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Biding my time

Click through for full colour version Hair Izzie by Oleander (Tannenbaum)
Mesh head Catya by Catwa (Bento viewer required)
Facial applier candy by Insol (Uber)
Emily dress and scarf by Just Because (Uber)
Candy cane leggings by Sweet Thing (Tannenbaum)
Anna boots and socks by Just Because (Uber) Shot on location at It all starts with a smile

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December 2016
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Click through for full colour version On December 1, The Arcade will open its doors one more to the gacha crazy shoppers of SL! The shopping guide has been published here and I’m thrilled to show you a preview of one of the items in the many machines, Azuchi‘s Rider jacket (Maitreya exclusive). I’m wearing the rare black stitched version here. Azuchi‘s items look good in any windlight, but once you switch to ultra, the jacket really stands out.  My dad had a shop with a lot of leather clothing, so I have a pretty good idea of what a nice piece of leather looks and feels like (and smells, god, the smell of leather is so awesome and comforting to me) and these jackets look GOOD! Take it from someone who knows! Hair Iroha by Argrace
Mesh head Catya by Catwa (Bento viewer required)
Facial applier Candy by Insol (Uber)
Lipstick Grace by Insol
Cigarette by Kunst
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Rider jacket by Azuchi (The Arcade December)
Effi shorts by Miss Chelsea
Fishnet pantyhose by Big Beautiful Doll
Demonix boots by Phedora (Uber)  

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Warm Springs

        Just Because released this new outfit, Aubrey shirt and Chrissy pants, in the main store yesterday. These are great fall/winter pieces. I love the retro, high waist vibe of the pants and the backside is appreciated by my partner, Hiram. The long sleeve top has a cute keyhole opening. Truth just released two new hairstyles and also a new VIP group gift. The Truth VIP group is still only 265L- so if you have been on Mars or something and have missed joining, make sure you join today. You can get two FREE hairstyles this month so far already. I am wearing the super cute new Truth Ginger style today. Finally, Essenz just released the Florence heels and they are so cute. I am going to show the back of this outfit as well as close ups of these shoes below to show the details. They have cute little transparent ruffles all along the edges and a slim bow in front. I adore all these new pieces and they are all new main store releases!

        If you are looking for some great back poses, Nantra just put out a whole set at Ultra.… Read the rest

No. 5

Click through for full colour version Spellbound skybox by Scarlet Creative (C88)
Madeleine decor set by What next (C88)
Vanity table and stool by Soy (C88)
Hair Glenn by Tableau Vivant (C88)
Mesh head Tumble by Catwa
Facial applier Giusy by Glam Affair (C88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Lingerie Cecilia by Erratic (C88)
Shoes Bettina by Ingenue (C88)

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I’m Done! (Freebies).

Not adulting anymore, ok just for the next half hour or so and then I’ll have to “adult” again. So to give me a break and a nice big steaming mug of coffee I logged in just to grab this goodie. OK Disclaimer, I rarely use this setting because it changes the textures too much for me but I also LOVE this setting and since the 2 Freebies/Gifts are from Amiable then you know they’re going to look great in any setting. The jumper is thick n snuggly, a bit like one of my cats!, The colour is more orangy with light flecks of pink.  The chunky knitted scarf is a keeper for me.  Just lovely and the addition of a colour hud, super! There is shelves full of old, and these new GG’s, and I don’t doubt you’ve still got a couple of pieces in your invent but if you haven’t make sure to grab everything.  I know I still have a few of these pieces in my invent, esp the skirt, and they’re just so handy. OK thats it, a few more slurps of my coffee and it’s back to RL.… Read the restxxxaimableuse

Black and white

Click through for full colour version Hair Glenn II by Tableau Vivant (C88)
Head Catya by Catwa (Bento viewer required)
Facial applier Giusy by Glam Affair (C88)
Lipstick Giusy #19 by Glam Affair (C88)
Urie glasses by Mulloy (Cosmopolitan)
V-neck shoulder sweater by Ison (C88)
Moto jogger pants by Ison (C88)
Crystal brogues by Baiastice (C88)
Pose prop Clean scene crates by Exposeur (The Gacha Garden)

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The girl can’t help it! (Inc Freebie).

I got a note off Faith yesterday and all it said  was “Go buy the Pure Poison FLF Boots” and she even sent me the 50Lds LOL.  So, of course, I had to go get em but I’m not showing them to you. They do give me the perfect excuse to remind you that Pure Poison is a great free group to join because not only do you get exc quality shoes but all of the old GG’s are in a courtyard in the back of the shop.  The shoes haven’t changed since I last blogged them but if you’re new to this blog or you’ve not tried out the Free stuff at Pure Poison go on check em out and you may also find that the FLF (fifty linden boots) are still out to tempt you as well. Remember this group is slightly different in that the Group Gift is actually in a Gacha so make sure you chose the Group Gacha and are wearing your tag.  The shoes generally come with a fit for all mesh feet. I’m 99% sure I’ve not shown you these short shorts before but I could be wrong but since they’re perfect for this season here they are, again?… Read the restxxxbootsuse2

