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Horror Haute

Time for a new round of Horror Haute for June, it will run until June 30th. There are lots of amazing items at amazing prices. Get on over to these great stores and grab the items while you can at this special price exclusive to this round. <3 Addy

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01 Les Sucreries de Fairy - outfit, 100L




December 2014
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Horror Haute April

YAY HORROR HAUTE TIME!!! For the last week of the month, every month, the Horror Haute event brings you some much needed darkness to the SL event circuit. This month has a line-up of lovelies, ready to bring out the dark side of you, it works for me every month! Prices vary for this event, […]

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01 Blue Blood – top, 50L

Horror Haute March

YAY IT IS THAT TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN… HORROR HAUTE IS HERE!!! I love Horror Haute, it has to be one of my favourite events of the month. If you love the dark, the gothic, the gorey or the alternative, this is a monthly line-up that you really won’t want to miss. I personally […]

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01 AngelsDemons – hat, 100L

Sleepy for Woeful Wednesday

The Woeful Wednesday list has just arrived through my letter box, it is almost 10PM for me in RL and I realized that covering an event when I am sleepy makes the event about a gajillion times harder to focus on LOL! Still I have been round and sampled the Woe, there is some good […]

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01 Dels Odd Shop – building, 50L

Let’s go to the Starlust Gacha Carnival!

Hello! Starlust Gacha Carnival is happening right now! This event features many different designers with ridiculously cheap items. Rides, food, and these awesome gachas only last until April 9th!
Here is your ticket to the Carnival!!

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Let's go to the Carnival!!

Woe is Me, Woeful Wednesday

For those of you who like the darker things SL has to offer, the new round of Woeful Wednesday awaits! All items are 50L or less in this one-day weekly event! And on top of the items listed below, Crimson + Clover is having a closing sale where everything is slashed to just 50L! So […]

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01 Del's Odd Shop - ouija/tea time sets, 50L each

FLUX March Taxidermia

Flux has a new round of goodies out, and I have to say that I am still loving this event, even though this is only the second time that I have covered it. The setting has changed from the Mardi Gras Market that was the scenery of last time and I have to say I […]

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01 Vestigium – tattoos, 69L each

White Woeful Wednesday!

Woeful Wednesday is an event that is all about the dark, gothic and slightly depraved, but today for me everything is white as the snow is still on the ground. So much for heading into spring, and the weather heating up like I know is happening for some of my friends. Still this round of […]

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01 Dels Odd Shop – decor, 50L

New Monthly Event – FLUX with a little Mardi Gras.

There is a new monthly themed event hitting the Secondlife Events Circuit this week. This theme based monthly market bazaar is well named I feel, as flux basically means constant or frequent change. It has a collection of designers with items on both the market stalls in the square and within the buildings. Prices vary […]

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01 Banana Banshee – eyes set/eyes, 100L/50L

Weeny Woeful Wednesday

There are 4 stores participating in the Woeful Wednesday line up this week, and even though the list is small the things are pretty! My other half went mad for the REPULSE eyes, and I love me some facial scars too. This event really brings out the gorey side of me sometimes! Just so that […]

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01 REPULSE – eyes, 50L

Woeful Wednesday by the Skin of Our Teeth!

Rushing to get this one out! Sorry it’s so late, guys! MUAH!

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01 Hysteria - bleeding nose & bloody tissue, 50L

Woeful Wednesday what will I buy?

Woeful Wednesday is back with another round of the dark Wednesday Wonders, and this time there are some amazing eyes on offer, including a freebie gift pair from one of the stores! I think there seems to be more participants this week with their wares on display and for the first time there is a […]

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01 A Netherworld – eyes, 25L each

Woeful Wednesday’s Winterish Wonders!

Woeful Wednesday has some brilliantly dark winter themed goodies out this week, the collection is still small but it makes up for it in having great stuff!
Rudh xxx

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01 Eternal Darkness – mask & eye set, 50L

52 Colours: Melon

Melon was an interesting thing to put together. Not only did it need to be funny and quirky and even silly, it was way too pastellish for me to have much anything in it. All ‘melon’ searches brought up bright watermelon entertainment. Fortunately Curious Kitties had their summer festival going on with plenty of freebies, […]

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52 Colours: Celadon

My opinion of celadon is that it looks much better on ceramics than on clothing. My other opinion is that the word itself is nifty and sounds like a character name. My Miss Celadon turned out to be an adventuress with a touch of Asian influence, a lot of fantasy elements and very definite alien […]

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TOSL Week 46 Freaky Friday

Hola! The Theme this week is Freaky Friday.Happy Shopping!Magnifique Poses Vampire Pose Coffin 100L Crackberry Echo Bed 50L Clutter Lovecraft Sitting Room 100LVirtual Insanity Flashlights & Nightmares Collar 62LINDI Designs Chloe Outfit 225LRead m…

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TOSL Week # 44 – Freestylin!!!

Izzie's  Laundry Line & Poses 150LOUTRAGE CLOTHING COMPANY Mia Bella Dress-150LBellies Salvaged Cottage -50L Indie Rose Rhinestone Ruffled Dress in Yellow 100L Clutter Princess Stephanie Jewelry Sets 75L Each   Crackberry Shabby Retreat Sky…

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