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#360 There’s nothing like Perpetua (specially at half price!)

One of my favourite places for gowns was always Kouse's Sanctum so I was sad when Krystal/Kouse decided to close her gown store and concentrate on her jewelry, which I also love of course.  I was thrilled to find out that she is back producing some stunning mesh gowns, one of which I am showing here in a variety of colours.  Above are lilac and wine, below are ruby and ocean.  

Until May 15th, all gowns at the Kouse's Sanctum inworld location (except limited editions - the ocean gown above right is a limited edition, all the other colours are in the sale) are 50% off their regular inworld price.  This puts many of them well below 200L each, so if you love gowns, be sure to pay Kouse's Sanctum a visit and take a look around, and you are sure to find something you like, whether contemporary formal, princess or wenchy. 


BodySkin:   PXL -  Aeryn Pale, Makeup 03 Hair:  Analog Dog - Cointreau Eyes:    IKON HopeHands & Feet:  SLink 
CosmeticsEyelashes:  RedgraveManicure & Pedicure:   DaneMarkZ - Slink Fingernails - Pantone Spring 2015
ClothingGown:  Kouse's Sanctum - Perpetua - shown in lilac, ruby and wine (half price till 15th May) and Ocean (limited edition)Shoes:  Sax Shepherd Designs ~ Aphrodite Jeweled Stilettos ~ Decadence
AccessoriesNecklace:  Krystal Fine Jewelry Key to My Heart Necklace - GoldBr (Read more...)

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The White Rooms

This month is FaMESHed’s 3rd birthday and Exposeur has released a special pose prop called The White Rooms. This is a pretty big pose prop (25m x 14m) and it consists of multiple rooms that are all connected and come with 20 poses + their mirrored poses for a total of 40 poses in the […] The post The White Rooms by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Eudora 3D at Shiny Shabby

Eudora 3D is at Shiny Shabby with the new Darya wedges in blue, black, 2 browns, sand, and red color varieties. As always these shoes are intricately textured with a floral wood cutout pattern on the wedge which is really beautiful. Also at Shiny Shabby, the new store miss chelsea (previously blogged here) has their first ever event item- a pretty lace sundress in vintage muted color tones. What is great about this new store is they are offering their clothing in fitted mesh sizes- fit to Physique, Belleza, and an experimental Maitreya. You can get this dress for only 199L for the duration of the event and then it will go to regular store prices. 

Kunglers is having a big 50L SALE on select jewelry, shoes, and clothes. I think their jewelry is great so I went and picked up a few of the 50L sets like the Solaris- Golden one I am wearing tonight. My hair is brand new and super cute from Exile. It is shorter in the back than the sides and I am loving this cut! Because the HUD has been re-done and you get a lot more blonde textures, I am playing with some of the tones which seem to be a bit more streaky- like I just went and got highlights at the salon.… Read the rest

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  A Bit of This and That A La Venta Yardsale All Things Gacha AZ Gacha Maison Decor Babygirls Mall Boom Pony/Amardon gacha resale mart Collectors Gacha Corrupted Gatcha and Arcade Yardsale Gacha Back Fine Resale Market Gacha Bazaar Gacha Galaxy Gacha Grove Gacha Strip Gacha Supergatchalicious Gachaven Green Town Flea Market Guardian Angel Gacha GYFS Hey Listen Jubilee Yardsale Kozmik Kulture Lady Luck Gacha Junk Lark’s Yard Sale Leias Paradise & Yardsale Love Melanie Rose Gacha Resale Maneki-Neko Yardsale Mickey & Alisa’s Gacha Villa Munereia Muse Gacha Yardsale My Little Yardsale Needful Things Shoppe Once Upon A Gacha Yard Sale Over the Rainbow Gacha Market Pannie’s Yardsale Parish Elite Gacha Resale Barn Pure Imagination Gacha Resale Shop Republic Yard Sale Rock a Baby Gacha Yard Sale Ruins Gacha YardSale Schlock Shop Ship Attic Yard Sale Suzu Yard Sale Wayward Antique Shoppe Whatever yard sale White Mists Gacha Yardsale Woodland Drive Fairs & Events 50 Shades of Lust The Furry Fest Love & War II Luck of the Irish Menswear Fashion Week The Ostara Fair Rock Attitude Fashion Fair Spring Festival Hun (Read more...)

