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Phraya and Susse by WoW Skins + Ariel hair by Virtual Diva!

1. Phraya (at designer circle event) and 2. Susse (with brows and lips options + appliers at the 100 block fashion fair ) by WoW Skins + Ariel hair by Virtual Diva! Phraya Susse

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New Skin Release today : Meet Layla

Layla is out now! @ our birthday event, BlackOut @ 25% off regular price.
Regular price resumes Feb. 13th. Layla comes in our 6 Signature Collection Tones: Almond, Honey, Caramel, Havana, Brown Sugar & Godiva.
Purchase includes appliers for Loud Mouth & Nyam Nyam only.
Additional body appliers are available for purchase separately inside our Mainstore Body Shop.
See ad for appliers we currently support. Cleavage & No Cleavage skin layer options.
Dark Brow & No Brow options. Body Shape {shown} is available for purchase separately. Fatpack & Demo will be made available. AlterEgo Mainstore Also 3 NewShapes are out!
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Tilda by WoW Skins

This is Tilda, one of WoW Skins new releases!
She uses Lina Line Appliers, so I bet you already have those ;)
Feel free to visit the Mainstore and check more surprises and new releases!
Hair by wasabi pills

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NEW! Shapes @alterego

On 21st September 2014 · By BitchZilla · With Leave a comment
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See we do actually listen … people have been beggin us to make body shapes, so we are delivering! There are now 7 shapes inside the store, purchases come with modifiable shape + styling notecard, so you can look just like the vendor. Please DEMO before purchasing. AlterEgo Mainstore Click to view slideshow.  
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:.: Pretty up your Eye shape!

Hi there! If you followed the last post you may have seen that I am giving a few little hints on how to pretty up your shape! These are simple little adjustments which can *either* be on your usual shape or if you want a look similar to the one below, then feel free to start off with the Jane Starter Shape Pack! The Jane Starter Shape Pack   contains a pack of 5 Standard Sizes Shapes. I started the collection from scratch and simply smoothed out all the unappealing features you get in the default shape.  So you begin with a face that only needs a few minor changes to look awesome!  These are great starter shapes which you can personalise in varying degrees depending on the look you want to achieve :D


One if the key features where there has been slight *overemphasis* (in my view anyway) are the feline shape eyes.  The super slanted eye shape can look haughty and rather diva-ish which suits some people.  But if you want softer eyes then try the simple tricks outlined below.… Read the restJB Profile

Tomomi Shape 友美

My first shape on SALE now :DFiled under: Female, New Release, Second Life Tagged: curvy, female, Shapes, Vice-Versa

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My Neck Is Made Of Steel

I love rollers for my SL hair. I love all things that, as my friend Isla says “enhance the narrative”. Pixel Gidge is a character and her pixel life is played out for the most part here on this blog. Rollers are exactly what a girl this prissy would need, and let’s face it, she would have LOTS of different kinds. Tiny Bird released a set of can rollers YEARS ago that were adorable. This past week Truth and Ploom both released roller hair dos for us pixel girls, and since I’ve already blogged Truth’s – let’s take a look at PLOOM! Ploom made roller cans which is hilarious and cute.  As always you can use the hair dye hud of your choice – I’m using one of the dipped huds. I also am amused because these cans appear to be full. NO SACRIFICE IS TOO GREAT FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR LADIES. I don’t care what they weigh – get those cans in your hair. It’s Friday – time to get cute! Gidge Is Wearing:
Skin: BELLEZA – Ria – 1
Lip Gloss: BELLZA – Gloss for Ria 1
Eyes: Ikon
Lashes: Amacci
Hair: Ploom – RECYCLE

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Coffee and a Smoke

Sasy tells me I am only allowed to smoke in SL because I do not smoke in RL. I suppose that’s fair. I’m blonde and svelte in SL also – and that’s also the opposite of RL so symmetry is good. Tuesday mornings are my bane. I always think of great things I should just HOP ON AND DO in Azeroth and then I forget my servers are always down for maintenance right now. And I pout and stomp about. Or I have a coffee and a smoke, as it were. I’m wearing one of my favorites from COLLABOR88 this month – from ISON. You definitely need both the tank and the skirt – they are gorgeous together and will work great as staples to wear with other things. I’m also sporting hair from a new hair dresser – KOY. This is Belle – and I love the blondes on the HUD.  You can hop this slurl to find KOY at THE DECK. Well I’m dressed for work, so I had better get to it. Ttfn. Gidge Is Wearing:
Shape: Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin: Clef de Peau – Jemma
Hair: KOY – Belle
Blouse: ISON – COLLABOR88 April
Skirt: ISON – COLLABOR88 April
Lashes: Amacci
Eyes: Ikon – Iris
Hands and Feet: SLINK
Mani/Pedi: FLAIR

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An Easter Beach Day Without My Butt

