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Soft Glamour

“You can’t dictate to a woman what should make her feel sexy.”-Dita Von Teese Hair: Magika-Blame-Hair Un-rigged [New] Skin: PXL-Faith-Tan Eyelashes: Maitreya-Mesh Eyelashes [VIP group gift] Eyes: Suicide Unborn-Galaxy Eyes-Violet/Pure-Eyes-Blue [Hurry quick! She has selected eyes on sale for 50L!] Eyeshadow: Izzie’s-Delusional eyeshadow-gold Glasses: Role Optic Glasses-SG-82-Ares II Collar: Cobrahive-Kurosu Collar Outfit: Sn@tch- Frontline Batik Lingerie Set [Includes stocking, panties not included] Panties: Sticky Fingers- My naughty panties-Neon-Black Nails: Izzie’s- Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails Tattoo: Para Designs-Loyalty-Black-Dark Shoes: N-Core-Triumph-One Voice Edition Pose: BehaviorBody-Classic Sit—>[I have to admit I am not one to give my location or poses. I use so many different poses I don't keep tabs on them. But Pose appreciation has started and time to give credit were its due.]

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Sports Day at Perfect Wardrobe

Perfect Wardrobe has been hosting a sports day since Monday! The theme this time round is sports and there are sa fair few to choose from, although boxing seems pretty popular!!
Everything is 90L or less, so get your running shoes on and head on over to Perfect Wardrobe before the sporting event is over!!!
Rudh x Perfect Wardrobe

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Grunge Soul Project – Round 18!

Hey ya’ll! The Grunge Soul Project has another round of bad assness (yes, I said ASSNESS!) for you I have had a TON of problems with my SL lately, but what’s new right? This round will last until May 12, so you have PLENTY of time to check it out. All items range from 75L-100L. Grunge Soul Project

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Grunge Soul Project: Round 17

Hey ya’ll! Happy Monday <3 Vix is the one who usually does GSP, but she is a tad bit overwhelmed right now, so I volunteered to take over! There is some bad ass stuff this round so check it out!! GSP!

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Spring has Sprung at Perfect Wardrobe

When I was little, my every year at about this time of year, would constantly say to us “Spring has sprung, The Grass has riz, I wonder where, The birdies is!” It became one of my favourite and most memorable little poems, something I find myself saying now as I am older! Spring has definitely sprung at Perfect Wardrobe this week, where for the next two weeks you can find a collection with a pretty springtime feel! Nothing here is priced over 90L, and there are lots and lots of things that I will be adding to my overstuffed wardrobe hehe!
Rudh xxx Perfect Wardrobe

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Lazy Sunday for you April Fools

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!! Remember to watch out today you never know what tricks people might play hehe *looks at all the Seraphim staff and cackles evilly*
Anyway, it’s not only April 1st, it is also a Lazy Sunday. This week the line-up doesn’t disappoint, there is something for everyone be it decor or clothes or piercings or poses, you should find something you like in this lot! With prices of 75L or less, how can you not?
Rudh xxx

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Grunge Soul Project Served Up HOT!

A new round of GSP is ready for your weekend consumption! We’ve got lots of shopping madness to keep you busy this weekend so let’s get right to the good stuff! Hugs and happy shopping! Grunge Soul Project

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Grunge Soul Project Rudh Style

Vix had started the post for GSP this week, but she is a very busy lady in her RL at the moment… She’s been cursing printers and invitations in a weird, crazy lady kind of way, so I stepped in like a magical fairy and said “Chillax Boss Ladeh lemme do dat!”
Luckily she gave me some of her notes, so it was pretty easy peasy, but I am pleased to bring you this new round of Grunge Soul Project, where you will find a whole host of goodies priced at 100L or less… Are you ready to get your Grunge Soul on?
Rudh xxx Grunge Soul Project

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Animalistic Style at the Perfect Wardrobe

The animals have taken over Perfect Wardrobe and left their prints everywhere!! This round has all things animalistic ranging from printed clothing, to bags, to tattoos and some other stuff thrown in to mix it up. It’s a wardrobe full of RAWR!! I went bonkers grabbing lots and lots, I think I’ll be wearing animal prints for a while now, but seriously with everything on offer costing no more than 90L, how could I or anyone else say no?!
Rudh xxx Perfect Wardrobe