999&9=Kustom9 and a whole shed load of 9’s

Finally got myself over to Kustom9 not only because there is a new Mina but also a SHED load of gifties out for just 9Lds each.  So I clicked and clicked and I even treated myself to a couple of Gacha’s and won not just a cute deer for our sim but the Rare skybox from Heikei(anyone wants a skybox? I have way too many so if you want it just drop me a note). I didn’t buy everything as when you click on the gift boxes for the most part they tell you what is in them so since I’m not a big jewelry or bag wearer I gave those a miss. So I’ve got some of the decor items scattered around but check out my “look of the day”. Ignore the eyes! not from this event and I don’t think I will be wearing them again as they’re just weird.  OK believe it or not that’s a MINA for just 9LDs and as standard even with her special offers you get the full pack of brown shades and that might just be 5 shades but they are different, I’ve had hair colour packs where you couldn’t even see any difference.  … Read the restxxxkustom

Livalle Greeble Cyber Platform Wedges

        Livalle is going to release some new amazing shoes at Geeks N' Nerds 2016 (Oct 22nd). They are cyber, sci-fi perfection. They have hoses and LED lights and all kinds of cyber details. The shoes come with a light HUD that gives you lots of options of colors and light styles. Due to that a static picture does not do these new shoes justice. So, I made a video to show these shoes close up and all the features included on the HUD. 

      I am also wearing a new skin from Paper Rabbit that is available at Epiphany. The Spooky skin line has Ghost, Vampire, and Witch skins available with a variety of make up options in the Gacha machine. It comes with Catwa (shown), Lelutka, or Omega applier options. I have a lot of windlight action going on in my first picture and so I wanted to show another closeup of this new skin. Good Luck and may the gacha gods be with you!

Finally one more close up picture of these amazing new Livalle wedges:

Shoes: {Livalle} Greeble -Cyber Platform Wedges- Pink @ Geeks n' Nerds 2016 (October 22)
Skin: Paper Rabbit: Spooky 02 (Pearl) - Catwa @ Epiphany
Earrings: +DV8+ Emergency Injection Earring (old favorites, no longer in SL)
Hair: A&Y BUNKER CyberShop Dext Cyber Hair (Female) - Black
Bikini: A&Y BUNKER CyberShop Nexus Cyber Bra and Thong - Lara - multicolor
Jewelry: Cae :: Spiked :: Collection
Bracelet: CARGO // Spiked Cuff
Head: CATWA  Destiny (Read more...)

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It takes guts to ask for feedback!

Click through for full colour version One of the most difficult things to do is asking actively for feedback on your work. And maybe even more so in an online environment like SL where feedback can be given semi-anonymously with all the positive AND negative aspects from that.
I’m super impressed with Gyorgyna Larnia from LaGyo to ask for it regardless. LaGyo has a history of selling bold jewelry and accesoires, statement pieces, often stepping across the line of realism into fantasy (as SL should be… after all, why limit yourself  to what is possible in the physical world?) However, despite her awesome designs, she has noticed a decline in business, which made her (logically so) wonder what she’s doing wrong, or what has changed over time. And she has opened a survey to reach out to you, SL shoppers and fashionistas, to share what you would like to see from LaGyo in the future, and how you like your shopping experience to be! Credits: Hair Louie by Tableau Vivant (Kustom9)
Head Tumble by Catwa
Facial applier Grace by Insol (Tres Chic)
Jewelry Halsey by LaGyo
Dress Dolores by Neve
Xian boots by Hucci (Kustom9) Taxi to LaGyo

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Warm Hues

Click through for full colour version Hair Faded by Lamb (C88)
Head Contoured by Fiore
Facial Applier Dany by ITgirls
Madrid coat by Emery (C88)
Valencia skirt by Emery (C88)
Antonia boots by Pure Poison (C88)
Lovecraft gothic cottage by Scarlet Creative (C88)
Aged leather couch by Soy (C88)
Grass rug by Half Deer (C88)
Potted Pothos by Soy

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Gonna ride my bike

Click through for full colour version Hair Gia by Little Bones (C88)
Mesh head Tumble by Catwa 
Facial applier Moirah by Glam Affair (C88)
Cardigan Pia quilted jacket by The Secret Store (C88)
Soline draped dress by The Secret Store (C88)
Autumn long boots with socks by Zenith (C88)
Autumn Bicycle Decor by What Next (C88)    

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Oooo Super Simple, FREEBIE.

