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"Don’t Ask Don’t Tell"

poses-BELLE EPOQUE - The Savage  @The Alchemy ((NEW))
body and wings-*Tentacio* Galatea Doll (Skeleton) RARE @ The Arcade ((NEW))
hair-Clawtooth: Just for Kicks Prize 2
horns1-Goth1c0: Little Demon Doll Horns - Eggplant
horns2-+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns - Fantasy
horns3-Horns in Dark Pack Petite Av Size by Material Squirrel
eyebrows-+ Aii ~+ Tintable Fantasy Brow Pack +
eyes-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (6) Distillation
tears-ALTAIR* loony's delicious tears
blood tears-- DAMNED - Blood Tears
tears white-INSITU - tears - tattoo
collar-[n.i] deadmans.collar.bloody red.common
apron- **UrbanStreet** HarnApron ((NEW))
garter- G.ID-Maeve Garter-White ((NEW))
geta-[CX] Fang Geta (Dark)
tail-[CX] Bone Tail Silver

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September 2015
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Arcade Goodies 2

The Arcade has opened for the September round and the mad rush to blow all the lindens to get all the stuff is on!  You do not want to miss out, so keep trying to get in and play for amazing things like the items below.

Bon Bon Bunny Bodysuit (rare), Bon Bon Bunny Ears Headband, Boon Boon Bunny Lace Garter, Mesh Body Tights from B.C.CDate Night Hair from LambMorgana Skin 03 from Pink Fuel
Bon Bon Bunny Bodysuit, Bon Bon Bunny Ears Headband, Boon Boon Bunny Lace Garter, Mesh Body Tights from B.C.CAfternoon Hair from LambMorgana Skin 03 from Pink Fuel
Military Uniform and Garter Belt Holster from HowlMorgana Skin 05 from Pink FuelFiona Hair from Elikatira
Galatea Doll Vamp Skeleton (rare) from TentacioEastern Wind Hair from Tableau Vivant
Galatea Doll Vamp Inked from TentacioWestern Wind Hair from Tableau Vivant
Galatea Doll Natural Mermaid from TentacioUnderwater Hair from Tableau Vivant

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Losing You!!

poses-BELLE EPOQUE - A moment lost @The Alchemy ((NEW))doll body, head and Bra&Thongs-*Tentacio* Galatea Doll   @ The Arcade ((NEW))
hair-*PH* 8099 -monochrome @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
horns-{Vector horns~ black} original mesh .::C.C. Kre-ations::.
headband-+Half-Deer+ Veil of Thorns [White]
bow-[CX] Mieru Ribbon (Yeti)
earrings-Bliensen + MaiTai - Helena - Earrings - silver
collar-POMPOSITY - Padlock Choker / Necklace @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
dress-Nana - Duffy Long Tank @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
ankles-PFC~Cold Hug
wings-[][]Trap[][] Riven Wings White/Black
bear-E. Aw Topsy Bear! (5 Colors, Hold Animation) ((NEW))

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Don’t Tell Me the Moon Is Shining

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass,” is great advice for writers. It is attributed to Anton Chekhov who did write something pretty close to that. It remains good advice whether it is apocryphal or not.  It basically tells writers to show, don’t tell. Of course, some writers go overboard and describe every single thing in such detail that they have left themselves no room for emotional honesty or plot, but in general, as a reader, I prefer showing to telling.  It’s much easier with a picture, though, and in this one you can see the glint of moonlight on the waves. Of course, what you really want is the perfect blend of show and tell. You don’t want authors telling you what every person is thinking, you want them to trust you to figure it out from their actions and their words. Writers who tell too much insult our intelligence, assuming we cannot get the point without it being spelled out.… Read the rest“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, it to infiltrate The Arcade and capture one of the Tentacio synths and bring it back for study. The stasis net will come down at midnight, allowing the most intrepid and lucky to teleport into the complex. There will be many distractions, doing their best to draw you away from your assigned task. Do not waver. Initial reports from our reconnaissance missions are available disguised as a shopping guide. Do not be fooled by its benign appearance, it is produced at considerable risk by deep cover operatives working within the system.

