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☺.speⓒiɐl Ed.☺

Skin: Labyrinth- Cernunnos Skin (Pale) The Clean
Eyes: [Contraption] Static Vision (Default)
Jacket: {Howl} Military Pocket Shirt
Pants: E-Clipse- Dakota Baggy (Black)
Hair: Taketomi- Kuranosuke_ Blacks
Gloves: Coepio- Male Gloves [Black]
Gun Holsters: Obscure- Assasins Gun Holster (Black)
Nose Mask: Cobrahive- Nose Mask- Black
Ears: Scrub- And Now? Ears
Face Piercings: Scrub- Disturbed Piercing
Belly Piercing: Scrub- Death In My Belly
Teeth: r.M. Nicolette Teeth
Beard: Labyrinth- Fork Beard
Body Makeup: +Nuuna+ Makeups V12 7 Male
Face Tattoo: Superbia- Eye Flames Face Tattoo
Body Tattoo: .Reckless. Kingdoms Will Fall/Thx Landon!!!

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June 2015
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☪тнe soυnÐмɐкзя♬

Skin: Tableau Vivant- Echo-Tone 5-Freckles (The Mens Dept.)
Eyes: Clemmm- Ghost Eyes V.2
Shirt: !APHORISM! LOADED TSHIRT- Black (The Mens Dept.)
Pants: !APHORISM! LOADED SLIM JEANS- Vintage (The Mens Dept.)
Shoes: F-Lite. X .Reckless.- CHukkas- Black/Thx Landon!!!
Hat: Legal Insanity- Monster! Hat- Black (The Mens Dept.)
Feet: Slink- Male Feet (AvEnhance) Flat
Hair: Mina Hair- Jett/ Brett (Blacks)@ OMG
Ears: AITUI- Stretched Ears 3' Tunnel Hybrid
Necklace: ::GB:: 3Strand Necklace- Silver
Doggie: .Birdy. Boston Buddy- Cuddle-( The Mens Dept.)
Face Piercings: Pekka- Hypnotic Piercing
Bracelet: [CX] A Bikers Toy Cuff Wrist- Silver @ OMG
Nails/Rings: Superbia- Bands
Septum Piercing: AITUI- Bull Horn Septum Piercing- Sky
Ear Spirals: ARISE- Ear Spiral- Silver @ OMG
Body Tattoo: .Reckless. KING (The Mens Dept.)/Thx Landon!!!

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♧ єη∂ σƒ тнє вєgノии!ηg ♣

Skin: Tableau Vivant- Ryan Skin-Brown- Tone 7
Eyes: Clemmm- Ghost eyes
Vest: G.ID- Deranged Vest- Cross/Thx Dad!!!
Pants: Speakeasy- Khaki Jeans W. Suspenders 
Boots: [Valiant] Journeys- Black
Hat: Luxe- PLay Dirty Hat
Face Bandanna- D A P P A- Bandit - Venom/THX Richo!!!
Face Piercings: r.M. Bone Harvest w. Shadows
Gloves: Razor///Foe GloveS- Mens
Body Piercings: Superbia- Punkture (Chest/ Belly)
Nails/Rings: Superbia- Bands
Ears: GAUGED- Elven Ears
Necklace: [MANDALA] KOTOWARI Necklace (Long)
Hair: Tableau Vivant- Talamasca Hair- Winter
Eye Make up: Corvus- Evil Eye make up
Hairbase: MADesigns- Net Hairbase
Body Make up: Nuuna- Makeups v.12 7 Male
Body Tattoo: Reckless- Wonderland/Thx Landon!!!