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Maitreya Makes Me Feel Like A Queen

Maitreya recently released these new tops that only come in a fitted Lara mesh version to fit perfectly to any shape you wear with your Lara Mesh body. They also updated a few previous releases like this leather skirt so all I had to do was go get them re-delivered and instant perfectly fitted items to my Lara. yay! I was super happy about all this, but I really hope she decides to update her Flare jeans because those are some of my favorites still to this day. *crosses my fingers* You can read more about what was updated on the Maitreya blog. 
fri.day kicked off its 50% off Semi-annual sale today. All the shoes are 137 Lindys each! I must say I went earlier today and got quite a few pairs- mostly of shoes I already owned but now I have more colors, lol. These Veronica Platforms are newer though and this Roses version is just so pretty! You have until March 21st to shop the sale. See it here in Darling Monday's plurk. 
My jewelry set, complete with a crown, is new by Cae at the current round of Fit for a Princess

     They also brought back a previous Maitreya V.I.P Group Special: Zipper Skinny Jeans in Dirty Wash.… Read the rest

First & Last & Always Anniversary Sale

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the release of First and Last and Always by The Sisters of Mercy. To honor this day we have the necklace named after the song on sale for just 30 lindens! The sale starts now and lasts through Sunday. Show something has hold of your heart with First & Last & Always. This haunting necklace features a cabachon gemstone heart, chained by a silver lock, with the skeleton key dangling below it. It is 100% unrigged mesh and modifiable either with the enclosed killable script, or manually. The First & Last & Always necklace comes in 13 stunning gemstone heart variations (but all of them are silver, because that’s how the Sisters of Mercy wrote it.) The necklaces are sold by the gemstone, but if you are interested in more than just one gem colour, you might consider waiting until Sunday. We are going to release a HUD-enabled version of the necklace that has all the gems in one necklace, priced L295. Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.… Read the restFLA poster

St. Louis Arch

    I like how you can go visit replicas of real life places in SL. I have been to New York, Greece, Disney World, and France inside SL and many other places over the years. I am looking at the St.Louis Arch today. I am standing on the highway that you drive over and see it looming over you high in the distance. I have driven by this arch in real life and so its always cool to me to see recreations of places I have been and also places I wish I could go in SL. 
Welcome to the St. Louis Gateway Arch! Make sure you catch a ride on our riverboat! For more info on St. Louis visit the underground lobby under the Arch. 

I am wearing a new dress and shoes from Ducknipple. They come with the standard great color changing DN HUDs. The dress parts- base and ruffle- both change seperately. You can find them in the new release section of the main store. 
Maxi Gossamer has a new FREE group gift out today and the group is free to join. She also has eight items that are 50% off in a Sunday Special sale today only.… Read the rest

So much happening @ LPM!

La Petite Morte is part of this weekend’s Saturday Sale! Here’s a pic of the Saturday Sale release! You’ll find this item at the Mainstore for just L$50! While at the Mainstore be sure to check out the retirement sale that ends this weekend! All the generation 1 skins outside in front of the store are marked down to just L$450, and after this weekend will be retired to Marketplace. Also, at the Mainstore you’ll find the Beauty skin for Enchantment. And remember, if you collect all of the stamps for Enchantment, you are eligible for exclusive prizes. For all of the info about Enchantment, please visit the official blog. Here is the prize from LPM. La Petite Morte Mainstore LPM is also participating in the Cosmetics Fair, which ends February 28th, with 3 special editions of Beauty. Cosmetics Fair And finally, for those of you who love fantasy, LPM is part of the current edition of The Fantasy Gacha. Each play is L$75, there are 2 human tones and each skin includes a cleavage and no brow option!… Read the restLPM CHANEL LINER AD

Breaking the Surface


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La Petite Morte’s Beauty

La Petite Morte is participating in Enchantment’s Beauty and the Beast round. Each tone of Beauty includes a special stamp card that once you’ve filled up with stamps can redeem for any prize from the participating designers at the prize location. For more information on how Enchantment works and who is participating visit the Enchantment blog. Available at LPM’s mainstore The prize La Petite Morte is offering are rose lashes available in 3 colors. Red, black and white. ONLY available for this event, and will not be available afterwards. La Petite Morte is also have a marketplace retirement sale on all Gen 1 skins. They have been marked down to 400L, and will only be available for a limited time inworld before they are retired to the marketplace forever.