According to these recon reports, there are 10 Galatea synths to capture and study. Two have been segregated in a secure facility known as the Rare Room. Capturing one of them will require stamina, luck and lindens. Good luck on your mission. You will need it.
The synths’ heads (They have interchangeable heads!!!) and clothing must be captured separately. We do not have any reports on whether synths can function without a head, but we presume not.… Read the restYour Mission, should you decide to accept it....

Do You Only Blog Lingerie?

I had a giggle when someone asked me that the other day on Plurk. Ok I blog a lot of lingerie. But SL lingerie is endless and always comfortable and perfectly fit, thus why wouldn’t I? Plus, I admit, you catch me early or late very often, I promise I get dressed in between no really I do. Today I’m a late riser, having slept so very well in my new bed from Cheeky Pea – yay she made something PINK! I’ve got a lot of shopping to do and planning as well, today you see is the day when I’ve got to make all my ARCADE shopping plans.  I am thinking one of everything will do nicely but possibly two of some other things. Ok I definitely have my favorites but so many things tickle my fancy it’s going to be hard to make decisions about which machines to pull the most. Now my bed is made, my shoes are chosen, I just have to sort out my TO DO list for today and we’re OFF to the races as they say. Ok I should get dressed. But after that…I’m going to get some things done!… Read the rest

Connecting Pieces

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.1 Lashes: .LeLutka.Kyra lashes.03 Head/Skin Applier: Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Liss 04 4 @ Kustom9 Eyes: [Buzz] Duo Eyes – Moss @ N.21 Ears: **RE** ReVoX Snake Ears – Female Hair: Vanity Hair:Moonriver @ Vintage & Cool Fair (Aug. 21st – Sep. 4th) Jacket: *COCO*_StretchBlazer(Black) @ Shiny Shabby (opens today – Aug. 20th) Jeans: Blueberry – Rolled Cuff Jeans – Curvy – Maitreya – Faded Dark Shoes: Essenz – San Marino (Maitreya) @ Vintage & Cool Fair (Aug. 21st – Sep. 4th) Bag: Tentacio – bunny purse black @ Kustom9 Nose Chain: Amala – The Pearl Nose Chain – Silver @ Collabor88 Rings: cinphul // kabel [Iron] & [Steel] @ Shiny Shabby (opens today – Aug. 20th) Bracelets: LUXE. Margi Cuff | Swirl Bangle | Wrapped Bangle – Black @ Shiny Shabby (opens today – Aug. 20th) Choker: Eclat – Choker Heart Cigarette: TESLA – Deluxe Smoking Cigarette Poses: an lar [poses] The Rochester Series @ Shiny Shabby (opens today – Aug.Read the rest

Kustom9 Plus August Equals Amazing!

Kustom9 has returned for an all knew round, this August! Yes, yes, yes, your favorite designers have filled their booths up with brand new items! What to do???? Get here before September 10th, and get all these amazing new exclusives! So, hurry! ~°Maddie°~ MIA: 1992, Attic, Friday, Lvl93, Mudskin, Offbeat, Shi Teleport to Kustom9 <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>  

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Enchantment Presents: The Little Mermaid!

