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SL Fashion Week – Collection #14

It’s finally Friday again which means that it’s time for another round of new items at SL Fashion Week!  Each week participating designers place out items designed around their own persona styles.  Items typical to this event include clothing, accessories, skin, makeup and poses.  The current collection will be available through April 25th. Teleport to […]

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01 whatever – shoes, 149L each




December 2014
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SL Fashion Week – Collection #8

I’m a little later than normal on my coverage of SL Fashion Week, but a very busy work week left me crashing when I got home yesterday.  I so cannot wait until Spring Break finally gets here!  I may just sleep the entire week. Each week participating designers place out items designed around his or […]

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01 whatever - shoes, 149L each

Me and my Zibska shadow…

I just scored this fabulous Plaisance dress from Zibska~Jewelry, Roots & Couture!  It was really tough to decide which outfit to …

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Me and my shadow...


YOU’RE LATE FOR TEA! I absolutely love collaboration blogposts, and FINALLY I’m getting to collab with my lovely, sarcastic brat Vixen. She is an official TWHM blogger but if you didn’t know she has her own shared blog as well, the rock candy crew are three of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure […]

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One Day of Lingerie

On 10th February 2012 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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Good gawd there are a lot of blog challenges going on in the SL community this month. I decided to do one day of one of them – the ‘Twelve Days of Lingerie’ challenge – and show off my vintage, Barbie Princess underoos. I took this picture wh…

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New Vampire Prim Teeth and the FTLO Millennium Hunt

La Petite Morte is pleased to release Vampire Prim Teeth! Inspired by PXL’s teeth, special vampire teeth have been created for those that like the parted lips look and are able to show off those pearly fangs! Mod and Copy, they are only 50L! *not good for side photography* Taxi to La Petite Morte Also […]

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LPM Vamp teeth AD

i’ve got teeth not glitter

ok so i suck at keeping up with a 365, so if you were excited about that, sorry! something i AM excited about, these new vamp teeth from moonshadow! this is something i have actually wanted for photos and stuff because its really hard to get a nice vampy mouth part when you’re using normal […]

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