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On Tour

The sun broke through the clouds for a bit on this frosty cold day, and I was able to get a few good snapshots. I did the SL Tour of…

On Tour



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I was over at the Geeks ‘n’ Nerds event checking out the sim. The rezzing point is in a cool underground subway. As I came up I walked around and…

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geeks 'n' nerds


The Holiday Appreciation Association brings us Havenhollow Returns. You can bid on a date with amazing secondlifers and shop for some Halloween goodies. I picked up this really cute outfit…

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Oh Sheila

I have shown you this outfit recently, but not the shoes! The bow on these shoes are so adorable and girly. Since the theme for Collabor88 is Miami Electric, I…

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Ingenue Sheila Heels


Just wanted to do a quick post to show off the new Exile Locomotion hair and The Secret Store Lola Cropped Sweater. Both are at Collabor88. The super pretty skin…

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Take the Miami Heart with Collabor88!

It’s finally time for Collabor88 this September a […]

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Keeping A "Low" Profile

The Following Adventure Has Been Brought To You By:


Baiastice*Pure Poison*Zibska
Maxi Gossamer*Modern Couture
SLINK*Paper Couture*ZOZ
Beautiful Freak*Angel Rock
Secret Store*booN*Beautiful Deluxe


<crooks her finger in your direction>
Just in case you haven’t heard, I’m one of 12 beauties competing  in the 2014 Colour of Couture (COC) Competition.  Did I call myself a beauty?  I did!  Can you believe it?

I’ve been feeling all sorts of glamorous as of late with COC giving me a real ‘Diva Injection.’  
Not the Diva described in the Urban Dictionary.  You know the ones — Miss Thang, 
Miss High and Mighty, Miss Give-Me-My-Way-Or-There-Will-Be-Hell-To-Pay.
The injection I get from COC is the Diva who is a successful woman exuding 
self-confidence and a unique sense of style.

Colour of Couture recently posted the profiles of all candidates on their website.
This is the first I have seen any competition do 
and I find it an idea others should use an an example.  
For me, the profiles signify that it is not just our outward appearance which governs the outcome of the competition, but our innermost thoughts, as well.

You will find my profile “low” under the others — expected with my name beginning with the last letter in the alphabet.  But, by all means, do not stop with mine.  Read what (Read more...)

Pug Life

The buzz of the week was definitely all about the March round of the ARCADE. I went to check it out yesterday and I frankly can’t get enough. The designers have outdone themselves with a plethora of cute items to suit everyone’s taste. Take a look at the shopping guide here. I’ve put together a look… Continue reading

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Well, SL seems to want to RUIN MY LIFE.  I just found this awesome pack of shirts from last months Collabor88 from The Secret Store shoved in my LANDMARKS folder!!!   It seems SL is out to get me, I haven’t been getting offlines, I have been getting them then not getting the actual IMS […]

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Boots or Hearts which falls apart first?

The LookSkin Izzie’s Maci SKHair Tram D205 Brown NEWTurtleneck Paradisis Skinny SweaterJacket Snap Leather Jacket @ Soho MarketJeans Secret Store Rise Skinny JeansBoots Smesh Terracotta Mesh Low Boots @ Soho MarketPose Infiniti F Basics #09 -16 Pose ab…

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Christmas Town!!

The Look
Skin Izzie’s Kaelyn
Hair and Muffs Argrace Group Gift
Turtleneck Paradisis Skinny Sweater
Jacket Marshmallows Sam Coat Blush @ Kustom9
Jeans Coco Group Gift Skinny Jeans
Skates Secret Store Caramel @ the arcade
Pose Elephant Poses White as Snow #4 @ Winter Trend Event
Location Christmas Town
Have you been to Christmas Town?  What you haven’t gone yet? Well what are you waiting for? Seriously this place is so much fun, you can be part of a marching band, skate the street or go into the ice castle where you can grab pair of skates and skate your way down Christmas Movie Memory Lane!


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Glimmer (Coming Soon @ Arcade)

Hi there! SOOO as we know Arcade will be starting in a few days and I wanted to show some of the items from this round! First is this sexy hair and dress combo from Exile…I love this item. Perfect … Continue reading

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Vintage Innocence

Rack Poses opened the  doors to it’s new ENTIRE sim very recently and there are tons of goodies both PG and Adult to get, I still need me a man prop but I managed to mix and match two dollarbies to bring you a bit of vintage innocence today. I used the Riding Crop pose […]

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LoTD - Vintage Innocence

Jazz Nights

Collabor88 is celebrating its second anniversary with a huge showcase – two stories featuring all the regulars and all the guests from the past year. It is the biggest Collabor88 showcase yet and best of all, it features the clothing … Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch Quiche

So, I am not going to write about quiche. But this post will be a quicky and my college roommate pronounced quiche as quickie, so it has come to have an entirely new context for me, especially as she used … Continue reading

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty…

… and all thanks to Glam Affair, Truth, IKON and The Secret Store! YES, those are the stores I am looking at today, WOO HOO. First off we have the most gorgeous skins from Glam Affair from Summerfest!  Aptly named Summer, this gorgeous girl comes in 2 different tones, America and Jamaica and I am […]

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Glam Affair @ Summerfest '13

Days of Wine and Roses

I know all of you have seen this top many times over. When it came out, it was so new and distinctive that fashionistas rushed to buy it, including this one. It was blogged over and over again. That happens … Continue reading

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Another few bits and bobs for you here, including regular stuff, not just Skin Fair.. but definitely a little Skin Fair shoved in I have seen SO much love and praise for TLC and their “The Boutique” event, it’s a really lush event with some of the grids BEST designers and already promises to be […]

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♥catch your balance and you will overcome it…

Featuring ~ Newness from Maitreya Top: Maitreya [NEW] <3 Skin: Belleza Ava Hair: Amacci Bracelets: Mandala Necklace: Maxi Gossamer [NEW] Shoes: The Secret Store [NEW @ The Arcade] Socks: Erratic Pose: Del May ♥Kalli

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eyeoftiger 030813

Make Mine a Sarsaparilla with Phosphate

I headed out to an old-fashioned diner thinking I would like an old-fashioned soda. When I was a child, it was an 85 mile drive to go to the eye doctor, so mom always gave me a special treat taking … Continue reading

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