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New Releases at Sn@tch!

Lots NEW this week at Sn@tch including sexy system lingerie, comfy knits, slinky dresses & a re-release re-colored!

So Come Over to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW! 

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Windy Somnia

Hai there you fluffeh unicorns, ♥ Leaf on the Wind is a fundraising event that will benefit Scarlet Chandrayaan in hopes of helping her make a wish come true of visiting London. Scarlet has cancer and has been given 2 years. To learn more about Scarlet/Amy and Leaf on the Wind please visit their website here. I am very proud to be able to support this wonderful cause! The theme is all things London! All of these items can be worn together or separately! You can mix and match them however you want! All of them are 95L and donating 100% for the duration of the event!

Only at Leaf on the Wind ♥ My Slink Obsession is open and this will be the last round until April so be sure to stop by and get your Slink fix before it closes on the 22nd. These tanks have been updated and are only 95L per set. They will work for the normal avatar, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus, Omega, Lola’s, and Banned. For Slink they come on both the underwear layers and top layers in all combos. For Belleza Venus they come in shirt & pants or undershirt & underwear.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Squidgy Jumpers Darks Ad

Sn@tch Tested, Mother Approved

New Releases at Sn@tch this Weekend!

 So come to Sn@tch SOON and See What's NEW!

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New! @alterego

=Obsession Dress Collection= ♥ Short sleeve, cotton striped mini dresses in 12 colors, all system clothing layers inside, Omega, Slink Physique & TheMeshProject appliers included & lastly a rigged mesh mini skirt in all standard sizes, seamless, high quality textures just for yew!! I love the beginning of a new year, I dust off the old looks and bring in the new! Hope you like our new ad layout & all appliers included have gotten a make over as well. Our store’s color palette has changed also, not so much pink, just a little but no over kill. New logo, its a fresh start & I hope you enjoy! =AlterEgo Mainstore= skin by alterego
{left to right}
mayumi “honey” I mayumi “@omgacha-caramel” I mayumi “@omgacha-honeyRARE” hair by
{left to right}
EpoqueSoonsikiTruth ears by Mandala
pumps by Reign @uber
cell phone by TSG all models are wearing Maitreya’s Lara Fitted Mesh Body w/ AlterEgo skin appliers
Tagged: #themeshproject, alterego, appliers, cute, dress, new, new release, obsession collection, omega, partial mesh, sexy, slink physique

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Merry Sn@tchmas PT 2!

I have a little holiday message for you. YES you! -points- I think you ALL are awesome. Like not just awesome in general but kickass fuckin' specifically. Without you to get me through some of the tough stuff, I don't know where I would be today. You make getting up & getting in world totally worth it and I'm so grateful to you and love you all so so much. To my VIPs, YOU especially rock. Ty for helping each other and helping me throughout the year. You make all the difference! My wishes for are for you in SL this year. No matter what RL brings you, I hope in at least in SL that you find love, friendship, acceptance, fun and relaxing peace. Happy Holidays and remember to be SWEET to each other! ho ho ho ho ho!
Don't forget we have 5 days worth of FREE XMAS PRESENTS under the Sn@tch Tree. One more to go tomorrow, but they're all still available for a VERY limited time after Xmas!
Now here are today's Specials at Sn@tch!We're in Woeful Wednesday this week along with some other great dark designers.… Read the rest

Happy Sn@tchmas PT 1

I'm so slack getting these up on the blog from the weekend. On the New Release Wall NOW at Sn@tch!

A great spot for last minute gifts too! All our stuff is transferable AND we have Gift Cards too!Come over to Sn@tch SOON and See What's NEW!

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Holiday Somnia

Hai there you jolly mistletoes, ♥ I am having a Gift Card Sale!!! All gift cards are 50% off until Jan 5th. Grab them as a gift or for yourself!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ I am having a mini holiday hunt at Somnia’s main store. You can find 6 different colored ornaments scattered through out the store! In the below you can see 4 of the prizes and there is 2 mystery prizes!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The cart sale has started again and I have several new items for you all for only 10L each set!!

