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Shoetopia – Flow And Gachas

Shoetopia will open its doors on November 15th, and if you thought it was just about shoes, it’s not!  The heavenly sole filled event also has GACHAS!  We all love Gachas, the ring ding ding of the machines and seeking out that item you must have.  Shoe themed items and poses galore await in the Shoetopia gacha areas upon both sims.  What treasures will you find?Style 411: Skin-[K]lean Body Shop – TYLER skin Eyes-.ID. Deep Intensified (TMD) – Aqua (Available November 5th @ The Mens Dept) Hair-[INK] Hair___OGLE ::Black (Available November 5th @ The Mens Dept) Facial Hair-[K]lean Body Shop TYLER Facial Hair & Labyrinth Huge Burns Beard Hands-Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) Bowtie-Adjunct – Classic Bowtie 3.0 – Paisley *Gloves-A:S:S – Slink fingerless glove appliers Glasses-K_gs Tahua 1.00 Shirt-[Deadwool] Durden shirt – (blue denim) *Pants-FATEwear Jeans – Straight Billy Shoes-flow .… Read the rest




June 2015
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A walk in the Park

I have been sitting on this look since before Memorial Day but never got a chance to post it because of moving. Since I didn't get it posted the and new things came out I tweaked it a little. I changed the hair for a more recently released style.
I am exploring more and more lately and I think my pictures are making that obvious. Let me know it you love it or hate it.


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Music to Me

When I put on this shirt the music begged to be played. Sadly I have no real skills but at least with guitar in hand I can fake it.
However I don't think faking it till I make it is a good idea on this one. I don't think the neighbors would be too thrilled with my musical attempts. Perhaps I should seek help from someone with more knowledge and skills...Credits

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Reindeer Games

Because sometimes a girl just wants to wear antlers and dress up to play in the snow. There’s also every chance a girl just wanted a good excuse to get vibrant red hair. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, whichever holiday you may be celebrating this time of year. I had snow for mine, and my nails look fabulous. Life is good! Merry merry, I’m off to try on a pile of demos! Clothes/Footwear from The Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Hair from Dura by Chiaki Xue
Antlers from Clemmm by Clem Velinov
Lashes from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling
Makeup Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup
Winter Scenery from 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie
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Silent Thoughts

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.” - Theodore Roosevelt Hair: Action-Whitney [Advent Special, No longer] Shirt: Sn@tch-Sweet Enough Sweater [New Release] Pants: Sn@tch- Shine Jeans [New Release] Bracelet Left: HoD-The Prayer of Forgiveness Bracelet Right: HoD-Nothing’s Bracelet Pose: Teasoup-Turned on you set-Nevermind

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I’m damaged

“I am merely the product  Of the life that I’ve lived…” “If to suffer is holy I’ll take my share of the pain I can swim through this sadness If there’s something to gain…” Hair: Magika – Hair un-rigged-Little Necklace: Cobrahive-Kurosu Necklace Shirt: Sn@tch-Morgan Flannel Shirt – Purple-Large [MESH, New release] Tattoo: Virtual/Insanity-Anatomy [B&W] Nails: Pulcino-Fruit Bavarion Cream-Lemon Coffee and Ashtry: Hermony-Ultimate Cigarette Package [Part of it] Pet: Jolly Farm – My bunny friend Prop: Gig Bag Pose: Teasoup-Acoustic Guitar Shoulder:

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Seeing Red

Sometimes life has a way of yanking you under a murky cloud of terrible what ifs and truly doesn’t like to let go. A rather annoying place to be and I’ve been lost in that murk for the last month or so. But I’m finally putting the fears to rest and am so so ready to move on. Farewell to the grey, it’s time for a new light, and today I’m seeing red. A color of passion, prosperity, strength and energy… one I find I rather like surrounding myself with. So with my red state of mind I logged into SL, determined to enjoy again and off I went for a bit of shopping fun. No surprise that I found myself at Dura making grabby hands at the newest hair. Resistance just isn’t happening there. Much to my delight this delectable new do comes with an add on forelock with color change options. That sparked my variety happy without a doubt. Then off to Sn@tch it was as my Sn@tchy senses told me there were some new tees that I absolutely had to have. Because yes, my senses talk to me like that.… Read the restSeeing Red

No More Drama.

