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Keep your cool

I’m back ! Had two lovely holidays now its back to the grind – boohoo. Neve has some brilliant new releases out, that cheered me up. If you’re looking to keep cool, head over and check out the pretties. Above is the “swing stripe”, one top and a Hud with four colours. Just adore this bright blue, so summery and sweet. The shirt falls around you from the halter neck, the rear is nicely detailed too. Other packs in the same style with different colours/patterns. I also got grabby paws over this one called “trio peace”, easy to wear and über stylish. One design, Hud with four colours – whats not to love?! Fits for both tops: Body Support:
Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M
Includes Maitreya Lara Fitted
Includes Belleza Isis & Freya Perky Fitted
Includes Slink Physique& Hourglass Fitted Ohhhh btw, I am also wearing the neve shorts, gawd these have saved my bacon this summer. Mesh body fits, and damn they fit awesomely.… Read the restNeve swing stripe top NEW!




August 2016
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Jules Verne ~Capt Nemo SALE~ at Paris Metro Couture!!

The Captain Nemo Collection is On Sale! Special: Collector’s Intro Pricing of 450 L or less each Sale Includes: Gowns, Boots, Shoes, Jewelry, Men’s Suit. When: Now through August 31st Where: Only in Paris Couture Fits: Classic Avatars + Belleza, Maitreya (with Omega) and Slink Bodies PMC LM Capt Nemo! AMAZING! Go get yours!!!!! Nemo’s […]Read Post ›

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How Very Exciting!! ~Paris Metro Couture~

Thrilling and new the dance was exceptional as they twirled around. Her feet lightly tapped the stone floor as he guided their every move. Smooth and dreamy the evening was “How Very Exciting!” Paris Metro Couture has done it again with a beautiful fun new gown and matching tux! Don’t miss yours! Bonjour à tous, […]Read Post ›

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Second Life Marketplace: full permission product scams

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:
Image: Strawberry Singh The Second Life Marketplace is both a convenience and a pain. Convenience because it provides an ease of selling / buying to users. Pain because its sheer size can make it difficult to effectively police, leaving it open to various forms of…

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Promo offer

This is the new offering from Stars Fashion “Kaylie”, complete outfit (with a bag that I haven’t shown) includes the following: – HUD with textures
– Shorts: Slink Physique, Hourglass, Belleza Freya,Venus,Isis
– Shoes: Slink, Maitreya, Belleza
– Shirt: Classic 5 sizes, Maitreya,Slink physique,Hourglass,Belleza Freya,Isis,Venus
– Handbag with hand and shoulders pose Read whats included carefully girls – and note that there is not a fit specifically for Maitreya in the shorts, although everything else will fit. All this for just $99L ! What a crackin steal, shoes alone are worth $99L no? Here is the Hud, you get four colours of each piece, so co-ordinate or mix it up, up to you! This is a limited time promo, then the price goes back up. My appplier fishnets are by Schadenfreude, I did pop over to their store but couldnt find them – I know I bought them at an event last year, however they do have a boatload of other applier based stockings that are equally as cool !… Read the restStars new new new

All change

I found time to pop inworld between holidays! Yes yes I am off on my travels again Thursday, but I really wanted to share a coupla items with you before I leave. (More if I have time) Anyhoooo Neve have some pretty things out in the form of sundresses , two styles with a whole heap of colours and patterns. Each set comes with it’s on Hud that gives a choice of four colourways (Above is “cadence” blossom pack) – neat! The adorable strawberry patch Im sat on is by Jinx, it comes with two versions, one as above and one with an “AFK” sign, no prims taken up as it’s a wearable yipppeee! There are a few of these in the store – and uhm – well lets just say I may have a bit of an addiction to wearable stuff, ok?   Second style of frock “vivi” from Neve, I plumped for the blossom version again – gotta love me some florals. My hair is a new buy from Monso – love this hair designer to bits. You can grab this at the new round of Kustom9.… Read the restNeve new - Jinx afk strawberry wearable - Monso hair NEW

My August Luxe Box!! You can have these too!

This months August Luxe Box was like Christmas for me to open! Since Belleza had their update many more designers are creating beautiful things! Luxe Box this month has proven this with seven designers including hair that I can wear!! All clothing and hair designers do a fatpack for their Luxebox submission so the subscription […]Read Post ›

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Best You Ever #BYE!!!!!

