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Feel The Crisp Fall Air At The Neighbourhood!

The Neighbourhood is here again with amazing home and d […]

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The Neighbourhood




October 2014
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Autumn Skyloft

Skyloft: {vespertine} – chanson dautomne skyloft Entrance: {vespertine}- dreamers vehicle/poet | vintage postbox/yellow {what next} Pembury Bench (with leaves) AF Feuilles Lantern Sway’s [Door Mat] mustache RARE @ The Arcade Gacha Event Livingroom: [ARIA] Holden dining SET @ FaMESHed [ARIA] Sorrel console bar SET @ Creation.Jp [ARIA] Aurora potted Monstera Deliciosa {what next}Toaster (yellow) | […]

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Quiet Morning

Featured items available @ TLC – The Garden: [PM] Pixel Mode – Manchester Set [Fetch] Vega Desk Set Alouette – Dewey The Robot – Rusted Plethora – Planterbot Second Spaces – Future Past shelves (full)   Featured items available @ The Arcade Gacha Event: Fashionably Dead – Posed Cats Flowey – Night at the Library […]

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I Love Fall More Than Alicia Chenaux

Don’t you hate it when someone shows you a satire site and you don’t get it? Alicia showed me this site yesterday and I was bufuddled. Who is Courtney? Why don’t I know who she is? I mean, I get it now, but at first I thought I had missed some whole internet phenom until […]

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every day starts and ends in sunlight …

  ***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: skybox by Scarlet Creative @The Arcade hanging shelf by Cheeky Pea couch + chair by Cheeky Pea curtain by ARIA workspace outfit by tres blah suitcases by tarte. backgammon set by Second Spaces marbles checkers by Second Spaces puzzle by Second Spaces table by Cheeky Pea Burgermeal by […]

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Get Technological with The Liaison Collaborative!

The Liaison Collaborative is back for another round and […]

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A very, very fine house

I do not move houses very often in Second Life® or in real life. It is just too much work. However, when the Brooklyn Carriage House came out at Collabor88 last month, I could not resist its bright red doors and fine brickwork. I finally have everything arranged, but will be moving shortly. I thought […]

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My House

Fifty Linden Friday Goodness!

It’s finally Friday once again and that means tha […]

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Post #661 ARIA

Chair: [PM]Pixel Mode – The Sewing Corner  – Windsor Chair White | THE ARCADE GACHA Sewing Patterns: Second Spaces – Old sewing patterns w/fabric | THE ARCADE GACHA Table: junk. machine table. | THE ARCADE GACHA Cactus: [ARIA] Parma potted cactus big | TMD Mannequin: junk. half man(nequin). | THE ARCADE GACHA Door Mat: Sway’s [Door Mat] international | THE ARCADE GACHA […]

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Here’s To The Good Times

Hello Everyone!
I am back after a little blogging break to show you some of the great items available at The Arcade and Fameshed.
Here's To The Good Times
(click for larger pic)

Credits Izzie:
dress: Fishy Strawberry – Saloon Dress (@ Fameshed)
boots: Pure Poison – Eleyna Boots (@ Fameshed)
owl: Half Deer – Ruffle McFeathers the Grey Owl (@ Fameshed)
hair: Wasabi Pills – Mandy (@ Fameshed)
skin: Izzie’s – Olive Skin
pose: Del May – Ledge Stretch
Credits Deco:
house: tarte - Autumn cottage RARE (@ The Arcade)
wheelbarrow: Consignment - Planter’s Habitat – Wheelbarrow (@ The Arcade)
windows: Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – old window frames (@ The Arcade)
bears: Boogers - Papa, Mama and Baby Bear (@ The Arcade)
cats: Fashionable Dead – Cat 10 Scared and Cat 18 Peeking in Box RARE (@ The Arcade)
birdcage shelf: Junk - Birdcage Shelves (@ The Arcade)
broom: HPMD - Basic Broom
door deco: Zigana - Door Deco (@ The Arcade)
chair: Pixel Mode – The Sewing Corner  – Windsor Chair White (@ The Arcade)
bike: Consignment  -  Planter’s Habitat – Bike Planter (@ The Arcade)
tricycle: Little Hopper – Tricycle Green (@ The Arcade)
cat on tricycle: Aisling - NINO Sand (@ The Arcade)
well: oyasumi - Japanese Well / RARE (@ The Arcade)
ground: Izzie’s – Autumn Road + Leaves (T-junction)
leaves on ground: 3D Trees – Autumn Trees – Fallen Leaves
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Here's To The Good Times

… and tonight, I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart

***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: skybox by Apple Fall table by Cheeky Pea chair by Cheeky Pea outfit form by -tres blah- @The Arcade robe by Dutchie privacy screen by Bazar Gretchen Peonies in a vase by [ARIA] @The Arcade mitarashi dango (food at table) by poche sick day pills, cough syrup […]

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Summer 2014 Home: Classy Bohemian

Normally I blog this in July or August, but my summer got away from me. Hiram and I made this home in July and have enjoyed it all summer. We will be changing it for fall soon, so it was past time that I got it on my blog.House: [barnesworth anubi…

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Digging For Gold

So this tiny little event started this week. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. I believe it’s called… THE ARCADE. Okay, so you basically have to be living under the biggest rock in the deepest cave in the most remote part of Antarctica to not know …

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Style - Digging For Gold

you don’t have to explain, just come home

Arcade Gacha is in full swing and I am thrilled about it. Not just because I am one of the Arcade staff members that has been working months on preparing it but because – ALL THE THINGS!I am a huge and I mean HUGE fan of home goods – I can’t resist any…

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House: :HAIKEI: Pansy Japanese Traditional House Fence: {vespertine} upcycled fence town/autumn | The Arcade Gacha Tree: Hayabusa Design Forest Tree F9aWT3 2 Mailbox: oyasumi / mailbox / dark | The Arcade Gacha Puppy: ISPACHI [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket | RARE | The Arcade Gacha Frames: Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – old window frames | The Arcade […]

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It’s a Wonderful Day in The Neighbourhood!

The Neighbourhood is back again this week with 8 absolu […]

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The Neighbourhood

PREVIEW: The Arcade, September 2014 Edition

Oh yes! It’s that time again…time for the l […]

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And We Seem so Normal

Ok, this post has taken me literally a week to do but I am so swamped in RL & SL that I can’t even tell you the last time I changed. I have taken on some huge tasks for the upcoming SL Home & Garden Expo, which while may leave my own blogging a…

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H&G 021

7 – Liquors – Next Left – The mens dept August 2014 – Thanks Agustkov!!!! 7 – Goldstein’s – Thanks Agustkov!!!! 7 – Route 66 Sign (7 Group Gift) 7 – Time Card Shelf Soy. – Glass Fishing Float -hanging – Kustom 9 Soy. – Beer bottle box MudHoney – Eva Coffee Table MudHoney – Eva Books Scarlet Creative for […]

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let’s get lost …

I spent the last days with decorating my SL-home … from country-style to mid-town … urban … something like this and now .. I’m back to country … I felt a little lost in my urban-style home so I came back to more cozy and calm … besides that … I run a little yard […]

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