Only at Somnia @ the Cart Sale Winter 2014 ♥ Depraved Nation’s Frost has started and I have some super cute maxi skirts there for you at 50% off for the duration of the event! As is everything else there from Somnia!

Only at Somnia @ Frost ♥ Make sure you grab these dresses from day 7 of the KittyCatS advent calendar and grab the other days as well! There are some great prizes!
Only at the KittyCatS Advent Calender ♥ And be sure to grab these dresses from the Fab Free gift tree!… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Gift Card Sale Dec 23rd - Jan 5th

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas — [[Masoom]] and October’s 4Seasons Plus the Incredible Gifts at Chop Zuey

I've been blessed more than words can say. For each designer who's given me time and a chance to work with you, to share your creative work, your art, all that you do, thank you. I truly embrace each and every time to work with and for the best of my best, and to grow a little more daily. Happy holidays.
A special thanks to Chop Zuey. If the setting in these photos isn't recognizable, maybe you haven't yet visited the North Pole... ermmm no no... Chop Zuey. Abundance and gracious giving define this store year round but at this time of year, exponentially so...
Masoom Albino Gown is new to show you. I paired it with the latest and greatest skin tone options from Keiko - this being Pearl Skin Tone w/Red Brows - from October's 4Seasons. Wearing Chop Zuey from two sets that I layered over one another - The Betty 2.0 (color change optional) and Sea Mist set.

* [[Masoom]] Albina Gown
* October's 4Seasons Keiko Pearl Skin Tone and Red Brows

- Truth Aida - Maxi Gossamer Groomed Lashes
- Bliensen + MaiTai Bolero Blue Slink Heels
- Chop Zuey Sea Mist Set (Belly Chain and Necklace)
- Chop Zuey Betty 2.0 Set - October's 4Seasons Line Me Up 3

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Over the River and Through the Sn@tch

NEW fun stuff this weekend on the wall at Sn@tch! Knits, Leather & Lots of Holiday Mani Pedis! The special is wicked cute too and there's a new Fishing Outfit too!

These pastel winter cropped jackets are the special this week!
And this hot Ice Queen Outfit in the Fishing Aquarium til next week!
So come over to Sn@tch soon and see what's NEW! 

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Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7) Is Still In Progress – Find This Belladonna Couture Item If You Know Where To Look, Also New Truth and Maxi Gossamer

You may notice that I didn't change much from my #HandsUpDontShoot photo and this set. These photos actually came earlier in the evening but then I got focused on the PEACE campaign and put this aside for a few hours. This morning, I share with you.
Belladonna Couture created this Reindeer Mini for Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7). You can see that without the jacket, the reindeer is right at the heart of the sweetheart neckline and perfect for a fun holiday festivity. Truth hair still has its 50% off sale in progress through 15 December, and every single hair style is on sale from the new releases to old favorites.
I chose Raquel along with a few others because you could never have too many hair styles. Maxi Gossamer created the fur and has her furs also on sale right now with a mega discount. I use her lashes all the time and have ventured into other things she's created. Bangles seen in the Don't Shoot photos are also Maxi Gossamer, her holiday gift.
Sales and gifts abound this holiday season.… Read the rest

A Happy Yule To You — Featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe

YULE (circa December 21)
(Winter Solstice, December 20-23 (varies according to the particular date on the standard calendar according to when the Solstice will occur astronomically)). Longest night of the year, the turning point when the days shall afterwards grow longer as winter begins its passage into the coming spring. It is, in the Goddess worship, the time when she gives forth again to the birth of the Divine Sun child who shall be both child and eventually lover and father of the next child in the cycle. Winter Solstice for pagans is a time of feasting and the exchanging of gifts and is the original Holiday that the Christian religions modified into their own Christmas, even up to the birth of the child (Most theologians who have spent time studying the birth of Jesus admit he was born in either March or April, not the celebrated Christmas date we all know from the standard calendar - it was moved to this date to help induce Pagans to give up their old ways yet allow them their holidays during the spread of Christianity through Europe and the British Isles).… Read the rest

