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Post #724 Monso

Hair:  Aeros Hair Javier Naturals Skin: HERMONY Symon ST7 Shades: ieQED ace.shades.gold Blouson: [monso] My Leather Blouson – Beige | TMD Pants: tag. pants rebellion | COSMO Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Heritage Boots Poses: momomuller / 3M 

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December 2014
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Hair. ICONIC-HIA -DERBY-HAIR | Winter Trend Skin. [the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(mocca) Eyes. {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Hazel Ears.  [MANDALA] Simple Ears Hutuu Earrings. Blah. ( Amethyst Gem Earrings ) The bling hunt gift Manicure. beauty by alaskametro < 3 Slink manicure – “Basic Pack” Makeup. Pink Acid Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip […]

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Post #706 TLC

[Brixley]Lamp: junk. arch lamp. short. | C88 Clock: junk. keyhole clock. | Past Arcade Gacha Plant: junk. tinned plant. tea. | Group Gift Microphone: xin. vintage microphone | XSF Frame: [Brixley] Rustic Frame – marshmallow | TLC Frame: [Brixley] Rustic Frame – snowflakes | TLC Frame: [Brixley] Rustic Frame – thankful | TLC Light: oyasumi / glass ball light Tap […]

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Hair: Damselfly – Milo – Dark Brown | N.21 Ears:  [MANDALA] Simple Ears Hutuu Beard: [DossiEr] Beard V1 Jacket: [Bay Harbor] Leather Jacket | TCF Backpack: Cocoroni – cocorong backpack / Orange | Kustom9 Watch: [BENJAMINZ] AMPHIS Watch – Gold Trousers: Wonton Nikolai Biker Trousers / Khaki | Kustom9 Shoes: ::GB:: WingT High Cut Brown Poses: Le Poppycock

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Post #686 HAIKEI

Table: :HAIKEI: My vintage art studio  Gacha {1} |Kustom9 Boombox: Soy. vintage boom box [Red] Frames: / XIAJ / Wooden Frames //pics not included Stool: / XIAJ / Hera Artist Stool Paint Pot: HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {4} |Kustom9 Frames: :HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {6} |Kustom9 Newspaper: :HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / […]

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Post #676 Z O O M

Hair: Exile – Machinehead | TMD Eyeglass: [Z O O M] Evidence Eyeglass Skin: -Labyrinth- Red Skin | N E W Ears: [MANDALA] Simple Ears Hutuu Beard: [DossiEr] Beard V1 Jacket: BlankLine – KnitJacket  | TMD Shirt: BlankLine Shirts Knit Jacket | TMD Watch: FLite. X CheckMate Classic | N.21 Jeans: not so bad .EDWIN Jeans – Green Shoes: ::GB:: WT Low Cut […]

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Post #667 DYNASTY

Hair: Damselfly – Jase Skin: Nivaro – Liam Mustache: [DossiEr] Mustache V1 Beard: {Fe Style} Facial Hair – 8ED/1 Necklace: TonkTastic – Chain with cross Sweater: [ dynasty ] – Limited Nordic Crew Shorts: [ dynasty ] – Limited Denim Shorts Bag: [BUC] “Coffee” Dillinger Duffle Bag | The Gacha Mania Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Dockers 2.0 – Beige suede

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Post #666 LAMB.

Hair: Lamb. Margaux – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric | COLLABOR88 Hair Base: Unorthodox Chili Hairbase Brown Skin: al vulo – Celestial* diva brown brow olive | GIFT Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sorrow Eyes Blue | GIFT Eyelashes: Pink Acid Night Beauty Eyelashes Lashes: *BC* Eyelashes 1L | Marketplace Makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Erica #1 [eyes] Tattoo: TATTOO MANIA – Tribal Lips: Pink Acid Camille Lips + Teeth – […]

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Post #656 SOY.

Snapback: [Benjaminz] Snapback | THE SWAG FEST2 Shades: [Z O O M] Luminus Black Edition Mask: Soy. My lung – mask – Beige |UBER Air Tank: Soy. My lung – air tank – Beige |UBER Tee: [Bay Harbor] Pocket Tee-Shirt  | THE SWAG FEST2 Tattoo: SOURIRES TATTOOS. – 45 Million | Marketplace Watch: [BENJAMINZ] Amphis Watch – Gold | THE […]

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Post #612 ARIA

Wall Art: [ARIA] Nikka wall art | COLLABOR88 Sofa: [ARIA] Nikka leather sofa | COLLABOR88 Table: [ARIA] Nikka coffee table | COLLABOR88 Rug: [ARIA] Nikka rug | COLLABOR88 Boat: (epia) – Cuddle Rowboat | RARE | ARCADE GACHA Gramophone: [Breno] A Fishing Getaway-  Gramophone | RARE | ARCADE GACHA Life Buoy: [we’re CLOSED] life buoy | N E W Frame: [Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / “True Love” Frame | RARE | ARCADE GACHA Coffee: ANE SLON […]