So I log in and spotted that I was wearing yesterday’s Freebie and so 2 simple snaps later and voila here it is. Sugary, sweet and super Kawaii. A nice addition is a handy Hud which gives you 8 pastel colour choices for the shoes and 8 for the bows.  It’s a free to join GG from…. and tbh I just grabbed and ran so I can’t tell you much about this shop so when I LM grab I’ll have a wander around myself. I’m glad I go back to LM grab in world because it acts as a reminder and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that this is, in fact, a SL Free’s & Offers group gift in the Pink Pearl Design shop, to find it and the group invite if the LM doesn’t take you right to it when you land turn left to the row of Gachas, some very interesting spooky AV ones from what I could see, and you will see these shoes and the invite on the wall next to them. PS SLink High Feet needed. Pink Pearl Designs (PPD).
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        Livalle is about to release some new shoes. Livalle Cadenas are sexy heels with a chain (in silver or gold) wrapping around. These new shoes are available in 10 colors and can be found at the next round of SaNaRae (September 26th). These are not coming out for a little while, but I got so excited about new Livalle shoes that I could not resist. I am also featuring new Kungler's earrings, enVOGUE hair, Just Because top, and fishy strawberry skirt. 

        My top and skirt are both available at Mesh Body Addicts September. My Kunglers Iris earrings were just released at On9 in 5 gem combinations. My enVOGUE hair is a top of the head braided tail with bangs and optional black tiara decorated with flowers and gems. The hair can be found in the main enVOGUE store.  Finally all of my poses in this post are new from Nantra in the Paparazzi set that can be found at One Word: Sparkle. 

Necklace: Kunglers Flora necklace - Ruby @ We <3 Roleplay September
Earrings: Kunglers Iris earrings- Scarlet @ On9
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry Maddison Mini - Maitreya - Wash Black @ Mesh Body Addicts September
Top: Just Because Emma Top - FatPack - Lara @ Mesh Body Addicts September
Jacket: Fishy Strawberry Ducato Leather Jacket L - Black
Hair: enVOGUE  - Sabrina Rigged/ Teleport
Head: CATWA Destiny V4.9
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Shoes: Livalle Cadenas -High Heeled Sandals- Cherry Silver @ SaNaRae (coming Sept 26th)
Polish:& (Read more...)

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Click through for full colour version Hair Agustine by Spellbound
Mesh head Simone by LeLutka
Facial Applier Allana by The Skinnery (C88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Cozy knit bodysuit by Luxuria
Isaria dres by Candy Doll (C88)
Portel Boots by Hucci (C88)
Westie by Black Bantam (Kustom9)
Arched windows by Floorplan (C88)
Plants by Soy

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Click through for the full colour version Hair Erika by D!va (C88)
Mesh head Tumble by Catwa
Facial applier Tara by Glam Affair (C88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Forest tank top by Spirit (C88)
Vintage skirt by Pixicat (C88)
Ramona sandals by Pure Poison (C88)  

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Click through for full colour version Mesh head Tumble by Catwa
Hair Berta by Tableau Vivant (C88)
Facial applier Tara by Glam Affair (C88)
Tattoo Akantha by Letis
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Stefani Military suit by Addams (C88)
Teeks flats by Reign (C88)
Bike by Anhelo style (TMD)

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Click through for full colour version Time for some after work shopping!! Newly arrived goods at Collabor88 and Catwa! Hair Xia by Little Bones (C88)
Mesh head Skye by Catwa
Applier Lilo by Glam Affair
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Outfit Aline by Lazybones (C88) This is a 1-piece, not separates and is HUD driven to change the colour of the skirt, belt, metals and collar)
Genovia booties by Mutresse (C88)
Malika clutch by LaGyo  

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Essenz Fall/Winter Vote

                   It is no secret that I am addicted to shoes. Essenz has some of my favorites. One feature of this store that I think is really special is the changing of the third pack of shoes twice a year, for Spring/Summer and then for Fall/Winter. Not only that but the designer, Senzati0n Domenitzo, lets US suggest and give input on the new colors in the pack. Last year's Fall/Winter pack consisted of a Burgundy, Hunter Green, and Royal Blue. This year's Spring/Summer pack has consisted of yellow, peach, and light pink. I have really loved this color pack, but its time to change seasons and Senz is letting us pick the colors again! You can go to this flickr image or straight to this google document to put in your vote for next season's shoe colors! I am showing a lot of Essenz shoes in the above picture, but the ones on my feet are the newest release, Malaysia, and will be at The Crossroads til September 28th. 

        If you are unsure of what colors to suggest, I will share my dream Fall/Winter color ideas with you!… Read the rest

I’m lazy and greedy(oodles of FREEBIES).

TBH I’m not being lazy but just overwhelmed by the VAST amount of gifts that have been set out at the Enchantment event.  I won’t tell you what the theme of this round is but I think you can pretty well guess what it is from this Yellow Brick Road. Simply follow this road as it winds its way past all the stands and most of them have CAKE and I love CAKE esp when the CAKE contains a giftie. I had actually started to unpack everything I had grabbed but by the 4th item, I realised that not only was there way too many good things to show you but also that time is running out since this event finishes on the 31st.  That means you do have plenty of time to go grab but just in case you have other plans for the next few days I didn’t want to delay this post any longer. PS There is a massive selection of tempting stuff to buy from witchy clothing to decor items.  I didn’t splash out this time but I did grab a few LM’s of shops I’m not very familiar with plus a couple I have not visited in ages so that’s my Sunday sorted.  … Read the restXXXYellowuse