The pain in our lives can overtake our feeling and our thoughts but you have to stay strong and move past the sadness and the drama in-front of you, were all fighters and we will see the light at the end of the tunnle. But to get to there u must feel the pain… Broken heart again
Another lesson learn
Better know your friends
Or else you will get burned
Gotta count on me
Cause I can guarantee
That I’ll be fine Nore More Drama Styling:: [Atro Patena] – Smith_Blonde ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Off shoulder shirt Black !ZB: Edah Shorts (black) J U D A S ::: The Revolution “Rick Ownen GeoBasket” (Black) [m] – Huf Knee Socks – Diesel (now a part of kickROCKS) Corvus : Punched Face -SU!- Bloody Knees 01 BOX   Poses: D.Luxx Poses Fairy Tale Delights- I do Believe in faries 10   teasoup- Just cant get away

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Ohai there! Don’t mind me, I’m just breezing through to show off a few things that have given me joy recently. Like this recent release from AMD, the Trendy Trench Jacket. Cute, stylish and flirty, and hey… it comes in brown. Win! You’ll find it in red, black and blue as well, yup. I had fun teaming this up with one of my favorite skirts from coldLogic, some fabulous jewelry pieces from Maxi Gossamer and a couple of the most recent hairs released by Dura. I’ve mad love for these hairs, I do. It’s all finished off wonderfully with delectable lip and eye shades from Mock Cosmetics. After all, I simply can’t leave the house without Mock on my face. Gotta run, I hear shopping calling! *tosses you a list* Jacket from Apple May Designs by Apple May
Lashes and Jewelry from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Skirt from coldLogic by Coldlogic
Makeup Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Hair from Dura by Chiaki Xue
Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup
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Hats On!

Put your hat on and get to hunting as there’s a hat hunt happening, or perhaps I should say actually winding down. The hunt ends October 7th if you go by the signs, or the 5th if you go by their blog postings. Either way this gives you time to saunter over to Tres Beau to find this beauty! The Opera Hat is what you will find as your prize for seeking, a lovely vision that comes in both the plain version which you see here and a version with a lovely rose adornment. I’ve teamed mine up with a sharp skirt and vest from Purplemoon (I can’t seem to resist the houndstooth) and some striking yet delicate drop earrings from Maxi Gossamer. I caught my older sister in her hat, she actually *gasp* put on a dress and everything! That’s her below, wearing hers with the current group gift from Tres Beau, such a lovely blossom! Happy hunting! Hat from Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison
Jen’s Outfit from PurpleMoon by Poulet Koenkamp
Rhia’s Outfit from Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison (Group Gift, pay to join)
Jen’s Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Rhia’s Skin from Belleza by Tricky Boucher
Earrings from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Rhia’s Hair from Elikatira by Elikapika Tiramisu
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup
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Strange Justice

Just because I needed an excuse to slip into my latex, some horns and a blindfold, the lovely Faery of Studio Sidhe created this fabulous new pose prop. Oh fine, maybe she really did it for the Zodiac event, but a girl can dream, right? I jumped at the chance to tip the balance into my favor and do some shooting. This prop is beautifully executed and certainly lends well to letting the imagination soar free. My vision of justice apparently includes more sharp pointies than just the sword! Once done with that I went completely off-balance, head over heels even as played with the various aspects of the Druzi horns from The Plastik. The colors are a delight and there are a variety of options between colors for the piercings and their configuration, single row, double row and triple banded. I decided they went quite nicely with Exile’s Release Me hair, which I am adoring in the delectable colors of the Fusion pack. Add in a fantastic latex catsuit from Sn@tch, deliciously SLinky thigh high boots and some fun makeup from Mock and I can’t seem to keep the camera off me!… Read the restStrange Justice

