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When the Desert Blooms ~Paris Metro Couture Collectors Sale!~

Beautiful beautiful spring is now in bloom with a few special dresses for from Paris Metro Couture. Time to blow away the winter blues with the warm spring wind…. This year the desert is blooming and so beautiful it inspired three casual mesh dresses. In Paris and Sydney for a limited time only 300 for... Read More

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KIYOMIZU Spring Hunt 2017

Ohhhh it’s that time again – yes yes – the time you need to get yer huntin goggles on and go find some black pussycats!  KIYOMIZU Spring Hunt 2017 has begun, any store that has the black cat sign outside is participating. Karin has this sweet skirt and top as their prize but you can also win it in another colour on their lucky board – two gifts! I’m wearing the small size over my slink Physique body and its a purrrfect fit (geddit? Purrrfect – hunting cats – nevermind!)  KIYOMIZU 
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A Small Taste ~New Exhibit Soon!~

I will be included in an art exhibit coming soon. I am so honored to be included and I am very excited so I am sharing one of the 5 images of the series here. Tell me what you think really. This is my most questionable of the 5 because I don’t want to spoil it... Read More

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The Wastelands of My SL

I’m out on guard duty today at The Wastelands where some very poorly dressed girl is stalking me, just out of shot. I’m cropping her out because she’s on my nerves, and she doesn’t look good. I’m considering stabbing her with my fancy sword. I’m wearing the SHIELD MAIDEN set from Azuchi which is coming to you from the Lootbox Gacha event. A shield maiden is traditionally a woman who has chosen to be a warrior in Old Norse tradition. A shield maiden will fight, defend and protect or attack as necessary. She’s rather a good role model in some ways. There is some debate about the authenticity of their existence, however there are varied historical accounts of these women who took no shit in a world that was truly a man’s. They weren’t afraid to cut a bitch. I kind of like it. The other thing this photo shoot reminded me of a game my old friends would play, name something and watch me produce it from my inventory. “Cossack hat” was the weirdest one.… Read the rest

You Look Like Me, That Idea Was Mine, This Spicy Flavor Is Mine, That Art Style Was Mine First ~STOP IT!~ lol

Do you ever feel like everyone in SL looks like you but you looked like it first years ago??? I do sometimes so I keep changing my look. Then it happens again… and again …. lol I think this is a great topic of conversation and can lead to other areas of SL too. Do... Read More

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Lumae’s Ella skin introduction to Skin Fair

Please be warned that these are appliers only, the base skin has NO face what so ever. T1 – Milk / Bare, T2 – Cameo / Bare, T3 – Shell/Bare, T4 – Fawn/Bare, T5 – Dolce/Bare   T6 – Tawny / Bare, T7- Nutmeg/Bare, T8 – Mocha/Bare, T9 – Java/Bare, T10 – Carob/Bare All Skins…Read more Lumae’s Ella skin introduction to Skin Fair

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Lucky In Love ~Happy St. Patrick’s Day!~ Paris Metro Couture Marketplace

Lucky in Love: Go to the Marketplace! Please click the image to see it larger 🙂  I am wearing: -Belleza- Isis  Lazuri Ophira V2 Pear Pendant Necklace (gift go get yours!!) Magika – Fever Paris METRO Couture: Lucky in Love-Emeralds-MARKETPLACE! VISTA PROHANDS [FORMANAILS] CIRI for Bento VISTA MishMish Lamb from the March Luxe Box Find this... Read More

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Petit rose confiné lapin

BODY Hair: Doe – Rai Head: Catwa – Catya Skin: Lumae – Ella – Catwa – T9 – Java/Bare [New][@ Skin Fair] CLOTHING Lingerie: Sn@tch – Danger striped Lingerie [New] Shoes: Ama. – Pointe Bondage ACCESSORIES Bindi: Haste – Moon Bindi Tears: Cureless – Collyrium Tears [Tinted] Cuffs: Darkendstare – Sweetheart Cuffs – Black/Black Muzzle:…Read more Petit rose confiné lapin

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Mary Had a Little Lamb ~In her dreams~ March Luxe Box

Oh where or where did my little lamb go? Oh where oh where can she be? Oh wait thats “dog” ….. Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow, Everywhere that Mary went her lamb was sure to go… Please click the image to see it larger! ….::::::::::AmandaMagick’s connections are as follows::::::::::….... Read More

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I said sit, damn it

Moving into a new apartment with two new puppies they can be quite needy. I didn’t realize that they would eat so much. I am off to the store for the the third time today this time to get more dog food a few food items and guess what more puppy food. While I was…Read more I said sit, damn it

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Enter The Succulents

I’m missing some sort of female knowledge base, wherein information about plants is kept. I always feel like I’m supposed to know wtf some plant is, and really my knowledge base is limited to roses, daisies, dandelions and possibly tulips if they aren’t strangely flowered. So when I got to rezz these succulents from MISH MISH my brain said SO THAT’S WHAT THOSE ARE! I’ve heard this term forever, I had no idea. Also, I’ve seen this plant a million times and had no idea what it was. I’m sporting a new skin from AlaskaMetro for Skin Fair and I couldn’t resist the blue lipstick. I’m a fan of nontraditional lip colors and this blue is so well done it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a very pretty, polished look for a face. I’m loving this skin. My hair is from Moon and I think it may be the first time I’ve worn this brand, I do like their blondes. Well done. You can pick it up, along with my clothes and the home decor pieces at Collabor88 this month.… Read the rest

