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Falling in love all over again with N21 <3

N21 is getting bigger and even more amazing, I’m pretty sure I must be falling in love with this event. In this round, you will definitely find at the very least one of your favourite designers on the grid if not more!! So many beautiful things in one single event, what are you waiting for? Only available until the 12th of October, 2017.  Atiya  Teleport to No21 MIA: Milk motion, Sabotage <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>  

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September 2017
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Let’s go it’s Steals and Deals time!

Today is the day that you all have been waiting for, the beginning of another Steals and Deals round. A weekly sale full of amazing items for you to enjoy at a discounted price but remember, they will only be available, at this price, until Monday night.  Atiya  Steals and Deals Blog  

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A Spook-tacular Fifty Linden Fridays!

Ooooo~  Boooooo~  Whoooo~  It’s Frightfest still this week at Fifty Linden Fridays!  Halloween is only a month away, and now is definitely a good time to start stocking up on those decorations and CANDY and Fifty Linden Fridays is here to do that for you!!  We’ve got some spook-tacular deals so hurry up and grab them before they’re gone at the stroke of midnight tonight! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ sabs < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Introducing The Avenue White Nights!

Please welcome in The Avenue White Nights to the Seraphim lineup!  This great discount features some great designers you may not know about but will be glad you found them, featuring great must have items.  So save some serious lindens by stopping by The Avenue White Night before September 30th, budget shopping has never been better! ღCherries Teleport to The Avenue White Nights MIA:  Aleutia, Alma Makeup, An Lar Poses, Ardour, Beo Jewelry, Blush, La Pearla, Liziaah, Lock & Tuft, Love, Lx Essentials, Meown, Oddfish Studio, Raindale, Satus Inc, Secrets, Supernatural, U Design < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >  

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Sorry not Sorry.(Freebies).

I had just TPed over to Legendaire to grab the NEW SL frees & offers (sic) gift which is in the usual place just outside of the entrance to the shop, and as I landed the notice came through that yet again the Legendaire group is FREE to join but only for the next 24 hours. TBH since I believe the group is only 100Lds to join in the first place and for that you get LOADS so even if you’ve paid the joining fee you get it back in spadesful. Legendaire is a shop that regularly puts out New GG’s, as well as gifts for SLfrees & offers(sic) and even a gift of shoes which are free for all, plus lots of weekly discounted items and then the icing on the cake is a whole dept full of gifts and discounted items!  The newer Legendaire Group Gift is inside and if you look on the floor you will see the TP to the old GG’s/Discount dept OR when you land just turn left LOL.  I’ve only used the TP to take me to the older gifts but it turns out that all this time all I had to do was turn left and the dept with all the goodies are just there.  … Read the rest

Time For Some Lootbox Loving!

The Lootbox returns with amazing fantasy gachas to play for and special surprises in the rares!  Come on in and play your hearts out while you collect great stuff!  So race on before October 20th when the round ends. ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Lootbox < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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Make Room for Shiny Shabby!

Shiny Shabby is opening up another great round today. Beautiful new designs are waiting for you, grab a friend and head on over to Shiny Shabby. Clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, and much more can be found at Shiny Shabby!  Stop in before October 15.  Smokeahontis & ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Sabs Teleport to Shiny Shabby MIA: American Bazaar, Eve, Kunst, Mons, Pumec, Straydog, Varonis, < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Get Ready and Shop at Men Only Monthly!

Men Only Monthly is open for a new round. They have some awesome items for you to purchase.  Everywhere you look, you will find something you need in your life. Do not hold back, Splurge! Grab your favorite shopping friend, head on over to Men Only Monthly before this round is over on October 15th.  Smokeahontis Teleport to Men Only Monthly MIA: Tableau Vivant < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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You snooze you lose! (25Ld tue).

Just had to scrap my last post as the 25Ld item has now been withdrawn which is such a shame as it was a lovely outfit from Belle Epoque BUT on the other hand Belle Epoque now has LUCKY BOARDS outside and OMG there isn’t one thing on those boards I wouldn’t want.  As you can  imagine the place is buzzing with people loitering and waiting to score and the only reason I didn’t linger is there was someone with the same initial as me and I wouldn’t want to win something someone else can use but rest assured I will be back the next time I have a load of notes to go through. I don’t know if you need to be in the Belle Epoque Group but chances are you will have to but thats just 10Lds and of course there are Group Gifts inside. So I missed out on the Belle Epoque 25Ld offer but I scored on the Jian one. There are 3 sets out, this table and a mix of baskets and bags of apples and all super low primmed. There are other sets to chose from, cider bottles and I can’t remember the 3rd but I will probably go back to check them out as well as for 25Lds a bargain as well as great decor items.… Read the rest

Pose with me.(Freebie).