This Girl I Knew

It’s a nice chilly eve, think I’ll sit back with some soup and get warm. I think tonight I’ll have some TeaSoup, oh yes. One of my favorite soups, I swear! My chilled fingers had a lovely time today playing with one of Tea Soup’s newer pose sets (Oh yes, she’s back and even with an in world location again!) The This Girl I Knew set is giving me particular glee, my overly active imagination wants to write a story for each of them. Perhaps one day, eh? Above we have Renn, who seemed to fall right into the comfy style of jeans, boots and a delicious blouse and sweater combo. Yeah, that’s coldLogic winning me over yet again. Hair from Elikatira by Elikapika Tiramisu
Sweater/Blouse from coldLogic by Coldlogic
Jeans from Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel
Boots from G. Field by Cerberus Noel
Necklace from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer Tran, well she told me she’s a bit of a glamorous lass, and simply wouldn’t be complete without a rather scintillating gown.… Read the restThis Girl I Knew - Renn

Autumn Delights

Wednesday has rolled around once more, not particularly my favorite day of the week as I find myself missing my favorite nut. So I tend to roam and wander and plot, and a couple of weeks back I roamed right over to Vespertine to admire the lovely fall scenery. Autumn is without a doubt my favorite time of year, even if the real life allergies try to kill me. The beauty of the season is well worth it in my book, and Amelie has done a fine job in creating a lovely place to explore, enjoy and of course shop! Not only did I not want to leave, but when I finally did pull myself away, I found myself with new goodies for my home. A lovely birdbath to adorn the deck, a new little chest of drawers for containing ALL MY THINGS and a frame set that spoke right to my heart, a good day of shopping I’d say! The house you see is the Mason from Creative Decay, a delightful home that manages to be cozy and open all at once. I snuck back over to Vespertine today to admire the beauty a bit more, protecting myself from the chill in the air with the gorgeous Perdue sweater from coldLogic.… Read the restVespertine Beauty

In A Fine Mesh

It’s one of those nights where sleep just isn’t going to stop by for a visit, so I’m up and have gotten myself into quite a mesh, oh yes. So naturally I’m going to share. Apple May Designs has new nomminess available for your shopping glee, the Nancy dress which is perfect for a night out dancing or even a night in while getting all snaphappy. The new nom comes in three colors, the black you see here as well as purple and blue. Teamed up with a bit of Love in necklace form, also from Apple May, and my favorite thigh highs from SLink and I’m good to go, or stay! Now I simply can’t even think of going out without the perfect finishing touches, and thanks to the magic that is Mock, my eyes and lips are delectable perfection. The eyeshadow is Jeweled Lake from the Glitterpop Eshadow collection and my lips… well those are a combination of colors from the May Lipcolors, Rose Rouge with Twine as the base. And then! After all that I took things a step further, stepping myself right out of my comfort zone and into something decidedly new for me, a new shape.… Read the restA Fine Mesh

Three Lokis…

…walk into a bar. What? I didn’t actually finish the joke, was too busy taking pictures of Ely, Orcsy and me as various Loki-versions. We look like a pride of valkyries. Or possibly a fantasy metal band. I can’t decide. The Loki-gowns are a new limited edition release from Nomine. There’ll be 12 copies of each colour (six colours in total, we’re showing three of them) available until the next gown comes out. The gowns have several ways to wear them, from a more superhero body suit to slightly more armored corsetted version to full lingerie look. There’s three helms, epic capes, staff, bracers, boots, tattoos, elf ears, hairs, even skin and eyes — although the three of us avoided the clone effect and wore our own. We hopped — wait, valkyries — FLEW to Ely’s sim to take pictures together, so  the prettiness around is all hers. Also, it’s important to be able to kill with your heels as Loki Cobalt here shows.… Read the rest

It’s Coming! Culture Shock!

