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In AVENUE this month

I was asked to write an article remembering Squinternet. It is illustrated with her own photos. In Absence Is Physical, I wrote about what her absence feels like in contrast with how very present she was while she lived. The … Continue reading

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Absence is Physical




December 2014
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Remembering Squinternet – 9.14.13 at 9am SLT

This isn’t a fashion post today. It’s an announcement, a sharing of information. It’s an invitation to gather, to remember, maybe to mourn, maybe to celebrate a life. On Saturday, September 14th everyone is warmly welcomed to come to Florencia … Continue reading

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Flowery look :)

Happy Sunday, everyone I’ve got other awesome items from the Love Donna Flora event that i would like to show you. Really great stuff: you, fantastic creators, have all my respect first because you decided to join this important event, … Continue reading

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La Petite Morte for Love Donna Flora

One of the greatest facets of Second Life is how the many interest groups develop a sense of community, an international family of interest and enthusiasm. Never is that more present than when one of our own needs our help. … Continue reading 

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Double Trouble

A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite. ~ Elizabeth Fishel

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Double Trouble

The Love Donna Flora Event

Love Donna Flora is a charity event to help Squinternet Larnia, owner of the amazing store Donna Flora. She has advanced-stage cancer which has made its way into her bones. Squinternet has been an inspiration to me through the years. She creates the most beautiful clothing, incredible jewelry, and lush accessories. 120 vendors will be […]

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oOo Studio: Premiere

Loving Donna Flora

Loving Donna Flora

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ~  Anne Frank

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Loving Donna Flora

Poet’s Heart @ Love Donna Flora

Poet’s Heart is participating in Love Donna Flora event, which is a fundraiser for Donna Flora’s Squinternet Larnia and runs from 25th of June to 11th of August. Here’s a link to Love Donna Flora Blog where you can read more about the event and also leave a message for Squinternet. This is the first […]

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Siren’s Song

A few days ago the creators of Lelutka and Celoe released her first items of a new project called Erare. The first release are these beautiful mesh Syren avatars, I could just say it’s a mermaid, but let’s be real … Continue reading

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Siren's Song

Ball Dropper (pt. 1)

Now I didn’t go around shopping for new years dresses because well… I’ve gotten so many items this past year why not end the year off with some of my favs instead of buying something new. So I made a list of my 10 favorite party dresses (the other 5 will be in a following […]

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Pour Your Misery Down On Me

Not going to chatter too much, gotta run to celoe! yes! new releases! Here is a look I put together around this fur wrap from Remy, I saw this item on flickr (posted the ad below) and had to have it. I don’t wear fur in real life because I’m too much of a hippie […]

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Best New Release Ever!

Squinternet Larnia has released a new dress, the first since her long struggle with illness began in December. Her struggle is not over, but I find so much hope in her return to designing and in the forward-looking name of … Continue reading

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Sqinternet Says Thank You

  If you go to Squinternet Larnia’s Flickr photostream, she has a set of photos that show what sort of blogger she might be if she ever decides to blog. Pretty amazing, aren’t they? I thought it might be fun … Continue reading

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Donna Flora A to Z: L is for LIALA

Donna Flora is a brand that immediately brings certain words to mind: feminine, flirty, romantic, and imaginative. I have had a few items in my inventory for some time but can’t really recall mentioning them in a post. It was terribly remiss of me, and then I heard about the the Donna Flora A to […]

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Donna Flora A to Z – L is for Lush

Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora has been having some health issues and Cajsa Lilliehook dared us all for a challenge in support, I couldn´t pass on this challenge since i do love  Squinterne´s work and i picked the letter L for Lush since is one of the words that describe her creations so well. For more information […]

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G is for Girly Goodness and Gidgery

I was once asked, if you could pick just one store to shop from for the rest of your Second Life, what store would it be? That’s such a hard question because so many creators bring so much diversity and … Continue reading

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Donna Flora A to Z

There’s been an absence in my Second Life® and in the lives of many others for the past two months. A dear friend, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, has been struggling with illness. She is now out of hospital and … Continue reading

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Squinternet Larnia_008.jpg

Etheria2: Painted Ladies – Collaboration & Design!!

Last year, I decided I wanted to do an event that would bring designers of different specialties together in a creative endeavor that would highlight the accessory part of the design equation. I called the event Etheria, and somehow managed … Continue reading

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Donna Flora at Modavia Fashion Week 2011

.   Donna Flora, that doyenne of vintage style, presents a collection now that demands superlatives.  Chic mohair trench coats, elegant 30s inspired cocktail dresses and voluptuous silk evening gowns accented with furs, feathers and fine brocade.  Our models also show some of the jewellery sets and hairstyles for which Squinternet Larnia is justly famous. […]

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