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She Refused To Be Bored Chiefly Because She Wasn’t Boring

One of my pet peeves is when someone says they're bored a lot. Really? With everything that's going on in the world, you're constantly bored? What the heck is wrong with you?? How can you be bored?? Well, there's no WAY you can be bored today because Coldlogic just released new clothes!

The Lovern dress is totally a love for me! I love how it's the perfect blend of fancy and casual. I paired it up with the new Hill mesh leggings. These leggings are very awesome in that they come with 3 different cuffs so you can wear with different shoes. I'm wearing them in cuff #3, which is about mid-calf. I did have to do some minor editing to my leg warmers from G Field to fit the leg over the legging, but truly, they were very small edits. They also come with leggings for dresses that are much slimmer on the hips. Don't get scared like I did when you try on your regular size and find that you're muffin topping like crazy!

Time to do more shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Ava #11 by Belleza
* Strong Gloss Lips #3 added
Hair: Lumi 2 in Rye by Wasabi Pills
Dress: Lovern in Blue by coldLogic
Leggings: Hill in Grey by coldLogic
Leg Warmers For Heels by G Field
Shoes: Alex in Gray by G Field
Mesh Hands by SLink
Pose by Status [New!]

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June 2015
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Dropping Purple Everywhere Because of Donny Osmond

Our friends, associations, and experiences help shape us and create our likes, dislikes and contribute to the sum of us as people. When I learned to take pictures for this blog, it was after more than a year of Cajsa taking all of my photos. Looking at her style, the angles she used, the lighting, formed my own opinions on what was good, on what I liked – regardless of if I was even aware of it.
Time went by. I got better at taking my own pictures. I found my own style (which is largely silly) and found my own way. But I can tell you, I still find myself ticking off the list of “to do’s” that Cajsa taught me when I learned to take pictures. I suspect, if one of your close intimate friends was a pose maker, or a dress maker, or a jewelry maker, and one day you ventured out into the land of being a creator yourself, those archetypal memories of “what is good” would be impressed on you and people might draw conclusions of similarities when they saw your work.… Read the restPurple Wisp


The club where I DJ was in the Destination Guide today and many newbies dropped in. It was fun to see them running about to the right, left and all around. Most of them were too busy rushing to stop and chat but a few did. Most wanted to know if Second Life was addictive. I sure think it is, if they get past the confusion that we all face at first and begin making friends. It’s the people, the friends, that make SL addictive. Two of the people I met my first week in SL are still my two best friends in SL – so I hope they have as wonderful luck as I did. And I hope they also find the joy of exploration – going to sims to see what can be seen. I went to this Japan Garden sim yesterday – a beautiful place of peace and harmony. It seemed a good choice for showing off this gown from Azul. It’s the design from Mami Jewell of Azul for Miss Virtual World Japan. It comes in 8 gorgeous color options, but I chose this one for the bold cerise and bordeaux combination. Like most gowns from Azul, it’s a flowing waterfall of color with a train and long flowing sleeves.… Read the restjan12_004

Totum quod splendet

It’s true, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it is bronze, silver or platinum. And sometimes it is a bit of all at once as in this gorgeous top from Fashionably Dead. The peplum top is available at Collabor88 where the theme this month seems to be proving that glitter comes in every color. I dressed it up with the bottom of the Kamille dress from Countdown. One of the advantages of combining mesh with system layers, as Countdown has, is the ability to mix and match which makes me happy.