Culture Shock opens today, 4pm SLT! So let’s get a move on with some more goodies, eh? How about a bed you can take on the road with you? Art Dummy’s Repose bed is so that, love those wheels. And I swear there’s little that gives me as much joy as a bed I can jump on. It’s the details like that which give me glee. Today I’ve teamed my bed up with a comfy look in some nice button flap shorts and a darling top from Somnia, and delicious mustard boots from Ingenue. Because bed jumping is boring without a challenge like doing it in heels! Go ahead, try it without breaking your pixel neck! A bit of jewelry finishes off the look, a pretty cage necklace with bird, Free As A Bird from Caroline’s, cause I am free you see! Free to roll down the road in my bed. And finishing out this party are my fashionista bangles from Apple May designs. You’ll find all this and more when the event opens. And remember, be mindful of what you wear for the adventure, keep your scripts to a minimum ladies and gents so you can get through the handy dandy gate.… Read the restCulture Shock - Art Dummy

Semeret and Bunny

Semeret is the name of this silk set by ~Illusions~, available in the Shifting Sands of Fantasy Faire. Since I’ve always loved ancient Egyptian myths, I simply had to create a fantasy look involving all of that. The collar and bracelets are sold separately and the earrings are actually from a Faire freebie by Tekeli-li. Speaking of which, the Hathor hair is by them as well. You can find Tekeli-li in The Tides during the Faire. Both the ~Illusions~ and Tekeli-li use colour-change scripts, so you can create pretty much any look you wish and make them match each other. I started by taking pictures in the Shifting Sands, exploring the sands of time and the surrounding bazaar, but then I allowed Semeret to return to her tomb to rest.  Of course she has a tomb, what else? Does she look like an ordinary woman to you? No, didn’t think so. This particular tomb is by T R I D E N T and it is one of their RFL-vendor items. I fully admit that I squeed when I saw it. All the hieroglyphs!… Read the rest

I admit it

I am such a girly-girl when it comes to dresses and gowns. I go all squee, bounce around for a bit, then plan a complete look around it >.> This gorgeous dress is by SAKIDE and can be found at the Fantasy Fair. Naturally I needed someone to pose with for a dress this pretty, so I sent Jer of to Nomine for some new threads :P Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Polly ] – [ Natural Porcelain ]
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee HairStyle/Black-White
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – White Hot Fury
Makeup: PMD – ZombiePopcorn6 – My broken heart
Collar: Fet!sh – BDSM Ring-Sation – Collar – Black Rubber
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Lotus Gown Purple
Shoes: SLink Echo Heels Black
Pose: TeaSoup – A Little Temptation

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Bang in Blue

…what? I’m talking of Bangladesh DuPree, a chaotic evil incarnate pirate from Girl Genius, one of my favourite comics. Bang is usually wearing a red sweater and white-red sailor outfit, but this version came in blue, so! The sweater, coat and cap are the Steam Hunt prize by Contraption. I showed them to a friend, who immediately went ‘It’s Bang!’. After I stopped squeeing, I began plotting this photoshoot, because yes, yes it is. The magnificent ship is the Steam Hunt prize by The Epic Toy Factory, one of the most entertaining places to explore and hunt in ever. I warmly recommend visiting even if you weren’t interested in hunting. I completed the pirate look with white pants from Somnia and the Wanderlust boots from Lassitude & Ennui. I even found the perfect skull bindi tattoo from the Marketplace! It’s important to look good when you run around doing horribly violent things on a whim, after all.   Steam the Hunt: Ship: The Epic Toy Factory - Jug-O-Nautalis AirShip | Coat, cap, sweater: Contraption – Maritime Division Uniform Coat & Sweater Skin: Cupcakes – Dahlia Mocha Sanguine | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes Charcoal | Lashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious | Hair: LOQ Hairs – Mischa Onyx | Skull bindi tattoo: Black Eden – Skull Bindi | Pants: Somnia – Tweed Waders White* | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Wanderlust Boots Black* | Earring: +plus – Circles Earring in Dark Gold | Gun (Read more...)

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Touchable Sn@tch

I like to touch things. I suppose you could say I’m very in touch with my tactile senses! When I saw this new release from Sn@tch hit the walls, my first impulse was to put my hand to the screen… to touch it. (And not just cause Ivey is a hot tamale!) For me that’s a sure sign of something well done, when I find myself wanting to reach out and feel. And with that I’ll just be over there, touching my new outfit. The End. PVC Suit from Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel
Skin from Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus
First pose from Glitterati by Katey Coppola
Second pose from TeaSoup by Tea Soup (Closed, no longer available)
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