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FLUX March Taxidermia

Flux has a new round of goodies out, and I have to say that I am still loving this event, even though this is only the second time that I have covered it. The setting has changed from the Mardi Gras Market that was the scenery of last time and I have to say I thought this setting was simply stunning… Like something out of a dream. The theme this month is Taxidermy, one that I don’t think I have seen as a theme before, or if I have it hasn’t been recently! Never fear though it is not all stuffed animals, there are some amazingly beautiful items available! I love the feather items from le petite morte and the mounted mouse heads from Schadenfreude… The event space is worth checking out on it’s own without all the goodies available.
OH and I haven’t included photos of the dollarbies that some stores have placed with their main items, so don’t miss those!
I can’t wait to see what theme this event has next month, BRING ON APRIL NOW hehe!!!
Rudh xxx FLUX

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The Love Gacha Event!

I am a gacha freak, I love them, and have recently become totally hooked, but there is a new Love themed Gacha event starting up that must be shared with everyone!
This event is being run by the Shopping Cart Disco Team, and it is a small but not to be missed gacha event.
I know that I have said this before but just as a refresher, a gacha is like a game of chance. You pay a set price to win one of the items that are on offer in the gacha machine. For example if a shirt is available in a gacha for 25L, and there are 15 colours available, then you pay 25L and win ONE SHIRT of any of the colours available… Sounds simple right? All these items, unless I have stated otherwise, will be transferable. So if you win something you don’t want share it with your friends, they make great presents!!!
This event is small but sweet, there are lots of Love things to be had and although prices vary, everything is cheap as chips… You never know what you might win and you have until FEBRUARY 14th to try your luck!… Read the restThe Love Gacha Logo

New Monthly Event – FLUX with a little Mardi Gras.

There is a new monthly themed event hitting the Secondlife Events Circuit this week. This theme based monthly market bazaar is well named I feel, as flux basically means constant or frequent change. It has a collection of designers with items on both the market stalls in the square and within the buildings. Prices vary greatly as do the number of items out per designer, but what is here is good quality items to fit the Mardi Gras Theme for this event’s first outing! I feel that this event will be one that is worth watching in the coming months, and I would watch this space as it is likely to appear on Seraphim every month! I wonder what the theme will be next month? Watch this space, but get over there to check out the event!
Rudh xxx A New Monthly Event – FLUX

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