From August 14th until September 4th, be enchanted with Enchantment!    Back and bigger than ever, this round is inspired by The Little Mermaid!  Join 80 of your favorite designers across the grid for a supremely magical time under the sea! Cinder & Eden Teleport to Enchantment MIA: Noodles, Indyra, Fallen Gods Inc, The Siren’s Lair, Ravenghost < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Funky Junk

Credits Greenhouse | *Funky*Junk* | Ulaa Coronet | Weathered Small Greenhouse | 50L friday Lantern | Apple Fall | warehousefifteendesigns | Neva’s Finial Wall Sconce Clock | Apt B | AptB | Farm Living Alarm Clock @ Shiny Shabby (gacha item) Trunks | [ zerkalo ] | DanielEstro | Country Living (The item packaging!) @ Shiny Shabby Sink | Serenity Style | Hanstrid Inshan | […]

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40. The Gacha Garden

    Credits Outside Tea Shop build | *Tentacio* | May Tolsen | Tea Shop Set @ The Gacha Garden Fence | {vespertine} | Amelie Knelstrom | old wooden fence/reds dots} Bench | 8f8  | 8f8 | 07_8f8- La Petite Joie Cafe – Bench  | Old event item Welcome Sign | Frogstar | Ravenna Rossini |  Salvaged Wood Welcome Sign | Old […]

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To the farmstand

Where I live late May through early October are the best months. That is because I can go to one of the many farms and Farmer's Markets in the area and get fresh fruits and veggies. At some of the local places you can even go pick your own. My favorite to go and pick are apples, but I have to wait a couple more months for that. If fact just this weekend I picked up some fresh blueberries and turned those into blueberry muffins this morning. Later this weekend I will hit the farm down the street again to get some veggies for a salad. Unfortunately it is only in Second Life that I can bike to a farm stand to pick up fresh milk, veggies and bread. All the places near me are either too far away or require traveling on very busy dangerous streets.

It's time to head home with my bounty and see what I can cook up with the fresh goodies.

Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Birthday Girl  - Dusty Blue
Pants: :NuDoLu: Jeans du copain Blue -
Sneakers: +Half-Deer+ Obel Sneakers - Brown
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Mena Rigged-Mesh
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Juicy Bell ~ Soda Flavor_E6_Tan
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Bio~ Ice Eye
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Bike: *tentacio* Summer evening..… Read the restFarmstand

Fruit Not Lollipops!

Have you ever tried to reason with a toddler? It never ends well, someone always ends up in tears and it is usually the adult. This is what happened recently when I tried to have a healthy treat time with my adorably stubborn niece Livy. You see I went through all the work of making, fine buying, a whole bunch of yummy fruity treats for us to have in a little backyard afternoon camp out. Sorry you won't catch me actually sleeping under the stars unless you could a skylight. However a certain small someone had other ideas, specifically some lollipops. I still am baffled about where she pulled those from. I mean here I spent good money on a cute watermelon grill and tons of fruit kebabs. I thought she would love eating them. She obviously likes to eat fruit flavored things on sticks, just not actual fruit.

I took a little breather to try and recoup and not lose my marbles. I finally thought up a compromise that did the trick. She got to eat one lollipop, but only after she ate some fruit, either on a skewer or in a popsicle form.… Read the restTrying to reason

LOTD #201

Left :::Phoenix::: Mia HairSlink - Physique Mesh Body - Hands Casual - Hight Feet
ClothesBens Boutique  - Heidi Dress Light Pink    Bens Boutique  - Montana Stiletto                                              Acessories^^Swallow^^ Trinity- Necklace^^Swallow^^ Cross Gems Ring*Tentacio* Choreograoher violin pink RARE (Gacha)
RightBodyBens Boutique - Sinthia Hair AllcolorsSlink - Physique Mesh Body - Hands Casual - Hight Feet
ClothesBlack Haus - Sandy Bodysuit WHITE [R3] - Velia Skirt [V2]Bens Boutique - Jenna Pumps
AcessoriesMagika Headband {Group Gift}                        Bens Boutique - Tesla Collar Necklaces                     alaskametro<3   Slink manicure/pedicure - "Midnight"Bens Boutique - Swan Tote Bag
Pose Exposes - Female model 86 NT

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Kustom9 in July!