  Frankly, when something glitters as beautifully as these bronze shoes from Deco, there is no need for gold.     I added some big statement rings from Miao and Donna Flora – that glitter in all sorts of ways. The ring on my right hand has a color-change touch script that lets it glitter an entire rainbow of color.   I also wore the Eva set from GeWunJo proving that even brown glitters. My hair style also came from Collabor88. By D!va, it may not glitter, but it shines.… Read the restjan07_003

At The Office

  It was a busy day at the office yesterday. My To Do list was a mile long and I don’t think it got any shorter by the end of my day. Fortunately, Cajsa has put up a lovely new office at Glookbone so at least if I have to sort through the work part of my SL I have a pretty place to do it. I would’ve gotten more done, except I kept playing with the light as it came through the windows and having fun moving all the shadows around. Our new office is as much fun as a photos studio, I swear it is.
  Of course I get a bit day dreamy and that doesn’t help me get anything done either. Staring off into space is one of my talents though. I don’t know about these stools, my big butt barely fits on it. One of my TO DO list items I DID get accomplished was to try on a NEW skin from ADAM N EVE. Skin collectors will want to run over and give them one a demo because as always, it’s a beautiful body and the face is very pretty. She’s got a very well groomed, elegant look to her, I really adore it.… Read the restAt The Office

I Blame Cajsa and Stephen King

  In the middle of the night I found myself wandering a landscape of grey and black. There were no candy apples for sale, despite the sign. OMG – This could mean only one thing – NIGHTMARE.
  My love of carnival rides could not incite me to hop on board this macabre merry go round, I’ve never been a fan of being swung by my neck. As I wandered, I knew that I had Cajsa’s post and the book of Stephen King short stories to thank for this stroll of dreams.
No candy apples, ripped hose? A nightmare without question. If only I could make myself wake up I know I’d have a lovely pixel day. But, I keep hearing something behind me…   Shopping List:
Tights: *blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Black- (feet)
Manicure: :::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Rainbow):::
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lips: cheLLe – (lipgloss) Juicy Gloss (Pink)
Dress: +Blue Blood+ Penelope PINK – Size M
Hair: >TRUTH< Zuzka – swedish
Horns: A:S:S – Pucks treasures, horns – Pink
Boots: lassitude & ennui Selene mesh boots black size 1
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: :CURIO GP: Petal Frex [Light] Party Girl-Bubbly 2
Eyes: Poetic Colorsclassic – coral reef (m) bright

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Seeing The Sights

I woke up early to go and see the sunrise and hopefully get some pretty pics for my walls at the new place. It was gorgeous outside, with lots of wildlife and the fresh air so early in the morning was so bracing but refreshing. I sat on the beach and watched giant turtles swim and frogs bounce across the landscape.  I  am really glad I decided to spend my weekend here, it’s a great place for a busy pixel girl to relax and enjoy some pretend nature.   As the sun climbed higher I ventured out to the rocks and found this poorly landed plane.  The scenery here is fun and quirky, I admit I am glad I came. I need to make someone come with me next time. I can’t play checkers by myself! Your Weekend Away Shopping List: Pants: :::Sn@tch Perri Polka Dot Pants (Black-P):::
Top: :::Sn@tch Ripley Sweater (Black-J):::
Manicure: Adam n Eve Harper Manicure Pink
Tank: .: Somnia :. Lace Tanks {Pink} {US}
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Hair: .ploom. Josie (small) – Ploomage
Wedding Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set – Gold
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots – Fem – Archie – Foot – S
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Harper Natural Pink Bewbs
Eyes: Poetic Colors -classic – coral reef (m) bright
Poses: Status
Binoculars: Studio Sidhe
Camera: Teefy

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New And Old

My busy Friday started with going over to our new office at Glookbone to check out the studios and the build. Cajsa picked up one of the more lovely buildings at Scarlet Creative for our new office, it’s got great windows for pics so I couldn’t resist firing one off. Love the lights through the blinds. After getting my bearings at the new place, I decided to check FLF for the must haves this week. It’s a good week, but my eye was sharply on the new releases from FLOORPLAN – 1 land impact decor pieces that would be PERFECT in a wee Linden home with few prims.
It was SRSS BSNSS when Cajsa and I had a photo shoot with the lovely Elle Kirshner (who BTW has a gorgeous set in FLF today also if you are looking for decor). I got home in time for my new pieces to be delivered by Floorplan and decided to unpack some of my artwork that I’ve collected to see if anything really wants to be up on my new walls. Some of my pieces from AE Meth wanted to stay as well as some photos from Maht.… Read the restThe New Office

Happy New Years!