Looking a Lot Like Fun – *Whimsical Imaginarium*, Chop Zuey, A&A, and Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7) w/ Soul Designs

This morning began with a bit of a ditzy moment. But I think it's all fixed now and I can wipe my brow. I growl at myself when I do something dumb. I'm glad the people who I'm privileged to work with understand my humanity and like me anyway!
I'm at Rue a la Page again this morning and today I have on a great jacket design from Whimsical Imaginarium: the Loose Girl Jacket. Just the name itself always makes me smile. Bodza designs the items and always has a flair for the fantastical.
I'm also sporting a pretty little holiday skirt - Soul Designs Bowed Mini Skirt - from Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE7), Chop Zuey has the Britto Cool Sunglasses out to go with the Romero Britto inspired collection, and another great pair of heels come from the vivid imagination of Wicca's Wardrobe called Ripley heels, and last I found a bit of busy hair that seems to match my ditzy morning so well. ~laughs~ It's A&A Makena in Jet Black.

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A Very Merry Lybra! — Hanging Out At the New Rue a la Page Venue – Wicca’s Wardrobe

Waiting for the Fashion Show

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All the Wonders Of the Season — Argrace, ~ghee and Asteria Creations

I did a bit of hunting to find a few new hair designers. I'm looking for off the beaten path ideas. I have seen a few of you share things from places I hadn't visited and that's always fun. In the 10th year anniversary celebration of Second Life, they put out a bit of trivia and one of the questions was, "What's the highest/best selling item in the game?" "Ladies Hair" and it has been every single year since they began tallying such details. Argrace created this hair with the Santa Cap attached, which rocks because I get so frustrated trying to make hair and hats work. They did the work for me!

I saw Katherine Asteria's recent new releases note card come across my desk and I knew I had to have the Cardigan in the picture. I don't know why my tastes lean towards the asymmetric, but they do and this top was just beautiful. There are an assortment of colors suited to this time of year. She's released a pair of pants and boots also but I like to mix and match so I pulled on a pair of ~ghee's new tights and Sky's winter boots to create this look.… Read the rest

Silly Somnia

Hai there you minty snowballs, ♥ Free*Style is celebrating 7 years and holding a special event with everything priced from 0-177L and the theme is SILLY!! So I have a very silly outfit for you guys sold as separates! And best of all they are only 77L a set!!

Only at Somnia at Silly Seven ♥ My Slink Obsession is open and I have some super cute things out for you! These cute simple suede shoes will work for all your holiday party needs. They will only work with the Slink High Feet. Only 95L a set!

And these super cute festive nail polishes which will work not only for Slink but also Belleza and the Omega applier system!

Only at Somnia at My Slink Obsession ♥ I am excited to be apart of the KittyCatS Advent Calender again and you can get this dress set for FREE on Day 7!!! These may or may not be available in the main store afterwards so if you like them be sure to get them just in case!
Only at the KittyCatS Advent Calender ♥ If you like the above dress you just might want the full set and you can grab the rest at the Fab Free gift tree!… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Mewling Darks Ad

It’s a Jolly Holiday With Carrie’s – VIP At Carrie’s Is Always Special ~ Also KaTink Wants You To Look Epic, So Sexy With New Poses!

