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There are new L.Warwick shoes out September 21st for My Attic called Elation. These are gorgeous wood base with a stripe front in a bunch of different patterns and they are made for your medium slink feet and also for the new Belleza body coming soon.&…

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I fell in love with these women’s  yoga pants from Citrus (for the Thrift Shop) the moment I put them on.  So much so that I’ve been building outfits around them for a week now, just so I don’t have to take them off.  Figured I’d show you before the thrift shop is over, so […]

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Don't even start

I Promised You Pumpkin Pie

And I’m delivering. Pumpkin Pie it is thanks to WHAT NEXT. Storms are rolling in here on Juicy Island and I’m enjoying the cool breezes as I wind down my day. MY ATTIC starts tomorrow with amazing new things, all of which are only 95L and an amazing bargain. The gorgeous windblown hair from MINA […]

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Team Fox and a Great Charity Event — Featuring Sabra Style

My greatest passion amidst the passion I have for the fashion business in Second Life is how well and often this community of people participate in and celebrate and donate to charities. Today, at the LeFevre Mansion, I got to see some of the most beautiful models on the grid from BLVD rock the runway in an array of designs that were on display purely to raise finances for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s.

To donate directly follow this link please: https://www.michaeljfox.org/get-involved/donation.php?fr_id=2380

At the LeFevre Manshion

Artizana Ethnic Couture, Blue Moon Enterprises, Dot-be fashion, Image Factory in Second Life, Sabra Style, Soul Designs, and Surplus Motors donated the items used in the fashion show with 100% of the proceeds donated going to the charity.

A Wonderful Reason To Celebrate

I looked in my little folder of “Blog Me” for a design by one of the designers represented at the event to show my support. (Not the designs shown that day but items I might have to blog from them from other places, other times, just to clarify…) I found Vivienne in Gold from Sabra Style by Kylie Sabra. I got to sit with her at the event, which made it even more special, and cheered on her many contributions as the BLVD models showcased them, and she and I both found the designs presented by the other designers in the show fantastic and cheered for them as well.

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  Ghee has all sorts of knits and woolens for layering in rich jewel tones and foundation neutrals that make for great cold-weather fashion. I particularly love this tunic with a long cowl sweater. Underneath I am wearing ghee’s thermals that come in great colors and which I would recommend as investment purchases except for […]

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Stylecard: Outfit: Bite&Claw – Four Seasons Dress (spring) @ 30L Mystery Gacha Fair Shoes: Pure Poison – Peacock Feet Jewelry Jewelry: Aisling – Faranth (gold) Bracelet: Aisling – Gaia (gold) Hat: Miamai –… Continue reading

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Say Something.. Featuring ::Sweet Intoxication:: and .:JUMO:. from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week

“Say Something” by a Great Big WorldSay something, I’m giving up on youI’ll be the one, if you want me toAnywhere I would’ve followed youSay something, I’m giving up on youAnd I am feeling so smallIt was over my headI know nothing at allAnd I will stum…

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a freebie goldmine

GizzA Creations’ new collection, The Anne Marie Outfit, is a beautiful ready-to-wear dress that is perfect for the changing of seasons. A belted mini with a contrasting colored top, this dress is available in 6 different color combinations, and comes … Continue reading

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Romy and GizzA Kokolores poses fin2


Cajsa’s impeccable taste and Second Life’s lack of effective inventory searching lead to me getting this dress. There is nothing about that which I find to be a problem. In fact, I feel like I’ve totally scored. She’s been taunting me with my birthday gift, I have to admit I thought this was it, it’s […]

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On Monday I will be 34 years old and I know as you grow older you are supposed to become more mature and sure of yourself, but my mind tends to focus on all the doubts and shortcomings I have. When you’re young you have all these plans…when you hit certain ages you’ll have accomplished […]

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Week of Nails – The Little Bat

I have to say, I’ve been enjoying my new hands, and various polishes. I’ve also enjoyed trying to find other things to put in the hand pictures, so that they are more visually appealing.Today I show you one of the polishes from a Group Gift pack, offer…

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Gimme Those Cookies

 So my computer is all messed up when it comes to SL.  I tried to take a good picture and then additional close ups but I got one so-so picture before I crashed.  Sigh.  Hopefully you can at least see some of the detail in these goo…

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Week of Nails – Alaskametro

Alaskametro has a bunch of offering in their SL Marketplace store. I use to buy makeups from this shop, way back when, because they were one of the few to have bright greens and oranges. There is a free applier pack, but I’m showing one of the others t…

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HUCCI Zell Bralet Top

  This top was designed for the Slink Physique bod […]

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HUCCI Yendi and Xapuri Fitted Mesh Leggings

  Slink Physique Custom Fitted Mesh Standard Sizin […]

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When I put on this dress, Half Measures, from Dead Dollz for Penumbra’s Autumn/Winter Fashion Week, I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn. It has a similar front neckline to the little black dress by Givenchy for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While the wide circle skirt is a complete opposite to the long, slim pencil skirt of that […]

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Week of Nails – Dark Designs

Had to find something to go with my lovely new ring. I think it warranted the pointed nails too!Slink Nails Applier – Dark Designs – L$1 SL Marketplace DealRing – Dark Passions – The Thrift Shop Gacha Item

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One Day… Featuring .::Dead Dollz::., ~ghee and .:JUMO:. from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, KaTink Poses and no. 7

**Warning: One of my crazy long winded notes!

Some day, I want to grow up and be my avatar self. I would go to all the fabulous parties, never wearing the same attire twice. I would borrow jewelry from Tiffany’s and have body guards to protect me from being mauled because I had on 3.2 million dollars worth of diamonds. I would have automatic everything. Maybe even an automatic ‘mom response’ to some of the incessant questions that do NOT stop when the child you once knew becomes a tall, grown… well… child. I’d have the fancy house down by the water that’s on Cao’s blog today. (I rarely reblog because we’re all inundated with loads of data here and there, but well, I want her fancy house and it plays perfectly into my fantasy!) — http://anchailinalainn.com/2014/09/19/bricks-and-mortar/ I’d have parties every night, music with live musicians to play it, food catered from only the best places, and some sort of amazing medication like the ultra-sexy Bradley Cooper takes in the movie Limitless and… if you haven’t seen Limitless, put it on your weekend to rent at Redbox or wherever in your world you grab the movie and popcorn. You won’t regret it. And you’ll understand why I would need such a drug. With great parties come great people, great dancing, and I’ve heard it said, though I’m not sure if it’s rumor or truth, great parties often lead to great sex. SEE WHY I want to g (Read more...)

Tell Me

Sometimes, one moment can change your whole life. You end up always wondering “what if” something didn’t happen or someone didn’t leave…would things be drastically different? But you’ll never know and sometimes it’s okay and you can move on. Then, sometimes you can’t and you catch yourself thinking about it. I had this dream last [...]

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Week of Nails – By Snow

 By Snow has been carrying nail appliers for a long while now. If you have never been, it is worth your while. Each pack variation has a wearable tester, which is like a demo, but usable. The regular packs are also very affordable.Above is just on…

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