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Taking a walk

Seriously, this week has been awesome. Despite post surgery stuff, sleeping lots and feeling pretty meh on and off, the opportunity to have a week to myself with no place to go except SL, to explore and rediscover and actually for the first time in months really enjoying myself again while doing so is pretty great!
Today I went to this beautiful sim, Le Sixieme Sens, for a bit of exploring, and while the name is French, the landscape is definitely Tuscan. Sunflowers and poppies covering gentle hillsides, a desolate old Rustica amidst vines and thick, centuries old olive trees take me straight back to the area around Arezzo and Siena. For the walk I am wearing: Hair Delaney by Truth
Mesh head Simone 2.4 by LeLutka
Facial applier Thabita by Glam Affair
Mikael glasses by Balaclava
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Paddington sweater by Alt by Truth
Romanoff denim skirt by Emery
Boho scarf by Petite Mort
Kismet overknee socks by Luxuria
Hax combat boots by Livalle (Look how awesome those are!!)

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February 2017
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“So I said, can you believe he did that?”

No better talk than one with your dog, who looks at you with understanding, loving eyes, no matter how much you are rambling. OK, maybe he just wants that doggy treat you have in your pocket.
Your secrets are safe with him, he doesn’t get drunk and doesn’t leave his shoes all over the place.  On the other hand, you do need to hoover or mop your house every day because ugh, dog hair! Anyway, if it were not for me being gone for work all day usually, and I really don’t want to have to leave a dog alone all day, I would so have one to walk with and talk to. And a couple of cats, but lets face it, they would own me instead of vice versa! Hair Lovesong by Lamb
Mesh head Simone 2.4 by LeLutka
Facial Applier Susan (gacha) by Glam Affair
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Tied around the shoulders cardigan by COCO Designs
Oxford shirt by Paperarrow
Sophie jeans by Tres Blah
Arianna sneakers by Reign Shot at location at Small Town Green

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Window Shopping

I have too much time at my hands this week, recovering from surgery, being home, sleeping lots and thinking about the future of my blog.  Lately I am fed up with the black and whites, so I am going back to colour. How’s that for a change? Also, I want to shoot more out on the grid, and not all the time on my platform and in a way, going back to basic with little to no post processing! Now I feel like shopping for another lay out as well so lets see how that is going, no? Maybe I even get to update my blog roll….. welcome to the 21st century Graz!! Speaking of shopping, Have you been to Collabor88 yet? The initial crazy is over and the lag has died down a lot. Time for some pretty stuffs, right? And there is a lot of pretty this month with a theme that is somewhat inviting to folklore and colourful nostalgia! Hair Tiana by Phoenix (C88)
Mesh head Simone 2.4 by LeLutka
Facial applier Angelina by Glam Affair (C88)
Earrings Marcy by Bauhaus (C88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Irina crop sweater by The Secret Store (C88)
Pleated skirt by Ison (C88)
Freesia hand accesoire by LODE
Sia platforms by Pure Poison (C88) Shot on location at The Village & Bar Deco

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Hi Handsome!

Click through for full colour version Hair Koma by Argrace
Mesh Head Simone 2.2 by LeLutka
Facial applier Thabita by Glam Affair (Kustom9)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Unkempt stripe outfit by Neve
Zeezee natural leggings by Neve
Moira heels by Ingenue (C88) Mannequin by HAIKEI like a humid day gacha (Kustom9)
Hydroponic Vertical Planter by Lejin

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Here Piggy, Piggy

        I am feeling cute today! How could you not with the new Reign platform ballerina slippers? These things are the cutest along with my new Doe piggytails. Piggytails, Platforms, piggys, and Piggy hot chocolate = a perfect recipe for cute!

Shoes: REIGN.- Platform Ballet Slippers (Slink-Flat) @ N21
Hair: Doe: Polly /fitted/ w/Bangs  [solid] - Fatpack @ Sanarae
Earrings: Kunglers Morgana-  Mint
Necklace: Yummy Heart Shaker
Outfit: =Zenith=Sweater Coat with piggy chocolate (Milk) -Maitreya @ Kustom 9
Head: CATWA Destiny
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: Pink Fuel Liya
Pose: Kirin Florence Pose 3
03_8f8 - New Beginning - Old Rusty RARE
AAA Sculpty Creations Animals piglet 2010

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Turning the frown upside down.(Freebie).

