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Holy Batman! ~Bakes On Mesh~

It’s coming within the next year! Bakes On Mesh. From what I understand LL is making this so we can add on textures directly to mesh. We can use new and old it doesn’t matter! System clothing, old skins, old tattoos you name it, dig it out of your inventory and use it later. You can go... Read More

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August 2018
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Winter Season Beauty ~Paris METRO Couture~

Happy Holidays! Paris METRO Couture Because you are beautiful and you CAN….. enjoy your Second Life this season dressed to kill. If you want to be seen Paris METRO Couture is your lovely dreamy choice! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all and all our collectors! Bringing you the first of our winter season, Winter... Read More

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On My Way Back and Forth From SL to RL! ~Paris METRO Couture~

On My Way Back and Forth From SL to RL! ~Paris METRO Couture~ Never fear, Paris METRO Couture is always here! Just when you think that you could use something to wear…. There is a new line for you “On My Way” on the 3rd floor of the main Paris store fitting Classic, Maitreya, Belleza,... Read More

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Find The Beautiful Daisy Collectors ❤Sale❤ ~Paris Metro Couture~

“Please DO lead me into temptation, I really want to go there again! You can come with me and find the beautiful daisies.” Find the beautiful daisy in Paris and you will find wonderful new gowns and favorite Collector’s Gowns each for only 450L All for you for one week only. Paris Metro Couture LM... Read More

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I’m sorry (not sorry).(Free and Cheap).

I know that these have been blogged before but if my memory is correct it will have been a long time ago and so chances are to some of you lovely peeps they will be new. Outside of Asteria are stands and those on your right as you face the shop are lots and lots of FREEBIES and those on the left are CHEAPIES. Even better is that all the freebies come in a range of colours and textures so this simple sleeveless top comes in about 5 different shades, I’ve just used the one I already had in my invent.  The jeans again come in a variety of textures and this pair the belt is an addon and since these are very low! I wore the belt. This is one of the cheapies, 39Lds for a bit of cheeky boob flashing.  Comes in standard mesh fits and the “M” size fits me perfectly and even the lower back of the blouse fits over these pants neatly. I have to confess that this dress actually comes in 2 layers the underdress and this sheer overdress and since I have a cheeky inner sl*t I had actually binned the underdress as I knew I wouldn’t really wear it.  … Read the rest

Summer Bubbles ~Paris Metro Couture Beach Shop at Paris~

If someone says that they are cooler than you just remember… YOU ARE HOTTER THAN THEY ARE! Go cool off at the beach with your friends. Bubbles Bikini in belleza sizes and Slink Physique. Please click the images to see them larger. The Beach Shop LM  Paris Metro Couture casuals and summer at the Beach, […]

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Happy Mothers Day From Paris Metro Couture ~Elemental Water 2~ Gift to You!

“The Dress That Launched Paris Metro Couture!” I am sure that eight years ago no one had ever seen such attention to art and detail with grace and beauty as well, all rolled up into a single gown. I also imagine ladies dropping into Roses new store in droves surprising her so much. All of... Read More

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Swept Away Wedding Collection ~Paris Metro Couture~

Have you ever been Swept Away off your feet in love? Then you may be planning a beautiful wedding this Spring or Summer! In Paris we have three beautiful new gowns made with appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega… And always your classic bodies. Happy spring to all! Enchanting, dreamy beauty is an understatement... Read More

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OH NO!(Freebies).

I went and checked the Victorian bed and it’s for sale at the Liason Collaborative event so I TPed over and drat it’s out of my price range!  Don’t get me wrong it’s actually worth every Linden and if it wasn’t for the fact I have so many beds, daybeds and loungers in my invent I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat but I have to be practical(mean).  I wasn’t going to linger at this event too long because it’s just too tempting but all these new and amazing designs come with a price tag so I was just going to TP out but I spotted some rather lovely low primmed tree’s, I’m spending all my Lindens buying landscaping items at the moment, so I clicked on them to find out where they’re from and TPed over. Sometimes in SL all I seem to do is TP from one LM to another LOL. Turns out that SW(Sara Wayland Shop)is mainly a texture/full perm shop and since I’m not much into creating in SL I was just about to TP out when I spotted a couple of gifties.… Read the restxxxmirrorgreen

Templar Creations on Kitely

Many of the Dark SF and Steampunk texture sets are now available on the Kitely Marketplace. They can be bought from there and have permissions set so that they can be exported a selection of  other OpenSim-compatible virtual worlds (the list of them can be seen from the shopping-cart on the Kitely Marketplace). You’ll find the Templar Creations store on the Kitely website.

