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Are you lost?(Updated)

People use SL for lots of reasons, it’s fun to play dressing up, you can interact with people all over the world, create your dream home and of course nookie and shopping BUT SL is a bit like a large city in that so much seems to be going on and everyone else seems to be having so much fun and you just feel like a tiny little ant in a big World and you’re missing out. Of course, there are some amazing Role Play sims and communities but I for one have never been able to get into that mindset to be a good player plus I wouldn’t really have the time needed for good RP. Anyhow the whole point of this random post is I think I have found a home for the lost n lonely, although you don’t actually have to rent a home.  Quite a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the Orchard Heights Sims and I’ve been in the group ever since. Orchard Heights consists of 14 sims landscaped and decored to perfection.  These are rental sims but from what I’ve seen each house is stunning and each sim has a sorta theme to it ie beach, woodlands. … Read the rest




August 2018
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The randomness of SL.(inc Freebie).

As I was rummaging in my invent I came across a snorkel face mask which I have probably blogged before but I think it was so long ago I have no shame in reblogging.  So I popped over to Astralia and yes this is still a sub gift as well as a couple of others but I’ve forgotten what they are.  When you TP to Astralia you will have to jump down the rabbit hole….you will see what I mean when you get there.  Some excellent nails, accessories and be warned some very interesting Gacha’s. So naturally, once I’d put on my snorkeling mask I had to complete the look with wind swept hair, bathing suit, flippers and a goldfish in a bag because this is SL after all and then I went hunting for a watery sim to take a picture and found “Prehistorica”. You land in the shop and there are giant dinosaurs for you to look at and I do believe some to buy and I’m sure that there is a Dino AV freebie for those who want to stand out from the crowd next time they go shopping but it was all the portals into so many different sim and scenes that grabbed my attention.… Read the rest


Need to knows:
Hair Bean by LCKY (coming to The Epiphany)
Mesh head Chloe by LeLutka
Facial applier Chloe by Glam Affair
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Dragon dress by Pixicat (Coming to The Epiphany)
Shoes Coco by Just Design Shot on location at Choe Chou’s Memento Mori . I forgot how beautiful it is and how peaceful, in all its pre-mesh glory!

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Need to knows:
Hair Lush Life by Exile (C88)
Mesh head Chloe by LeLutka
Facial applier Bianca by ITgirls
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Yso tied shirt by Ison (C88)
Road trip bells pants by Fashionably Dead (C88)
Bow Wedges by Vale Koer (C88) Shot at location at The Village & Bar Deco

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Under the sea

I went for a walk today and ended up at Under the sea, the latest installation by artist Cica Ghost. It’s beautiful, eerie and a bit horrific with the creepy sea creatures, but also so very SL and amazing! The need to knows: Hair Esme by Iconic
Mesh head Cate by LeLutka
Facial applier Cate by Glam Affair
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Relaxed blouse by Tres Blah (C88) 
Gracie pants by Blueberry  (C88) 
Sneakers Ulla by Ingenue  (C88)                           

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La princesse et la digue

It would have been too easy to dress up royally and then take a photo at some ball room, or a castle. But contrasts are making an image stronger, so this princess ended up at La digue du Braek for this shot. Love that sim. It’s so desolate. Sad almost with a special kind of industrial beauty, if that even makes sense. Diadem by Avaway
Hair First dance by Exile (C88)
Mesh head Simone 2.4 by LeLutka
Facial applier Susan by Glam Affair (gacha item)
Lipstick for leLukta bento set 02 by Glam Affair
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Jessica gown by Just Because (love the sparkly materials!!) Currently out at The Liason Collaborative
Queen stole by Pseudo

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Without school it is really hard to know waht day it is

The LookHead Lelutka Bento Simone 2 Head Applier Glam Affair Lilian Hair Monso Wendy Outfit Zenith Winter School Uniform @ Project 7Boots fri.day Callie Boots @ Uber

Location It all Starts with a Smile 

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Unknown territory, proceed with care

click on the image for colour version The Epiphany is opening today!!  I’m wearing the awesome Space soldier outfit from Addams on this pic, which comes with the ammo belt and the gun!
Other items in today’s look:
Hair Momiji by Argrace
Head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Triss Angel Face by Glam Affair (Collabor88)
String Tied Boots by Blueberry Photo shot at Paleoquest