It’s all about YOU!!!! Don’t accept anything else in Second Life ever! #BYE You deserve to feel like a Charlies Angel! Best You Ever and ALWAYS! Wearing: Pareo Ensamble including top, pants, belly bracelet and hoop earrings. The top is available in classic mesh sizes, Slink, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. The pants are available in […]Read Post ›

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So Girly It Hurts

I can’t help it. I’m a girly girl. But even my girly self couldn’t resist this hot release at Collabor88 from Fawny. I’m feeling kind of girl and TOUGH now that I take a good look.  Those hanging beads, the likes of which Greg Brady would covet, are available from COLLABOR88 this month from Maxi Gossamer. What a fun release! Now, I’m trying to decide what to do now that I’m all suited up. Ideas? Itsonlyfashionblog.com
Gidge is Wearing:
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.6
Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Doe: Carlie Fitted – Fatpack COLLABOR88
Lingerie: Fawny – Passion.Body – Maitreya Experimental – Black
Fawny – Passion.Harness Collabor88
Bottom – Maitreya Experimenta Collabor88
Fawny – Passion.Harness Top – Maitreya ExperimentalCollabor88
iJewelryeQED soiree.earring. Collabor88
rings: ieQED soiree.ring.left
ieQED soiree.ring.right COLLABOR88
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Curtain: Maxi Gossamer Collabor88

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Collabor88 Is Setting Up…Are You Ready?

I’m wandering the streets of this little coastal town,exploring in some casual comfort from Collabor88’s AUGUST edition. It’s a beautiful round so far, I think you’re going to enjoy it a lot.  The masquerade style sunglasses from Commoner tickled my fancy this morning so I brought them along, even thought it’s a cloudy day around here. My dress today is from  Mutresse who is releasing it with a HUD with a bajillion little options to tweak and make it your own. My hair and jewelry are ALSO from Collabor88  I’m feeling kind of peachy and persimmony on this Sunday morning,as you can see. Collabor88 will open up tomorrow on the 8th as usual and it’s going to be a great big one. 120 vendors will be there to kick off this birthday edition of Collabor88 so you know it’s NOT to be missed. Now, I’ve got to do something exploring and dust off the cobwebs of my brain. I’ve been homebound too many days.… Read the rest

I’m Walkin’….Except I’m Not

There are some bloggers who do an amazing job of reflecting a variety of skin tones when sharing new releases from creators. I’m not one of them. I think my instinctual nod would go to Sydd Sinister. There are probably others. I’m always impressed with the amount of effort it takes to make a gorgeous contact sheet style post showing all the options with a skin or hair release. I decided to shake myself up and choose a totally different skin tone for myself, simply because in Second Life we can be whomever we want. I’m wearing a tone called Cocoa from Alaska Metro that you can pick up at Mesh Body Addicts event. Belleza recently updated their bods, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already. As for me, well I haven’t been able to get Gidge to be able to WALK for the past two days so I’m pretty sure she’s just going to have to ride around on this Flamingo forever. Don’t mind me. I’ll be dragging this through events.… Read the rest

Stego Kawaii

Manga Fair starts Aug 6th and here is a few items you can get there. Plus I’m rocking an amazing mod thanks to my friend Red who gave me the information to a new little furry gathering that happens on Sundays. Not sure if it’s EVERY Sunday or every other Sunday, well this past Sunday…Read more Stego Kawaii

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Rococo Candy ~gift~ With Love from Paris Metro Couture!

“Rococo Candy knows no century or time of day because all it knows is friends, happiness, love and beauty are everything.”–AmandaMagick The week just keeps getting better, we have a beautiful new Paris METRO VIP group gift in store for you! The Rococo-Candy Gown with Appliers is your new group gift, we thank you for […]Read Post ›

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Belleza Update Is Out Now!! ~Belleza Universal Hud System 2016~

I am so excited I am sharing this video by Belleza! The Belleza Update is out now! This new hud system takes our Belleza Body to a whole new level! You can color your own nails, color your layers, Twirl the alpha image around to click various areas you need, save your outfits, color your […]Read Post ›

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Our Mimi the French Poodle Has Found Sales for You!!

(Please click the images to see them larger!) Our Mimi the French Poodle has found the 350 L Sales for you! WHEN: Beginning at Midnight 7/25.2016 – till 7/31/2016 WHERE: Paris METRO Couture in Paris France Only (not mp) Main Floor WHAT: 20 Elegant Gowns (350L) and Shoes (100L) normally 900-1400 L For a very […]Read Post ›

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#515 Fair Post #4

It is so hot here I can hardly bare to sit at my pc but I wanted to blog the hair that I didn't get round to yesterday.   You still have 10 days to shop at Hair Fair but don't leave it too late!
Top Row:  
Half-Shut Eyes (Wildcards) & Captive Kiss (Fantasy 1)
Bottom Row: Breathing in You (Natural Fusion) & Wherever I go (Blondes) 