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Skin: Speakeasy- Oli Skin T1
Hair: Tableau Vivant- Low Hair (Gents) Winter
Pants: AMERIE- Mesh Cargo- Black
Hands: Slink- Male Hands -Relax
Harness&Armor: N a n a- Behemoth Silver/THX Nana!!!
Tongue: Superbia- *HumM* Tongue
Arms Strap: Superbia- *Set 4* Arm Straps
Cuffs: Superbia- Leather Cuffs<>Black<>Silver<>
Blindfold: Superbia- Blind Band
Nose Gauge: Superbia *Nose Gauge 2* (A JOJ Hunt Item)
Head Wings: Superbia- Head Wings W. Spikes
Belly Piercings: Superbia- Punkture- Belly M
Bone Horns: [SzW] [HRN-03-A] Bone Horns [Grey]
Forehead Horns: .{Rue}. Horns/Archivist: Smoke
Foot Claws: N a n a- Incu Gray Claws/THX Nana!!!
Beard: Speakeasy:: Thin Chin Strap- Black
Forehead Dots: N a n a- Bindi Black/THX Nana!!!
Lower Body Tattoo: N a n a- Uncool Tattoo Black/THX Nana!!!
Main Body Tattoo: G.ID- Overture Tattoo-65%/THX GID!!!… Read the rest


Skin: Tableau Vivant- Kevin Skin- Tone 05
Eyes: {D.A} Broken Glass- Marine
Sweater: D-Style- Jimmy Casual Long Sleeve/ THX Chrissy!!
Pants: HEDO- Jeans OTIS
Boots: G O L A # XBrewdog 04
Hat: AITUI- Urban Trapper Hat
Hair: Adoness- Philippis: Red
Ears: [MANDALA] Stretched Ears Omimi
Glasses: Joop- Glasses~Mesh
Face Holes: Geek- Holy Hole In Meh Head- Red
Teeth: r.M. Nicolette Teeth
Septum Piercing: AITUI- Septum Ring- Infinity
Rings& Nails: Superbia- *Piercings 2* Polished Hands
Belt: *BLITZED* BUG Belt
Body Tattoo: G.ID- Overture Tattoo/THX Papa!!
Face Tattoo: Superbia- Line Face Tattoo
Makeup: +Nuuna+ Makeups v12 7 Male

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Skin: Speakeasy:: Oli*_Skin T1
Eyes: Tableau Vivant- Galaxy Eyes- Venus
Sweater: *DL* Flufee Hoodie Mens- Black/ Grey
Pants:  Hooligan Ink- Baggy Pant 480- Black
Shoes: FLite- Skyhigh (Black)
Hat/Hair: Taketomi-Norio_Black01
Ears: [MANDALA] Stretched Ears Omimi
Face Piercings: Superbia *Set 15*
Lip Piercings: A:S:S deLuxe- Pull Me
Teeth: r.M. Hermione Teeth
Beard: FRUK- Furball Beard - Black
Hairbase: KMADD- Merge Hairbase(Tintable)
Face Tattoo: Superbia- Tired Eyeshadow
Body Tattoo: D A P P A- Lotus Tattoo/ THX Richo!!! 

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o(‧”’‧)o stupid people o(‧”’‧)o

hair-*Milk* Hair~ Bali Bali @The Liaison Collaborativeheadband-.random.Matter. - BoneHeadears-++PE++ Wilted Elf Ears
piercing horn nose-AITUI- Bull Horn Septum Piercing
makeup lips-INSITU - lips Mona ((NEW))
collar-SuPerBia *SeT 2* CoLLaR & CuFFs
tattoo body-G.ID Overture Tattoo @suicide dollz ((NEW))
t-shirt-*Fishy Strawberry* Dream Big T-Shirt @Kustom9
suspender and panties-.:: PrincessD ::.   Suspenders ((NEW))
knees-dl:: Spiked Knee Guards
socks and chains ankles-*PerveTTe* Adorable ((NEW))
sneakers-FLite. X Reckless Chukkas @Kustom9 ((NEW))
bagpack-*Tentacio* Racing car backpack @Level Up ((NEW))