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Colour me bright

Blaaah! Sorry, I’m coughing right now it and hurts. I swear if I cough again blood will come up as well as whatever left in my body as well. I’m sick in real life sorry for delay. I didn’t feel like being all darkly, because I’m drowning in misery lying in bed non stop coughing […]

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Backs to basics

As I said before 2015 is here and I’ve went back to my usual look before like four years ago. Now, Syn looks more like me in real life. I did a slight adjustment change to my body and face. The comparison is on my flickr page! Before I hopped on the bandwagon for the […]

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” I see bodies in the mirror” ” I see baddies in the square” “I’m quite partial when it’s suits me.” “I’m a septic nom de guerre” ” What’s this problem that you speak of.” “Is it more than meat and bone.” “I’d like to crown you with my ardor, but my heart has been […]

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Bad Girl

” Live fast, die young.” “Bad girls do it well.” “My chain hits my chest” “When I’m bangin’ on the dashboard.” “My chain hits my chest.” “When I’m bangin’ on the radio!” “Get back, get down.” “Pull me closer if you think you can hang.” “Hands up, hands tied.” “Don’t go screamin’ if I blow […]

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Holiday Packaging

This time of the year is always so depressing for me. It gets me unmotivated and I can’t seem to enjoy anything else. So I do apologize for my slacking in posts, but it -is- holiday season so I do have other affairs to tend to. This weekend shall be catch up in events that […]

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Glitter and Sparkle

I love glitter! Tomorrow for 21 shoe one of the shoes in the two for one deal from Livalle are these gorgeous silver glitter wedges. I love them! Look how cute they look with my glitter silver jacket from my foxes outfit at this round of uber. I am all sparkly and ready for holiday fun! Get yours tomorrow at the Livalle main store. Remember 21 shoe is for one day only. See both shoes on Lindsey Warwick's flickr

Dress: Foxes - City Lights - Dress - White NEW @ uber
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Karina Court  - Set *50% off SALE*
Hair: TRUTH Fleur
Shoes: Livalle [L.Warwick] Ambrosia -Platform Wedges- Silver Sparkle/ Teleport to Livalle (21st only)
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica 03 @ collabor88 December
Polish: :::Sn@tch Nails/Glitter Bokeh::: *NEW*
Sparkles: Botanical - Decorative Light Set
Trees: Botanical Mesh Green Fir w Lights
Poses: Everglow Juicy 10 and Frost 10/ Teleport to Everglow
Windlight: Elysium Eilde Lavender Morning

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Alicia; blueberry fitted for Physique

   My friend Alicia (see us here), is so cool she had a pose pack made in her honor by oOo Studios. You can get the three cute poses in the pack today for only 50L as part of 50 Linden Fridays. This pose in the pack fits me today because its been a great day and this pose looks sooo happy. Today is day one in my 17 day Christmas vacation in RL, super YAY! I also helped make a wonderful thing happen today- Blueberry (also Bueno owner) is going to be making her items Slink Physique compatible now! She called me a magical unicorn on facebook, lol. The very first item fitted for Physique (and Belleza too) was released today, Blueberry Babi Cardigan and Dress. It is super cute. I love the scrunchy sleeves and they work perfectly with my slink hands. You can get it now in the mainstore and I really think you should fatpack so you can have all the colors of the cardigan and dress in one easy to change HUD. 

This pose is in the {NanTra} Eternal Beauty pose pack that is currently at Gothmas by Gaslight.… Read the rest