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Cosmetics Overload

I am a bit late on getting out New Releases because I am in the process of moving. So After Saturday I will not be blogging until Next Friday. Cosmetics Fair started and one of my favorite Cosmetics creator La Malvada Mujer is participating once again. She has three sets of eye shadows and lashes […]

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  “Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.” ” And I stay geeked up never been a retard” “Got a New girl swag and this here for yall” “So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.” “Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”   Hair: Lcky- Alcohol […]

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Sn@tching the Block

Newness from Sn@tch, Hebenon Vial and Insanysa. Insanya has these pair of sneaker boots on sale half off at 100 Block. Don’t forget to try the demo. Hebenon Vial has piercings sets out if you join the group The HV, you’ll get a discount. Drop by and visit Sn@tch, check out the new releases and […]

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The New Punk

  “This is the new shit” “Stand up and admit it” Hair: Magika-Such Collar: Virtual Nirvana- Overload Collar [Shown in Light][New][Mesh][Collab 88] Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo- Pure Sin Top: Zombie Suicide- Forsaken Halter Top [Shown in Black v1][New][Mesh][Available @ 100 Block][LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/122/129/23%5D Shorts: SAKIDE- Hallow’s Shorts [Mesh] Bracelet: OMEN- Spiked Bracelets Upper Arm: Cobrahive- Arm […]

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                          ” Candles raised my desire.” “Why I’m so far away.” “No more meaning to my life.” “No more reason to stay.” “Freezing feeling, breathe in – breathe in” “I’m coming back again…”  ” I’m not the one who’s so far away.” “When […]

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How many of us have them

“Friends” “Before we go any further, lets be”  “Friends” On Me   Hair: Tameless Hair- Leeyah [New][Mesh][Shown in Fades] Hair Bow: Phoebe Piercings- Pam Head bow [New][Mesh][Shown in Stripes][Rock Attitude Fashion Fair] Collar: Geek- Got capped Collar [Shown in Black] Top: AlterEgo- Sweeties Top Pants: Cynful- Skinny Jeans [Mesh] Nail Piercing: Phoebe Piercings- Passion Belly […]

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Bad Bish

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 ” I love bad bitches, that’s my fuckin’ problem’  Hair: Tameless Hair- Mercedes [New][Mesh][Shown in Fantasy][The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jade/122/114/28] Collar: Pixel Geek- Chained Collar [Shown in Black Metal] Chest Piercings- Cute Poison- Fallen Piercing Tattoo: Para Designs- Desire Bra: Kio- Bitch Bra [New][Mesh][Available We <3 RP April round][Shown in Vampire] [**Note, We <3 RP […]

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Werkin’ Girl

      Hair: Exile- 1985 [New][Mesh][My Attic Special]  Skin: The Plastik- Astrali- Dyrzi  Makeup: Songbird- Spring Birds Eye makeup [Yellow-ish][New][Theme Park]  Piercings 1: Zombie Suicide- Hannah Piercing V1 [New][Mesh][Bodify Event]  Piercings 2 & 3- HoD Gauges: Geek- Holey Hole [Mesh][Purple]  Glasses: Sn@tch- Puppy Love Shades  Collar & Necklace: The Plastik- Krysis Collar & Cord […]

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Sn@tching dat fluffy azz

  Hair: Magika- Shine [Mesh] Collar & Necklace: The Plastik- Krysis Collar & Krysis Cord [Park of Morrigan Outfit past 50l Friday] Top: Sn@tch- Baby Luff Tees [Mesh] Cuffs: Insanya- Captive Cuffs Leggings: Sn@tch- Miranda Suede Leggings w/ shoes [New][Mesh] Garter: AlterEgo- I bullet garter [New][Luck of the Irish Gacha event] Gun:Body Factory- Obscure Assassins […]

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Skin Fair 2014: The Platik Overload

I have always loved The Plastik’s skins. Its sooo much in the skin pack that I am unsure of where to begin. When you get the skin pack its three different skins, makeups, eyebrows and so forth. I am just use to wearing just the basic skin set to really even notice or understand lol. […]