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☜ѕнσω мє тнє ωαу нσмє☞

Skin: -Labyrinth- Cermunnos Skin (Pale)- The Clean
Eyes: Evian- Eyes Glamour 
Tank: Anchor & Co. "Night Sky" Sweater Tank
Pants: ...Scars... Low Waist Pants [Black]
Shoes: JD- Sydney [Blue] (The Mens Dept.)
Hair: [BURLEY] Sammy_ Blacks
Ears: ...Scrub... And Now? Ears
Teeth: r.M. Belial Teeth
Beard: -Labyrinth- Fork Beard
Face Piercings: ..:::Scrub:::.. Disturbed Piercings
Necklace: "AKINI" UNITA Necklace-(Silver Black)
Gloves: [Coepio] Male Gloves [Black]
Arm Bands: Superbia- *Set 4* Arm Straps
Chain: [Just Cool] CHain  
Arm Horns: ::TI:: Horns Lower Arms
Body Tattoo: ::TI:: My Lines Tattoo 
Face Tattoo: Speakeasy:: War Inside My head Face Tattoo
Hair Base: AITUI- Etched Hair Base- Monumentum- Black
Freckles&Moles: [Okkbye] Freckles and Moles- Rose

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*~*Like A Stone*~*

headband-[geek.] Medusa Headpiece @Totally Top Shelf Events ((NEW))hair-[LCKY]  Eilfie
eyes--SU!- Scarlet Eyes
lashes-Clemmm white tintable lashes
makeup eyes-"TSG" Maquillaje - Enchantress
tattoo face-triangles tattoo created by me <3
strap *May's Soul* emery horns unisex
makeup lips-.random.Matter. - Gothique - Lipstick
teeth-.random.Matter.Nicolette- Teeth
collar-*L.inc* Bound Collar
shoulders-Chary. - Ares Guards
cuffs-SuPerBia *SeT 2* CoLLaR & CuFFs
top and pasties-D-Style - Lavena Strap Top w.HUD ((NEW))
short-D-Style - Black High Shorts @The Thrift Shop
bag-LUXE. Domino Clutch @Kustom9 ((NEW))
tatoo leg-Infected - Fantasy Tattoo @Brutal City Sales Room ((NEW))
ankles-[ ZerO ] Achillean Restraints
shoes-*TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Adixia Shoes @thebigshow ((NEW))

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ღYour smile gives me lifeღ

skin-INSITU  - skin Kiku ((NEW))
cap-DAPPA - Sacred Snap @thebigshow ((NEW))
goggles-K_gs StoomRider 1.00
brows-.random.Matter. Severity - Eyebrows
lashes-Clemmm - White Tintable Prim Lashes
eyes-{Dead Apples} Sinistre Eyes - Horror Edition
makeup eyes-{Dead Apples} Smudged Metallic Underliners
ears-...:::Scrub:::... 1000 T. Ears
piercing face-Cute Poison - Crave Piercings
collar-SuPerBia *SeT 2* CoLLaR & CuFFs
tattoo-.Reckless. - Yours to keep @THE  HELLO SUNSHINE FAIR ((NEW))
shoulders-*Tentacio* Rider shoulder
top-DAPPA - Lala Top @thebigshow ((NEW))
elbow-Chary - Group Gift (elbow pads)
rings--UtopiaH- My Captive Mesh Rings
tattoo leg-*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] My Dear Fairy @OMG ROOM!Read the rest