Ok, this is the last post of the year, definitely! How better to send out the old year and see in the new than with a fancy new dress, a glass of bubbly, a new do and some words of wisdom?!   The wall hanging is from What Next and is the New Years VIP Gift!  It’s so cute and it also comes in monotone too, if you’re not a colourful soul.   The pose and glass is the VIP Group Gift from STATUS Poses and is very cute!  I couldn’t help but whack on a smile and scream BOTTOMS UP!   My new ‘do is from Alice Project and I am normally not sold on Bangless hair but this was too sweet, with cascading curls, it was definitely going to be on my head.   I also put on the gorgeous new dress from NiNight Creations, more about that below tho.  The necklace is from Yummy and is still available at Collabor88, but only for the next few days, so shake that ass and get on over there!  You can get it in three metals and with matching rings and earrings. In the close up you can see I am wearing some wonderfully delicious earrings.  … Read the restHappy New Years... Eve!

The Days of Christmas

  I love all the cold and bracing winds of this time of year. I was taunted last night by the Weather Channel with promises of snow. There is no snow. I should not be surprised, living in RL in the land of cotton (old times there are not forgotten) but I was hoping for a white dusting at the least. My protest then was to run off to a snowy place and run around looking fabulous in the sea of white and frost. I think I’m cold.
Today I’m using my new release pose set INTERVAL for the Countdown themed event at MY ATTIC. The six pose pack is 95L but will be 300L at my shop after the event.
New release eyes from Vision by A:S:S kind of melted my butter when I ran into the Orchid color – they remind me of the delicate falenopsis that I my old friends used to collect. “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”                           ~ Mae West Your Icy Shopping List: Nylons: No.9 Nylons High Pantyhose *nude10* (feet)
Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Lemondrop Nails, French (glove layer)
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair Pin: ::Exile:: Tiara pin
Hair: ::Exile:: Waiting for Tonight:Stefani
Dress: Baiastice_Juliet dress-green-size M
Shoes: Miamai_Daisy_Acid Green_
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Mina – Orchid, natura
Skin: -Belleza- Noel Skin
Poses: Status  

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Hunting With Love

Mijn Boutiques cat sweater seems made for me – the caretaker and servant of a black and white cat named Oscar. My mom liked to say that everything you do should be done with love. It is one reason why I am so fond of the With Love Hunt an annual event that asks all of us to act with love. Creators are asked to create with love – making wonderful items that they will offer at a fraction of their worth. Bloggers are asked to blog with love and integrity, without giving away anything more than approved hints. Hunters are asked to hunt with love, without complaints about the nomimal 10 linden price or hard-to-find items. We may not all succeed, but we are asked to try. This sweater from Mijn was certainly made with love, love for cats, for whimsy, for fun. And it came to my attention with love when a blog reader, knowing my fondness for Oscar, alerted me to this Oscarish cat. And yes, I am blogging it with love, love for my ridiculously entertaining cat and the fey spirit that creates such a fun sweater for me to enjoy and the diligent event coordinator who uses her skills to build community.… Read the restDEc19b_005

My Attic is Counting Down

Introducing the next session of My Attic @ The Deck, help us ‘Countdown” into 2013. All items are priced at 95L only during this event, when it is over at the end of the 31st of December the items will be in the stores at full price, so do not miss out on these great savings. Lots of amazing items!!! Have fun counting down,
<3 Addy Teleport to The Deck

