furniture.  It's always a fun time and good way to update your looks and homes!

Bastet Dress, Bastet Harness (rare) and Bastet Harness Arms (rare) from PixicatMorgana Skin 01 (rare) from Pink FuelSpice Hair from Exile
Bastet Dress and Bastet Jacket from PixicatMorgana Skin 02 from Pink FuelSpice Undercut from Exile
Bastet Shirt and Bastet Sphynx (rare) from PixicatMorgana Skin 03 from Pink FuelSugar Hair from Exile
Bastet Shirt, Bastet Sphynx (rare) and Bastet Sphynx Harness (rare) from PixicatMorgana Skin 03 from Pink FuelSugar Hair from Exile
Red Riding Hood Black and White Basket from U.F.O.Morgana Skin 02 from Pink Fuel
Red Riding Hood Wolf from U.F.O.Morgana Skin 02 from Pink Fuel

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Every chef needs their own little corner

The CreditsCabinet Apple Fall Plantation Cabinet Notebook Apple Fall 'iFall' Notebook 2015 FreeCutting Boards Second Spaces - Kitchen Collection - cutting boards  @ The Arcade Sept 01Crocks Second Spaces - Kitchen Collection - utensil crocks  @ The Arcade Sept 01Recipe Cards Second Spaces - Kitchen Collection - recipes RARE @ The Arcade Sept 01Pears Apple Fall Charlotte's PearsHanging Lamp Kunst  Jar ceiling lamp RARE @ Shiny ShabbyStool What Next  Finsbury Stool Chair Cheeky Pea Venachar Tartan Cosy Chair  @ Kustom 9Candle Wall Lamp Kunst Jar Wall Lamp @ Shiny Shabby

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I don’t care what the menu says….you get toast!

Credits Kitchen Cabinets and Sink Apple Fall Pot with Pot Holder Sari-Sari  Kitchen Essentials - Pot and Spoon @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Menu Board Sari-Sari  - Kitchen Essentials - Menu Board  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Cutting Boards Sari-Sari  Kitchen Essentials - Chopping Boards  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Wall Rack Second Spaces Kitchen Collection RARE  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Recipe Books Second Spaces - Kitchen Collection - cookbooks  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Washing Utensils Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Washing Utensils  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Shelf above Sink Sari-Sari  - Kitchen Essentials - Pots and Ladles  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Dish Rack Sari-Sari  - Kitchen Essentials - Dish Rack RARE  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Wire Shelf Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Wire Shelf RARE  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01Toaster Dust Bunny Toast Sari-Sari  - Kitchen Essentials - Toast  @ The Arcade Starts Sept 01

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Preview of The Arcade, September Edition!

Admit it, you’ve been waiting for this moment since last round ended! The Arcade will soon open its doors for all the collectors and rare-seekers and you better make sure you’ve saved enough money to play those machines non-stop! The Arcade Shopping Guide for September has just been released, so grab a seat, get comfy and check the exclusive preview of your all time favorite gatcha event. Happy shopping! Connie The Arcade Preview

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Glamping out with style….

The LookHead Logo Alex w/Izzie's Logo Applier Tiggi *Use of Logo Omega Applier needed*Hair and Hat The Secret Store Sugar HairOutfit Gizza Mara Safari Shoes Reign Oxfords @ Vintage and Cool Fair 
Background Tent Sway's Camp Out Tent Starry Night RARE @ The Arcade Sept 01Lamp Sway's Camp Out Oil Lamp Starry Night @ The Arcade Sept 01Campfire Cheeky Pea Roll in the Hay Fire Pit @ Love to Decorate Hay Seat Cheeky Pea Roll in the Hay Left End Part @ Love to Decorate Stump Sway's Walden Stump Axe Sari-Sari  Woodcutter's Axe

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Boogie Oogie Oogie

" charset="utf-8">If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie Boy oh boy have I got news for you Everybody here tonight must boogie Let me tell ya' you are no exception to the rule Continue reading →

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Come On Let’s Go !

Come on Pixel Gidge, Let’s go out. “No,” she answers. “YOU LEFT ME HERE! YOU PROMISED WE WOULD GO OUT AND WE DIDN’T GO OUT YOU LEFT ME HERE ALL NIGHT.” Hey, I changed your clothes and hair, and I did your nails. I even moved your bed in off the water, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to get out today?  “You left me here,” she pouts. “YOU PROMISED TO COME BACK YESTERDAY!” Her typist sighs, Yes I know but RL happened. But I’m here now. Don’t you want to go out and do something? “I should’ve known when you put slippers on me that you wouldn’t be back,” she pouts and sits down at her blogging desk. “Just forget it. I’ll sit here and play with my toys. Go on with your RL.” Her typist realizes she’s right, if she’d intended to take her out she’d have put shoes on her, and possibly not horns. Hard to say on the horns. Well you have our flat feet on, I will put some flats on you and we can go out.Read the rest

Start Your Day With Whimsy

So much to do today, I need to pack for a trip for a few days, I need to blog, I need to just do all my SL things but I decided instead that brunch with Whimsy had to come first. We plotted and gossiped the way women do and moaned over how we’d like some eggs benedict in real life now that we’ve been teased with it in SL.  She brought me a new bike so also instead of doing my work, I decided to go for a ride, heels and all.  The trees behind me don’t like my hair apparently.  Oh well, silly trees, my hair is LOVELY. One thing I did manage was to have my new living room delivered today, from Cheeky Pea that is out now at UBER. I love it, it’s cozy and looks great in my house. Now I’m just going to watch a LITTLE Netflix before I get busy. Ok just one episode of Sense8 or something. Just one. Maybe two. I PROMISE to get busy soon. Gidge is Wearing:
Blush: -Belleza- Amber Uber Med Blush
Gloss: -Belleza- Amber Uber Med Gloss 1
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Light DX
Earrings: *BOOM* Miami Drop Earrings – Periwinkle (R)
*BOOM* Miami Drop Earrings – Periwinkle(L)
Body: -Belleza- Isis
Hair: Amacci Hair – Aurora 1 HAIR FAIR 2015
Dress: Fission: Anna halter dress-Blue (S)
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix La Nuza Stiletto Patent Yellow (Belleza)
Skin: -Belleza- Amber Uber Med 1 Lt Bl
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Periwinkle (S)
Dining: The Loft – Cordova Breakfast Nook – Collabor88
Living (Read more...)

