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Sweet Antidote Closing Sale

Hey guys and gals! I always hate posting these kinds of sales because I hate to say goodbye. Sweet Antidote is having a closing sale where everything in the store is 100L, 50L or 10L. These are bargains and you will never be able to get them again because well it will all be gone. You have until July 31st to go and grab all you want, need and desire! Huggies and loves, Addy! SWEET ANTIDOTE

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“Seraphim Turns One” Birthday Hunt Info!

Hello lovelies! It’s only a few more hours until the start of the “Seraphim Turns One” Birthday Hunt! It will begin at NOON SLT today! We will be having a launch party at the Seraphim HQ on the Depraved Nation sim to which ALL of you are invited! It is also at this time that our post for the hunt will go live – it will have the full list of participating designers, SLURLS to their stores, AND pics of every item! Look under the pics in the gallery for the details, just as you would for all of our other posts. So throw on your best party dress or your snazziest suit and come join the Seraphim gang as we celebrate our first birthday! See you there! SERAPHIM HUNT PAGE! SEE ALL THE PHOTOS HERE! Seraphim HQ Launch Party!

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ZombiePopcorn Brand

ZombiePopcorn Brand is completely new today with items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, furniture & poses.  Every two weeks the collection at ZombiePopcorn Brand changes with different designers for each round.  This makes new rounds exciting and very diverse!  You can snag items in the current collection through July 20. ZombiePopcorn Brand  

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Zombie’s….or not!

When I first heard about the Zombie Popcorn Carnival, I had this vision in my head of zombies eating popcorn riding on worn out  falling down carnival rides.  Yeah…no, that’s not what you get.  What you get is some amazing creators in a beautiful carnival setting offering all sorts of wonderful things from skins to dresses to props.  It’s not about zombies at all, although you might find some popcorn and ride a few rides. (read more after the cut)

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The Black Market!

hii everyone! soph here to show the newest collection of the black market, weee. hope everyone is had a marvelous fathers day, and got your fathers a bunch of giftssss! rahrahrahrah. happy shopping! mwamwa.   The Black Market.

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ZombiePopcorn Carnival

The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is finally here, and the SIM designers have absolutely outdone themselves!  Be prepared to emerge yourself into the world of vintage carnival upon your arrival.  Over fifty designers are participating in the event with many gorgeous designs.  The gallery features only the exclusive event items.  Designers have many more products available; so, be sure to teleport in within the next two weeks to get the full experience!  The carnival ends June30th. ZombiePopcorn Carnival Happy shopping, loves♥ < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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The Black Market!

heyhihello pretties! how is everyone? today i was informed that the black market has reopened! WOO, new location, new management, new everything! the new collection has lots to offer, with items from.. piercings to furniture, annnd mesh! happy shopping babies!   The Black Market

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YAY For ZombiePopcorn

My favourite event of the month is back, a new line up is out from ZombiePopcorn Brand and a new building to house it all in… the collection is still around but separated neatly to the other side of the store with all the brand items grouped together in a really cosy feeling building.
I love this collection too, ZombiePopcorn Brand never fails to disappoint me! The hair from Wasabi Pills is gorgeous but then I am biased because I am addicted to Wasabi Pills Hair LOL, and I think the pose from !bang is great fun, yet don’t take my word for it… go check it out for yourselves there 14 awesome items waiting for you! Prices vary depending on the store, but this collection will be out for 2 weeks now so you have no rush…
Rudh xxx ZombiePopcorn Brand HQ

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Culture Shock 2012

On 4th May 2012 · By Vix Thibedeau · With Leave a comment
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Welcome to the second edition of Culture Shock! In case you didn’t attend last year, Culture Shock is a massive sim fair event organized by CHIC Management (the same masterminds behind Vintage Fair, Back to Black, The Platinum Hunts and many more) and sponsored by MODAVIA Productions. The goal of this event is to celebrate trends and trendsetters within their business, incorporating music and art, all with reflections of their own personal first life cultures depicted in their creations. For me, the best part is that each of the 184 stores participating will offer at least one NEW and EXCLUSIVE item during the event that gives 50-100% of the profits to the charity Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders! Last year over 1.5 million Lindens was raised and donated, and you can see the receipt for it here. The event opened today, May 4th at 4PM SLT and runs through May 26th. There is also a gate at the landing point that ensures you aren’t a lag monster – you must have 50 scripts or less running to pass!… Read the restCulture Shock Promo - Billboard

.Sweet Antidote. New Mainstore 50% Off Sale!

.Sweet Antidote. has moved their mainstore to the Depraved Nation sim, just two streets over from our HQ, and to celebrate everything in the store is 50% off now through the end of May! So head on over, check out the new location, and grab some super cute goodies for a super cute price! See ya there! .Sweet Antidote. New Mainstore Location!

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Anyone Fancy Some ZombiePopcorn?