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The Hygeia skin by My Dear Skin Store is exclusively available…

The Hygeia skin by My Dear Skin Store is exclusively available at the Fashion for Life event, which has just opened its doors. You will be able to find this skin in the Dreamseeker Epoque part of the sim. It comes in 5 tones, 7 make ups (one is exclusive for FFL), hairbase option and 30 lipsticks! Shape is also available. I loved this skin and this is a new store for me -never tried any of their skins- and they really surprised me. So, in my humble opinion, if you’re thinking of getting a new look -and helping to fight this terrible illness- this is definitely a wise choice. Other Credits: Now, you may be wondering what this event is about, so following you will find all the information regarding FFL: What is Fashion for Life? Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society.  Fashion for Life is directly supported by the American Cancer Society.… Read the rest


Skin&Makeup: Izzie’s – Brianna Skin Hair: [Shag] – Pussy Galore (roots) Underwear: :STICKY FINGERS: My leopard underwear (black, white and yellow) Feet: N-core FEET Tattoo: [DDL] Cross tattoo in the throat Poses: Fronzen Panty *EverGlow* Sway’s (part of set) Set: Sway’s – Bathroom Set [Bellatrix] blue*   *Features: Read the rest

St.Patricks Day at the Perfect Wardrobe

Ok St. Patricks is a day, and Perfect Wardrobe runs for 2 weeks, but this is the perfect place to get your St.Paddys day outfits sorted and the perfect place for anyone that loves to rock the green look! Here you can and will find LOTS of green, in the perfect St.Patricks wardrobe, and to make things even better this event runs for 2 weeks from today and has nothing in store that will cost you more than 90L!!
Enjoy, and while shopping drink plenty of Guinness!!
Rudh xxx Perfect Wardrobe

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Lazy Sunday YAY!

Lazy Sunday time once again, where are the weeks going seriously, the weeks are whizzing by. Lazy Sunday is stuffed full with a range of great items, in various styles, that could be useful in any wardrobe no matter what your taste, and there is a large collection of poses available this week too!!! A couple of stores have been put on the MIA list though, The Secret Store will be a little late out and Mustang Trading Post is out but the items are ones that have been in the lineup before!
My personal favourite item this week has to be the A.D.D.Andel Lily of the Valley Potted Plants though, those are flowers that always remind me of my mum she has worn the perfume for ALWAYS as they have sentimental value to her and so now seeing them and being so far away from her living in Holland, they bring a smile to my face!!!
Rudh xxx MIA: The Spirit Store, Mustang Trading Post

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blackLiquid – look 55

t h e    l o o k STICKY FINGERS –  My yellow neon crop top @ whore couture fair blackLiquid - MAKEUP – lash alpha Shi – ICON  - Hair Base_Jetblack blackLiquid - MAKEUP – sun matte lipstick Lovely Mi – It’s PhroPhro yellow [Eyes] Adjunct – Churchwarden Bubble Pipe Miamai – NoAlpha Lashes N06 SLink –  de Jolie Hands v1.1 [LWL] – Couture Bathing Cap (Marigold) al vulo –  sally natural porcelain blackLiquid - Modavia Supermodel stylist & Photographer

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Grunge Soul Project Returns!

Grunge Soul Project is BACK, boys and girls! With a whole new look and a brand-spankin’ new collection, this event continues to bring you goodies with a bit of an edge. So come on over and see what’s new! See ya at the Grunge Soul Project Playground! ❥ Vix

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The Whore Couture Fair

On 1st March 2012 · By Rudhmellowen Laguna · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, Seraphim · Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
OMG it’s finally here! Whore Couture is O-P-E-N and ready to get you all slutted up! More than 140 designers have come together, offering anywhere from 1 to 6 exclusive items each and – guess what! – we photographed ALL OF THEM just for YOU! Some of the stores, however, didn’t have the exclusives marked, and as time was of the essence, not to mention the fact that our eyes were starting to go crossy, we didn’t photograph those shops. There were also quite a few designers that weren’t set up by the deadline, so they won’t make this list either. So be sure to wander around to really see all that’s available, and check out the freebie board, too. We hope that this post will give you a good start and tantalize those naughty tastebuds of yours! As always with any big event, PLEASE be considerate of others and skip the bling to avoid the lag. People aren’t there to see you, they want to see what they can buy! To let you in on a little tip, if you wear a mesh avi, you can be considerate and still look cool!… Read the restWCFposter

Sin City

On 29th February 2012 · By Lelu · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Running in Heels, Second Life · Tags , , , , ,
So, tomorrow I am off for my long weekend in Las Vegas with Levi!! I am not going to be touching a computer while I am there, but I have some blogs set up over the next couple of days that I hope you will enjoy. I got this sexy little dress as my VIP gift from Sticky Fingers and it only helped to put me in my Vegas state of mind...with all my good girl thoughts staying here at home! Have a great weekend!