I love going over to the Rose Theatre at Angel Manor. The grounds and indoors are a labyrinth of hallways and ball rooms, an art theatre and so so much more. I noticed the clock on the wall behind me was keeping real time (not just a prop, it's useful too!!) so you can tell how long I ended up hanging out there while I was working. I also happened to meet this very cute little critter. There was an angel in the critter's name and it talked to me as it hopped by on the way to the dining hall. I thought of Alice and her first vision of the Whiite Rabbit. I don't think I was dreaming, but who knows, right? I mean, I am a Caryn.
The Sexiest Can Also Be The Most Elegant
I've got new poses from KaTink. Have you ever talked to the lady behind the pose maker? I got to learn some of her story last night and it was sweet, and gave me new insight on what she does and why she does it. When you get inspiration from emotion, positive enriching life emotion, the products of that are always the best, as are her poses.… Read the rest

Rue A La Page Has a Party – Guest Model and New Friend Rose Athena Uros – Wearing a NEW Release from Lybra

Two photos from the Rue A La Page party today. I met a new friend and fellow model. Rose Athena, thank you for posing with me! I'm wearing a brand new release for the Instruments by Lybra.

*Lybra Gabbie Dress
 -Chop Zuey Paparazzi Set
-HOLLYHOOD Godiva Heels
-Dark Horse Style Nails
-Standard Items List

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Trying New Things With the Art Of It — Wicca’s Wardrobe, *TuttiFruitti* and Glam Dreams From Peace On Earth Hunt 7 – POE

One of the ways I learn as I go is by watching what other people are doing with their artistry and trying to figure out how to emulate. Last night, I had the worst insomniac's night but in the extra time, and due to the time being late, I got to visit with people I rarely see. I saw one of Alice Tartaglia's recent pictures and I asked her "How did you do that?" She thoughtfully offered a number of ideas and pointers, things she'd tried, and then off I went with my crayons and a head full of new ideas.
These two photos are what I came up with... I had the same concept in my head, but two different portrayals. Ultimately, I like the darker one far better, because in the darkness lay our greatest fears, our looming sense of past failures, and perhaps our motivation to do better with our now, to overcome those things we think sometimes we cannot overcome.
I wore a collection of items from various new events to style for these photos and I really liked how items from the Peace On Earth Hunt, designed by different artists, worked together.… Read the rest

I’d Really Love To Meet You — At Rue La Page – A New Event Sponsored By Lybra – October’s 4Seasons and Lybra

At Rue La Page this morning - as in right now real time 12.4.2014 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time/ 11:45 a.m. SL Time - and I've got some GGGorgeous new things to share. October's 4Seasons creator Ms. October Bettencourt designed an Asian inspired skin for this first month of this new event. It's called Keiko. I have an up close and personal 'bare face challenge' type picture so you can see her in the simplest sweetest of innocence.
No Makeup - Just a Lovely Fresh Face
I've also put on the angelic gown from Lybra that was designed just for this event. It's called Susan and with a few extra pieces like the angel wings from one of Lyrical B!zarre Templates new releases Destiny and the Halo from a friend who created one on the spot for me one day just for the asking...
Oh Christmas Tree
Come by, shop with joy, and let me meet you. I'd love to meet you in person, ermm... in pixels!

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Sexxxy So Sexy at Carrie’s Lingerie, and It’s a Limited Edition For December

Loving friends have suggested, some with a bit of ferocity, that I should get out more, away from work, and just have fun. I've been taking them seriously, because I'm pretty sure they have my health and sanity at heart. I'm not sure I have my health or sanity but that's different.
So Gorgeous
This evening, I asked a model friend to go out, having absolutely no idea where one goes out to... but I ended up at a really beautiful club called Bogart's (I hope I'm spelling it right). He had life pop up almost as soon as I arrived, but things happen. I was still bedazzled by the beautiful locale and music. I even clicked a dance ball thingie and wiggled a while.
Yes, It's Even Hotter Under This Layer!
I paused by this tree because I decided they put it there just for me. It matched my new Limited Edition gown from Carrie's Lingerie. (Yes, I've gone a bit crazy with the holiday lingerie, but it's so addicting and beautiful.) There's always a gown, and then sexxxy hot layers below that elegant exterior.… Read the rest