Skin: Tableau Vivant- Kevin Skin- Tone 05
Eye: Clemmm- Ghost Eyes V.2
Shirt: flow. Sleevless Epix- Black
Pants: D R O P. Denim Sweat Pants (White)
Boots: .::Energie::. Lilly Uggs 
Gloves: Grasp- Biker Gloves (Group Gift) Instore)
Hair: ILLMATIC:: Savee- Storm ( The Mens Dept.)
Ears: [MANDALA] Stretched Ears Omini 
Teeth- ILLMATIC:: The Perfect Teeth- Platinum Vamp Fronts w/ Tongue
Glasses: -David Heather - Lotus Sunglasses/Black( The Mens Dept.)
Hairband: N a n a- Atremis HeadBand  Black
Pipe: [ ht. apparel ] opium Pipe- Metal
Face Piercings: A:S:S deluxe - Mirth And Steel
Septum Piercing: AITUI- Bull Horn Septum Piercing - Sky 
Nose Piercings: r.M. Bone Harvester v.2
Bracelet: Grasp- Beed and Leather Strap Bracelet 
Arm Band: Superbia-  *Set 4* strap
Rings & Nails: Superbia- *Piercings 2* Polished 
Tattoos: D A P P A - Shield of Life Tattoo
Make Up: +Nuuna+ Meta White 

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※¥watching you from afar¥※

skin-INSITU -skin Emmahair-[LCKY] Eilfie // Pastel
headband-Suicide Gurls - Crystal HeadBand ((NEW))
brows- .Candy Mountain. tintable eyebrows .
lashes-Clemmm - Black Chic Circus
eyes-INSITU - fantastic eyes
tattoo face-SuPerBia TaTs >BanDs FaCe TaTToo
glasses-.random.Matter. - Winchester Glasses
ears-[Gauze]  [][]Trap[][] Short Ripped Ears Ice
tattoo body-.Reckless. - Remember The Dead @TMD ((NEW))
top-[ S H O C K ] Crop Shirt - Nerd Boobs ((NEW))
gloves-[geek.] Machina Sleeves @We <3 RP ((NEW))
handtapes-Obscure Regret Bolt Gloves @she & him
nails-DP - Koffin Nails - Bleeding Black Lace @suicide dollz ((NEW))
short-*Vixen* Cheeky Shorts @Designer Circle ((NEW))
socks-Chary - Knee Highs
shoes-Nana - Ximena Ankle Feet Flat Slink ((NEW))

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ღ my soulmate ღ


hair-ILLMATIC :: The House - Chocolate Cityhorns-{Amai} Demon's Halo. ((NEW))ears-FEMALE[MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI-
brows-.random.Matter. Savage - Eyebrows
eyes-SU!- Scarlet Eyes  @The Dark Style Fair
makeup eyes-.tsg. Maquillaje - Enchantress
lashes-Clemmm - White Tintable Prim Lashes
tattoo face-triangles tattoo (tintable)- created by me
teeth-.random.Matter. Belial- Teeth
tattoo body-SOURIRES TATTOOS. - 45 Million TATTOO (UNISEX) @she & him ((NEW))
necklace-.StrawBerry. Pastel Goth Cross Necklace
cuffs-SuPerBia *SeT 2* CoLLaR & CuFFs
top tank-D-Style - Sukie Top w.HUD ((NEW))
short and stockings-muerte crosses tights @suicide dollz ((NEW))
laces feet-Nana - Tori Ballet Laces ((NEW))
back piercing--UtopiaH- Embedded Studs Back


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◢ ѕαιⓁ ◣

Skin: Tableau Vivant- Ren Skin- Tone 03 H
Eyes: Clemmm- Ghost Eyes v.4 @ The Dark Style Fair
Shirt: G.ID- Deranged Shirt- Heart @ The Dark Style Fair/Thx Popa!
Pants: D-Style- Krave Slim Jeans W. HUD/ Grudge/Thx Chrissy!
Boots: Valiant- Journeys- Black
Hair: Tableau Vivant- Talamasca Hair- Winter
Ears: [MANDALA]Stretched Omimi Ears
Necklace: KOSH- EPIPHANY Necklace [Inverted]
R Bracelet: KOSH- EPIPHANY Bracelet [Inverted]
L Bracelet: Superbia- *Set 4* Wrist Straps
Rings/Nails: Superbia- Bands
Chest Piercings: Superbia- Chest Spikes
Face Piercings: :HV: Inque @ The Dark Style Fair
Cheek Piercings: :HV: Singles: Jewel Cheeks [INK] @ The Dark Style Fair
Beard: Evian- Tintable Beard - Trident
Hairbase: KMADD- One Line Is Fine- (Tintable)
Eyebrows: Unorthodox- Thick Eyebrows Double Cuts (Tintable)
Face Tattoo: Superbia- Band Face
Body Tattoo: .Reckless. Wonderland @ The Dark Style Fair/ Thx Landon! 