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Just Another

Hair: Tameless Hair- Honesty [New][Mesh] Skin: Lumae- Una-7-Truffle/Bare [New][Skin Fair 2014] Glasses: Sn@tch- Puppy Love Shades [Mesh] Eyeshadow: Glamorize- Insanity Eye Makeup Lipstick: Madrid Solo- Rebel Lips-Gothic Adventure [New][Skin Fair 2014] Top: Sn@tch- Pepper Crop Top [New][Mesh] Skirt: Sn@tch- Wild One Mini Skirt [New][Mesh] Shoes: Ducknipple- Purdy High Knee Sneakers Armwarmers: SAKIDE- Leather Armwarmers Chain: […]

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Skin Fair 2014: Adore&Abhor, Lumae & Madrid Solo

Skin Fair 2014 opens its doors in a couple of days so excited! I am rocking some new releases from some amazing designers. Lumae is making its first appearance at Skin Fair 2014 which was recently re branded from Aeva//Heartsick. Some familiar names Adore&Abhor has some really totes eye shadow and lipstick that is worth […]

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Country Kreature

So this month of March has been going very horribly already. I am not going to apologize because I’ve had in real life troubles and had a few mental and emotional melt downs in February/March. I’m human and I won’t apologize for not paying attention to my blog. I will apologize for not saying anything […]

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Access and Amplify

“Embrace the wings that they gave you.” “I know you’ve felt the emptiness” “Behind your empty words.” “Your silent screams confuse me.” ” And now you feel the pain is real.” “You got no one else to blame.” “Don’t let your rain fall down on me.” “Wish I was there to prove you wrong.”  Hair: […]

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Super Space Invader

“Super Space Invader” “Coming from the outer space!” Futurewave is kicking of in about 12 hours! I meany holy carrotsticks I am flockin’ excited or this event. You have all sorts of designers in here: Static, Graves, Miamai,  NanTra, Death Row Designs, By Snow, Beautiful Freaks and more. Stores I’ve never even heard of! I […]

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Psycho B!tch

“Wild Child“ “Runnin’ wild, behind this smile is a frown.” “That’ll make ya lay it down, quickly, she shifty“ “Killa strictly, out to come and get me.” “From a rose, to a .357 360.” “Psycho Bitch“  Hair: Magika- Road [New][Mesh][Pack 03 NEW NEW NEW, sale ends soon only the new packs that she produced THIS […]

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Iren to Milk with Tameless and tag along Phoebe

Iren and Milk are participating in We <3 RP this month. Iren has a skin set 50% off and hair called Leanne. Milk also has a hair out called Queen of the court which surprised me how nice it looked. Phoebe Piercings and Tameless Hair has new releases out hair shown and jewelry set that […]

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“I’m ballin’ like Mr. Clean.” ” I gotta keep my kitchen clean.” “God bless me like i’m finna sneeze.” “Doctor weight me on a triple beam.” “D-Boy in parenthesis.” “All gold in my amenities.” “2 Chainz, two pinky rings.” “My trigger finger’s like a lemon squeeze (Baow!)” I just wan to apologize I should of […]

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My, what big eyes

“Be careful. What slumbers there…its not human.”– The Faun, warning about the Pale Man. Hair: Tameless Hair- Amia [New] Collar: The Abyss- Choker Combo Necklace: Songbird- Dream Sand Pendant  [Shown in Silver Vials][Nightmare][Surreal Complex] Top: La Petite Morte- What big eyes [New][Mesh][Enchantment Event; Feb 1] Eyes: Songbird- Seer’s eye fatpack [Shown in Silver Setting Blue […]

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“I, being of legal age, of my own free will, after having been duly advised and warned of the meaning and consequences of this oath, enroll n the Federal Service for not less than two years and as much longer as may be required by the needs of the Federation.” –Starship Troopers [a bit photo heavy] “They’re doing […]

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