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I saw you leaving . . .

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I saw you leaving . . .



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Spilling lies for you.

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Spilling lies for you.

Oh The Pretties!

Hello there! Excuse me a moment if you would, while I do a little happy dance. The weekend is upon us, and with it there are sale items to feast our eyes upon. I’m certainly feasting with delight, as Miss Reghan has supplied us with some serious pretties for the bargain shopping! I promise I […]

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Hatpins - Rhosyn Hair Wreath - Purple and White

~Hatpins~ 2014-03-28 14:37:40

It’s a beautiful and breezy spring day where I am, which puts me in a mood to look at pretty flowers. Or better still, to wear them! Now, while first life self doesn’t do so well with actually wearing the plant life, second life self LOVES doing so. So this weekend’s bargain item is perfect. […]

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Hatpins - Freya Flora Band Ad - Violet and Blue

I’ve Got A Secret, Or Two

I am guessing it’s truly no secret that I’m about to show you lovely bargains on pretty hats, so let’s get to it, shall we? *smiles big* Miss Reghan is participating in My 60L Secret this weekend and there are a couple of beauties waiting to make your acquaintance. Please, allow me to introduce Floraleigh, […]

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Hatpins - Floraleigh Straw Hat - Violet Bouquet

e! is closing and that makes me sad; free dress

e! by Eclectic Wingtips is closing and that really makes me sad! I could always count on quality original mesh from e! I was even a paid VIP group member too. It will be very weird not seeing e! at faMESHed every month.  I know it is hard to juggl…

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Don’t you leave me brokenhearted

 The LookSkin Izzie’s Maci SKEyes Ikon Promise Eyes FjordHair Ploom Asch Browns 50% Off SaleHeart Tattoo Elephante Poses Secret Heart Sweater  {u.f.o} Loose Fit Zipper Sweater White Pants Coquet Floral Denim Pants in BlackRing Atool…

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Put The Lime In The Coconut

Oh hello there! *stops dancing and smiles merrily* I just can’t resist that song, truly. Now, I fear we’re all out of coconuts here, but we can set you up with something lovely in lime. This weekend Miss Reghan has the pretty Cecily Hat available with a lime flower, all ready for Super Sales Weekend! […]

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Hatpins - Cecily Hat - Lime Flower

Places we never went together.

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Places we never


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Circling &

You make me so high.

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So high.

International Women’s Day

Today was International Women’s Day. Every year on March 8th women (and men) celebrate women’s economic, political, and social achievements and encourage respect, appreciation and love towards women worldwide. This day is about empowering and celebrating women. Days like these always make me wonder and I start all these comparisons between myself and women that […]

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Something About Lillian

Well hello hello hello! Come on in and have a seat. Would you care for a nice refreshing drink? I hope the day finds you well. I’ve been sitting here contemplating the newest addition to the Hatpins collection. Would you care to meet her? This is Lillian. From what I gather of her so far […]

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Hatpins - Lillian Hat - Burgundy

The Mens Dept March

March is the gateway drug to spring, and I might be more than a bit ready to say goodbye to the pale frost of winter and welcome the colorful blossoms of spring. The… Continue reading

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oOo Studio Radiant

All The Pretty Flowers

Greetings and salutations! I’ve come with great joy to tell you about the newness happening at Hatpins. Super Sale Weekend is upon us and with it our dear Miss Reghan has a most lovely Freya floral hairband for your bargain shopping pleasure. In Fawn and Ivory this one is bound to become a favorite, both […]

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Hatpins - Freya Flora Band - Fawn and Ivory

Seraphim. 2014-02-27 21:02:04

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Love is in the Air

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Hatpins – Flowery Delights

Greetings one and all! While real life me watches Spring slowly preparing for her arrival, the SL self is ready to leap into her arms with all the joy right now. Thankfully our dear Miss Reghan is helping with that in a beautiful way with her newest release. You’ll get your first look at Freya […]

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Hatpins - Freya Floral Band - Blue and White

La Mer

★ Click for more information, full credits & SLurls ★ Location: Nagare. – Pandas & Boats & other decor listed arranged by me for photo only. Listen! ////// Clothing… Accessories… Decor ///// Hat: +Half-Deer+ – Truffle Berets Gacha – Dark Choco … Continue reading

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I'll become the sky.

Hatpins – The Return

Oh what’s that I see, in the air… over there? Do my eyes see what they think they are seeing? Well what do you know, it’s a hat shop! And not just any hat shop, why no… That is most decidedly Hatpins, returned to my delight, and I hope yours as well. It’s a new […]

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Hatpins - Lise Hat

La Petite Morte’s Retirement Sale

La Petite Morte is retiring all their skin lines in time for the upcoming Skin Fair. What this means to you is that the entire store is 75% off*, this includes all skins, appliers, and poses. Previous event skins have … Continue reading 

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retirement sale