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SUYS – A Whiter Shade of Pale

Spruce Up Your Space is a monthly event that features home and garden designers from across the grid; all items are created around a theme with this month’s theme being A Whiter Shade of Pale.  Unfortunately, this will be the very last round of Spruce Up Your Space  after nearly three years of bringing us quality […]

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01 Apple Fall - furniture, 150L/799L




November 2014
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FaMESHed in November

With a new month brings a new round of FaMESHed with high quality one of a kind mesh items. You will have the entire month to grab these items. Everything is mesh and be sure to try demo’s. Something for everyone, you will definitely not be disappoin…

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01 Trompe Loeil - beds, 1400L each/550L each

And so it begins!

The November cycle of FaMESHed is now underway! As usual, all participating designers have brought some amazing new creations to the table to make us all swoon once more. Here’s a sampling of what is in store for you ~ I’m going to need to borrow some male pixels to try this thing out. Purely […]

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Trompe Loeil - Barrel Beds in PG & Adult for FaMESHed November

Cast of Characters

Tonight I whipped up a couple of looks from vendors at the Cinema event. I love putting ideas together that create elaborate back stories. I guess it’s the nerd in me that loves the story most of all. I recommend all of these products highly. They are well-made and come with proper inspiration — film. […]

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Cinema 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some exciting news! A new event has been brought to the grid by The Hottie Cooterati Experience, called Cinema. Cinema is an elaborately themed sim-wide event centered around one of our favorite past times… movies! Starting October 13th, Cinema will bring you into a massive and beautiful, intricately designed multiplex […]

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Cinema Poster (Revised and better)

Spruce Up Your Space is the Cat’s Meow – Part 2!

This weekend is the final installment of the Cat’s Meow theme for Spruce Up Your Space (kinda fitting considering the Archie Appeal event). Be sure to stop by and grab your favs before this round ends on Sunday!
♡ Vix

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01 BoatHouse - sofas, 100L each

undefined thingies 084

Wow, this has been a while, hasn’t it? Well yes, I felt so pretty today that I wanted to blog, I am so selfish :D Firstly I am in deep love with the skin I am wearing. It is ‘Kumi’ from Mochi Milena which, you all know, owns Pink Fuel. It is not r…

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undefined thingies 084b

Zodiac – Lion!

hey guys, much news to share with you! sooo this new fabulous event has premiered on the grid! everything is under 200L and, are themed based on the zodiac, everything month there will be a new theme and a new collection, weee! sooo be sure to be ready for those happy shopping babes, don’t forget […]

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Zodiac-Leo: Unwavering Loyalty

What I Am Wearing: Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone Hair-INK Hair ABSP Black  (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th) Hairbase-Entente B&W – Midnight black Eyes-Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Glacial Night) Glasses-K_gs Marq 1.oo Facial Hair-Zovo Goatee & Shaggy Shirt & Pants-22769 ~ [homme] lion in zion (Available @ Zodiac July 23rd thru August 17th) Shoes-RONSEM male sandals mesh Pose-Diesel Works […]

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Oh, Wild Thanngggg…

So.  The Hottie Cooterati Experience‘s newest and well.. first, I guess.. event is coming up.  Zodiac is a monthly themed event, it beings July 23rd, 2012 when a selected group of creators will create 1-3 items that reflects the astrological sign that is represented by that particular month. The items can be literally translated or can […]

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Hottie Cooterati - Zodiac - Leo - Studio Sidhe

FaMESHed in July

Awesome round of FaMESHed is now ready for you to go look at, the collection will last a month and let me tell you there are lots and lots of awesome here! All items are MESH and exclusive, new items. Come take a look and you can thank me later when you go broke hehe! […]

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01 Handverk - shack, see listing for details

Starstruck Sculpt Sale

The owner of Starstruck has decided to only offer mesh furniture and decor in future releases and has therefore decided to retire all sculpted pieces.  This means there’s a sale for you!  Until July 1st, all sculpted products have been reduced in price by up to 75%.  After the sale ends, these pieces will no […]

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The LAST Project Themeory!

Project Themeory closes its doors this weekend, and this is the last line-up from that awesome Saturday weekly event… It has seen many interesting themes ranging from the cute to the creepy, but I know that for me at least, it has never really failed to disappoint. I was hoping to see Themeory go out […]

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01 undefined lilies – necklaces, 75L each

Are you FaMESHed?!

I am very proud to be able to share this amazing event with you all so let me tell you a little about it. FaMESHed is dedicated to all mesh items from home and garden to clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. This has an amazing set of designers which include [Gos], Exile, The Loft, Cracked Mirror, […]

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FaMESHed is Officially Open!

FaMESHed is now open! We have already had a great amount of traffic and all kinds of people coming through. Our list of participating designers for this cycle is as follows: Mon Tissu, Celoe, The Loft, Trompe Loeil, Pixel Mode, Geometry, Cracked Mirror, House of London (Pink Outfitters), Wasabi Pills, HANDverk, Aura, GOS, Valentina, Exile, […]

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Project Themeory Has The Earth Rebirthed

It’s all about recycling and being environmentally friendly this week in Project Themeory. Some brilliant things that will have you recycling in no time, I especially loved the ties from Acid & Mala, gonna have to find an outfit to match my tie now LOL! Still there was a fair few stores that were MIA […]

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01 fucifino – chairs, 75L

Punky Project Themeory

This week is all about the Punk style, and the collection of designers that have items on offer seem to have gone punk crazy. There is a wide selection of make-up if you fancy bright eyeshadows for spring! But this week seems to be about bright fun colours and bold designs. I will say that […]

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01 tulip – bags, 75L each

The Festival of Sin

The Festival of Sin opens its doors at 5PMSLT Today! This is a Secondlife celebration of all things sinful and it is definitely not an event for the faint-hearted! Wrath is full of blood and gore, Lust is all things passion and debauchery, Gluttony makes you hungry and Greed looks like somewhere straight out of […]

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B2B and Flux LOTD

I have so many things to blog!  Today I wanted to share some lovely things from Back to Black and Flux, along with a few other things.  I had a lot of trouble with V3 and getting lighting settings right so if you hate the light settings I use…

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blog 2-13_005

A Juicy Crush On You Event!

Valentine’s Day is a time when people start revealing their crushes, telling the ones that they have admired from a far that they like them, hoping for the chance to have their feelings requited by the person of their dreams. This event is stuffed full of things that will definitely get you feeling lust over […]

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Crush on You Poster Texture