I couldn’t decide what to do this Easter with my pixel self so I slipped into this crazy bikini from The Plastik and headed out into the surf. I saved these crazy knitted swim tubes from Ray Skin for years. I forgot how hilariously awesome they are. When you can’t cam around freely, and you have to move slowly from one thing to the next in SL bcse you’ll crash, you tend to get SO focused (I do anyway) that you can miss things. for instance I was set on taking some cute beach pics. I had this nagging feeling though, picture after picture, that something was wrong. I couldn’t figure out WHAT thought. I pulled out my favorite beach towel from W.Winx and my new adorable sandals (surely they’re practical for the beach right?) from L.Warwick and managed to get three pictures before my machine told me to stop. Then I saw it. That’s right. I’m wearing the wrong shape. I AM BUTTLESS. Note to self. Check shape. Happy Easter everyone! Itsonlyfashionblog.com
Gidge Is Wearing:
Skin: Clef de Peau – Jemma
Hair: D!VA – Jessie – Moonstone
Shoes: L Warwick – Miranda – Purple
Swimsuit: The Plastik – Cassieopia
Eyes: Ikon – Iris
Hands and Feet: SLINK
Nails: FLAIR
Beach Gear: W.Winx and Flair – Tropical Escape

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Denton – now 50% off

LOVIT Denton Avatar kit Rugged handsome guy with five facial hair options and to mod/copy shapes.   Seven pairs of LOVIT eyes,   ( Audra “E” being shown ) 50% off at the LOVIT campus for a limited  time Denton gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/103091440922959964563/albums/5997709592978450369  

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Get OUT Raccoon

Every single time I log in, some asshat has been in my house. The doors are always wide open. Wouldn’t you know it this time, as I’m trying to OUT for the night I find a raccoon running through the house? I am just trying to go out for the night! GO AWAY RACCOON! Gidge Is Wearing:
Lipstick: *League* Erin Tintable Lipstick -6
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Earrings: (Donna Flora) BODZA
Hair: Clawtooth: Moonage Daydream – Snow
Shoes: Miamai_Xanadu chain Stiletto – bilbao green
Dress: Pure Poison – Diana Geo Dress – S
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium S
Hair: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant S Right
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Mouse S Left
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: *League* Skin Erin Pale Bronze Blonde Chest C
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Periwinkle (S)
Bike: What Next

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Patriotic Pair….

I’ve seen these jeans in posters around the grid for a while and FINALLY found them for sale… so I jumped on them… and when my friend Buzz saw me in them he said.. “hey, I think I have something almost just like that.” And with that…. you have an inspired blog post….. Meet my guest (impromptu) model – Buzz Bumblefoot. Turn the page for more….
I think the jeans, from GAWK!, are perfect for a lazy Saturday with a friend. I think Buzz makes a pretty good model… don’t you? Shopping list:
On Buzz
Pants and Shirt – Soul Distraction – Mr. Independence
Shoes – SF Design – Black Ankle Bikers
Hair – Redgrave – Tyler
Tattoo – Egoisme – Maori Powerline
Hands – Slink – Relax
Skin – Elysium – Elias
Eyes – FATE – Boy Next Door
Shape – Sophistishapes – Anton On Gala
Pants – GAWK! – Light Blue Basic Jeans – Miss America
Shirt – Pixicat – Cutout Tie Top
Shoes – BAX – Foxy Boots – Wood
Watch – MIEL – Troupe Watch
Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer – 92 Summer of Love Peace Sign
Skin – Glam Affair – Romy – America
Eyelashes – MC Falsies
Hands – Slink – Elegant1
Tattoos – Shoulder – Flutterby – Flutter on By; Leg – TAOX – Melodrama
Hair – Truth – Angie – pumpkin
Eyes – IKON – Spe (Read more...)

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Does This Mesh Make My Butt Look Big?

GOOD. I have resisted the big butt because I just hadn’t seen one yet that really quite did it for me. I didn’t DISLIKE them I just was MEH, and thus didn’t warrant picking one up. But I was having a Gidgey moment this morning that Sasy was helping me with, and I thought DAMN Sasy looks cute. I didn’t really realize that she was wearing a mesh butt, her butt looked good but in a subtle way – bigger, rounder, super sexy but not so big I couldn’t stop staring at the butt. And with that she and I were off to demo butts. Seriously, that’s friends, the kind of friends who demo butts together. I didn’t realize that these are the leg too and not just an ass add-on. I love the long meaty legs, I admit. It’s a great look, healthy and femme. This brand, Uluckie , fits perfect with my slink feet. The other thing which is brilliant is that you don’t have to wait for 50 creators to make appliers! This mesh add on has instructions for just making those phatazz appliers ALL work for this product.… Read the rest

Adore or Abhor ? Oh ADORE!

