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Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~Featuring Maitreya Series~pt. 4

This is the very last part of my Luxe Box series that is not for Belleza. I have proven my point lol I suppose, that over time the options for Belleza in the box have jumped up and down for the most part until the most recent “hiccup” of February 2017. This most recent box... Read More

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February 2017
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Magick Thoughts in oil painting Second Life

One of the mottos I have always lived by is “Go big or go home.” The things I dive into from the high dive keep me busy for sure. I want to share with you this representation of my thoughts today. It is actually a quick snap from a blog I wrote yesterday about the […]Read Post ›

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Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~ pt. 3

Once in awhile I think that the sidewalk is a street for a split second. It’s at times like this I need to slow down my mind and notice my surroundings. Nevermind the cracks under my feet I have to step over so I don’t brake my grandmothers back. I used to feel this way […]Read Post ›

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90s are totally in!

It’s been awhile since I actually really enjoyed blogging with someone. Saka and I always talked about collaborating on blog posts, but we never really followed through. Until one day a very great friend of mine left a present in my IM box told me to enjoy, Thank you ColeMaire. I never really was one…Read more 90s are totally in!

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Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~ pt. 2

Here is the second part of my “proving a point to myself.” All of my images here are of Luxe Box fashions that are NOT for Belleza at all. These are all Maitreya exclusive and Maitreya/Slink. You can refer to my previous blog post for all my heart felt rambling if you like because then it […]Read Post ›

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Lunch is the best time

“I’ll probably be still playing a School Girl when I’m 60” — Chris Lilley BODY Hair: Oleander  Minvera – Natural tones [FLF]   CLOTHING Outfit: Sn@tch – Larkin Mini Outfit [New] Shoes: Insanya – Platform Oxfords – Solid Socks: [Bubble] – Basic Prim Socks – Red Stockings: Mignon – Little Doll Cafe – Knee High…Read more Lunch is the best time

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Luxe Box Inventory ~Not for Belleza Fashions~ pt. 1

This is Part 1. I am an avid Belleza girl. Everything about my avi is Belleza that can be. Belleza’s mesh bodies are beautiful, toned and artwork to look at and wear. When I wear Belleza people ask me what body I have and I proudly tell them. I have been buying the Luxe Box […]Read Post ›

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The Weekend Steals Softly Into My Life

The weekend is here and I’m confused how it even arrived so quickly. The week flew by with things to do, places to shop and people to see. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. My new bed is making it hard to do more than just wake up, I want to lounge in this girly masterpiece forever honestly. I think I may have run the gauntlet being red though, my attention span isn’t as long as a month. Also – SL days are shorter than RL days so really I’ve probably already been red for a month. TIME FOR A CHANGE. Who knows maybe I’ll go back to blonde. Maybe I’ll just keep changing it up. I can’t even decide! Itsonlyfashionblog.com
Gidge is Wearing:
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.2
Skin: Izzie’s
Hair: Exile:: First Dance COLLABOR88
Ring: Izzie’s – Initials Love Ring R
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.5
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – R – Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original V3.02 (ADD ME)
Lingerie:[Atomic] Intimates // Storytime_Physique – Magenta (Bottom)
[Atomic] Intimates // Storytime_Physique – Magenta (Top)COLLABOR88
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit // LeLutka Simone Bento (new)
Bed: Half Deer – Dreamrose Princess Bed – Collabor88

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Never Go Away! ~Paris Metro Couture~

Friends and family are all we need in this pixel world and the real world. Hold them dear and close because we never know what is around the bend. Please click the image to see it larger. Paris Metro Couture: Never Go Away comes in mesh sizes and appliers. Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Slink […]Read Post ›

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The Geisha of Yoshiwara Okiya at Sydney City Opera House ~You Are Invited!~

You are invited to attend a very special performance by the Geisha of Yoshiwara Okiya Saturday February 18, 2017 | 2:00 pm SLT in the beautiful Sydney City Opera House, Sydney, Australia SYDNEY CITY OPERA HOUSE LM Casual or Formal Attire Please A Paris METRO Couture Presentation The geisha of Yoshiwara Okiya, are a SL […]Read Post ›

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Sir’s Valentine Special

Happy Belated Valentine everyone. Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday, but I was being lazy and spending time with the specials in my life and Second Life. For a couple of days I was trying to figure out how to tell the special people in my Second life how I cherished them how I…Read more Sir’s Valentine Special

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Lazuri Valentina ~Happy Valentines Day!~

Happy Valentines day to you! In my head I like to call Lazuri my personal walk in jewelry box 🙂 So I walk in and see the beautiful Valentina Complete Set is at a gift of a price only 299L. Also you can buy it as a gift for your special someone since there is […]Read Post ›

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❤The St Valentines Day Ball ~You Are Invited!~❤

You are invited to attend two parties for the first time ever! Feb 14th, 2017 ❤We are having two celebrations a formal ball and a casual party.❤ St. Valentine’s Day Ball in Paris Paris METRO Couture Courtyard a Formal Ball Event 1:00- 2:00 pm SLT Miss Cast – Love Songs in the Key of Jazz […]Read Post ›