Shopping List:
Skin: Al Vulo - RenzieHair: Truth - Gianna 2Dress: Sticky Fingers - My Red Halter Neck Babydoll (VIP Gift)Bracelet: Erratic - Silver CuffHeels: N-core - Poison
Pose: Marukin - Teepee Set, Red Derby

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Skin: {.essences.} Serena skin – ROSY PALE @ Festival of Sin Hair: .b enchant Dress: .:Sticky fingers:. My yellow tee dress Jeans: Respect! Jean Leggins @TFG Cardigan: GizzA – Cardigan – Mesh [spring lines] Boots: *COCO* – SuedeBoots(Fur) (mesh) (Groupgift) Bag: NHA! Tote Joanna @TFG Rings: :FANATIK: My gold boho ring Blue :FANATIK: My gold boho ring Pink :FANATIK: My gold boho ring Yellow Watches: [DDL] Confide in Me (Blue) [DDL] Confide in Me (Pink) Shades: {*I <3 FashiOn*} Aggressive Sunglasses @TFG Poses: .label motion. Izzie Pack @TFG   Pictures taken @ CalanDiva region    
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Ain’t that some ish

So one day, you're laying in your new mesh bed reading when in reality you're supposed to be decorating your skybox and not being a slacker.  All you're doing is minding your own business, when little do you know your mind is about to be blown clear out of your face.  Or something less gross.
The phone rings, and its one of your best friends with some news!  You smile, because it's always great to hear from her…but that smile slowly turns into a million other faces when she says what she's called to say.  Know that new friend of yours?  Well…she likes him too!  "So, now she's out to get you so watch your back…I'm just trying to look out for you" she says.  You're stunned, and sad.  You want to kick her in the throat and at the same time, you know that deep inside you've always known this and just hoped he liked you more!
A lot of emotions have gone through you in the short time that you learn all this information and start to put two and two together.  Tears well up, but you don't let them fall because you have to be stronger then that.  Thing is, you would fight to hell and back for him.  But, if you have no idea where you stand or what you even are to one another…you have to ask yourself what in the hell you're fighting for…?… Read the rest

Hey! How’s everybody? Monday, argh,let’s do some…

Hey! How’s everybody? Monday, argh,let’s do some retail therapy shall we? =) The Fashion Garret new round was released today, and there are many awesome items I want to show you -and that you should get- that I didn’t know where to start! So, I made this look based on Iren dress which I love. On a side note, in my previous style I mentioned the store In Her Shoes. If you haven’t been there yet, you should, because shoes are very nice and they are ALL free. Yeah, all.  JEANS: ::LEO-NT:: SUGAR-BUTT Skinny [VIP past gif] SNEAKERS:  In Her Shoes - Black (free; in fact all the store is free!) DRESS: [IREN] Hold that Posy Dress West Carolina (item for The Fashion Garret) EYELINER: cStar Limited - Thick Addiction Eyeliner TATTOO: Vestigium - Mermaid’s Enchantment [t] Fade EARRINGS: [BarCode[ - Fan&Skull w/ Fringe (silver) (new release @marketplace) NAILS & RINGS: VIRTUAL INSANITY Black silver nails and rings HAIR: Alli&Ali Designs Lana Hair Cinnamon  CLUTC: BE;WILDE CLUTCH Smoke (item for Back to Black event) RING 2: Sticky fingers : fantik line- Skull ring COPPER WATCH: [DDL] Confide in Me (Red) (new release) SUNGLASSES: [DDL] Raining Inside (White)  TEETH: [Medley] Buck Teef SKIN: Natural Beauty -Tulip-summer (item for The Fashion Garret) POSES: Label Motion for TFG AND PERFECT WARDROBE

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