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✖тнє ѕσυη∂ σƒ ѕιℓєη¢ε✖

Skin: Tableau Vivant: Ryan Sent To Destroy 5
Eyes: Clemmm- Ghost Eyes- V.4 @ The Dark Style Fair
Pants: D-Style- Punky Pants/Thx Chrissy!!!
Scarf: [ContraptioN] Compass Tech Muffler *???* @ The Dark Style Fair
Hair: DURA- Dura boys & girls*20(Black)
Backpack: Luxe- Hellish Backpack- Grey @ The Dark Style Fair
Ears: [MANDALA] Pierced Elf Ears VER.2 Long
Horns: [ContraptioN] Clemantler Major A *Tungsten*@ The Dark Style Fair
Claws: [ni.ju] Claws
FootClaws: Nana- Succu Black Claws/Thx Mother!!!
Belly Piercings: Scrub- Death In My Belly Piercing
Face Piercings: Superbia- *Set 9* Piercings
Face Paint: Tableau Vivant- Vincent Make Up Black Spray
Body Tattoo: .Reckless. Mistress Of Evil 2 @ The Dark Style Fair/Thx Landon!!!

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Bblack BirdD

Skin: Tableau Vivant- Ryan Skin- Tone 7
Eyes: REPULSE- Post Mortem Eyes
Pants: BLK 2.0- Black Sweatpants Short Style
Legs: DRD- Creature Legs- Darkness
Hands: Slink- Slink Male Hands
Wings: N a n a- Icarus Wings Steampunk Black/Thx Mommy!!!
Arm Wings: N a n a- Corneille
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Upright Demon Tail- Bumpy Black
Hair: booN- GAS760 Black
Shoulder Feathers: N a n a- Guardian Shoulder Pad- Black
Horns: Contraption- Great Taurus Horns *Default* Broken L
Camera Eye: RO- Photographers Eye-Closed (TMD)
Ears: AITUI- Stretched Ears- 3' Tunnel Hybrid
Nose Band: Cobrahive- Nose Mask- Black
Teeth: r.M. Belial Teeth
Body Horns: C h a r y- Vertical Horns- Black
Belly Piercings: Superbia- Punkture
Belly Wound: REPULSE- Fuck You Stomach Wound Tattoo
HairBase: AITUI- Monumentum- 002- Black
Body Make Up: Nuuna- Makeups v12.7 Male
Eye Make Up: Superbia- Shadows 2 Face Tattoo
Body Tattoo: .Reckless.… Read the rest

ღ with style ღ

hair-+Spellbound+ Snowberry
headband-[geek.] D&D Nerd Tiara
ears- + Aii ~+ Anyskin Winged Ears Blk&Wht
browns-.StrawBerry. Sun-Mai Brows (( Group Gif)) ((NEW))
lashes-Clemmm - White Tintable Prim Lashes
eyes-::TI:: Ghost Eyes @suicide dollz
makeup eyes-{Dead Apples} Ose Eyeshadows
piercing face-.random.Matter. - Frantic
makeup lips-.StrawBerry. / Dolly House Cosmetics "Jelly Lips & Nails" @the candy hunt starts may 4th ((NEW))
teeth [label mode] Teeth
tattoo-Suicide Gurls- Nightmare Unisex Tattoo
piercing chest-:Z.S: Pink fusion piercing @The Pink Fushion ((NEW))
top-*Vixen* Urban Top ASWH ((NEW))
gloves-[Gang/Cold] Tila Gloves
nails- !TLB - Girly Skull Fingernail
piercing belly-SuPerBia PierCinGs >BoDy PuNkTuRe<>M&F<
pants-Nana - WK Pants @The Dark Style start may 15th comming soon ((NEW))
belt-*BLITZED* BUG belt
socks-[Gang/Cold] Tila Socks
boots-*X*plosion Smasher Boots