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Poolside Blogger and Other Misunderstandings

My friends Whimsy and Sasy collaborate each round of My Attic for something wonderful. They make photoboxes for bloggers, or great items with lovely poses and props for everyone. When they passed me their item for this round of My Attic, my poor eyes that are adjusting to contacts (monovision, what fresh hell is this?) read “Poolside Blogger and Friends” in the description as this was something for bloggers, and their friends. “Oh nice, another photobox for bloggers YAY” my brain said. It’s not. It’s a big ass pool. Now, because everything at My Attic is 95L you can pick up this big ass pool, that has splashable water (my eyes can’t read well yet I have to sort that out later), pillows with poses and beach towels also just LOADED up with poses. OK WOW this is the best 95L priced item in a long time. I’ve decided now that I have a pool, that I’m going to spend my day outside in this teeny bikini from House of Hucci.… Read the rest

No One Else Leaves Or The MerKitten Gets It

In the past week I’ve had three deaths around the edges of my life, 2 in SL and 1 in the RL. I’ve had it. Cajsa nailed it. It’s not a game if it makes you cry. Both of the people who died this week were not my besties. We didn’t talk “all the time”, we didn’t share secrets. But they were people who I took for granted, so my rage and grief is based in ego because I’m feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t value these people more. It’s causing me to evaluate myself, and wish I could do more for those who truly lost something, for those whose grief isn’t based in ego but in loss – some of whom are people I care about so very much in both lives.  So I’ve decided that we’re DONE for 2015. I need everyone close to me, and everyone NOT close to me to be well. Stay here. If I don’t need you, people I care about probably do. Don’t make me cook this merkitten to punish the gods for taking you away, because I’ll do it.… Read the rest

Slinking in the dark, a bit slinky in my mood.

Good evening everyone, tonight I felt like mixing up my genres and came up with a pretty cute look, I think. That, of course, is a matter of taste. As I mentioned in an earlier post, My Slink Obsession (MSO) is right around the corner, opening up the 5th! If you have never heard of MSO, it is an event that occurs every three months that features Slink compatible designs, such as skins, nail polishes, clothing, poses and more! Everything and anything that revolves around Slink Avatar Enhancement products. All items at the event will be new and marked at least 50% off. So in honor of this event, I dusted off my Slink Avatar and gussied her up. 

My avatar consists of Slink's Physique Mesh Body (L$1,250), Visage Head, Becky (L$2,550), AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and AvEnhance Mid Feet (L$675).
The Visage Head Pack (L$2,550), comes with five standard body shapes, mesh head, five mesh alphas, three base skins, a neck patch and the Visage Utilities HUD, which offers twelve expressions along with various options to open/close eyes, hide different layers and clear current settings. 
The Physique Mesh Body (L$1,250) comes with a mesh body, five body alphas, six base skins, A dress, an underwear applier HUD, Physics layer, Physique Utilities HUD to control alpha cuts, tattoo layers, underwear layers and clothing layers.… Read the rest

So cool in lying

Pose: Sugar 07 - Everglow [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Oceana - Elua [Summerfest:20 June - 12 July]
Skin: Elsie - Pink fuel [Arcade: 1 June - 30 June]
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Hands: Elegant, casual - Slink

Earrings: Kilimanjaro - Mandala
Dress: Fiorella - Vincue
Feet: Flat - Slink
Shoes: Nadya - Fri.day [Collabor88: 8 May - 6 June]

Pose: There's a beat I can't deny - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Sunkissed hair - Tableau vivant [Summerfest:20 June - 12 July]
Skin: Ellie - Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Hands: Elegant, casual - Slink

Bracelet: Colour blocking minimalism banlge - Teefy
Dress: Lana tunic - Stories and co by flowey [Collabor88: 8 May - 6 June]
Feet: Flat - Slink
Shoes: Izzie.sandals - Fri.day [Summerfest:20 June - 12 July]

Pose: Fashion book three - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair (cat included): Sleepy head - Fashionably dead [Arcade: 1 June - 30 June]
Skin: Cassia - Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Hands: Elegant, casual - Slink

Bracelet: Maria - Donna flora
Dress: Wrap side dress - Ison [Collabor88: 8 May - 6 June]
Necklace: Pomme de pin - Cae
Feet: Mid - Slink
Shoes: Ninette heels - Ingenue [Summerfest:20 June - 12 July]

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.… Read the restSo cool in lying (1)

Life’s a beach enjoy the waves

The LookSkin Izzie's Romy Peach Hair Damselfly Jessamy @ Fameshed July 01Sunglasses Gizza Oversized Cat Eye Glasses Floral ReliefEarrings Rebel Hope  Mara Beaded Earrings New Summer CollectionBikini Baiastice_Fringe Micro Bikini @ Summerfest15Chair Dust Bunny Lounging chair @ The ArcadeBasket Dust Bunny Getaway Basket @ The ArcadeTable Dust Bunny Folding Side Table @ The ArcadePitcher Dust Bunny Fresh Strawberry Water @ The Arcade

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