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Dress    -Narcisse- Anais Chemise @ TLC

Necklace   OXIDE Wayfinder Necklace @ TFC

Pose   :LW: Poses - What will be, female pose @ Tres Chic

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October 2018
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The little things in life

Hair   Truth

Make-up applier   Studio Exposure BEAUTE EYES&LIPS
Head   Catwa

Dress    =Zenith=Lace Waist Backless Dress (Pack B) -Maitreya @ Fameshed
Bag    =Zenith=Rattan bag with Baby`s Breath Flower @ Fameshed
Chocker   LaGyo_Gaia Collection @ Collabor88
Earcuff    LaGyo_Gaia Collection @ Collabor88

Swing with pose   BellePoses - Swing Freya @ TFC

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↪Only Me↩

hair-[Mello]  Jaded Hair
ears-[Mello] Faun Bento Ears
bindi-{vincue} & [CX] - Airie+Bindi - Gift @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Dolly Tattoo
pants & top- Belle Epoque { Zalika } @ Summmerfest ((NEW)) 
shoes-[The Forge[ Itachi Platforms @Gacha Guardians ((NEW)) 
rug-[ zerkalo ] Simple Rug & Pillows @TFC ((NEW)) 
tv,notebook,makeups,plate,heart fi,labtop, game,Quija, sailor book,tablet,watch-Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 

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⨴Live to Life⨵

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hair-{Limerence} Lili hair @TFC ((NEW)) 
gems face-Ama. :  Regal Gems  @TFC ((NEW)) 
wetsuit & bra-.::Dead Dollz::. Kahuna Wetsuit @ Summmerfest ((NEW)) 

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ӂ Wonderful Imagination ӂ

hair-Love [Bun Head] @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 
headband roses- ERSCH - Princess Crown @TFC ((NEW)) 
outfit (dress, panties & boots) [The Forge] Amythest Dress @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 
bracelets set-[ bubble ] Boho Arrow Bracelets Set @TFC ((NEW)) 
crow, ball & deer-*Tentacio* Magic Deer. @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 
book-AsteroidBox.  Tome Book @TFC ((NEW)) 
mirror-I[BDKX]I -//- Tzankinak @TFC ((NEW)) 

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⧴ I will Kill for You

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hair-Mello. Beauty Queen @hair fair ((NEW)) 
horns- * Me & My Moon * Red Horns @TFC ((NEW)) 
makeup eyes- .ARISE. Mile Dust @TFC ((NEW)) 
outfit ( dress, collar, cuffs) :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Queen @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 
nails- :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails @Crystal Heart Festival ((NEW)) 
pipe- Yokai - Dragon pipe with ghost @TFC ((NEW)) 

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┼ WhO We ArE ┼

sim...Petouhair-[Mello] Love Song @TC4 ((NEW))
headband, collar, harness- *Tentacio* Be mine  @SanaRae ((NEW))
necklace-*N*Hidden Fish Loop Tie @ CrossRoad ((NEW))
bow pasties, panties, cuff legs  & arms, belt- .Quirky. - Aya Set @TFC ((NEW))
tattoo.**UrbanStreet** Fragile Tattoo

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Ξ Ambition Ξ

hair-[Mello] Clumsy @The Project Se7en ((NEW))jewels face- [Cubic Cherry] {Giza} jewels  @The Kawaii Project ((NEW))headband and pet-* My Fantasy Bunny  @TFC ((NEW))
kimono-*{( konpeitou )}* hino-kimono @The Project Se7en ((NEW))
hagoita & flowers-*N*HANETSUKI GACHA @Japonica ((NEW))
geta-*{( konpeitou )}* X'mas kimono @LOST & FOUND ((NEW))

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˟˟˟Hit me Like a MAN˟˟˟

hair-[RA] Nymph Hair jewels face-[Cubic Cherry] {Giza} jewels  @The Kawaii Project  ((NEW))monocle-[Cubic Cherry] {Alvie} monocle @The Project Se7en ((NEW))outfit1-bracers,shoulder & upper- [The Forge] Thaddeus @TFC ((NEW))
hands-CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Perchta Hands / RARE
outfit2-top, harnes & panties-[The Forge] Abigail Bustier @TFC ((NEW))
shoes, garter & leg wraps-Sweet Thing. Bath'kol

