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Grab Bag of Awesomeness

I'm catching up today with some totally amazing releases from great stores, some you will find at events around the grid, and one at their mainstore.  Be sure to fall in love with these soon!

Olwen Gown from Peqe - available in six gorgeous colours and the Savage Winter Headdress from Aisling - both available at The Secret Affair
Adasser Skirt from Peqe - available in five colours, and comes in versions with or without the peplum layer at The Liaison Collaborative
Brooke Draped Vest from GizzA Creations - a sexy vest available in eight yummy colours Inworld or on Marketplace
Maochi Vest from May's Soul - a super cute fur vest available in ten colours at The Secret Affair
Danna Shirt from Tentacio - a super cute oversized shirt/jacket combo which comes with a HUD to change jacket colour and a scarf (which I forgot to wear) available at Kustom 9
Siren Eye Makeup from The Wicked Peach - comes with six dazzling makeups at The Fantasy Collective (opens Jan 20th)
Amorous Eye Makeups and Laura Beauty Marks from The Wicked Peach - each pack has eight variations for you to mix up your look and is available at The Liaison Collaborative

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Never Too Late

hair- MOON // Hair // Keeke @The Kawaii Project ((NEW))
tattoo face- **UrbanStreet** Tattoofacescolor
necklace- 7mad;Ravens Stone's Throw Necklace  @Project Limited ((NEW))
ring- 7mad;Ravens Stone's Throw Ring @Project Limited ((NEW))
tattoo chest- G.ID-Killer In You Tattoo (( Gift)) ((NEW))
tattoo legs- G.ID-Hathor Leg Corset Tattoo @Suicide Dollz  ((NEW))
shirt- *Tentacio* Danna @kustom9 ((NEW))
boots- Miamai_Tinker Taylor boots - Glare Assault smb

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A brand new year for us all and an even better first round for 2015 from Kustom 9! I’m so excited about this round because the amount of amazing products and designs is incredible. You’ll find that you can get a little bit of everything for every person in the family or on your friends list… even better just for yourself. This amazing round lasts until February 13th, 2015! A month to shop for all the things. <3 Nevy MIA: Casa Del Shai, Floorplan, IQed, Junbug, Olive, Potcha, Pure Poison Teleport to Kustom9 < ———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———>

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Just i want be to your side

skin-[theSkinnery] Blair @TSS ((NEW))
hair-.Olive. the Runa Hair @TSS ((NEW))
shadow eyes- #adored - cruz eyeshadows @anyBODY ((NEW))
glasses- Intrigue Co. - Ionic Sunglasses: Onyx
tattoo- **UrbanStreet** tattooskull scream
jacket, short & sweater-[MotiAme] Sailor Stadium Jacket / Colored Shorts @TSS ((NEW))
coffe bag, coffe hand & flask- *Tentacio* sugar winter @OMG ((NEW))
dogs-:FY: Weenie Dogs GACHA @OMG ((NEW))

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It’s time to say Oh My Gacha again!

  Jersey Shore proudly brings you the Winter edition of Oh My Gacha! It’s time for you to jump on the gacha madness again and play the insane amount of shiny new machines waiting for you. From skin to hair, from accesories to decor, the very best of the grid is here for your shopping pleasure. You only have until the 31st to binge on this fantastic event, so start playing now or be sorry later! Ambreh, Eden, Lisa & Connie Teleport to Oh My Gacha! MIA: Belle Poses, Benjaminz, Brixley, Candy Doll, Diamante, Heartistic, Heathenesque, Ionic, Jesydream, Le Fil Casse, Noodles, Pink Acid, Ploom, Sassy. <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>   Note: Any designer without items pictured was not set up at the time of OMG Gacha Event’s scheduled opening on January 10th. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of an event opening, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding!… Read the restOh My Gacha Winter 2015

Only That

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hair-* PINK HUSTLER * hair * @The Candy Shop  ((NEW))ears-Aii ~+ Anyskin Winged Ears Blk&Wht +dress and scarf-*Tentacio* Noah oversize @kustom9 ((NEW))
stocking-C h a r y . - Valentines Tights
boots-A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic
dog-Birdy - A Pug Xmas - pup

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Gorgeous Newness For You.

Time for a quick few new releases which are sure to make you smile, or will make excellent Xmas presents for your loved ones!

Lula Jacket and Lula Pants from GizzA Creations - the jacket comes in six colours and there's a HUD to change the shirt texture into one of nine fabulous colours.  The pants come with a HUD for three changes to the bow/belt and the pants themselves.  Choose between leather and tweed or these fabulous tartan fabrics and have fun mixing and matching to your heart's content.  Check them out Instore or on Marketplace.  Have fun at Gachamania playing for the adorable Chihuahuas from Oopsie.
Derire Dress from May's Soul - play for this gorgeous dress at the Mid Winter Fair.  With one rare and six commons, its a stunning dress sure to dazzle when you wear it.
Winter Queen Hood from Tentacio - available in snow or black, this fabulous hood comes with a HUD for changing the ribbon colour and optional horns.   