Paris METRO Couture ~Early Spring Gowns Sale + New Car Gift a Bugatti!~

I am shoveling snow today and feeling unaccomplished because it’s like a child, right behind me making me do it over again. I am so ready for spring… Paris Metro Couture has me covered and feeling much more spring like…. All of these are for Belleza, Omega, Maitreya, Slink and classic bodies…. no worries wondering... Read More

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Facets in Black ~stumbled upon vintage blog about Second Life and fashion!~

Originally posted on Soigné: Style in Second Life:
I’ve been favouring a lot of black in my outfits lately, as it seems to suit this avatar, and there have been quite a few releases in black that merited more than a little attention. This is what I wore for my rezday, and a few days…

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Spring in my step

  Well it’s here – daffodils are blooming, tulips are popping up – Spring has Sprung! Celebrating the change of season is neve with a whole host of sweetness at the Mesh Body Addicts event. The “jaunt” dress is sassy and short, swirling hemline and a halter neck that bares your back. Mesh bodies and standard sizes are catered for, each one of the packs has a hud with four colour palettes, plus you can fiddle more by swapping the top and bottom of the piece. Must mention the hat/hair I’m wearing, it’s by Belle Époque and is currently for sale at The We ❤ Role play event, I think I paid just $149L for it, brilliant value as it has a hud with several options for all parts. This is the bloom version, gorgeous floral print on the bottom, complimented with a coordinating plain top. Love the darling bow detail across the chest. Pop a long and check out whats on offer! Mesh Body Addicts We ❤ Roleplay
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To Bot or Not to Bot ~The Club Scene in SL~

Well I must say that today I am witnessing this firsthand. The club scene in SL is saturated but can be so amazing. But tonight I am at a club to see a friend DJ and I kid you not the whole club is full of bots to make it look busy. The only two... Read More

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The Free, The almost Free & The cheap!

I was mooching around the market place last night and found this absolutely adorable little pouffe for just $1L by Maya. Its got couples and singles poses, some that attach props to your hands directly. Overall its done in chic grey & white tones but it is modifiable, so you could fiddle with it. Free is my nifty shifty dress by Neve, all mesh bodies and standard sizes included, plus a Hud with three alternative colour palettes. You can find this at the new round of Liason collaborative. The Skyhome is by TA Hardware, such an amazing little treat for just $10L. Its only 2 Li anddd comes with a Hud that gives you four options for the view out of the window. Beautifully textured all around with a fake door at the rear just to make it even more homely. There are a few different designs of these at $10L plus some at $25L – check out the market place store. Isnt my radio just adorbs?! It’s by Kei spot and cost me one single Linden dollar. You actually get the version with the two birds on top canoodling plus plain ones- info: “Radio comes in the four colours shown via texture change menu.… Read the rest

Vandal Business

What’s the best to do your undercover operation as the Madame of selling dope? Selling Vandal items to other hooligans that’s what. Once you sell those items they’ll need the good good to cope with whatever they’re doing! Syn’s plan is going just fine the Zoanthrope is settling in just fine to her new territory.…Read more Vandal Business

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#BYE Best You Ever ~Hydrania For You~

Always be the Best You Ever! #BYE has this magical little dress in all sizes of mesh and Fitmesh as well as Slink, Slink HG, (Belleza-Venus, Isis, Freya), Maitreya and TMP I am pretty sure EVERY lady can wear this. I am dreaming of mermaids….. #BYE landmark #BYE marketplace The Hydrania dress you will surely... Read More

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“Eight in the morning and I’m up yawning.” “My phone’s almost dead cause everyone is callin'” “It’s breakfast time and I need my apple jacks” “And I need my fresh grape syrup and a money stack.” “I-I-I-I-‘m Hungry,hungry hungry, for this money” BODY Hair: Doe – Amoira – Reds [New][@ C88] Skin: Glam Affair –…Read more Breakfast

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Tres Fun at The Arcade

I’m wrecked and full of joy over all the gorgeous things at the ARCADE this round. So much girly goodness swirling around I don’t know which thing to gush over first. I might start with Tres Blah, which are the pajamas I’m wearing, but omg these KITTIES from Half Deer and absolutely killing me. They make me feel a BIT giddy, I do confess. The gorgeous RARE pajamas from Tres Blah have color change hud for top and bottom and several very pretty patterns of texture to choose from. I also have some socks, but hey I didn’t shave my legs this morning to cover them up with socks. As my day winds down, I’m trying to sort out what it is that is my favorite thing and I have to confess I’m really hard pressed to pick something. The round is great with lots of fun, diverse items. I think everyone is going to truly enjoy this round. As for me, I think I need to clear off my bed and hit the sack. I’m exhausted. Check out the Arcade Shopping guide to make your shopping list today! Read the rest