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SL Fashion Week – Collection #14

It’s finally Friday again which means that it’s time for another round of new items at SL Fashion Week!  Each week participating designers place out items designed around their own persona styles.  Items typical to this event include clothing, accessories, skin, makeup and poses.  The current collection will be available through April 25th. Teleport to SL Fashion Week Happy shopping ♥  

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SL Fashion Week – Collection #8

I’m a little later than normal on my coverage of SL Fashion Week, but a very busy work week left me crashing when I got home yesterday.  I so cannot wait until Spring Break finally gets here!  I may just sleep the entire week. Each week participating designers place out items designed around his or her personal fashion tastes for SL Fashion Week.  Items typical to the event include clothing, accessories, skin, makeup and poses.  Items will be available through Thursday, March 14th. Teleport to SL Fashion Week Happy shopping ♥  

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Me and my Zibska shadow…

I just scored this fabulous Plaisance dress from Zibska~Jewelry, Roots & Couture!  It was really tough to decide which outfit to purchase, because Zibska has some really creative…or, as she aptly describes it, punk nouveau designs.

I absolutely love the geometric, three dimensional, hollow boxes with their gray scale harlequin design.  It makes me think…art and fashion meet science…just brilliant!  (click through the pics to see the detail of the dress) I chose to accessorize the dress with the ethereal Glam Affair Roza Unamed skin, the fashion forward Just Design Mesh Creations Deviant Shoes, Tuty’s LIMBO Short Wet Hairstyle, and Mime Eyes from Dirty Cute-Ugly Duck (store is empty and eyes not currently available).

William Weaver’s build 002 served as a perfect backdrop for the shoot and The Apple Spice Fighting Gravity Poses from Apple Spice, cStar Limited and AnTi-Social highlight the fabulous quirkiness of this dress.… Read the restMe and my shadow...


YOU’RE LATE FOR TEA! I absolutely love collaboration blogposts, and FINALLY I’m getting to collab with my lovely, sarcastic brat Vixen. She is an official TWHM blogger but if you didn’t know she has her own shared blog as well, the rock candy crew are three of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the grid coming together to provide you with your fashion fix, as diverse as they are as individuals, personality-wise, they really come together in a group a mesh quite nicely, it’s beautiful how weirdos attract to each other like moths to light O.o. Vixen, of www.rockcandykillsfashion.com, was standing on my platform getting all sexified and whilst having a sudden urge to nom on her adorable O.M.E.N bunny ears and offering to let her borrow one of my Shakeup! Vintage Rings from The Arcade Gacha Event, we came up with the idea of doing an inspired collab, our own renditions of White Rabbit & March Hare.… Read the rest

One Day of Lingerie

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Good gawd there are a lot of blog challenges going on in the SL community this month. I decided to do one day of one of them - the 'Twelve Days of Lingerie' challenge - and show off my vintage, Barbie Princess underoos. 

I took this picture while I was getting ready for bed and demonstrating excellent avatar oral hygiene. Keeping your av's teeth healthy is more important than you realize: the only dentures I could find in SL were for throwing at people, not wearing:
From the Wrigglesworth Residence

But I digress. Back to underwear. I have sooooo much underwear in SL. So much, in fact, that after 4 1/2 years of shopping in SL, it takes something quite special or unique to get me to buy it. Luckily, I have an incredibly well organized inventory, so finding the exact pair of edible, low-lag, crotch-less, push-up thong that I need is a snap. I thought you might like to know the system I use to keep my unmentionable folders organized.… Read the rest

New Vampire Prim Teeth and the FTLO Millennium Hunt

La Petite Morte is pleased to release Vampire Prim Teeth! Inspired by PXL’s teeth, special vampire teeth have been created for those that like the parted lips look and are able to show off those pearly fangs! Mod and Copy, they are only 50L! *not good for side photography* Taxi to La Petite Morte Also La Petite Morte is participating in the Millennium Hunt, where you look for a vendor that has been marked down to 1L. You get the item that has been marked down PLUS the hunt prize! Hint: Diamonds are a diva’s best friend! The 5 winners of the Vampire Prim Teeth release are:
Abby Delvalle
Adrienne Riler
didier Piers
Eve Swenholt
PrincessMichiru Amaterasu If your name is listed up there, please send me a notecard with your name, and I will send you your teeth! In order to be eligible to win a new release from La Petite Morte, you must be a member of the LPM group, which you can join at the mainstore. La Petite Morte

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i’ve got teeth not glitter

ok so i suck at keeping up with a 365, so if you were excited about that, sorry! something i AM excited about, these new vamp teeth from moonshadow! this is something i have actually wanted for photos and stuff because its really hard to get a nice vampy mouth part when you’re using normal people teeth. tada! moonshadow has now saved me time and effort! these teeth are prim so they aren’t just painted over your lips to make you look like a vampire rabbit, there are two versions, one with an invisiprim to part your lips, and one with an alpha layer, so no matter what viewer you are on, these work, and i am rather smitten with them! its my lunch time, so while i go dig up a true blood, you go shopping: hair: ::Exile:: Crystal:Midnight skin:  -Glam Affair - Amelie skin – Contessa eyes: .ID. Neon Eyes (these eyes were in the 4 corners event, not sure if they are in the store) teeth:  Moonshadow – Vamp Teeth dress: +++BB+++ Sakito BLACK                         
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