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Atelier Kreslo featuring Second Spaces and Flowey

April showers not only bring May flowers, but a new rou […]

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April 2014
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Art and Teaching

I sometimes joke that my love of art began while playing Masterpiece, the art auction board game. But, that was purely superficial. My lifelong deep appreciation for art came from my art teacher. I actually had two art teachers, a husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. S. She taught 7th and 8th grade art and […]

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Studio Apartment

Featured items available @ TLC – The Garden (this round’s last day!) {what next} Studio Apartment Skybox Second Spaces – Minouveau art cutouts – white | Minouveau corner shelves | Minouveau sideboard – white   Featured items available @ The Home Show MudHoney Leslie Sectionals | Leslie Coffee Table – tea | Leslie Pillows | […]

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All Good Things Come to an End

  Three very good things are coming to an end. The quarterly gacha festival at The Arcade ends today. The annual Skin Fair has ended and the March cycle of Collabor88 is nearing its end as well. If you have been waiting for the crowds to thin before going in for your mad shopping spree […]

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Happy Friday to Everyone!

Time to say hello to Friday with Fifty Linden Friday an […]

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Stretching Her Legs

…continued from yesterday.After the mermaid awoke the man found an old pair of his pajama bottoms and tank top for her to wear. He set her up in his spare room with all the things one would normally have to get better. Of course the poor dear was not…

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How do beds work?


Featured Items available @ TLC – The Garden: Trompe Loeil – Neoteric [ARIA] Martina outdoor patio SET +CONVAIR+ Minimalist Bedroom Set dark adult (boxed) Atelier Visconti – Set Vincent +Half-Deer+ Swallows In Flight – Suspended | Stand | Shadow Box +Half-Deer+ Minimalist Fox | Rabbit | Owl | Lop-Ear +Half-Deer+ Minimalist Tree Alouette – Biblioteca […]

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The Liaison Collaborative – March Collection

  This round of Liaison Collaborative is coming fr […]

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The Liaison Collaborative

The Things I Do

Lola may be the best friend and SL sister a girl could have but she is also an evil task master. You see there are no free rides in the world of Arcade. Oh no I have to work for the leftovers that Lola throws my way. In fact she left me a whole list of…

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Cleaning the kitchen

Fairy Tales

House: Sway’s [Andersen] half timbered Summerhouse (for The Challenge) Fence: Sway’s [Andersen] Fence Gnomes: Sway’s [Zwergin] Garden Gnome |[Zwerg] Garden Gnome (FLF)   Featured Items available @ The Arcade Gacha Event (Starts March 1st) {what next} Cottage Washing Line | Spring Clean  Bucket (cream) | Garden Broom Decor (rez) Alouette – Fairy Tree House Trompe […]

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Fifty Linden Friday is Here Everyone!

Hello Friday and hello to Fifty linden Friday! A new ro […]

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Bathroom Break!

There are a couple of things [among many, really] that I love in SL. One is having a house that is realistic enough, and two is… The Arcade!! When Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces started showing sneak peeks of her Arcade set Bathroom Clutter, it spok…

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Style - Bathroom Break

PREVIEW – The Arcade, March 2014 edition

  Get those clicky fingers ready!  It is time once […]

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Let’s visit The Neighborhood!

  Hey, friends, let’s visit The Neighborhood […]

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The Neighborhood

Catching Comets

Items available @ Collabor88 : Scarlet Creative Catching Comets Mesh House 7 – Box of Stars – MudHoney Jerry Office Set 8f8 – CEO Coffee-To-Go SET Open  CUP – EXTRAVAGANT LISP – Mesh – Jacob Bookcase with books &  Ladder A.D.D.Andel! Planet Lamp-Uranus/Neptune/Pluto The Loft – La Sina Lounge Chair Plum Second Spaces – Supernova wall […]

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Space Study

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve never been a huge fan of any kind of “space” theme in SL. But some of the designers for Collabor88 this round have done such a great job, they just might be changing my mind!Second Spaces and MudHoney are two of my utmost favo…

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Style - Space Study

Supernova explosions at Collabor88.

It’s the 8th of the month, so this means Collabor […]

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Por Amor…

Skybox: llorisen // dion skybox (groupgift)   Bedroom: [ARIA] Adelaide bed | Adelaide decorative tray @ The Mens Dept [ARIA] Bianca table light @ FaMESHed [ARIA] Gaia clothing Rack with light | Raquel potted Monstera Deliciosa MudHoney Padded Headboard | Madagascar Basket | Madagascar Boxes | Neve Mirror | Eva Art | Sheryl Garden Lantern […]

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Shades of Love

House: [ba] industrial loft Bedroom: [ARIA] Bianca bedroom mini SET @ FaMESHed Trompe Loeil – Ines Ottoman Charcoal | Ines Floor Lamp Tan Tiles | Ines Chair Charcoal | Ines Weave Screen Natural Illustrated @ FaMESHed [CIRCA] – “Tusciana” Breakfast Tray – Pinks |:Luxely: Heart Candles – Cocoa {Mango Cheeks} Teddy Slippers: Brown Bear Shapan! […]

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One Of Those Girls

Happy February, everyone! I love the start of a new month, don’t you? I don’t have much to say today because it’s Saturday, it’s camp day, events are opening, and who has time to read, anyway? It’s time to shop!!!In This Post:Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel…

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Style - One Of Those Girls-1