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It snows inside

for this post with Zenith‘s Sweater dress with long scarf I went to the beautiful snowy sim of Furillen. it’s desolate, cold and beautiful. and even inside this building it was snowing (well, duh, particles are not stopped by walls, but hey, it adds to the cold effect). The dress comes with a HUD for the scarf, so that you can give it different colours and is fitted for the Maitreya body. I’m wearing it with Just Design‘s Lacey shoes. Not really shoes to wear in the snow, but my pixels don’t get cold! My hair is Nao by Argrace and I am still wearing my beloved Simona head by LeLutka and Glam Affair‘s Simona applier. I turned off the eye make up, and applier Zibska‘s Kelan lipstick in a pale beige to match the soft white and yellows of my outfit. Furillen, aside from being beautiful, is also very photographer friendly. the Furillen group is free to join and it lets you rez props if you need to. That way, I was able to make a quick projector for the lamp in the building, so that it actually looks like a floodlight and throws a shadow.… Read the rest


In my RL part if the world, it foesn’t really feel ike winter yet, but in SL more and more places are getting a wintery look, and lets be fair, in a world where today’s snow is not sleet and mud tomorrow, where it’s always pristinely white and even when it snows all day, you will not be snowed in unless you place the snowdrifts at your door all by yourself, winter is gorgeous and fun! I went to Wonchewcome Inn Resort resort to take some pics and it’s gorgeous, as you can see. A large log lodge by Rebourne dominates the sim, surrounded by a couple of smaller cabins. Through the entire sim a rustling creek leads your way along the photogenic spots. As you can see, the wildlife is undisturbed by and absolutely not afraid of the occasional respectful visitor and a small family of beavers works continuously to make their burrow even more comfortable and insulated against the outside cold. I htink my favorite place on the sim is the skating rink.… Read the rest

Blithe on my mind

Hair Louisa by Truth
Annie mesh head by Catwa
applier Keira by Belleza
Layered duffelcoat by GORODEE (@ GEN Neutral)
Celen jeans by Ison
Leather knee boots by Ison (@ Collabor88)  This pic is taken at Blithe. It’s one of my favorite sims lately. Such a pretty autumn forest! I want to live there. After Thanksgiving, owner Harlow Heslop is going to do a big seasonal overhaul. Can’t wait to see the magic she’ll work on the sims! If you’re into exploring, there is a photography scavenger hunt going on at Blithe (until November20). It’s great fun hunting down the items that you need to capture on a pic!! (info here) And because I’m in love with the beauty of these sims….. here, have some pics straight from SL!  

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Failure to Thrive

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Sometimes I just like to explore, and share. Enjoy!
“The Gray child is here….
my emptiness, my nothing , my death.”
an Installation by Storm Septimus Visit Failure to Thrive

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Venexia & Goatswood will be no more

I am reblogging this because Venexia is a love of mine and it will be gone soon. Please go there while you can!!!! Grab an OOC tag and make some memories… go! Both of these sims are beautiful and speak to my soul. I have taken many pictures at Venexia and shared this location with my friends. Its a true shame to see such unparalleled design and beauty vanish in the SL depths…. Please go to both these places and maybe let the owners know you love them :)
Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World: Venexia (Flickr) – click and image for full size News is spreading that two long-running role-play regions in Second Life are to close later this month. Goatswood (first opened in 2012) and Venexia (first opened in 2011), are the work of Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka. Both are exquisitely beautiful builds with a stunning attention to detail; Gostswood presenting a small, Victorian-era rural town, and Venexia a Venice-like city of rich and inspiring architecture divided by narrow canals.… Read the rest

Ten Shopping Sims of Magic

This year the Fairelands will hold ten sims for shopping. Ten whole worlds created just to host and accommodate our wondrous creators and to immerse the visitors in the spirit of the Faire while finding the necessary shinies for new shapeshifting transformations. The sneak peek descriptions and teasers to the sims are: Aurora (by Beq … Continue reading Ten Shopping Sims of Magic →

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