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Dark SF Textures – Set 7

This new texture set is an extension to the previous Dark SF Texture Sets, and adds 50 new textures, generally suitable for interiors, all at 512 x 512. Here are some previews, but check out the… Read the restDark SF Texture Set 7, Sample 1

My Strange SLaddiction: Textures

What have I done for you lately? Not much. But, I'm making up for it with this post. 

One of my favorite freebies is the monthly $1 texture pack from Fabric Lab. The picture at the top of this post is the pack for February. Isn't it delicious? It's so Spring-ish! 

Fabric Lab also puts out a "password prize" that you can pick up if you get the password from Fabric Lab's web site. This is a picture of this month's prize: 
It's even more delicious, no? It's very ROY G. BIV. There is a new Password Prize every three months. 

I have no idea what I will do with these textures, but I love them. I want to take them out and rub them all over my eyeballs! That's how much I love them. I get so excited about the potential of good textures. It's a darn good thing I am so organized or my texture habit would become a serious inventory problem. It's a real SLobsession.  

I have similar problems in RL with things like lipsticks. I have a million lipsticks and glosses and tints and stains, but 99.9% of the time I just wear one sheer rose gloss.… Read the rest

Dark SF Textures – Set 6

This new texture set is an extension to the Dark SF Textures Set 6, and adds 35 new panel textures, suitable for both interiors and exteriors, all at 512 x 512. Here are a some previews, but check out… Read the restDark SF Textures, Set 6, Sample 1

Templar Creations Inworldz Store has moved

The main Templar Creations store in Inworldz has moved to a new and more appropriate location. You will now find it at the not-to-be-missed Steampunk Mall on Steampunk Isle. Look for it at Steampunk Isle, 109/206/22  

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Templar Creations in Kitely

For those of you who are familiar with Kitely virtual worlds, Templar Creations now has a store in their marketplace. There are only a handful of texture sets there at the moment, but more will follow before long. Templar Creations store

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Geometry Rocks Fabric textures

Geometry rocks!! And so does this fabric set (inspired by a RL collection I am working on at the moment) with crosses, offset stripes, geo camouflage, diamonds, trendy triangles and more in black, grey and off white! Available from shop.insightdesigns // insight designs

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Neon Jersey Striped and plain knit fabric textures

I love all the neon accents and bright pastels about at the moment so I made a fab collection of neon textures in a soft close knit jersey…perfect for light spring and summer clothes and would look just as fantastic covering a sofa or two!!
Everything in one pack -  stripes, plain, seamless and shaded (plus a couple of just for fun bonus textures! :D) Available from Shop.insightdesigns and inworld

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White Wood Panel Textures

Couldn’t resist another wood pack! A classic and versatile white wood panel pack. 7 different textured shades of white wood from tongue and groove to shabby cottage, with coving and skirting and of course all textures tile horizontally AND vertically – so you can create your own style of baseboard and height of coving to fit your builds. Perfect inside and out and one of the best bits easy to recolour too! Available from Shop.insightdesigns

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Scrap Wood “Washed Watercolours” Textures

Beautiful set of gently worn scrap wood textures – in washed water colours!
Includes  a wood set, wood panels and wooden walls (with coving and skirting) so great for homes and furniture builders – all are seamless (Both horizontally and vertically)
In soft and bright versions, mix and match and create! Available from Insight Designs as CG Textures  and as poster sized digital downloads for photo backgrounds or  scrap paper from our sister store patternandco (personal use only)

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Sailor Stripes Linen Textures (bumper pack)

Well hello there Sailor! Fresh and stripy linen fabric textures, various stripes ranging from classic to tapering, stripes with hearts (you never get one pattern in different colours at Insight designs, always lots to choose from and mix and match!) and all in fantastic colours (love the aqua and pinks) including classic black! Perfect for striping up your clothes or home! It’s a bumper pack too – 76 textures in total!! Check them out over at Shop.insightdesigns

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