Adore and Abhor are at SKIN FAIR with a set of offerings to enhace and mix up your regular skin options. Sileny made, at the request of her daughter, a bunch of brows in fun candy colors with a Morticia Addams severity to them. If you were a 20 something in the 90s you knew 20 girls who drew on their brows like that. Now they’re in their 40s and sad that they have no eyebrows. But that’s a different story. There are a ton of colors, I’m only bringing you a few today. I’m pairing them with the Candy colors hud of hair color from PLOOM. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I haven’t I haven’t spent more time playing with this set of colors. They’re so much fun. This great long style that has a perfect built in modesty feature (boobie covering) comes with size options to fit your mesh boobies AND the visage head so no worries about it fitting.  It’s available at MY ATTIC this month for 95L – a steal. Adore and Abhor also released tintable scars and freckles at SKIN FAIR.… Read the rest

Die Schöne Tuli

My best friend and I, upon hearing Maximilian Schell’s name, are likely to starting singing “die Schöne TIIIIIINA” because we are ridiculous fans of the movie “The Freshman”.  As I kept saying Sunny Tuli I kept hearing Schöne Tuli in my head. Umlauts over o are alt-0246 btw. The more you know. I have posted a full review including all the jumblies HERE please click through to read.

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Moving Day Again

Well I didn’t move neighborhoods but I moved into a new house. Alouette is releasing a  new house on April 1 for the Home and Garden show and it’s rather amazing. I’m just settling in, trying to get the first floor settled. After figuring out the living room, I had to relax for a while. The living room is SUPER COZY with gorgeous windows that look out to the ocean or my sideyard. You can see my wee trailer out there.  I wish it was turquoise. Oh wait wrong brand I had trouble though, settling down to get to sleep my first night. I think it was just the newness of the place. I haven’t decided about my kitchen yet. But a full stocked fridge makes my time there considering what colors to use more pleasant. I am probably going to need to put up bedroom curtains as some of my windows look out to the main street. It’s cozy in my LAQ bed though and the sun through the windows is beautiful. I mentioned the windows didn’t I? Amazing windows throughout this house provide so much gorgeous light, it’s charming.… Read the rest

Rockberry – The PG Pics

Rockberry has released skins for Skin Fair and today I’m reviewing MIRA in the light tone. There is a lot of light on this skin – and sometimes if gives off shading effects that I find a little distracting. It’s actually a very pretty tone, and I know that all skinners create light and shadows so our skins aren’t the colors of clay, I just found myself looking at the light spots on the legs a lot wondering why I was getting that effect. I’ve posted a full review over on Its Only Fashion including full body pics for those who want to see. This is the PG version. My full notes are available on that link also. I think that this Mira skin has a pretty face however her lip shape doesn’t quite suit my own face. Her color combos are well matched and classic, however. She makes nice thin eyebrows, my favorites are the black and blonde. There is also a brown layer available. The skin pack I received has cleavage options, lots of makeup options in the fatpack, and freckles.… Read the rest

Rockberry – A Full Review Including Nakie Bits

Rockberry is a skin from my long ago past that I was excited to get a chance to look at via SKIN FAIR this year. I remember long ago, them participating in a hunt or an event and liking them enough to go back shopping. This was before the grid was plagued by nonstop events, of course. This will be a full review with body shots after the cut. The faces are pretty but the lip shape doesn’t suit my own shape at all. That doesn’t mean it won’t suit YOURS. The makeup colors are pretty and understated with classic looks to them all. I do like the lip/eyeshadow combinations she provides. The body is pretty and seamless, and it’s apparently quite cold on my platform. My one quibble is that there seem, to my eye at least, to be shading that almost looks like lines of white drawn down the body. It depends on the windlight you use, what this looks like. I originally shot this in photo neutral and when I processed (just cropping) the photos looked a bit like dark shading down the inner thigh.… Read the rest

No. 7 Sporty Lipsticks – A Review from Skin Fair

I like the sporty pack of lipsticks from No. 7 at Skin Fair. They’re a bit out of my lane but I thought the color combos and the gloss was flawless. I have a slight quibble in that there is definite pixelation up close.  You can see this in the above picture, the smaller images look flawless but the larger one does show it a bit at the top. This isn’t a total deal break for me. Very few people are cammed up into the pixel details of my face, however I know it is for some people thus I feel I have to share that. They are quite beautiful from a distance however.  I really think the depth of tones she’s chosen to use is interesting and stands out. I chose a skin at random to wear them over – you know how sometimes lips look wonky on the “wrong” skin. THIS is PXL Mia and it fit the first time. I confess that despite this being out of my lane and having the pixelation issue, I think it’s a fun lipstick. I think it’s suitable for srss bsnss fashiony shoots or whatever you like.… Read the rest

Skin Fair Gets Ready to Kick Off

I like vintage swim suits a lot. I suppose it’s because half of SL has their bits hanging out all the dang time, I find it more alluring to cover mine up. Surf Co. has an offering of summer funtimes items at The Arcade and this not so little bikini is one of them. I thought it was a great time to trot out a bikini when I’m ready to launch into what will probably we a WEEK of really sharing great skins from skin fair. Yes, a week. There is a lot of awesome. My goals for Skin Fair this year are two fold. One goal is to find a new every day go to skin to add to my repertoire. I have a handful of trusted, quality skinners that I wear regularly. But it feels like branching out and adding another one or two is in order. Who knows what gems I will find? My other goal is to stretch my wings and try out skins that while they might not be me, are creative and inviting to wear.  I’m going to kick it of with PXL Creations. I am wearing the skin out of the box as it comes, in the freckled version, in pale tone.  … Read the rest