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Different to me

“Screamin’ til we overdose” “I almost did the other day” “You can’t handle what you’re seein'” “Baby, you should look away”  “I was layin’ in the kitchen” “Shit, i didn’t even Pray”  “Smile all on my face”  “This the shit that I embrace”  BODY Hair: Sn@tch – Ingrid – Goths [New] Eyes: Clemmm – I’m…Read more Different to me

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Pamper time

Ah yes, the season of lurrrve is approaching – well the day earmarked for love anyway. Personally I prefer to show my love all year round, not always with gifts but caring and doing little romantic things , I am a tender-hearted soul (or a tight ass one of the two!) Anyyyyway, RC Cluster have this sweet little foot spa out at the moment – I love their stuff, always bang on trend and realistic. You sit and get a choice of three animations, plus the option to have sound effects, it’s SO much fun! I plonked a pouffe under me and got on with some titillating (decor not included btw) If you’re into a chatty group with lots of social activities – join RC Cluster – there’s always something happening and lots of hilarious convo’s. My adorable little slip-of-a-thing nighty is from Neve, a ton of options for making the knickers or nighty sheer, also you can remove the nighty or knickers via the HUD – TADAH! Four colours per pack and loads of other packs/colours/textures available – go on treat yourself!… Read the restrc-cluster-footspa-new-neve-nighty-hearts-four-colour-pack

Happy Valentine Promo $79L !(free hair also)

Oh la la Stars Fashion has a fabbo promo on at the moment – this outfit, complete with thigh high boots and a Hud with four colour options – is just $79L! Yes indeedy-do, what a great deal huh? The Hud also allows you to have the sweater dress with the jolly logo, or without. Boots: Belleza,Slink,Maitreya &  Sweater: Maitreya,Slink physique,hourglass,Belleza Freya,Isis,Venus. Ohhhh and I’m wearing another of those Pr!tty group gift hair do’s – no join fee yippeee! Stars Fashion store Stars Fashion market place Pr!tty
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Slinky (FREE hair & Shoes)

Havent had a chance to share with you one of the many new releases from Neve ! This is the bitty “plaid” skirt, as is usual it does come in many packs of varying patterns and colours – each pack contains four colours – great value. The sweater is called “hung” and it does drape so gorgeously over the skirt – or whatever else you’re going to wear. Nifty little camisole peeks out from the deep v neck just for a splash of colour. (Mesh body sizes & standard fits included in the box, demo’s available for free.) I know its old but my hair is a freebie from Pr!tty, free to join group and heaps of group gifts to get, go check it out! My shoes are from Slipper – I dashed over to grab these ASAP as they are such a fantastic shade of red, perfect for V day coming up! Fits for Maitreya, Belleza & Slink included, this is the gift for the Love is in the air hunt – slightly different from most as you need to grab a pair of hunting goggles to get your paws on the gift – more info on WWW.moolto.com   Neve store Neve market place Neve blog (for all info) Slipper Pr!tty
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Glorious pop of colour (FREE V-day gown!)

Ready for some colour? Luxe Paris has it in buckets – just the thing to brighten the cold weather. Above is the sweet “Moonstruck” dress, so feminine with its optional waist flower and sheer layer on the skirt. Most mesh bodies catered for in this btw – so grab a demo. This is “poptart” and the shocking pink really does POP! I have just visited the store and found that this gorgeous gown is set out as a gift! You will also find a free outfit for the guys – if youre heading out to celebrate Valentines day – they really are just purrrfect. Mesh body & standard sizes in the box. New hair btw from Cheveux, its an adorable messy pony and only $100L a colour! You will find it at The Chapter Four. Luxe Paris The Chapter Four  
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Fire Down Below

I told my good friend Sasy that I was bored and needed to zip up what I was doing and sharing here in blogland. She’s working on being more informative, sharing things and she wants to help improve your SL. I have no such noble aspirations. I once wore a prim vagina on the outside of my pants for a week because I didn’t know how to cam. You’re on your own girls, I’m just too silly to be a great sharer of knowledge. Plus the stuff I learn in trial by fire is always the stuff I become GOOD at. You can ask Sasy that too, as I’m always asking her stuff such as “Why don’t my hands work right?” and she’ll reply without even looking at which version I’m wearing “Probably because you didn’t pick up the update from six months ago…..” It’s good to have friends who love you despite the fact that you’re a flibbertygibbet. Sasy suggested the cure for my boredom is going red. She also suggested Cajsa go blonde for the month but I’m gonna leave that to Cajsa, she might not be bored enough to change who she is for the next 23 days.… Read the rest

Everything Bleeds

“Love seems all I want” “Love seems all I need” “Love seems everything” “I know everything bleeds.”  Hair: Doe – Polly – Monotones [New][@ Sanarae] Skin: Soul – Gen 2 – F – Fala – [SE Snow] [New][@ We <3 RP] Ears: Soul – Uni Ears v2 – Heavy Heart [New] [@ The Coven]  …Read more Everything Bleeds

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