Nope I couldn’t do it I couldn’t wait till later to try to find my next freebie so I logged in and Woo Hoo check these out. Fantastic, great texturing, fit etc.  Comes in SLink and Maitreya flat and also non-mesh feet.  Simply Fab.  The shop they come from is called “Drops” and I have no idea what else is sold in this shop because at the same time I snagged these every Cheap B* from one of my Freebie groups was there at the same time.  So I LM grabbed and I will be back to check it out. PS It’s the big picture at the lM and like some gifts click on the picture and chose “deliver” out of the menu and it’s sent to you. My job is done now and I can go back into the attic, and no that’s not where I live like a creature out of a horror movie, I’m just trying to find a set of books I have up there which sounds easy enough but when you’ve hoarded hundreds(ok probably a couple of thousands!) of books in boxes it’s not easy.  … Read the restxxxsneakuse

Time Wasting.(Freebie n Cheapie).

It’s too early to head on out so I’m sat here with make-up on, dressed nicely, hair is looking fabulous for a change and it’s pishing down outside, typical.  So I’m going to leave it till as late as possible before I have to head out and fortunately for us all I have 2 more sweet goodies to show you. First, the Freebie which is another SL Free’s & Offers GG but you find it in the ROC shoe shop. All 4 main mesh shoe fits.  I don’t often put the foot shape in ie high, med etc because you can usually see from the picture which foot shape it fits. Then because I NEEDED this colour, I can’t help but think about an advert in RL where the woman has rows and rows of shoes in all styles and colours and then she remembers she needs “Periwinkle” because we all need Periwinkle coloured shoes lol. Honestly, I did need this colour, a light minty/green shade?  Anyhow, these are the ROC Group Gift and that group costs 20Lds to join so again a token price and if you need this colour you really need it LOL.  … Read the restxxxperwinkleuse2


        N-core just released these adorable heels at the new round of Uber. I love legwarmers. You can turn them on or off though depending on your outfit needs. These also are compatible with the Blueberry Cake Leggings as well. I paired them with the fishy strawberry tutu dress that is currently at collabor88. 

Shoes: N-core NORA "Fatpack" for Maitreya Lara @ Uber
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* Odette Tutu - Maitreya - Blush @Collabor88 January
Jewelry: Donna Flora GLORIA
Hair: TRUTH  Lala
Head: CATWA Destiny
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: Pink Fuel Liya
Eyeshadow: Veechi - Glitter Cut Crease [Catwa] @ Cosmetic Fair
Lipstick: Shakeup! Clau Matte Lips for Catwa Heads @ Cosmetic Fair
Pose Prop 1: Resplendent Ballet Barre
Pose 2: Everglow Sugar 3

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Unpacking Monday.(Freebies).

Another BIG Gacha event is on and it’s called “The Guardians Gacha” and like a Noob I tried to walk through this to get there…. Be honest! how many of you think this is a portal?  Well, it’s not so turn around and walk this way instead. Over the bridge to your left and right are 2 big areas of Gacha delight and yes yet again I spent Lindens, lots of Lindens! BUT never fear because there is also oodles of Freebie out for us.  Not every Gacha has a gift but enough to make my Cheap B* heart sing. Once I’d grabbed everything I plonked myself in my studio and unpacked, so much from not just this event but all the clothes I’d picked up from the MH shop from my previous post.   I couldn’t find any clothes from this Guardian Gacha event so I decided to throw on one of the dresses from the MH shop.  Most of the clothes from the MH shop are mesh, some are appliers only, most come in all the mesh bod sizes and some come with everything inc colour packs!  … Read the restxxxguarduse

✽✽ Miss Krystal at Paris Metro Couture ✽✽

It is time to feast your eyes on Paris Metro Couture’s newest masterpiece. Miss Krystal brings to mind the French Riviera. Mesh body appliers, mesh top, necklace and shoes to complete the look. This can be worn a few different ways with mini skirt or long skirt. All you have to do is use your […]Read Post ›

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Fringed O’Connor Loafers

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Fringed Loafers for SaNaRae!  7 colours to choose from, you can grab multiples or the pack and mix and match sections.  Unrigged (and modify for tweaking fit, they MAY work with other feet, but no guarantees) for Slink and System feet, for both men and women, and rigged for men and women's flat Slink Feet.  These can be mixed with the HUDs from the Flannery Loafers as well- to make those dark, or these the metallics.