Kustom9 is finally here for the month of July and today marks the 25th round! Sixty-six designers are here for this round, and are ready for you all to collect some round exclusives! You only have until August 10th to get all these amazing items, so you better hurry! ~°Maddie°~ MIA: Miseria, Mudskin, Offbeat, Overhigh, Taketomi, Tarte, Tony, Toro Teleport to Kustom9 <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>  

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Hey!! You! ♥♥

hair-.Olive. the Rhythm Hair  @Hair Fair ((NEW))bow-RO - Briar Bow Headband glasses-C h a r y . - Fleur Glasses
tattoo-.Inhale. Machines TattooPopsicle hold and nom-[M] Popsicle Plushie // Strawberry  @Manga Fair ((NEW))wand- [M] Bubble Wand // Kitty @Manga Fair ((NEW))top-[ bubble ] Double Ragged Tops ((NEW))short- -Pixicat- Freja.Shorts - Red ring-POMPOSITY  - Diamond Studded Peace Ring ((NEW))
garter-:(SH): BloodyMary ThighShot - Black ((NEW))
sandals-[ bubble ] Platform Sandals Gacha @omg   ((NEW))accesories truck, hot dogs, menu,bench- *Tentacio* Jaime truck food @Kustom9 ((NEW))

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¥¥ ςℓσ丂ɥяє ¥¥

skin-[theSkinnery] Emily @The Seasons Story ((NEW))
hair-Moon. Hair. // Common Burn @Hair Fair (coming soon) ((NEW))
piercing-PUNCH / Vega / Clip-On Septum @omg  ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** The Forest Tattoo
top, short and sandanls-*PH* RW OMG blue @omg  ((NEW))
pet-Nana - Mocca - Hachi @omg   ((NEW))
bicycle,fruit, hand soda and snorkel-*tentacio* Summer evening @omg  ((NEW))

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I never started out with this many cats. You see I got one, but he seemed lonely so I got him a playmate. However they didn't get along so well so I got another. I thought maybe having a third would make things a little better. I was wrong. Somehow in the end I ended up with five cats all with their own personalities.

This little grey one though, if there is a bag or a box he will find a way to get his head stuck. I may be slowly turning into a cat lady, but never shall I admit to being crazy!

Shirt: {amiable}Mew Meow Summer Oversized-Shirt&T-Shirt Gacha04R (at The Kawaii Project)
Pants: coldLogic leggings - knight.black
Hair: [e] Piper (at Collabor88)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  - Casual
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna skin - Jamaica Tone - 08 F
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Fiori~ Emerald Eye
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Cats: Tentacio good morning (drinking milk)
          Tentacio Play?… Read the restI don't have too many

30. Body Art Hunt Preview #3

    Slurls, hints and preview pics of the Body Art Hunt are over on the hunt blog -> Body Art Hunt Check out more previews over in the Flickr group -> Body Art Hunt Flickr Group   Credits Body Hair | Clawtooth | Bubbles Clawtooth | Heart Attack and Vine (Outrageous Pack) | Free @ mainstore Skin […]

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Lazy Summer

Credits Izzie:
shoes: Friday - Izzie Sandals (@ Summerfest)
swim suit: Maitreya - Caia One-piece (@ Summerfest)
hair: Elikatira - Eden
mouth: PXL- SweetLips skin:  Izzie's - Romy Skin
Credits Other:
house: Trompe Loeil - Kiya Beach Hut (@ Collabor88) hammock, table, drinks & wood curtain:  Dust Bunny - Lazy Summer (@ Summerfest) sunflowers: Tarte -  Indian Summer Sunflowers (@ The Arcade) fan: MishMish  - Kitteh Fan (@ Summerfest) rug: Tarte - Kicked Rug (Spring Dream Collection) anchor: Tarte - Anchor Floor Light (@ Summerfest) bag & shell frame: Dust Bunny - My Summer Retreat (@ The Arcade) cat: Tentacio - i'm busy (@ Kawaii Project) wall curtain: junk -  Sari Wall hanging (@ Uber)

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