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Meanwhile I hate gachas

Well, not *all* gachas. I have played gachas, in RL and SL, in RL you stick 20p in and you get a rubber ball, there are 100s of different rubber balls in the thing but you always get a rubber ball.  In SL, gachas used to be along these lines, you pay your 50L and […]

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DRIFT @ The Dressing Room Fusion !!

Available Now @ TDR Fusion The DRIFT Tini Kinis in 5 different colors textures. TP to TDR Fusion ✿Color Change HUD Driven ✿Rigged Mesh Standard Sizing ♥Kalli | DRIFT Main Store | DRIFT Marketplace | DRIFT Facebook | DRIFT Flickr Group | DRIFT Flickr Stream|

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DRIFT ADVERT-Tini Kini Wildlife-The Dressing Room Fusion 070414-1

To Every Sn@tch There is a Season

It’s Sn@tch Day! The New Stuff is up on the wall and ready for your eyeballs. Sn@tch is also at the Dressing Room Fusion this week!  Take a peek at the purty pics and come see us soon!! There’s a hot special this week too. This big set of rib…

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Catch me.

Summerish blog today, first of all Fatewear has a big sale, tagged items will be 66% off the normal price.
My Spitz swim trunks is one of the many items being marked down for sale.
And I also want to highlight the lovely asian version of the Neva skin Izzie’s did for the TDR fusion.
That will be to buy there tomorrow..
Catch Me
Credits Sam:
Hair Traveller Exile, skin Christian Samurai, trunks Spitz Fatewear, braid bracelet Izzie’s.
Credits Izzie: Hair Oceana Truth, Skin Neva asian Izzie’s currently at TDR fusion,
bikini Lulu Baiastice currently at Collabor, necklace Sailor Lagyo also at Colllabor.
Sandals wayfairing Fri.day and yes you guessed this also at Collabor.
Pose: Catch me by An Lar for Poser Pavillion.
Location: The Trace.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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Catch Me

Only in my dreams

Don’t judge me, but I was in a very Debbie Gibson place last night. The song kept playing over in my head and even the dang video. Because you know how she was like, on the beach with a random bed, dancing around like that’s totally normal stuff. OKAY well..you get the idea LOL. Anyway, [...]

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Style Meets Affordability at The Dressing Room Fusion

  The weekend has arrived and what better way to c […]

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When I’m Gone

I’m currently contemplating a lot of different things. On one hand, things can stay as they are. People can make their little comments, try to act a certain way and make people believe certain things and I can just let it slide. I can call them out and set the record straight. I could just [...]

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Body: Hair: “Maisy” Truth **NEW** <3 Skin: “Jade Sunkissed PetalPink with freckles” PXL @ Skin Fair 2014 **NEW** Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit: Top: “Lusso Top Shamrock” MOLiCHiNO **NEW** Shorts: “Minishorts Floral” Ricielli@TDR **NEW** Accessoires: Necklace: “Satine” Cae **NEW** Pose by Everglow **pic taken @ Baja Norte** **click pic for bigger size**

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Body: Hair: “Petit Light Dye” Tableau Vivant@The Arcade Gatcha Skin: “Aria Combination 01″ Glam Affair@The Arcade Gatcha (with Lipstick #1 rare, Noses, Eyebrow #1 rare) Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit: Shirt: “Cona 2 Black” Spirit Store@TDR Tights: “Heart Tights” Izzie’s Socks: “Boyfriend Socks Knit 1″ JD@TDR Accessoires: Bag: “Western Leather Backpack Caramel Mix Choco rare” […]

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The Dressing Room Fusion.

FUSED into one glooooorious room you can find incredibl […]

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Dressing Room Fusion

Headshot #25 feat. Cae’s Nostalgia

*credits skin “Mimi” by Al Vulo@TDR hair “yeah” by Analog Dog jewelry “Nostalgia” by Cae@C88 dress & cardigan by Maitreya hands by SLink* ears “Fantasy Elf Ears” by Mandala pose by Everglow

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Merry Christmas from [PXL] and me

I’m sending you warm bear hugs, loving kisses and earnest wishes for the wonderful occasion of Christmas. May you have a splendid Christmas filled with lights, songs and cheer. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you xoxo yours Sawa Hart Larsson is giving out a new VIP-Groupgift. Jade in a winter-based pale version, […]

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Style-Mix by Sawa #397 feat. Rebel Hope

Body: Hair: “Shelly brown pack” EMO-tions@Limited Bazaar Skin: “Snowwhite pout dark brow milk” Al Vulo@TDR Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit: Gown & Veil: “Crystal Mesh Wedding Gown White” Rebel Hope <3 Accessoires: Necklace: “Flying Heart” Bens Beauty Earrings: “Mega Star” Bens Beauty Antler: “Upcycled Twig and Garland Horns -winter-” *BOOM* Poseprob by Frozen “Lantern”

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I found this MichaMi corset top during a yet another failed attempt to organize my inventory yesterday, and was immediately drawn to it. Within minutes I had a complete look using some new and old items. I’m in love with the neon heels from Faun and clutch from Le Prmitif. I think it adds a […]

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Style-Mix by Sawa #393

Body: Hair: “yeah – dark browns” Analog Dog Skin: “snowhite*  pout dark brow claveage milk” Al Vulo@TDR Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit: Hoodie&Vest: “Hoodie&Vest Combo Black” F.owl Pants: “Leather Skinny Pants black” +grasp+ Accessoires: Earrings: “Disco Earrings Straw” Glam Affair Suitcase: “Driving Home for Christmas Suitcase Deer” ::Fabuleux:: **NEW** Snow-Hits: “Snowball Hit” Izzie’s@TDR Poseprob […]

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Meanwhile Government housing update…. curtains

Welcome back for another episode of ‘doing up my linden home so it don’t look like utter crap’ I bought some curtains from Fanatik, which can open or close with a click, I managed to resize them to fit the giant windows in my house. Oh, and if you are only buying 1 pair of […]

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Style-Mix by Sawa #389

Body: Hair: “Selena” CaTwA **NEW** Skin: “Anais – October” Glance Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit: Sweat: “Ellie Blouse Dress-Tweed” Marshmallows@TDR Pants: “My Cotton Jean – Black” [monso] Accessoires: Necklace: “Boho Bliss Tassel-Tastic” Maxi Gossamer Scarf: “Knit Scarf ” Acorn Twix ” -darkgrey-” ::LEONARD:: Headphones: “Eargasm” Mandala Bracelet: “Hair Tie Bracelet brown” Izzie’s@TDR Squirrel: “Steampunk […]

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It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Today starts another 2 week round of The Dressing Room [...]

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Style-Mix by Sawa #381

Body: Hair: “Mina – Browns04″ Truth Skin: “Neva America 06 E” Glam Affair@Liaison Collaborative Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit: Blouse: “keira black stripes” erratic **NEW** Pants: “pleated black” erratic **NEW** Accessoires: Necklace: “Tiny Acorn Necklace – Silver” Yummy Bracelet #1: “*Gazellver*” +ROZOREGALIA+ Bracelet #2: “Hole Bangle” Izzie’s Piercing: “Septumee 03 w/beads [Metal]” :HV: Hairband: […]

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The Dressing Room Fusion

New items are available at The Dressing Room Fusion.  E [...]

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Dressing Room Fusion