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Table: [PM]Pixel Mode – Le Petit Chef – PIcnic Table |RARE | ARCADE GACHA Prep Food Tray: [PM]Pixel Mode – Le Petit Chef – Prep Food Tray | ARCADE GACHA Condiment Bottles: [PM]Pixel Mode – Le Petit Chef – Condiment Bottles | ARCADE GACHA  Spatula: [PM]Pixel Mode – Le Petit Chef – Spatula | ARCADE GACHA Condiment Dishes: [PM]Pixel Mode – Le […]

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Helmet: [VALE KOER] Daft Punk Guy Helmet | MP Outfit: ::DirtyMind:: Black Suspended Set | NEW Tattoo: TattooMania – Skull & Demond Necklace: (flaunt) Clawed Necklace Belt/Knife: (epia) – Army Belt | NEW Watch: DRD -Zombie Apoc – Compas and Watch | Past Arcade Gacha Gloves: TonkTastic – Protection Gloves Thermals: CREDO /  Blk/Thermals | Part of DropCrotch […]

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Post #585 HERMONY

Hair: Damselfly – Jasper Non Skin: HERMONY – KYU ST5 | NEW Facial Hair: HERMONY Variant G Facial Hair: {Fe Style} Facial Hair – 4ED – 3 Shirt: {Fe Style} Mesh Button Shirt – BCN04 | FI*FRIDAYS Rosario: .Pekka. Rosario de Madera – red Watch: (Yummy) Polyex Sports Watch – Black Pants: ::GB:: Half Denim Pants / Black | MWFW!  Boots: […]

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Cap: DECO – Fatigue Cap – Black Necklace: ::GB:: Key Necklace Male BLack Hoodie: [AB] Casual Hoodie Indigo | THE 100 BLOCK Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax Dufflebag: (epia) – Dufflebag Jeans: Kal rau – Baggy Jeans Dark M2 Shoes: GizzA – Sports Shoes – Mesh [Black]

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Post #580 (EPIA)

Buildings: (epia) – ‘Downtown Ohio’ Building Kit – Prefab Builds Lamp: LISP – Mesh – Victorian Street Lamp –  Grey Parking Meter: GCD – Mesh Parking Meter Bike: Lark – Bike (M) Rare | Past Arcade Gacha Bottles: {theosophy} Beer Bottle Sewer: [URCS] Sewer Drain | MP Frame: oyasumi –  White Wood Frame – Horizontal – Dark Road: […]

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THE HOME SHOW  +CONVAIR+ Oakside Bungalow ~BAZAR~ Toronto Living room: Toronto-Living room chandelier Toronto-Sofa( W/o blanket) Toronto-Coffee table Toronto-Books and plate decor Toronto-Living room books Toronto-Leather pouf Toronto-Living room plant Toronto-Living room rug Toronto-Throw pillows basket Toronto-Green grass plant Toronto-Living room lamp Toronto-Wire chair (with pillow) Toronto-World map art Toronto-Mail box Toronto-Living room drawer cabinet

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Post #566 ORION

Hair: *ARGRACE* ARATA – Dark Brown Hair Base: Beusame Hairbase V3 | NEW Facial Hair(Mustache): Hermony Variant G Facial Hair: Beusame Facial Hair V4 | NEW Rosario: .Pekka. Rosario de madera – Red | Gacha Machine Shirt: Orion – Flannal with Under tee (Red) | TMD Tattoo: TattooMania – Roses Color | NEW | Marketplace Watch: DECO – Mesh Warrior Watch Beer: {theosophy} […]

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Post #548 FI*FRIDAYS

Snapback: [BUC] “Bronx” 90s Snapback Cam: AITUI – Sweiss Cam T-Shirt: {Fe Style} Plaid 001 – V Neck T-Shirt | fi*Fridays Bangle: RONSEM* Rubber Bangle | Group Gift Jeans: Balkanik 2.0 – EvuzaJeans – Black Sneakers: [ hoorenbeek ] Kursk – Green | Subscriber Gift

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Post #546 EPIA

Fedora: (epia) – Fedora | NEW Beard: DECO – Mesh Shifty Beard – Coal Suit: (epia) – Pinstriped Business Suit – Gray | TMD Shoes: (epia) – Dress Shoes

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Post #481 DROP.

Skin: Clef de Peau :Martin: T7 Mustache: Clef de Peau::Albert::Mustache Facial Hair: Unorthodox Content Beard | fi*Fridays Cigarette: [NikotiN]  Blunt Crooked Parka: D R O P . Nylon Parka | New Watch: [Z O O M] Bess Classic Watch – Platinum Jeans: Pr!ck – Krooley Jeans –  Black Sneakers: REDGRAVE – El Ganso Sneakers

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