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Entertaining for Christmas

This year I get to host Christmas dinner and have been menu-planning for over a week and dithering back and forth between the many ideas rolling around in my head. I know exactly what I plan to make for my first course and second course, but the third course is giving me fits. I am serving beef tenderloin, but folks like a starch with their main course, so I am trying to choose between Pommes Anna, Patatas Aioli or Mushroom Risotto. I am planning on roasted vegetables for the other side dish. Anyway, my shopping list grows and luckily I have a gorgeous clutch to carry it and a handy pen around for reminding me of things I need to buy. I love my outfit today. It starts with the jacket I picked up a Monso. It’s a lovely autumnal plaid with a shearling lining for warmth. It’s an older design from the sculptie era, but I love it anyway. I added a gorgeous brocade skirt from Baiastice that was released in November. Some might say plaids and brocades don’t go together.… Read the restdec18_004

Comfort and Joy

I hadn’t been over to Vero Modero in several months, when Cajsa and I were making the rounds the other night of places we needed to revisit. I nearly flew across the room at the sight of these coats. They come in jeweled tones but I had to have the Christmas red, and now I want this coat in RL. I am going to be very toasty and warm in my Second Life this winter, even with winter storms named Draco about. Sounds like a bad villain in a B movie doesn’t it?
Regardless, I’ve got my winter coat. Bring it on. “Atheism is a  non-prophet organization”                                     ~ George Carlin Your Shopping List:
Tights: :::Sn@tch Opaque Tights (Black-S):::
Manicure: Adam n Eve Jamila Manicure Ruby
Boots: [Gos] Equestrian Boot -
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lip:-Belleza- Chloe Pale Lips 5
Brow:-Belleza- Chloe Pale Light Brows
Hair: ::Exile:: Colette:Roots-Vanilla
Gloves: Baiastice_Velvet long gloves-black-left close-
Coat: [VM] VERO MODERO / Red Eylul Leather Coat Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Chloe Pale 31
Eyes: classic – coral reef (m) bright

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A Knitted Mess for My Second Box

Somnia released to the group an adorable sweater skirtset for winter called A Knitted Mess that is perfect for casual winter days. Layered to keep you warm, it pairs great with tights or the included leggings, and I added some fun color boots from DUH! I’ve been wearing this around for two solid days, it’s so cozy and cute. And you get this outfit in two colors plus all the other items in the My Second Box group this month for 300L. Which is a steal. For a look at the complete list check out This post.
I’m also wearing one of three new great hat hairs from Exile – say YES TO HAT HAIR! Especially if the hats are cute.
Belleza’s KATE in Frost is a perfect wintery makeup, and it looks great with the pinks and neutrals of this outfit. Your Shopping List Today: Tights: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Tights, Champagne (socks)
Nails: +>A&A<+ Sweetheart Nails Black/White
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 3
Skirtset.: Somnia :. Knit Mess {Pink/Brown} {M}
.: Somnia :.… Read the restCozy2

Reindeer Casual

Christmas is on the way! Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, you have to agree that my Reindeer sweater from E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories is probably one of the cutest holiday sweaters you have ever seen! I wanted to go for a casual look without being frumpy, so I added a tight skirt and tights, and these amazing new boots by Slink, that you can find at the new TDR Fusion store for only L$ 70! Credits: Hair: Wasabi Pills, Zoey Mesh Hair – Pancake
Glam Affair: Roza – Natural 02 (former Collabor88 item)
Lashes: Beetlebones, Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
Eyes: Bilo, Najwa Eyes
Sweater: E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories, Reindeer Sweater (Black)
Skirt: DCNY, (part of) Pop Collar Dress_Crimson
Tights: JANE, lil piggies fuzzy tights. bk charcoal
Boots: Slink, Vanity Boots Black (at TDR Fusion)
Shape: My own.
Poses: STATUS, and *EverGlow*

