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Magick Thoughts Art : belle impressionniste!

Originally posted on Windlight Magazine:
Saoirse reviews Virtual Paris: ‘I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.’ -René Decartes I visited Paris in-world the past few days captivated by a small gallery placed above the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Parisian neighborhoods are called arrondissements and this…

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August 2015
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“You wake up, flawless.” “Post up, flawless.” “Ridin’ round in it, flawless.” “Flossin’ on that, flawless.” BODY Hair: Blues Hair – Naiesli Avatar: DSD – Lapine   CLOTHING Jacket: SAKIDE – Denim Loose Jacket Top: Sn@tch – Bangtan Bikini Top [New] Skirt: Sn@tch – Minnie Micro Set [New] Shoes: Razor – High Molly  Legwarmers [Not […]

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As Good As I Am

Festival of Sin II started today and one of my favorite hair designers, Exile, put out this great hair for the sin of Wrath for the event.  It’s wild and perfect for that dark fury sexy look!  Definitely something you need to check out.  Along with lots and lots of other awesome designs!  Enjoy! ❤ Dani The post As Good As I Am appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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Can’t Feel My Face

More goodies for Festival of Sin coming up in OMGAH just one more day!  These Ingenue shoes are a definitely a vanity sin that you don’t want to miss out on.  Every lady needs these in her closet. They come in 12 colors, fit for Maitreya and Slink feet.  So you can have the perfect color for your outfit.  Or you can be like me and just get the fatpack!  Shoessss tend to take up a lot of my inventory so it’s definitely a good sin to make to have these in your inventory.  What else am I wearing.  Find out below. ❤ Dani The post Can’t Feel My Face appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.… Read the restCan't Feel My Face

Glutton for Punishment

OOOOOooooooooo Hai Loverlies!  Festival Sin is right around the corner and so much fun stuff.  It’s all based on the 7 Deadly sins muahahahahaha!   So this post is Gluttony.  And boy is Pizza a glutton for punishment.  I can’t tell you I can even look at a piece of pizza and feel like I’ve gained 10 lbs!  Starting August 22nd you can indulge in all your sins by visiting this most amazing fair put on by the one and only Hottie Cooterati Experience!  So get your pocketbooks, wallets, purses, and sugardaddies ready for this because you don’t want to miss out a chance to feed into your greatest desires! ❤ Dani Read the restGlutton for Punishment

Under the sea

The Enchantment Event lets say…was quite interesting. Mermaids and Under the sea type creatures are not my thing. So I had the help of my good friend Helena the owner of The Stringer Mausoleum to help me and give me some pointers. Well pointers I mean clothing, and where to take pictures and so forth. […]

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Paris METRO Couture’s Flight Path & Lazuri

Luxurious feathers float in the breeze made as I twirl around. They touch my legs and tickle. Paris METRO Couture: Flight Path Gown Center Stage at the main store is where you will find this gown and matching shoes!! Don’t wait go and treat yourself! Also please do not forget that this gown comes with […]

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Honey I’m Good

  ♫ But if you ask where I’m staying tonight ♫
♪ I gotta be like oh baby, no baby, you got me all wrong baby ♪
♬ My baby’s already got all of my love ♬ ❤ Dani The post Honey I’m Good appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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Come On Let’s Go !

Come on Pixel Gidge, Let’s go out. “No,” she answers. “YOU LEFT ME HERE! YOU PROMISED WE WOULD GO OUT AND WE DIDN’T GO OUT YOU LEFT ME HERE ALL NIGHT.” Hey, I changed your clothes and hair, and I did your nails. I even moved your bed in off the water, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to get out today?  “You left me here,” she pouts. “YOU PROMISED TO COME BACK YESTERDAY!” Her typist sighs, Yes I know but RL happened. But I’m here now. Don’t you want to go out and do something? “I should’ve known when you put slippers on me that you wouldn’t be back,” she pouts and sits down at her blogging desk. “Just forget it. I’ll sit here and play with my toys. Go on with your RL.” Her typist realizes she’s right, if she’d intended to take her out she’d have put shoes on her, and possibly not horns. Hard to say on the horns. Well you have our flat feet on, I will put some flats on you and we can go out.Read the rest

Join Us for “ARTalks” [the noisy program] at Paris METRO Art Gallery

Bonjour à tous, please save the date for a new Paris METRO Art Gallery “ARTalks”
Paris METRO Art Gallery: Introducing “ARTalks” with our first guest speaker LOULY LOON about her exhibit.
Bringing the Art Community together for you at the one and only Paris METRO Art Gallery! ARTalk: “Inspiration: From Where does it come?”
WHO: French Artist: Louly Loon speaks about ‘Leave Blank II’
WHEN: Sunday August 16th
TIME: 2pm – 3pm SL Time
WHERE: Paris METRO Art Gallery
SURL: Paris METRO Art Gallery
ARTalks Conducted by: Ms. Shiloh Emmons – Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG) Loon challenges the audience to ponder her visually intriguing exhibit which transcends boundaries and reaches towards the Ethereal. “Leave Blank II is the second part of a reflection, it’s up to you to not leave or leave it blank.
…Is it nostalgic or a view of the future?…” (LL)
***** INFORMATION INVITATION GALA ***** Bonjour à tous,
ARTalks Titre: “L’inspiration: Où vient-il ?”,
Qui: une parlant par l’artiste français: Louly Loon
Date: Dimanche 16 aout 2015
Heure: de 2 pm – 3 pm SL (heure sl)
Où: Paris METRO Art Gallery
SURL: Paris METRO Art Gallery
Bienvenue à Shiloh Emmons – Nouveau directeur Arts de Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG) Loon défie le public à son exposition réfléchir visuellement intrigante qui transcende les frontières et atteint la Ethereal. … Read the restPMAG ARTalks Sunday August16-2015 Loon A