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She Came from the Light

In a dream she came to me from the light. I was unsure if I should be afraid. Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant Light & Dark gacha at The Fantasy Collective. Glam Affair – Light stage [rare] Tableau Vivant – Light pose [rare] Glam Affair – Light horns Tableau Vivant \ Tempest hair Glam Affair … Continue reading She Came from the Light

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ᴥStill DreaMingᴥ

hair-[NANI] Glow.Up   @TFC ((NEW))
roses with horns & bunny-Fawny - Forest @TFC ((NEW))
glasses-*N*Aquarium Glass  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tattoo face-**UrbanStreet** TattooFace Peace (GG) ((NEW))
outfit-Belle Epoque { Amber } @The Forest ((NEW))
tattoo body-**UrbanStreet**Bohemian Bodypaint
shoes-boots-Pixicat- Visionary.Boots (BlackWhite)

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All I Want…

…yep, you.  Not the guy who's lap I'm on tho, mind you. NVM…I'm corny *hangs head and walks away* [ free bird ] Jolly Headband – Animated
Magika – Sparkle (w/ lights)
CATWA – Destiny
[Fetch] Mascara Shades – Silver * @TFC Gacha *
[Fetch] Britny Collar * @Kawaii Project *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Blueberry – Denim Skirt – Maitreya
[ free bird ] Holiday Thought Bubble – All I Want Is You​

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++Listening YoU++

hair-[Mello] Jaded Hair @Kawaii project ((NEW))
ears mask-SEUL - Lapin Mask - Blanc LOOT  @TFC ((NEW))
horns-05{Youkai} horns red  .::Cubic Cherry::. 
eyes-*N*Kingyo lives in my eyes  @TFC ((NEW))
gag-{THORNS} gag crimson  .::Cubic Cherry::. 
bodysuit-[The Forge] Sasha Harness, White @Kustom9 ((NEW))
getas-*N*THORN GETA( @ Japonica ((NEW))
wings-.{PSYCHO:Byts}. IceCream Monster - Wings - RARE ((NEW))
bunny-Fawny - Forest Friend @TFC ((NEW))
stage and poses-GA&TV - Dark and Light @TFC ((NEW))

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╩ The Better Of Me ╩

hair-*barberyumyum*84 @SaNaRae ((NEW))
horn-**UrbanStreet** SighHorn @SaNaRae (gift) ((NEW))
halo-{Zee} halo  .::Cubic Cherry::.  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers head-*N*SweetAutumnClematis @TFC ((NEW))
glasses-Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Red
dolly mouth-* Celeste * Les sucreries de Fairy  @TFC ((NEW))
piercing nose-PUNCH / Starfire Septum
harness-[The Forge] Tramp Harness, White @TFC ((NEW))
top and panties-.::Dead Dollz::. Dune Bikini - White
gloves-Violent Seduction - Lilith Gloves (White)
rabbit mask and rabbit doll-*Drot* TFC Antique Rabbit @TFC ((NEW))
tail-E. The Contract Tail Pinku~ RARE
staff-+ Dark Harvesting Scythe Box + {egosumaii} @TFC ((NEW))
deco dollz- * Celeste * Les sucreries de Fairy  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers with eye-by Chiana Oh - 'Why Eye, Petal!' -Decor- @TFC ((NEW))
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○Here to Stay○

hair-[Mello] Hang On @Pulse fundraising  ((NEW))bow head-{Giga Bow}.::Cubic Cherry ::. @ Crystal Heart ((NEW))halo-NTv. {Cubic Captor Cherry} gacha set .::Cubic Cherry::. @ Crystal Heart ((NEW))eyes,star forehead, halo stars & stars hand- {I see The Stars} gacha key.::Cubic Cherry::.  @Gacha Guardian ((NEW))flowers mouth, head & ankles-*N*Mock Strawberry @project Se7en ((NEW))sweater-**UrbanStreet** Sweater-Smilemonk (coming soon) ((NEW))baloons{Baloooons} wings - .::Cubic Cherry::.- @Dreamful  ((NEW))Floating cute-Les sucreries de Fairy--My Cute Penis Friend  @TFC ((NEW)) 