The Brand is back, and this week we have a really good collection to sink our teeth into, just watch out for those popcorn kernals, no one wants to see a dentist!! These items are AWESOME! I love the Phase necklace line from ellabella, and am super excited about the new colour. The dresses from Sassy! are adorable too!! So much pretty in one small space, OH and Don’t Forget THE COLLECTION IS STILL AVAILABLE!
Rudh xxx ZombiePopcorn Brand HQ

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The Black Market – April Collection

A new round is now out at The Black Market.  Each month designers offer one product at 100L and up to four other products at 40L each.  Items you can typically find at The Black Market include clothing, shoes, hair, jewelry, accessories, makeup and skin.  My favorite item in this round is the jewelry set from presh.  I was curious about the store since I had not seen it before and checked out their mainstore location… all the pieces by this designer are adorable and very affordable!  This will definitely be a store to put on my ‘visit again’ list.  Items will be out and on sale through the end of the month. The Black Market Happy shopping, loves♥  

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Ballerina turned rock star

Sweet Antidote has a new release for Fashionably Late that I’m totally in love with. I have a passion for the SA textures, and this dress makes me love it even more (also, it’s a green dress, what could beat THAT?) It somehow reminded me of my teenage days, when I used to wear fancy stuff at parties with my friends. I would have loved to wear such a dress then! The only thing is that me and my friends loved rock music. And head-banging dressed fancy was not quite right, So in one hour, all the fancy girls would change their clothes to comfy T-shirts and jeans and dance till morning. So today I kind of re-created that , only the dress is a bit fancier and the jeans became leather pants. Keep reading and you’ll find out why! To the pretty dress I added a House of Fox necklace, Exile hair and a Glam Affair skin. For the second look, I chose another Exile hair, but a bit wilder, a Gizza leather jacket and leather pants by Aggressione. The brand released a new outfit, inspired by a song that the designers loves, and it comes with a ruffled top.… Read the rest

Lazy Sunday Springs Us Forward!

In case you haven’t heard, time “springs ahead” by an hour today for those who observe Daylight Savings Time and all that jazz! No wonder it looks so bright out there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that this batch of Lazy Sunday goodness will be the cherry on top! Happy shopping, lovelies! ❥ Vix

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The Black Market – March Collection

The March collection of The Black Market is now available!  Each month, designers place out one event exclusive for 100L and up to four other designs for the very low price of 40L each.  My personal favorite from this collection is the eyeliner from Acid & Mala.  I’ve been looking for some like it for quite a while and to find it at such a cheap price is a definite win!  The collection will be out through the end of the month. The Black Market Happy shopping, loves♥  

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More testing

I visited the Wash Cart sale today and I got some great goodies available for only L$10 there and I also experimented a bit more with Pixlr.com and discovered some great vintage and retro effects for photos. One of my favorite items at the Cart Sale are these cat scratch tights by Sleeping Koala. They must be the funniest tights in my inventory and remind me of my RL cats who are bigger, but great at scratching! Also, Moniq is wearing a hot dress by Sweet Antidote that will be available at Whore Couture Fair, opening March 1st. The skin on Moniq is by NVious and is also available at the Cart Sale. Styling: Skin: Alyssa Pale M1 by NVious for the Wash Cart Sale Hair: Tatiana – Midnight by Tameless Hair Dress: Zaza – red by Sweet Antidote (Whore Couture Fair preview) Tights:  Cat Scratch Tights by Sleeping Koala for the Wash Cart Sale Shoes: Khan Heels – Soot(MESH) by Ingenue for Festival of Sin Poses: HelaMiyo

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Jack or Jill Hunt – For Men and Women!

The Jack or Jill Hunt is another great hunt hosted by Depraved Nation! This grid-wide hunt has one path for men and another for women! The hunt began February 1st but runs through the 29th so there’s still plenty of time to complete it. Check out the gallery for pics of all the items. If you see any numbers missing, it’s because those folks dropped out so please just skip to the next one. For further info, hints and SLURLS to all the stores, check out the Depraved Nation blog! You can also join the Depraved Nation group in-world. Thanks to Mattia for modeling the male items and for hunting his items and the majority of mine. hehe. Most poses used were made by Stakey, retro and EverGlow! If you have any specific questions about anything worn, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks and happy hunting! ❥ Vix STARTING POINT: Razorblade Jacket at Depraved Nation ~~~>>>CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY!Read the restJack or Jill Hunt

Glamour is Hunt!

RAWRAWRAWRAWR! THE GLAMOUR IS HUNT has started! for hints and shop slurls, visit here. the prizes are all set for sale at 10L. have fun guys! oh, and the photos are all alphabetically ordered..! SOO they are not in the order of the hunttt.

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Fashionably Blue

I’m quite in love with this little blue dress by Sweet Antidote, maybe because lately I’m much more careful at texture, and this one is so well textured. There’s also a red version, if you want to get in the VDay mood. Also, check out this new hair by Exile, called Girls of Summer (oh, I wish it was summer!). Also, you need this skin, it’s the Valentine’s day gift by Mons! Styling: Skin: Happy Valentine’s Day by Mons (subscriber gift) Hair: Girls of Summer: Brownie (MESH) by Exile Dress: Julia – blue by Sweet Antidote for Fashionably Late Prop: Glam Corner by BehaviorBody

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Seraphim Loves You!

Hello, beloved Seraphim readers! It’s that time again! Time for more FREE GIFTS! We’ve teamed up with more than 50 DESIGNERS from all over the grid – spanning everything from fashion and accessories to home and garden and everything in between – to show you the love this Valentine’s! We’ve also added more fun and unique works of art from our dear friend, Ken Bastard! For only 200L each you can add a fresh splash of color and vitality to your SL. To learn more about Ken and his work, please visit his website! Lashae has taken the time to photograph all of the items so you can pick and choose what suits your fancy, or you can just TP right on over and grab the whole lot! Just remember to wear your Seraphim group tag to access all the goodies! If you’re not already in the group, simply click either of the super-sized Seraphim logos to join and off ya go! So grab your friends and a noob or two and head on over! There’s plenty to go around!… Read the restSeraphim Loves You!