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Snowy Days

The new FROSTBITE Cottage from Trompe Loeil has been released for Collabor88 and I couldn’t wait to rezz it and see how cozy and wintery it was. I chose the white but there are several color variations and you can opt for frosted windows or not just by touch. I chose frosted, in RL I live in Atlanta and I miss the wintery cold of the north.
Inside the cottage it’s cozy aged woodwork (of this model) and high ceilings. It also comes with a fireplace. Add the deliciously cozy love seat and club chair, also from Trompe Loeil and you are ready to be cozy on winter evenings. I’m also taking this opportunity to test out the BETA viewer since the word on the street is that it has solved the dreaded GRIDLINES issue with big pics. It seems to be true, I’m shooting at 4000X2067. I find it does crazy stuff though, every time I open the camera it snaps a pic, my screen goes fuzzy, mouselook getst stuck on and I can’t get it off. Various other superweird stuff keeps happening but I can’t even remember what they all ARE honestly, thats how many weird things happened.… Read the restFrostbite Cottage from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88

50 Shades of Gidge

I realized I was almost grey from head to toe and couldn’t resist the fun with the 50 shades reference, but I didn’t actually ever read it so, I’ll probably have to leave it there. Monochomatics with pops of color, though, are some of my favorite styling choices because it always conveys purpose, rather than “these are the things I slapped on today.” I missed Fresh Baked Goods, these mah jong tile bracelets are still some of my favorite whimsical jewelry pieces I ever picked up. Also today on the list of things which are good and therefore I think you should like them is a relatively new release from Adam n Eve – Carolyn.
The skin is beautiful with lovely makeup and as always, the lips and nose are beautifully done. There is definitely something to be said for experience. I do recommend you go grab a demo there are several tones and makeup options. And with that, I’m done and will run off to the dreaded RL. I hope that everyone has a brilliant Thursday!… Read the restLakeside

Boho Cutie

I was originally going to use this look on my other blog, Living The Cute Life SL, but realized I hadn’t posted here in a few weeks. My adorable paisley boho babydoll dress is by DCNY, and it was released last month but it’s so adorable and comes in a number of colors. My shoes are by Ingenue and are at Collabor88 for only a few more days, so grab them while you still can! I’m wearing my latest skin purchase, Chloe from The Sugar Garden. It’s so youthful and cutesy, which checks the boxes when it comes to skin for me (majority of the time). You can get it with or without freckles, and I went without because I could always add that on a tattoo layer if I felt like it. They also have appliers for prim/mesh boobies, if you’re into that. Credits: Hair: Wasabi Pills, Kylee Mesh Hair – Vanilla pudding
Skin: “tSg”, Chloe in Zissis – Clear Skin
Eyes: Bilo, Najwa Eyes (Mist and Yellow)
Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Dress: DCNY, Boho Baby Dress Berries
Tights: JANE, lil piggies fuzzy tights.… Read the restboho cutie1

Bring On Christmas

‘ I confess. I’m ready. The events are exploding and there is so much excitement in the air about everything that is new and amazing for the holidays this year. I love everything about the holidays on the grid, and even on my borrowed square I’m doing a little bit of sprucing up for the happy time.
From the gorgeous elegant jewelry of Donna Flora to the insanely cute vinyl toys from Schadenfreude, there isn’t much I don’t like about this time of year.
There is an amazing advent calendar out from Trompe Loeil at the Arcade Gacha event. It has twelve doors and twelve keys, and you play the gacha for the keys. Each key opens a door, and you get the gift inside. My first gift is a beautiful pair of earrings!
I also thought my little pretend baby needed something new so I stumbled upon Sweet Penelope’s and got this casual holiday outfit for 75L ! SO CUTE! It’s Christmas! I could not be any happier!   Your Shopping List: Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Jewelry: (Donna Flora) MIRELLA
Hair: *Alice Project* Alexis – Infinity – FAMESHED
Pants: Baiastice_Diane Mesh cropped trousers-black-size M
Jacket: Baiastice_Emma Jacket with top-black-size M
Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Brilliance (Left)
Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BlackPlain
Doll: Schadenfreude vouboo: santa
Shape: Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin: -Belleza- Aiko pale 2
Eyes: Poetic Colors -classic – (Read more...)

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