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Gorgeous Goodies for the Season!

It's Xmas gift time at Belleza and for group members there are two gorgeous skins for her and two sexy skins for him!  Its always well worth the price of joining this group for the gifties you receive, so check the group notices or pop instore to pick yours up now.  Thank you and Merry Xmas Belleza!  (NOTE - There is a $250 group join fee if you aren't already in this group.)

Yasmin for her - comes in all skin tones and several brow colours.  Ashton for him - comes in three skin tones.
Mathieu for him - comes in three skin tones.Mae for her - comes in all skin tones and several brow colours.
And now for some new stuff from some awesome stores!
Dinah Pants from DE Designs - available in four colours and a multipack - Inworld or on MarketplaceCherished Moments Huskies from Ispachi at The ArcadeOld Chests from DRD at The Arcade
Noah Oversized Jumper from Tentacio at Kustom 9Apple Purse (gift under the tree) from katat0nik at The Arcade

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Kustom 9!

  Christmas is right around the corner and Kustom 9 is calling your name on this new round! Check out all the new products and designs for this wintery themed event! You won’t leave without something in your hands. You have just until January 14th. Happy Shopping! Nevy Teleport to Kustom9 < ———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———>

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The Liaison Collaborative is a lil CHILLY!

  Oooohhh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is sure delightful and you know what is an even better way to stay warm?! Taking a shopping trip to the newest round of The Liaison Collaborative!! Head over and check out everything from decor, furniture, clothing, and even those gacha machines to fulfill all your holiday and warm weather ambitions! There is so much to decide from and there are wonderful gift ideas awaiting. You have just until January 14th to shop! Nevy Teleport to The Liaison Collaborative MIA: Blueberry Hill, Eudora, Tea.S, Razor, Rebel Hope, Soonsiki Hair <———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———>  

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Get Over It

My, my, my.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I have never witnessed such a group of dysfunctional people in my life.
I’m talking about American Horror Story, of course.  I recently discovered it on Netflix and I must say I’m finding it worthy of my attention.  Probably because their lives are so tragic that when I look at my own, it doesn’t seem so bad.  Makes it easier for me to get over the small stuff.
Damn!  I just spilled the last of the creamer on the floor and I need coffee!
Well, Tate just rapped the love of his life’s mom,
so going without coffee isn’t so bad.
Inspired by the ghosts of yesteryear trapped in the story,
one of them being Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia),
I’m presenting to you She Had It Comin’ and Alibi.

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⊹⊱✿see my tears✿⊰⊹

skin-INSITU - skin Alicehair-+Spellbound+ Winter Dreams Collection @The Arcade Gacha event ((NEW))
outfit ((jacket. body ,shoes and violin))*Tentacio* Choreograoher @The Arcade Gacha event ((NEW))
nails--{ZOZ}- Gothic Xmas Polish Duo Huds @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
necklace-[geek.] Layers Necklace @We <3 RP ((NEW))

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The Arcade Preview 2

I'm sneaking in another sneak peek at more goodies from The Arcade's December round.  Get ready, cos its not long now until it opens!

Choreographer (jacket, leotard and violin) from Tentacio
Woodland Wonderland Peacoat, Fur Muff, Bunny Bag and Kitten from BirdySweetDreams hair from Spellbound
Worn Stool from Tarte
Birthstone Ring from YummyYellow Eyes Knit Hat (gift) from Zenith
Whimsical Onesie from PixicatLight Song of Swans Elegant Plushie from Sweet Thing
Gill Stretch Boots from BaiasticeZoe Cute from AislingMonogrammed Keepsake Box from AlouettePaws and Claws Cherished Moment from IspachiDrawing Tablet from RazzberryChunky Couch from JunkPicture Frames from Sways

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So Much Sexiness!

There's so much going on at the moment, and so many gorgeous releases from some amazing stores, that it really hard keeping up.  Here's just a few of my favourites that you will find out now!

Delila Stiletto Heels from Nardcotix - available at The Liaison Collaborative
Dandy Lady from GizzA Creations - comes with jacket, skirt, hat and shoes.  Grab it Inworld or on Marketplace
Harvest Moon from May's Soul - available at My Secret Affair.  Buy the skirt and gacha for the top, bracelets, fur and horns
Leather Culture Dress from Tentacio - available at Kustom 9
Contessa Lingerie from Blacklace - save big on this sexy set which comes with all the appliers for all the body parts you can think of this TGIF.  I've used the Omega appliers with my Belleza Venus body.  Buy it Inworld or on Marketplace

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Get Cozy At Kustom9!