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hair-TRUTH HAIR Loni  @TFC ((NEW))
flowers head-*N*Queen of the Night  @TFC ((NEW))
eyes-.ARISE. Nas Eyes @TFC ((NEW))
tattoo forehead-[MIKO] Harry potter Scars
piercing nose-PUNCH / Tri Spike Septum ((NEW))
collar-[The Forge] Cresent Gem Necklace, Black @TFC ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Lostnature Tattoo @SaNaRae ((NEW))
skirt,top, bottom & vest-Gothic Armor.Mushilu @TFC ((NEW))
staf-Una. Cane DarkPriest @TFC ((NEW))
shoes-AZOURY - Neotropic Ballet Shoes [Crow]

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hair-*PH* 8098 @SaNaRae  ((NEW))
tattoo forehead-[MIKO] Harry potter Scars
eyes-.ARISE. Nas Eyes @TFC  ((NEW))
paint face-+ War Paint Pack + {aii}  ((NEW))
rose patch & tongue-*Tentacio* the falling @Shiny Shabby  ((NEW))
hands wing-{-MK+tomoto,-} Senju-26 @SaNaRae  ((NEW))
bolero,bra & corset-Moon Elixir - Houdini  @TFC  ((NEW))
nails-CURELESS[+] Luxurious Dolls / Ruby Nails
tattoo legs-**UrbanStreet** Lostnature Tattoo @SaNaRae  ((NEW))
shoes-AZOURY - Yurei Shoes [Fiesta] Maitreya @TFC  ((NEW))
lanterns-{Paper lanterns} Cloud pink .::Cubic Cherry::. @SaNaRae  ((NEW))

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poses & flowers- ROQUAIs Thumbelina's Flower 2 (HG)   @Enchantment ((NEW))hair-*PH* 8137 (w/bow) @SaNaRae ((NEW))eyes,band nose & earring nose-  {Cutesy} Cubic Cherry @The Kawaii Project  ((NEW))body tattoo- + Carved Warrior Tattoo + {aii} @TFC ((NEW))forehead band- Ama. : Seelie Crown @TFC ((NEW))horns & wings- *N*FAIRY BRANCH @TFC ((NEW))collar-{Brambal} collars .::Cubic Cherry::.  @SaNaRae ((NEW))top & panties- Belle Epoque { Zanna } @TFC ((NEW))shoes-Garbaggio // Splash @TFC ((NEW))

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▼Playing With Fire▼

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hair-Blues. Neena @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
mask-::GB::Nights Dream Mask / Female @TFC ((NEW))
short and top-AMITOMO.A Feel of Spring Gacha @SaNaRae ((NEW))
claws-Kibitz - grabriella claws  @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
socks-Quirky - Mishi Knee Highs - ALL THE THINGS @SaNaRae ((NEW))
shoes-NeverWish Wish Stacks @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tree and swing-{RW} Midsummer Romance Swing @TFC ((NEW))
green grass-{RW} Green Grass Mesh @TFC ((NEW))
mushrooms- MUshrooms decor. MUSHILU. @TFC ((NEW))
fox-*Drot* - Animated Patchwork Fox @TFC ((NEW))

**info antz soon**

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hair-+Spellbound+ Macaron // Grimoire @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
flowers face-ATTIC- Flowers Ensembly Gacha @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
tattoo eyes and butherflys- The White Crow @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
dress,drum, hair sticks & hat lamp-Sakura Gacha  ::Una:: @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
claws-Kibitz - grabriella claws @.Whimsical. ((NEW))
shoes-:::ChicChica::: Fairy Pointes @TFC (coming soon) ((NEW))
gazebo-.AiShA. Midnight Dream Gazebo Wood/White @TFC (coming soon) ((NEW))
candles- striped mocha - lotus candle holder @TFC (coming soon) ((NEW))
grass-{RW} Green Grass Mesh @TFC (coming soon) ((NEW))

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