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Fashionably Late Bids Us a Fond Farewell

Just as a new season has begun in RL with the arrival of spring, so it seems a new season is beginning in SL. Many events are ending, new ones beginning, and change – as always – is inevitable. This weekend we saw the end of La Venta Eventa, the last round of the Theme […]

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Le Primitif - tank, 100L each




December 2014
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I was chatting with a friend of mine about her daughter who is sick.  I sure hope she feels better soon and I know how worried she is for her daughter.  I don’t know what it is lately, but so many people I know are sick or have family members…

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Innocent Luminosity

I’m a star!  At least… I feel like one in the Luminosity ensemble by Atlante Guerrero.  I’d like to introduce you to another new-to-me store with excellent quality and prices… *Stars*Fashion*Mall*.  Having not heard of this desi…

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Soul of Angel Milk

On 1st January 2012 · By Boudica Destiny · With Leave a comment
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Dreams my Love, like ancient raindropsFalling through my tattered heart,Weave the fallen embersWhere the phoenix had his start.I knew once an angel,Felt you in my tears…Wash away my deepest sorrow,Wash away my fears.Oh the doves are crying now,T…

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Getting girly at eleanor rigby

I’m getting all girly with eleanor rigby tonight. Kyrsten has marked some of her items to 10L, two of which are these skirst and tops. I love the lace detail on the top and the pink pattern on the skirt. The jewellery are the gift from +:+WTG+:+…

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Little Birdies & Dreamcatchers

Yay new stuff! Most of the items in this post are new to my inventory, some are new releases and one is a non new releases. Let’s start from the top shall we? The hair is not a new release, but it’s a style that I’ve been eyeing up fo…

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the platinum hunt was *amazing* this year. and there’s only a few more days left to grab the goodies set out for just 10L at the participating stores — the hunt ends on august 31st! so bff vivi && i thought we’d show off a few of the prizes you can snag for super cheap […]

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More Platinum Hunt Gifts!

I really did think I was done :"> my bad lol.  With 2 more days to go until the hunt begins, I decided to see if there was more for me to blog, just to give everyone out there the best idea of what the hunt has for everyone.  Browse through the photos and make […]

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Platinum Hunt 2

The awesome Platinum 2 Hunt starts on Friday and some of the gifts are fabulous! In this blog post I will be showing you the gifts from Nemesis, synt, Chantkare, Di’s Opera, Magoa and Indie Rose. The hunt starts at 4PM SLT on Friday 12th August. …

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I’m Always….Fashionably Late!

Fashionably Late is a new discount store on the incredibly fabulous Chic Sim, which is home to such mainstores as Magoa, Peqe and Orion, and more! Each week a new fabulous discounted item will be put out for you to snap up and love. Here’s a few goodie…

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