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I derezzed my home! One misplaced click and I ended up standing there surrounded by sofa’s, lights, rug, pots n pan and no walls, cursing my Nooby stupidness! So I’ve rerezzed a new house but not amount of editing will get it back into the exact place it was so now I have to spend time realigning all my stuff back into place.  Add to that I lost the details of the lovely dress I was going to show you I decided to throw the SL towel in for the day but not after I’ve shown you some great basics. First I must say that even if you don’t like or need a pair of shoes like these still go over to the Venus shop because there is oodles of Free to join Group gifts.  TBH if you’ve read this blog for a while you will probably recognise most of them but if you haven’t or forgot to go get eme go get em now. These shoes, and there is a bloody pair of Halloween boots I’ve not seen before, are new. These high court shoes come with a pretty big hud which allows you to change the shoe, platform, heels, sole and even the logo.… Read the restxxxshoesuse


click through for full colour version I’m fairly sure in all those years I have shared how I love dancing, ballet specifically, and how intensely I trained when I was younger. I never had the figure of a dancer, so I would have never made it into the academy, but that didn’t stop me from trying to become the best possible dancer. Dance Studio by Soy (C88)
Mesh head Simone 2.0 by LeLutka
Facial applier Lucrezia by Glam Affair
Hair Drive by Magika (Sabi, make new hairs please!)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Sports bra Geeta by Zaara (C88)
Yoga tank Fatima by Zaara (C88)
Enya ballet leggings by Vinyl (C88)
Gloria yoga shoes by Addams (C88)

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Welcome to my studio.(Freebies).

Since we now have prims to spare and in my new big ass prim home I had a spare room I decided to make myself a studio to work in so when I’m in a rush or I want to take close-ups instead of rezzing my handy plain pose cube I will now use my studio.  Although I will admit that I will have to tweak it a bit and maybe remove the lights behind me etc I’m more than happy with the setup. Now for the freebies and I have to admit I’m really surprised at how good they were.  I had actually only picked the Free shoes up but at the last moment I decided to grab just a couple of the hairs and I’m so glad I did. Look at the way the hair is feathered at the brow, looks pretty natural. I only picked up 2 of the hairs but there are more in different styles. There is a certain “wiggieness” to some of the shades you get in the colour Hud that seems to come with each hair, but that’s actually part of the appeal, looking like Barbie sometimes is fun. It’s funny because all I was going to show you were the shoes and now I’m only showing you one pair.  … Read the restxxxstudiouse

AMD Blossom Heels Vlog

        I am going to try and make more videos in 2017. I was averaging about one video a month and I would like to increase that a little bit this year. We will see how that goes, lol. I put on these new Apple May Designs shoes and attached the add-on HUD and knew what I would be making a video of first in 2017. These shoes made me happy when I put them on. They are very girly and delicate. You can find them at The Crossroads event that opens January 3rd. See the full details of this shoe in my video. 

Shoes: Apple May Designs Blossom Heels (Slink High) - Nude @ The Crossroads January
HUD: Apple May Designs Blossom Heels Color HUD *add on* @ The Crossroads January
Hair: Exile:: Eyes On Me @ collabor88
Dress: Neve dress - shifty blossom - Lara/ Teleport
Head: CATWA  Destiny
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: Glam Affair - Giusy - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - America
Pose: Exposeur

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Reign New Year’s Sale 50% off

        Reign is having a 50% off New Year's Sale today and tomorrow! Make sure to head over there this weekend to stock up on gorgeous shoes and boots. I personally looked through Kenadee's Flickr stream to decide on my favorite Reign shoes for 2016. It was a really hard choice because I love them all, but in the end these Classic Jane Heels with Sheer Stockings are my number one 2016 fave shoe.
        I paired them with a few items from the current round of Collabor88. The Reign stockings work perfectly with the erratic lily set- so if you already own these shoes and stockings you could save some money on that part of the erratic set and just buy the panties, bra, and suspender. I am also wearing the Wasabi Pills hair that is at collabor88. I love the star headband that comes with this style! Happy SALE shopping and don't forget to go get your collabor88 items before this round is over Jan 6th. 