Backyard BBQ & Pool Party

I didn’t get a chance to go swimming this summer or do a BBQ and I was quite upset about it. More so over the swimmin’ than the BBQ. So I decided to throw myself a small BBQ, but I failed to invite the rest of the gang over. Oh nos! Well can’t let it […]

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“NIGHT is dying, dawn is hieing
Through the darkness, while I wait
Underneath your window late,
Deeply dreaming, deeply sighing
For a vision fair and flying,
Fair as youth, and fleet as fate :
For this haunted dream of mine
Holds your image, Columbine.
In the sombre land of slumber
Lies the Earthly Paradise,
Where a girl with just your eyes
Moves in measures without number,
While the golden hours encumber
With their fairest flowers the shrine
Of our lady, Columbine.” ~~Justin H. McCarthy
This first image is taken at Creamy’s Spot Ballroom. Creamy’s Spot has many themed areas to explore so grab your group tag and enjoy! Harlequin Gown & matching Tuxedo is waiting for you at Paris METRO Couture. Beautiful, dreamy and just for you. Paris waits for you! Paris METRO Couture I would like to also let you know that the beautiful fuchsia behind in my 2nd and 3rd images can only be seen at Rez Nightclub. It is specially mixed and a trademark of AEG.… Read the restHarlequinBallroom


  ♫ Days may not be fair always ♫
♪ That’s when I’ll be there always ♪
♬ Not for just an hour, not for just a day ♬
♫ Not for just a year but always ♫ – Frank Sinatra ❤ Dani The post Always appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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My Video Card Died

To the stores and events I blog for and the ones I’ve applied to recently, This weekend my video card died. I will be ordering a new one soon and should be back within a week or two (3 tops). Thanks for your understanding. Lourdes ♥♥♥
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Harassing Belleza STOPS NOW!

Do me a favor. Go to Belleza. Open the message you get from the greifer. File a report with a screenshot. This lowlife needs to be stopped NOW! Belleza Store

Make sure all information needed is on screen and file a harassement report. Under the help menu you will find the link to file and also if you open the profile of the greifer and click the gear at the bottom and choose to file a report. But please do not clink any of the info the greifer sends out… be safe! On behalf of Belleza and my personal bone to pick I am making this blog and hopes that something happens. Join the cause and bring in your avis and see the message and file the report.
thank you. Belleza is such a good business and the harassment needs to stop! Belleza Store
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Kakia Designer Girl and Gingham Shirts!

3 colors for 3 times the style! Hud, so no fuss! This shirt is a go to for everyone. Classic style, with metal buttons, cuffed sleeves, and beautiful, delicate cotton gingham, not only bringing back memories of early times, but redesigned for trend setters.

Dance the night away at in this super cute strapless short dress by Kakia that comes in 3 colors for the price of one. A flirty, fun short party dress that's perfect for any special occasion featuring a straight neckline and slim fitting silhouette. This style will look fantastic as you party the night away.

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Urban Gunner

“You know I’m comin’ straight off the block.” “You know I’m comin’ straight off the top.” BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Buffy [New] Skin: Lumae – Adore – 7 – Pecan // Bare Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum – Hells Gate Eyes [New][Shown in Ceberus & Hades]   CLOTHING Dress: Sn@tch – Janna Jersey Outfit [New] […]

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Sharing~The Lexi Project – Day 4!~

I feel very strongly about supporting anyone in this battle. Just recently I lost a friend to the big C and have had several family members fight and lose. I have also had a few friends fight and win with the help and support of their dear friends and family and it was a very scary upsetting ordeal. I remember Lexi from years ago when she debuted her business at AEG (if I am correct) I hope I am not having a brain lapse. Anyway, I am sharing this blog because I feel strongly about this fight and am sending my prayers and good healing energies to her in her fight. Please if you can, go to the Lexi Project and treat yourself because it really will help her. — amandamagick
Originally posted on The Lexi Project: Grand total for our event: 1,730,002L = approx US$ 7,004.36 ♥ Today Lexi posted on facebook about her 1st chemo treatment experience, she was in for 6 hours though she said the following visits will not be that long. However, she misunderstood her doctor and thought she only needed to do chemo for 6 weeks, when actually she needs to go 6 months.… Read the rest


Goodbye loneliness
And so long to my heartache
Now that joy has taken over
And decided to stay (...)
Read the rest of Joy
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Hypnotizing Sale for Paris METRO Couture

There’s just something hypnotic about Paris MERTO Couture. Dream a little dream, dance a little dance and above all….. LOVE. (gown shown is the Hypnotic City Noir waiting for you!!) Paris METRO Couture has a treat for you. Whether you are a beginner collector or a well seasoned collector who has all, you don’t want to miss this special sale just for you! Three all new gowns fitting all avatars and most mesh bodies!!!! Go to the stage for these gowns and by all means walk the store and treat yourself… YOU DESERVE IT!!!!! Run on over…here is your trolly ride
Paris METRO Couture: Paris Metro Couture Main Store PARIS METRO COUTURE COLLECTOR’S ALERT !
:: 3 New Gowns
:: 400 L Collectors Pricing for 4 Days Only
:: Fits All Avatars, and most mesh bodies
:: Belleza, Slink and Omega Maitreya Appliers

Paris METRO Couture: Paris Metro Couture Main Store
Paris waits for you!! ~~Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!~~
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