It’s that time of the month again where we see all of these cute events starting and Kustom9 is super cute this round with tons of fall/winter items to have! There are a ton of adorable designs from amazing creators from all over the grid bringing you a little bit of everything to make this season the best season! So get on over there before the month is over to get all of the great fall goodies! †Callie† Teleport to Kustom9 < ———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———>

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Love song!!!!

hair-* PINK HUSTLER *  8030 -pastel
brows-#adored - natalia brows  @TBS ((NEW))
makeup lips-#adored - pop lips @TBS ((NEW))
tattoo-Infected - Krist Tattoo (Appliers) @TBS ((NEW))
collar-INSITU - callor [cotton candy]
dress-AMERIE - Tulle Dress @TCF ((NEW))
nails-[M] Slink Nail Polish // Dreamer Silver ((NEW))
boots-*Tentacio* Snow boots @Xiasumi School Festival ((NEW))
handbag-LUXE. - LaceBow Purse @cirque de seraphim ((NEW))
fox-.{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Fox @cirque de seraphim ((NEW))

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Adorableness from May’s Soul and Tentacio

Today I'm catching up with the awesomeness from May's Soul and Tentacio that you will find at events going on around the grid now!

Snow Boots - a gacha item from Tentacio available at the Xiasumi School Festival
Lazy Cat - a cute accessory from Tentacio available at the Xiasumi School Festival
Popcorn Purse from May's Soul - available at Cirque de Seraphim
Oracul Jewelry - gacha items from May's Soul available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Arcana Gown and Sleeves - gacha items from May's Soul available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Kawaii Backpack - a gacha item from Tentacio at the Kawaii vs Creepy Gacha Fair

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Cute and a little bad

Crown: Candy Crunchers - Swoon Crowns - Black/pink  *Suicide Dollz!
Horns: Suicide Gurls - Tabitha Beast Horns  - ULTRARARE    *Kawaii VS Creepy Gacha!
Hair: [taketomi]_Miyuu_Dessin [DippuDye/Kage] *Xiasumi School Festival Event!
Skin: AtiK - Davina (Cleavage) - Beach  *Suicide Dollz!
Eyes: ::NM:: Supernatural Eyes (Albino)  *Suicide Dollz!
Monocle: .DirtyStories. FairyTale Monocle  *Suicide Dollz!
Lipstick: {D.A} Seduce Lipsticks - black
Necklace: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:: {Kumo Set~ collar blue}. RARE    *Kawaii VS Creepy Gacha!
Skeleton hands: Impose Grabby Gacha left arm    *Kawaii VS Creepy Gacha!
Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Stay Gold Tattoo  *Suicide Dollz!
Top: {joli} Abracadabra Top  *Suicide Dollz!Read the rest

±NeVer ENds±

hair  and bow-* PINK HUSTLER *  8016  @Kawaii Mini HUNT PRIZE ((NEW))
Kawaii Mini HUNT


tattoo-**UrbanStreet** tattooskull scream ((NEW))
collar skull-POMPOSITY - Gothic Skull Necklace @suicide dollz ((NEW))
necklace-7mad;Ravens Amped Up @Xiasumi School Festival ((NEW))
top-:FY: Broken Heart Tank @suicide dollz ((NEW))
cuffs-Cute Poison - Fragmented Bracelets
nails-MHC_Basic~Slink Nails ((NEW))
pant--La Boutique- Courtney #4 HighWaist Pants @suicide dollz ((NEW))
shoes-Bleich - Mesh Slip-On Maul (F) [SLINK FLAT]
cat head-*Tentacio* Lazy cat @Xiasumi School Festival ((NEW))

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Xiasumi School Festival!

With the holidays quickly approaching we wanted to take you back… back to the beginning of the school year! Pick up your books, grab your uniforms, make your hair up and call up your best friend, SCHOOL is in session! Xiasumi School Festival is the first of 2014 to shine through with all you’ll need in going back to classes. The best designers from around the grid have united in providing their very best work for you, but what’s more special about their dedication is that donations are being taken up for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief! This charity dedicates their resources, time, and money to provide everything they can for the children of missing families, homes, and loved ones. Let’s come together to provide what we can for those in need whether this is your home or a place from across the globe. One month of shopping fun with your family and friends, November 3rd to the 30th! Happy Shopping! Nevy, Maddie, and Ambreh ♥ MIA: Snips&Snails, Monso, Pure Poison, Esque, Breno, Cheeky Pea, BCC, Benjamiz, Xin, Okia, Kalopsia, Floorplan Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Teleport to Xiasumi School Festival <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———> Note: Any store without items pictured did not have exclusive items marked at the time of Xiasumi School Festival scheduled opening on November 3rd.… Read the restxiasumi_logo_512