Shoes: REIGN.- Classic Jane Heels (Maitreya-High) *50% off SALE!* TELEPORT
Stockings: REIGN.- Sheer Stockings (Maitreya-High) TELEPORT
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Deirdre Mesh Hair @ Collabor88 December
Bra: erratic / lily - brassiere / noir (maitreya) @ Collabor88 December
Panty: erratic / lily - ouvert panty / noir (maitreya) @ Collabor88 December
Garter Belt: erratic / lily - suspender / noir (maitreya) @ Collabor88 December
Thong: erratic / lily - thong / noir (maitreya) @ Collabor88 December
Body: M (Read more...)

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Click through for full colour version Hair Deirdre by Wasabi Pills @Collabor88
Mesh head Simone 2.0 by LeLutka
Facial applier Georgie by Glam Affair @Collabor88
Coat/dress Tita by Mutresse @Collabor88
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Shoes Anja by Ingenue @Collabor88

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I’m trying, k?

Click through for full colour version Hmmm… ’tis the season right? But as usual, I am not feeling it. I have been thinking about how the Cindy Lou Who from my childhood years has practically turned into the Grinch over the years. It’s not that I hate Christmas, but I am always having a hard time in December. I think it has something to do with the time when my dad became ill and we wondered for 3 years in a row whether “this would be the year we could celebrate Christmas together for the last time” before he actually passed and Christmas without him became a reality.
We have desperately tried as a family to build awesome memories, to make it the best time of the year and while there are precious memories for sure, it has always caused me so much stress between work, social obligations and the bittersweet Christmas days that to date (It’s been 3 years that dad is gone now) I can’t enjoy the season. Maybe i will find that holiday cheer back at some point, but for now, my ideal Christmas is quiet… just me and my guy, far from all the social and family gatherings, a tree and some beautiful music.… Read the rest

Santa Baby

Click through for full colour version This short prom dress from Zenith is absolutely adorable. I was torn between the blue and the pink version and pink eventually won in this case… but the blue one, oh my, it’s gorgeous! It’s available at this month’s Collabor88. Same goes for the Sugar platforms from Fri.day. I an still wearing my beta Simone 2.9 bento head from LeLutka, this time with the default skin it comes with (made by the talented Aida Ewing from Glam Affair) with the Reina hair from Monso, another Collabor88 release. I so adore what Monso is doing texturewise. The wispy styles are very casual and cute. I really wanted to add some antlers to my Flottante puppy by Anc, but i couldn’t find some that would adjust enough to fit its head…. so no Rudolph pupper for me!

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I’ve been waiting

Click through for full coloured version My discovery with LeLutka‘s Simone 2.0 which is yet to be released is continuing. Today I am wearing her with Itgirls‘ Alessa skin and make ups. I’m also sporting the Bento pro-hands from Vista, which I managed to tint fairly well to match the Itgirls skintone. My pose is also bento ready… it’s from the Fine Sands set from Sweet Lovely Cute. On my Maitreya Lara body I am wearing Have Unequal‘s Isetan top and panties, currently available at The Chapter 4 as well as their Zanaty sandals, available at Any Body. My hair is the lovely Mara from Littlebones, from this month’s Collabor88!
Oh well, and since I am at it… the Gustavian Bed I am posing on is from Dutchie, the poofed curtains are from Death Row Designs‘ Lovers Nest set (Gacha). The storage basket is by Pilot and the suitcase is coming from Death Row Designs again, from their Mystery Mansion Gacha. set. The hat box is fro Apple Fall, the books on top of it are from  Digs and the hurricane lamp on top of it is from the Casolare set by The Loft.… Read the restClick through for full coloured version