It’s been a long time since I was over at IM’s (Image Essentials) and I was so pleased that apart from the large shop filled with poses n props Kay Weston still has her part of the world set out with so many scenes and settings free for all to use. This rainy maze is one of them and it’s not just a backdrop you can actually walk into it. There are easy to use TP’s you simply sit on and they will take you anywhere from the beach to shops to Alice in Wonderland and many more and each scene has lots of props and poses for you to use. The IM group is free to join and I don’t know if there are free poses in the mainshop for us because basically, I didn’t dare go inside the shop as the last thing I need is to be tempted to buy MORE poses! However, there just might be some free poses.  What I did do as a Thank You to Kay Weston for all the time, effort and cost that goes into putting all of these things out for people to use is put some money into one of the Tip Jars that are next to the TPs.  … Read the rest

It’s Another Round of The Kawaii Project!

The Kawaii Project is back with another fun round!  The cuteness and fun never ends with some amazing designers showcasing some fun, sexy, cute must-have items.  Stop in the Kawaii Project before October 10th, you are sure to find something perfect just for you! ღCherries Teleport to the Kawaii Project < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Thimble Full of 80’s💕

Who says the 80’s was a strictly teen/adult fashion??  This round at Thimble, creators are out to show all of SL what’s up when the littles take over the 80’s!  Here, there’s a variety of offerings for avatars of all sizes and tons of gachas for those of us who are gacha addicts!  Come see the colorful cuteness that awaits you before the round ends October 10th! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ sabs Teleport to Thimble MIA: Always Far Away, Aphrodite, Maple, Once Upon A Toy Box, Pan, Rawr Muffins < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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anyBody Can Think and Be Sexy!

It’s true anyBody can make your body think and be sexy!  Take your avatar to the next level your favorite bi-weekly event.  You won’t want to miss a round of anyBody!  Hurry in this round ends on September 30th. ღCherries Teleport to anyBody < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Goodbye Monday, Hello Tuesday!

The best part of Monday is Hello Tuesday!  Say goodbye to a terrible beginning of the week and shop until you drop at this round of amazing items.  With items so cheap, you can’t help but buy them all, Hello Tuesday is sure to bring a smile back to your face.  But, just like any day of the week, this round only lasts 24 hours! ღCherries <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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Yaay! It’s 25L Tuesday again !!

Ohhai to all of you roleplayers out there it’s time again for another round of 25L Tuesday where the organizers get 25 top RP designers and fantasy stores to put one selected item for sale for 25L but be aware only until the end of the day! So make sure you don’t miss it!  Atiya  25L Tuesdays on Flickr Join 25L Tuesdays group

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Happy 1st Year Anniversary Limit8!

It’s been ONE year since Limit8’s original opening so help me wish them a Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! Woooo get here fast to grab the limited items along with the new releases and don’t forget the special gifts the designers have made for you! These goodies will run out on October 13th. Ginger <3 xoxo MIA: Burial, HXNOR, Mahou, Revoul, The Little Branch, Vexiin Teleport to Limit8 < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the event opening time of 5pm SLT on September 18th, 2017. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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Still Working.(Dollarbie).

I decided since I didn’t want to risk losing any Lindens to spend some time on my platform and TRASH like mad, isn’t it amazing how many Alpha layers and shoe bases we acquire and I hate to admit this but even now I still have complete system layer clothes!  It was a blast from the past but this stuff really clutters up an invent so it’s gone. Once I’d cleared enough space out I decided to start hunting for my next goodie and here it is. A simple dress from Avagirl, comes in plenty of sizes etc and only costs a single Linden to join BUT on the wall in the back of the shop is rows of what I call “classic designs” in other words a bit like this dress in that you can find it in many shops but like this version there are some gorgeous bright/fruity coloured textures.  So if you’re hunting for a bright look check them out BUT remember just Landmark the shop and return when it’s safe to spend your Lindens. Avagirl
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Time to pre-order your Powder Pack for Lelutka!

Created exclusively for those that use the Lelutka mesh head here it is the Powder Pack for Lelutka, if you are not familiar with the concept is a mystery pack that will include 12 makeup appliers for your favourite mesh head from the best designers on the grid. Are you curious? Make sure you join the inworld group before the 30th of September and by October 1st, you will have your mystery box in your inventory Atiya Teleport to Powder Pack HQ Marketplace Reservation Powder Pack Blog

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Weekly Hunt Survival Guide September 18 – 24

Happy Monday, Hunters!   With the kids back in school and the days getting cooler, As you enjoy the cooler The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide is here to keep you warm and packed with great prizes.  This week we got quite a few new hunts to keep you busy.  As you start to enjoy the cool, crisp Autumn air and beautiful fall colors, don’t forget to take the time to grab some great items from your favorite hunts.  So grab the latest issue of The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide, get to hunting! We will see you again next time. ღCherries APPLY FOR COVERAGE FOR YOUR HUNT OR IN-STORE SALE < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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50L Clearance Sale at Mien Poses & Props!

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