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※ enjoy your life ※

hair-+Spellbound+ Sunday
headband-RO - Crown of Thorns Purchase Container
head wings-SuPerBia >HeaD WinGs< >SpiKe WinGs<
brows-[LDP] Lovely Eyebrows
eyes-::TI:: Ghost Eyes @suicide dollz
lashes-Clemmm- White Tintable Prim Lashes
makeup eyes-{Dead Apples} Smudged Metallic Underliners
chain face-*May's Soul* Sahara chain bronze
ears-...:::Scrub:::...1000 T. Ears
makeup lips-.random.Matter. - Gothique - Lipstick
teeth-[label mode] Teeth
armband-D2K -  Bang Bang Armband @suicide dollz ((NEW))
cuffs-.random.Matter. - Bastille Wrist Cuff
rings-:Z.S: Tentacle Wrapped ring
spike nipples-:Z.S:  Nipple Spikes
nails-[ S H O C K ] Slink Glam Rock Nails
tattoo-.Reckless. - Sticks and Stones @TMD star at 5 may ((NEW))
vest-Nana - Tati Skull Vest ((coming soon @suicide dollz)) ((NEW))
piercing belly-...:::Scrub:::...Read the rest

~TO Close~

Skin: Tableau Vivant- Ren Skin Tone 03 (Dark Brown)
Eyes: { D.A.} Striking Eyes- Venom
Shirt: .::Villena::. Button Down- In Camo
Pants: Pumpkin- Low Jeans- Brown
Shoes: BLK2.0 VENS X frozen (The Mens Dept.)
Hair/Beanie: Tableau Vivant- Bean Hair-Winter
Ears: AITUI- Stretched Ears- Tapered Vertigo Talon
Face Piercings: [ S H O C K ] Phychobilly Piercings
Rings&Nails: Superbia- *Bands*
Cig: Nikotin- Cigarette Pattern (V.4.0)
Teeth: r.M. Hermione Teeth
Beard: FRUK- Face Fuzz- Slingshot Beard
Freckles: [Okkbye] Rose Freckles and Moles
Body Tattoo: .Reckless. Hide And Seek/Thx Landon!!!  

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Skin: Tableau Vivant- Sean Skin- Tone08 A
Eyes: Tableau Vivant- Galaxy Eyes- Earth
Pants: ....scars.... Low Waist Pants [Black]
Shoes: FLite- Flytop. 001 Blue Canvas
Hat: 8ER- Hardcore [Black]
Backpack: AITUI- YoYO Bag(The Mens Dept.)
Ears: [MANDALA]- Omimi Ears Stretched Tunnel (Size 5)
Glasses: [Nerd Monkey]Nerdy Fashion NM Glasses
Hair: RAW HOUSE- Urban Savage 2 [Black]
Hand Wraps: Feroz- Vendas 2 Hand Bandages
Body Piercings: Superbia- Punkture
Septum Piercing: AITUI- Bull Horn Septum Piercing (Sky)
Ring: "AKINI" UNITA Ring-Gold
Teeth: r.M. Hermione Teeth
Eyebrows: r.M. Savage Brows(Tintable)
Face Tattoo: Superbia- Bands Face Tattoo
Body Tattoo: - D A P P A - Yakuna Tattoo/Thx Richo!!!
Hairbase: KMADD- Hairbase ~ Puzzle
Beard: Speakeasy:: Thin Chin Strap-Black

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