First up this time is Exile, and as we all know, the lovely Kavar Cleanslate is the king of the big flowing locks, and he has certainly not disappointed this time round.  I love how his hair is always very feminine and often has a boho kinda vibe which really works for me.  I can see myself wearing all four of these do's again and again.  Oh, Exile also has a hair for the guys at Hair Fair which is well worth checking out.
Top Row:  Analog Dog Evolve (dark reds), Justice (light browns)
Bottom Row:  Redmint 36.16 (fantasy) & 39.16 (Natural & Fantasy)
Next up on the first row above is Analog Dog - on my first avvie who is 9 years old (retired long before Zsa was born), I can remember seeing someone at a concert who was wearing a gorgeous crinkled flowing flexi do, and I IM'd her to ask where she got it (no inspecting in those days - or if there was, I didn't know about it), and that hairstyle became my favourite and my old avvie is probably still wearing it!.… Read the rest

#514 Hair Fair Post #3

aka "All about Alice"

Top:  Bellina II
Bottom:  Faye 
Ok, I plead heatstroke or something of that ilk (whines "it's too hot").  When I sat down to do the shoot for this post I was going to show at least 3, maybe 4, different designers from the Hair Fair.  I opened the Alice Project folder first and - er - as you can see, this post turned out to be all about Alice.  It's a while since I played with the Alice Project huds, and my heat addled brain found the best way to take my mind off it, and that meant taking a gazillion pics to make collages with.

Top:  Faye ll Short
Bottom:  Jennilyn
In my defence (whines again a little louder "the heat, the heat, it makes me mad you know"), Alice Project hair is up there with all the top designers, in my opinion.  The styles are always unique, the textures wonderful and the huds are humoungously awesome.  I will be honest, it took me a long time to fall in love with Alice Project hair as I just couldn't get my head round the hud system.Read the rest

#513 Hair Fair Post #2

This third Hair Fair post brings together some gorgeous new "do's" from Lelutka, Tameless and Wasabi Pills.  All of them and so much more, is waiting for you right now at Hair Fair 2016.   If you are not yet in the demo group I suggest joining, it is so much easier to try on demos at home without the lag.  All info can be found in a previous post here.  Don't forget to buy as much as you can, including bandanas, so Hair Fair 2016 can raise as much as possible for Wigs for Kids.
I love all the styles in this blog post, but Tameless have probably been one of the surprises of the Hair Fair for me this year, I really love all of their styles and also the textures are great.  "Do's" 1 and 4 above are my particular Tameless favourites.  All the Lelutka hairs are too fabulous for words. and the Wasabi Pills so pretty.
Wasabi Pills

Mesh body (including hands and feet): Maitreya Lara
Shape:  based on  Strawberry Singh Zara but tweaked 
Mesh Head:  Catwa Jessica 
Applier & Make-up:  Pink Fuel Morgana
Hair:  LelutkaTameless and Wasabi Pills  - available exclusively at Hair Fair 2016
Mesh Hairbase:  No MatchEyes:  Avi-Glam Ardent Eyes - Arctic packTop:  Top:  DE Designs - Betty Tank - available at Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Poses:  Izzies Headshots

Tools I use in most blog postsSecondSnaps&n (Read more...)

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#512 Hair Fair 2016 Post #1

Here I bring you one of hopefully many posts where I will be concentrating entirely on Hair Fair 2016 goodies, thereby hopefully persuading you to go along and buy as much hair and as many bandanas as you can to make this year's Wigs for Kids donation the most successful ever.  As well as the well known participants this year, are some new (to me) designers I hope to show.
This first post brings together some very different hair styles from Elikatira and KoKoLoReS, all of which can be found right now at Hair Fair 2016.  

Firstly, the Elikatira - the hair shown here is Constance (sunset colours hud), Haley (red hud) and Nadia (blondes hud).  I love them all, but I think Constance would be great for anyone rp'ing as a mermaid so chose a fantasy colour to show here.  Haley and Nadia I would wear any day, and wouldn't be surprised if they both end up in my most worn hair folder.  

Onto KoKoLoReS - I was just going to share a selection but couldn't decide which to leave out so you are getting 'em all, including the very generous gift.… Read the rest

#509 My name is ZsaZsa, and I collect body parts

Today's post brings together items from Collabor88, Cosmopolitan, Season's Story and Indie Teepee.  I am wearing Trinity, the first mesh head from LAQ, along with their Camille applier.

Yes, I am an addict, I can't help myself, the second I hear of a new mesh body part, I start twitching and it gets worse till I get my grabby little hands on it and can start playing with it. Trinity is a pretty head, as is the Camille applier (there are also a number of old LAQ skins which have been updated as appliers).  Both the hud and instructions that come with the head are very user friendly, and I was able to get the head in a wearable state within a minute of taking it out of the box.  The hud is pretty minimal compared to the Catwa huds, there are options for hair base, eyebrows, eyeshadow, lipstick and freckles, and a small number of expressions.  My first impressions is that I like Trinity, but don't feel "me" in her, and I can't see her beating my Catwa heads to become my #1 go to head, but who knows, that might change with further updates/options and skins.… Read the restPost #509