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Giftly Dark

” You don’t hear me.” “You don’t see me.” “You don’t even know I’m alive.” “So why do you call me?” Gothmas by Gaslight has started as well as Horrorfest, Finally I can release the Slurls for you guys. Below are items from ~SongBird~, Chop Shop and Zanzibar creationZ. Enjoy BODY Hair: Lcky – Eilfie […]

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Alaska & Star, Lumae’s new girls.

I’m going back to advertising skins again like I use to. I stopped doing it because it was A LOT of work for me to crop, take photos and remember which ones I was  using. I feel bad because I was slipping on that part and taking the easy road out and just using the […]

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Elegant Shadow

” There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.” – Charles Dickens BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Gizella [New] CLOTHING Top: Sn@tch – Martine Poncho [New] Bottom: Sn@tch – Tegan Mini Skirt [New] ACCESSORIES Barrette: Zombie Suicide – Devil Heart Hair Accessorie [New][@ Suicide Dollz Anniversary] Necklace: Zombie […]

Cozy winter bunbun

The weather here is a bit unusual, it’s been extremely cold then it warms up and now it’s hot. I have my fan on, because it’s so warm. When I dressed up my girl it was hella cold outside and I thought it was a nice casual winter look for her. If I had it […]

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Attention Hoar

” We’re all bitches” ” We’re all whores.” ” We crave attention.” ” Like some wannabe stars.” ” We’re all posers.” ” We’re all gods.” ” Pretend we’re prefect.” “Like some fucking attention whore.” BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Bunny [New] Eyebrows: Bubble – Androgynous Brows Eyes: Chus – Ellie Lenses Skin: Lumae – Evie […]

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Off to the races

“Yo, I’m off to the races, laces” “Leather on my waist is” “Tight and I am falling down” “I can see your face is shameless” “Cipriani’s basement” “Love you but I’m going down” “God, I’m so crazy, baby” “I’m sorry that I’m misbehaving” “I’m your little harlot, starlet” “Queen of Coney Island” “Raisin’ hell all […]

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Tats on my neck

“I’ve been up sipping on Promethazine” “Don’t know why they don’t make this shit illegal” “Big homie said you only have one life to live” “Might as well get high and deflate the ego” BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Gin [New] Eyes: Chus – Dawn Lenses [New][Free][Shown in Foam & Wood] Skin: Lumae – Nima […]

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Post Baby Blue Wednesday

I actually took this outfit a couple of days ago and I forgot to blog it. It’s been a really crazy week/weekend for me. So I apologize, but it seemed to slow down for the moment. I know within the next week it’s going to get picked up again.  The title is called Post baby […]

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Happy Halloween

For the first time in my years on this planet, I wasn’t in the Halloween spirit. It’s upsetting to know this about myself, but I am engaging in horror movie marathon as well as the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I will AT LEAST watch that. But this is my last post going towards the Creepy…Read more Happy Halloween

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Princess Alchemist

The story I had in mind was that she is a baby Demoness who was shipped off to school. She didn’t fully find her potential to be a demon. Which in this case I made it that the demon’s earn their horns. Being the little brat that she is she went to school to become…Read more Princess Alchemist

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Casual Ghost Diva

Finishing up some more posts for Candy Fair. I liked how I just accidently arranged my outfit to resemble some sort of ghost colors. Ha, kind of goes with my second life last night. Fitting so I though. Normally I would be using lyrics to express how I was feeling at the moment in that…Read more Casual Ghost Diva

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Prep demon role call

Of course October is the month where we have an excuse to be spooky all month long, but for me being spooky is a 24/7 deal. It doesn’t change! This is a mild spooky Syn is dressed up for. She wanted to be cute experiment with a new makeup from Lumae, went to a fair…

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I want candeh

Candy Fair 2014 has started! So excited, it was a blast to walk through the two beautiful sims. I admit I am very impressed with the decoration of the sims this year than last year. It was much easier layout to read and maneuver through. If you don’t like candy, there’s plenty of stuff to…

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I’m taking a break from roleplaying on Zenobia for a bit and focusing on a new character I have in mind. Brooklyn to my ownself is a mystery. Indeed she is a mutant, but she’s more or so a hybrid type. I have a love hate relationship for snakes. I think they are beautiful creatures…

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Steam to the Punk

A Clockwork Spiral has started a couple of days ago and my apologizes for not blogging soon enough! Real life has taken over and I’m taking this weekend to catch up on blogging! A Clockwork Spiral is dedicated to those that love Steampunk, Dark Victorian, Diesel Steam Wild Wild West meets Post-Apocalyptic. The Charity event goes…

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Mrs. Pennywise the Clown

” Teehee, Billyjo! They ALL float down here!” Mrs. Pennywise breaks into a hysterical maniacal laughter and continues, ” When you’re down here with us, Billyjo, you’ll float as well!” Mrs. Pennywise continues into her maniacal laughter. BODY Hair: Ploom – Lula [New][@ We <3 RP] Skin: Lumae – Eliana Eyes: ~SongBird~ – Twisted Numbers…

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Hipster Animals

I’m back on blogging! I finally got my new modem back and ready to get back into the blogging spirit! I’m mostly wearing new items from Sn@tch, Tameless Hair, The Horror, Death Row Designs, Le Primitif  and Birdy/Alchemy from The Arcade September round 2014! Thanks everyone being so patient and sorry for the random MIA…

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Zenobia’s Outfit Two

Roleplaying as picked up a lot lately for me and I’ve decided to give my girl a much needed break ICly for a little bit this week so I can catch up with blogging and handling some In real life stuff.  Anyways, Zenobia icly just bought the local bar and is slowly transforming it into…

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” And all we sell is the greatest feeling on Earth.” “They paint me as a villain, I just autograph the artwork.” “Ain’t got nothing left to prove unless I got to prove it in court.” “Live fast die young and leave a beautiful corpse, yes lord.”    “You so crazy, Tunechi.”  “You so crazy.”…

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The Zone

“And I won’t see a damn thing.” “I can’t feel a damn thing.” “But Imma touch you right.” “I won’t see a damn thing.” “I can’t feel a damn thing.”  ” But Imma touch you right.”    “I’mm touch you right; let me sip this slow.” “I’mma touch you right; let me get inside my…

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